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Blackmailed And Got Laid By Hotel men-1deleteddeletedI work as an IT employee in Bangalore. I am a hot busty girl and everyone stare at my curves and my boyfriend loves it a lot. My structure is 36C-32-36. He always says that I have a great figure and I am hotter than his Australian classmates. He studies in Australia and his name is Raj.Coming on to the story, I was getting ready for my office combing my hair and checking out my boobs. It was hanging and big as usual. Although I don’t have a flat belly, it is still sexy enough to be invited for a grab and a kiss. Due to the time zone difference, I was texting my boyfriend about what I was doing now. Just then I got a call from a random number asking to bend more. I disconnected the call saying, wrong number.Soon I got a few pics from a WhatsApp number which were the screenshot from a video which was taped by someone of me and Raj having hot naked sex in a hotel room. (Although we didn’t really have any sex fearing pregnancy, we did make out so wildly). This was one month back in a hotel we stayed in Mysore which we found to be decent enough.I was shocked after seeing those screenshots. Now a call came from that number.I picked up and he started off saying, “Hey sexy babe. I just have one request, come back to the hotel this Saturday by taking a bus, obey our orders and we will give back everything. Don’t try to act smart or else your videos will be aired with your faces. You will be getting instructions through WhatsApp messages. Do follow them. Now start to your office and return home for the bus trip soon. Bye.”I was shell shocked on hearing this. I couldn’t even tell Raj about this. He was far away and I was sure he won’t be able to help me out. I didn’t want him to get into any trouble for me.Then a message popped up on the screen: “Wear a blue tank top with a push-up bra and jeans shorts to the office. Make sure your navel is exposed. We will monitor you through your front camera, don’t try to tape the front cam of your phone or hide it!”.From a normal tee, I suddenly changed to this sexy costume that made me expose my milky thighs and my boobs were popping out. Now I didn’t even have to bend to show my tanks and my navel, needless to say, I was looking hot as hell.My roommates were in shock seeing me like that while I was getting ready to wear my high heels to the office. The PG warden was feasting over me as I climbed down the stairs with my jiggling boobs. As I strolled down the street, balçova escort all eyes were on me. This certainly gave me a rush underneath but I felt ashamed and nervous about what was going to happen.As I reached my office, I went on to sign the entry register. Then came a message saying, “Sit on the table, bend down and sign the register. Drop the pen and turn on the security guy as per your wish”. I was like, “Ohh, this is no good. After all, to a security guard?!”I sat on the table and my ass cheeks and thighs spread on the table. The guard was feasting over my body and just when he was about to stand up to get a view of my melons, I bent down and he got a great view of my pairs without moving. My back hip was completely stretched as I was signing the register.As I dropped the pen down, I bent and showed a great view of my thighs. It was sweaty, shiny and sexy of course. As I adjusted my heels, I stood up only to face my team leader who used to flirt with me even when I was dressed normally.He was definitely in for a party. The guys having control of my phone’s front cam must have been enjoying all these as well. My team leader was speechless and since he was on a call with his wife, he didn’t have time to talk to me. Thank God, I felt and walked away.Unlike the other days, I could see many people from the other floors coming and visiting my cabin to have a look at me. I asked my friend to get food for me during lunch hour as I knew I would be groped and enjoyed by people in the pantry. I was very much tensed as the evening got closer.Then I got a message saying, “There is a bus to Mysore at 7:15 pm. It is better you start from your office by 4 pm to reach the bus stand at the city center after refreshing at your PG”.I reached my PG around 4:30 pm and changed to a normal wear. I was relieved. Soon a message came asking me to wear a tank top as hot as the one I wore before. I told I don’t have any more of those and this one has become sweaty.They messaged me asking me to wear a sexy tight fitting inner slip and remove the sleeves on both sides. OMG! That exactly would look like a tube top but will my boobs be able to manage them? They might fall off any time.This slip looked even more sexy as I started to breathe heavily seeing my own figure. Again with my navel exposed completely and the slip covering only my boobs and leaving everything open, here I start to Mysore.I had to take a bus from my place to the outbound escort balçova bus stand. I knew for sure it would be crowded and I was definitely in for some foreplays.To