Blackmailing Bitch Ch. 02


After Robert’s left, Tom stays behind. He looks at his freshly fucked girlfriend and tries to make his case. “Look, you said it yourself. His cock is better than mine so why not just leave me and go out with him? Let me go. Just let me go and we can forget about each other and get on with our own lives separately.” He looks at her, begging her with his eyes to just let him go. She shakes her head though and he starts to get desperate, thinking about what to do to get out of this mess.

“Listen, Tom. Yes, Robert fucked me much better than you ever could, but I love you, not him,” Leslie says. “You are the only boy I will ever love and I want to be with you. You are the love of my life and that will never change, baby. So please just stay with me. I’ll get fucked by other guys but every night I would rest in your arms and go to sleep with you holding me. I love you, Tom.”

“I love you too but I don’t want a cuckold relationship. I don’t want to be with you if you’re going to sleep with someone else. I can’t have that sort of arrangement, Leslie,” Tom says. “This is a dealbreaker for me. I’m not willing to compromise and neither are you. So we will go separate ways.” He is about to leave when she grabs his wrist. “Let go of me right now, Leslie. Don’t make me do something I’ll regret,” Tom threatens as harshly as a meek boy like him could.

“Baby, I know you would never hit me,” she replies. “I gave you an easy way out but you are still stubbornly insisting on leaving me. If you leave me, then I will tell everyone the truth about your mother. All our classmates will look at you differently. Do you think you will be able to handle it?”

“Why are you doing this?” Tom asks, starting to despair now. “Why force me to be with you when I don’t want to be with you anymore? Do you really think either one of us could be happy with this sort of relationship? It doesn’t seem very healthy for me. I think both of us have to let go now. We should both move on. Please, just think about how ridiculous this is. You’re forcing me to be with you when I don’t want to be with you anymore. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

Leslie is now the one to feel pain. She hides it well though. “Well, you have to stay with me, because I still want to be with you. I don’t care what you want. You will lie in my bed and let me hold you at night when I sleep. I don’t care if you want to leave me. It’s your own damn fault for being so adorable and making me fall in love with you.” Tom could only stare at his insane lover incredulously.

He sighs and finally nods, accepting it for now. She sighs too, but it is a sigh of relief on her part as she thinks he wouldn’t leave her now. Not when she knows his biggest secret, one that could easily set all their classmates on him. She could make the remainder of his time at high school hell. It’s that easy for her. She has power over him so he has to do what she wants, and what she wants more than anything is for Tom to stay with her, right by her side, there for her to hug and hold whenever she wants to.

“Now you are going to fuck me,” she says, getting on all four. “I know I won’t feel you inside me after Robert, but I want you to fuck me anyway because I love you.” Tom shakes his head. “Tom, let me repeat. I know your deepest, darkest secret. If you don’t want people to start staring at you and making your life difficult, you will do everything I tell you. Now stick your cock in my pussy!” He quickly guides his dick inside her sloppy cunt. “I was right. I can’t feel you at all. Now grab onto my ass and fuck me as hard as you can.

The boy sobs, his tears dropping on her hair. as he is forced to fuck her against his will. He fucks her from behind and, despite his best efforts, couldn’t keep his hands from her thick ass. Tom fucks her quickly, wanting to get it over with as soon as he could. “Try fucking my asshole. Maybe I’ll be able to feel you in that hole, baby.”

Her humiliated boyfriend withdraws from her cunt and shoves it inside the girl’s ass. Tom is astounded by how tight her ass is and the warmth inside. Her flesh constricts around him like a firm sponge and he thrusts into her, slamming in and out between her large asscheeks. “Cum in my ass, Tom. I want you to cum in my ass. Spray your load inside my slutty ass already.”

Tom couldn’t resist her command and sobs as he spurts inside the athletic girl’s booty. He fills up her bowels with his cum, firing his load inside her ass hard. Then he collapses onto the bed, his seed dribbling out of her asshole. “Can I go home now please?” he begs her. She shakes her head with a smile on her pretty face, and he wonders what she could possibly make him do next.

“Clean up your own mess. Eat your own cum from my ass,” Leslie orders him cruelly. He does it and feels humiliated but it isn’t as bad as sucking another guy’s cum out of her and he does it with less protest this time. Mostly because he wants it to be over with as soon as possible so he could go home and try to forget about this, until she calls him again and makes him do this all over almanbahis again. Then the pain will return and he will have to cope with it.