my surprise, it wasn’t as crowded but I had to stand as the seats were filled. I am a bit short and reaching the handrail above would be a hard task as I may slip off. So I held the nearby side handrails behind the men’s seat. Then came a message asking me to seduce the guy sitting beside with my navel but not allow him to kiss it or feel it.I moved closer to his face pretending to hold on to the overhead handrails. He didn’t look at my navel. So at the next stop, I deliberately bent down, trying to see through the window which stop was it. My hair hit his face and he must have got a great view of my cleavage and side boobs. Now once I knew he got the attention, I moved even closer to him. He had a bird-like moustache that poked my navel and in turn, turned me on.With all my strength, I was trying not to be teased and lean over him, thinking of Raj because this navel belongs only to him. But then I lost control and I had to submit myself and here I go. I got turned on so much that I held on to his head and pressed his face against my navel with both hands.The passenger next to him was jealous like anything for sure. I moaned a bit as soon as I held his head on my navel. He slightly rubbed there with his nose. I lost control of myself and was out of this world for 5 seconds. Soon I came back to my senses, pushed his face away apologetically saying: “Sorry, I hold your head for balance”.He licked his tongue saying he tasted my navel (maybe he did) and gave a smirk! He was a guy in his 30’s and after all these turn-ons, who wouldn’t be a subject of this kind of situation?Then another message came, “We didn’t ask you to feel his face. Your punishment will soon follow. Get into the Mysore bus and stand for some time even if there is a vacant seat”.I was given the last seat on the bus and I was wondering what was their plan now. To my luck, it was empty back there. I could stretch my legs and sleep for a while after the punishment. The bus aisle was smaller and I had to squeeze to allow the conductor to walk back and forth.As I was standing, I helped a lady with her baby in putting the suitcase up. There was a guy under that and he feasted over my naked navel in spite of having a girl next to him. That turned me on a lot. Looking at me even when your balçova escort bayan GF is next to you is a bigger credit. I winked at him and he indicated back saying, “Adjust your slip, it’s coming off”.I felt bad. What if Raj comes to know about all these? Me behaving like a slut! Another message came and I was now asked to sit on that guy’s lap and allow him to feel my naked back. I was like if all they want is me, why do they do this. I asked them directly and they replied it was just a warm-up.His girlfriend was sitting next to him (sleeping though) and how am I supposed to sit on his lap? Just then a group of boys entered the bus and used I used this an excuse. The boy next to me was cute though. I asked him, “Can I stand here until they pass by?” And who can resist that?I went in and stood in front of him. He could only feel my protruding ass. He was surely praying that his girlfriend doesn’t wake up now. As I had to bend and stand, the boys coming in had a great view of my boobs and it was like they were looking with binoculars to view every minute detail. They moved in slowly and my legs started to ache.Saying that as an excuse, I sat down on his lap and said, ‘Sorry, please excuse me for some time. My legs are tired.”The guy was on cloud nine for sure. His ‘fork’ was poking me and it turned me on a lot. I switched off the light right above us just to make sure no one sees this. I bit my lips and thought of Raj – what am I doing and all that, but I was soon brought back to reality.The guy rubbed his face and grabbed my navel and started to smooch my naked back! I pushed aside my hair and he slid his hands through my thighs all of a sudden.I thought about Raj again and I said so many sorry to him silently. This went for 10 seconds, a quickie and I got off his lap just when his girlfriend woke up. I adjusted my top and as I moved, he pinched my hips and I gave a slight moan.I blushed and walked, shaking my hair and making it fall freely. Then I got a message to take the last window seat. As I looked up, the boys were sitting there and ogling at me. They were hungry to eat me and then I had to go past the long seats at the back to get to my window seat. Everyone had their noses sniffing at my busty back and I could see tents formed inside their shorts.I now got a message to just try to sleep or act like sleeping and allow the boys to ogle at me, touch me or take selfie with me. I had to make sure I didn’t disturb them or act disturbed. Well, I was like, these dogs will definitely rip me apart. But I loved the thought that these 8 boys were feasting over my body structure and was proud of it. So I raised my thighs, adjusted my tops and brought them down to show more cleavage and tried to act sleeping.To be continued.

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