“Will you please let me go home now?” he begs her again. She shakes her head, slapping her own large ass hard. Then she spreads her thick buttcheeks and reveals her shithole to him for the second time in just ten minutes

“You cummed very quickly earlier. Now I want you to fuck my ass again, but last longer this time. Got that?” she orders the abused boy. He nods and slides his dick inside her backdoor once more. She thrusts her thick ass back at him, taking him back inside her effortlessly.

He feels greatly humiliated being forced to fuck his girlfriend when he doesn’t want to, but what could he really do when she has such devastating blackmail material on him? All he could do is give her what she wants and fuck her ass the way she’s ordering him to. He fucks her butt really hard, saying “Please let me stop. I don’t want to cum inside you again.”

“No! You are going to cum inside me, whether you want to or not,” she says as she slams her ass back at him violently, ramming her ass into the nerdy boy’s groin. “Cum in my ass now, loser!”

Out of fear for what she might do to his reputation, he obeys her and fires all the remaining cum from his balls into her waiting ass. She clenches her tight asshole around his dick to milk him of all his semen. He screams as she forces him to spray all his seed into her bowels before passing out from the incredible pleasure.

She let him sleep for half an hour before deciding to wake him up. She shakes him gently but he wouldn’t wake up. With a mischievous grin, she pisses on his face. The girl sprays her warm urine all over Tom’s face and he wakes up, shocked by how she is pissing on him. She giggles and keeps on urinating on his face until she is out of pee. “You should’ve seen the look on your face,” she wheezes out.

He glares at her and then storms out of the room, with her still cackling from behind him. “Wait, baby,” she says, rushing after the boy. “I’m so sorry I did that to you. I really am. But I just could not resist the impulse. You also wouldn’t wake up, even though I was shaking you really hard.” He whirls around to glare at her but then cowers under her gaze.

Tom gathers all his courage and tells Leslie harshly “I am only staying with you because you are blackmailing me to. Make no mistake about it. If I could have my way, I would never see your stupid face ever again, bitch.”

Leslie is hurt by his words as he leaves the house. She sits down on her couch, thinking about whether or not she pushed too far. He was already upset from her cheating on him. Then she made him eat Robert’s cum from her pussy. And to top it off, she pissed all over his face. Maybe she pushed him too far. Hell, this whole thing was unplanned and she did it all on the fly without any thinking at all. It was bound to end in disaster. Good thing her threat worked.

Tom heads back home, feeling more miserable than he ever thought possible. He couldn’t believe that he could have this much bad luck. As it is, things are about to get even worse than they already are pretty soon. The boy enters the house and gets inside, wiping away the last bit of tears from his face, not wanting his uncle to have to worry about him. He takes his shoes off.

“Uncle Fritz, where are you?” he asks. Tom could hear light croaking from his uncle’s bedroom. He pours a glass of milk and peels an apple, slicing it into pieces. Then he heads to the room with the plate and glass. Tom nearly drops them when he sees just how pale the middle aged man is, coughing rapidly. “Oh my god, you look bad right now,” Tom says. “But don’t worry. I’ll take you to the hospital.” He sets the plate and glass down and rushes towards him

Fritz makes him stop though. “How is your relationship with Leslie going?” he asks his nephew.

Normally, Tom wouldn’t lie to his uncle. But right now, Fritz is in no shape to learn the truth of what happened to him. So Tom lies “It’s okay, Uncle Fritz. It’s good. It’s going really good.” He puts on a brave, fake smile for his uncle’s sake, hoping Fritz wouldn’t realise that he is lying through his teeth. His uncle can’t find out now. No, it would be too much for him. He can’t let him know what happened earlier today.

“Good,” Fritz mutters. “You’d have someone to be with once I’m gone.”

“What? No, don’t do this to me Uncle Fritz,” Tom begs.

“No one can live forever, kid. At least now I can finally rest and be free. From from all this pain.” Then Fritz loses his consciousness, slipping into darkness as Tom cries out in alaram.

Tom quickly calls 911 and starts to perform CPR. He’s had first aid training before and can still remember what to do, but it isn’t working. He is doing everything perfectly, but his uncle still refuses to open his eyes. His uncle has stopped breathing and his heart soon stops beating. No amount of CPR can revive him. No matter how hard he tries, Tom can’t resuscitate his uncle. By the time almanbahis yeni giriş the ambulance arrives, it is official.

His uncle, the man who took care of him after his father died, is now dead himself.

Tom curls up on the couch, feeling more alone than he ever did before. He sobs, wailing loudly in complete despair. Now he has no one to turn to but himself. It’s despairing and he doesn’t know what to do so he just sits there, trying to think. Think of how he could get out of this mess.


Two days after Fritz dies, Tom is visited by the last person he expected to see. It’s not Leslie, who did visit the day after his uncle died. It’s Sarah, Leslie’s fellow pole vaulter and best friend. Sarah’s ass might not be as big as Leslie’s, but she has much bigger boobs. Her face is about as beautiful, which is saying a lot. “Hi,” Tom mutters, feeling a bit confused. He and Sarah didn’t hang out very often. “Can I help you with something?”

“I just wanted to see how you are doing,” Sarah replies. “I’m so sorry for your loss, Tom. I know this must be so difficult for you. It’s a really hard time for you right now, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Tom mutters.

“I mean, both with Leslie threatening to tell everyone about your mom, and now your uncle is also gone, and you have no one left to turn to. Well, almost no one. I’m here for you, Tom,” Sarah tells him. He looks at the stunning blonde, perplexed.

“Wouldn’t Leslie expect you to help her pressure me though?” he asks her. Sarah sighs as he lets her inside his house and they head to the living room, where they sit down together and start to talk. “I don’t want you to have a falling out with your friend because of me. I’m not worth it.”

“But you are!” Sarah tells him in a passionate voice. He is caught off guard by how passionately she is speaking to him and she blushes slightly. “She might be my friend but I don’t mind speaking up against her when she’s wrong. She’s an idiot for cheating on a cute guy like you.” The tall girl’s cheeks redden when she realises what she said and he notices her reaction too.

“I’d leave her if I could but she told me she’ll tell everyone about what my mom did,” Tom says. “What am I supposed to do, Sarah? Tell me. What should I do? If she tells people the truth about my mother, that’s it for me. Everyone will be looking at me with judgmental stares and I’d have it even worse than I already do. Much worse, in fact. Them ignoring me would be much better than calling me a murderer’s son.”

“If they judge you for what your mother did, then they are not good people. Their opinions are not worth considering,” Sarah tells him kindly. “So who cares what they say if they aren’t going to be supportive of you? Forget about them. Just think of only the people who care about you, honey.” She strokes his hair gently and he finds himself drawn into her warm embrace. Sarah secretly smiles to herself as she holds the shorter boy in her powerful arms.

“Do you really think so?” Tom asks. Sarah nods. “But who cares about me? My mom does but she is in prison. Uncle Fritz is gone now. Who do I have left?”

“You have me,” Sarah tells him. “You still have me, Tom. I am your friend and I am here to support you. I’ll be your friend and you’ll still have me, even if you have no one else you can turn to. Even if everyone at school turns against you, I will not leave you. So don’t worry, because I’ll always be here.” Tom looks at her and starts to feel hope growing in his heart. Maybe he should take a chance. He won’t be completely alone now. Sarah is here and if everyone else decides to ostracise him, so what? He’s already used to pain. It couldn’t get any worse than it is right now.

When she leaves, he goes to get himself a banana from the kitchen. Peeling it, he eats the piece of fruit in silence. Tom thinks about what Sarah told him. He should do it. He should move on and forget about Leslie. He shouldn’t let her control him like this. It won’t do him any good. But then the feat grips his heart again and he is back at square one, worrying about how it will impact his life now. He goes into the room where he keeps mementos of his late father. Soon, Tom finds what he’s looking for.

“Talk to me, dad,” Tom whispers, clutching his dad’s dog tag, holding it tight.

He takes several deep breaths, holding on to the dog tag before putting it down on the table. Then he goes to his room where he keeps several family photos. The photos have all been taken some time ago back when his dad was still alive. He looks at each of them one by one and then realizes what he must do. If he stays with Leslie it will only be out of cowardice. They won’t be proud of him if he stayed with her just because he is afraid of what she will do to him.

Tom must be brave. He must be brave for his family. It’s what his dad would have wanted. His uncle would want that too. He must be okay. He must be able to leave the past behind and start a new life for himself. With a great deal of determination on his face, he calls almanbahis giriş Leslie.

“I want to see you at the restaurant we had our first date,” he tells her. Leslie is excited, thinking that he is going to take her back. She has no idea what he is going to do at all, and he intends to keep her in the dark for as long as he can, until they meet in the next hour or so.

“Sure, baby. Listen, I am really sorry about what happened with your uncle. He was a good man,” Leslie remarks. Tom could detect sincerity in her voice but it doesn’t make him want to stay with her. No, he is still breaking up with this bitch. He hangs up the call after telling her when they are going to meet there. Then he goes straight to his wardrobe and pilfers through all his clothes, looking for something good to wear. He shaves right after that and smoothes out the creases in his shirt.

Soon he is ready and leaves the house. He decides that he will do it as quickly as he can. Better to get this over with as soon as possible and then head straight back home, even if he is living here on his own now. It’s still much better than being in Leslie’s presence, so much better. He doesn’t know what he was thinking when he told her that he still love her a couple of days ago. He was in love with her, maybe, but it was already disappearing at that point, albeit more slowly than it should have, given the nature of what she was doing to him.

When he arrives at the restaurant, he says “I have something very important that I have to tell you about.” Leslie is curious, judging by the look on her face as she stares at him.

“I also have something that I want to tell you about,” she replies.

Tom takes a deep breath. He thinks over what he planned to say. This is a game of chicken, one that he decided he is going to play and see how well it turns out. “You can go first,” the boy informs her, waiting for her to start as he figures out exactly what he will say to her when it is his turn to speak. He’s going to take his time.

“I think you should wear a cock cage,” Leslie tells him. He gapes at her. “It is only logical. Your dick is so tiny and you wouldn’t be using it often anyway, since I don’t want to have sex with you anymore. I’ll still do it because I love you, but it won’t be anywhere near as often as it was back then.” Tom shakes his head and she frowns, annoyed. “Did you forget what I told you about saying no to me? I could easily ruin your social life, baby.”

“First, never call me baby again. I am not going to wear any cock cage. You can not force me to,” he says defiantly. The death of his uncle has made the boy decide that he isn’t going to put up with anymore bullshit life throws his way. From now on he is going to fight back, and he’s going to fight dirty. He’ll fight fire with fire if he has to.

“I can destroy you if you disobey me. I’ll tell everyone at school that your mom is a murderer who is now serving life in prison. How do you think they’ll look at you? You won’t have anyone you can turn to. No friends from high school that you can reconnect with at a later point in life. You would be alone.”

“Being alone would be better than being with you,” Tom snaps at her in his irritation. She flinches. “Anything at all would be better than remaining your boyfriend. That’s how much contempt I have for you now, Leslie. I despise you with every fiber of my being and I want you to know it. You can tell everyone at school what you want.” Leslie stares at him in disbelief. She didn’t expect this at all. “But I can tell them you cheated on me. My mom’s a murderer but I’m not one. Your parents are innocent but you are a whore. Which one of us will suffer more from a rumor?”

Even Tom is shocked by his own cruel words as he has always been against slut shaming. But he reminds himself that Leslie brought this upon herself by cheating on him and then trying to make him stay in a relationship with her against his will. She’s luck that he didn’t go to the police to report her for sexual coercion and blackmail. He has been more than kind enough to Leslie already. Now it’s time to be harsh with her and make her see that he is never going to take her back ever again.

“You wouldn’t really do that to me. You are too nice,” Leslie says. “I call your bluff.” Then, to her great shock, Tom slams his hands on the table.

“I’ve had it now! Don’t you see that I’ve got no one left? The last person who actually cared about me is dead now. I don’t care what other people say about me,” Tom says. “I’m going to tell people you are a cheating skank if you tell them about my mom. You wait and see. I’m done playing nice with you now. I fucking hate you, Leslie.” Leslie’s heart breaks into a million pieces and today she is the one to start crying from his words. He pays for his orange juice and then quickly leaves the restaurant, now heading back home as fast as he could.

He is glad to have been able to get rid of Leslie but it bothers him how cruel he had to be. He feels that he may have gone too far in his insults but then Tom remembers how she fucked another guy right in front of him. No, he didn’t go too far at all. She deserved it. It was her own damn fault for not leaving him alone after what she did to him, and he has no reason to feel guilty. He tried the nice way and she refused to break up.

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