Blind Date


John stood out side the door of his blind date’s apartment. He had been skeptical about going on this date, but his best friend Chad had been begging him to do this for weeks. The girl was Chad’s cousin and she just moved to town for a new job. It was now or never John thought to him self. So he rung the door bell. It took about a minute for the door to open.

There was an instant sexual attraction as they stood there looking at one another.

“Hi I’m John” He stammered “you must be Ivy?”

Ivy smile, stuck out her hand and sad “hi, yeah I’m Ivy”

This is the sexiest man she has ever seen, Ivy thought to her self.

“you ready to go?” John ask

“yeah lets go” she replied.

In the car, sitting next to him was probably one of the prettiest girl he has ever met. She had dark black hair that fell past her waist and the bluest eyes, with a body that would have made a priest go nuts. Her breast were just more than a hand full, with a slender waist and a firm round behind. He was getting hard just thinking about her. Ivy could feel herself dampening as she sat there wondering was she would do to this blond stud that her cousin set her up with. Damn! how she wanted to fuck him right here and now. The both of them were so wrapped up in there own thoughts about each other that they didn’t say any thing through out the ride.

They arrived at a nice little restaurant just out side of town. Seated at a quiet corner, the two of them ordered their food quickly. Ivy and John started having light conversation, finding out that they had a lot in common. ” you were so quiet in the car, what was going through your mind, if you don’t mind me asking” John said.

Ivy gave a mischievous smile and replied I’ll tell you if you tell me.

“ok i’ll go first, I was think how pretty and sexy you are, now your turn, what were you thinking about in the car?”

God Ivy thought to her self, he was getting her wetter by the second, she was so turned on.

“If you must know i was thinking about what i would do to you if i got you in a hotel, and how you would be like in bed and a bunch of other things” If John had been hard before, he was about to explode now, hearing how she almanbahis adres want him drove him crazy. He told her in a low voice about all the things he would do to her in vivid details. This sex talk was to much for Ivy to handle, she let her left hand go up her short dress and in to her laced panties. A finger was slipped in to the lips of her pussy and landed on her wet clit. Applying pressure, Ivy gave her self a good finger fucking right there in the restaurant. She wandered what John would do if he knew what she was doing. Across from Ivy, John was wondering what she was up to. She barely notice that he had stop talking and she had the most erotic expression of pleasure on her face. Her head was thrown back, eyes half closed and lips slightly parted. What was she up to he wondered.

John looked around uncomfortably, then it hit him. He hadn’t seen Ivy’s right hand in a while, and her left hand was clenched tight to the napkin on the table. “oh my fucken god” John thought, ” the bitch was fingering herself” and by the looks of things she was close to an orgasm. Damn he was so turn on by the fact that his beautiful date was pleasuring herself in front of him, he just couldn’t take it any more. ” I’ll be back, need to go the men’s room” John announced. All Ivy could do was give a slight nod.

Ivy had her index and middle finger going in and out of her hole as her thumb made strong circular motions on her clit. She gradually increased the speed of her hand, and with in the next five minutes she came. Her orgasm was so strong she had to squeeze her eyes shut for a few minutes to steady her breathing.

John had unzipped his pants even before he got the bathroom door to close. He pulled out his now very hard Dick that was already wet with pre-cum, and started to jerk himself off. He placed one hand against the wall of the bathroom, as the other violently stroked his shaft. Because he had been hard for such a long time, John felt his balls tighten in less than ten minutes and stream after stream of cum shooting from his cock in to the toilet. John took an extra minute to catch his breath, zipped himself up and left the bathroom. He decided to leave his cum in the toilet to almanbahis adres let the next user know what he’s been up to.

John made his way across the restaurant, and back to the quiet booth where he had left Ivy. He spotted her before he reached their table. He notice that she was waiting patiently and that both her hands were on the table. John slid in to her side of the table, sitting extremely close to her. He whispered in to her ear in a low wet voice ” so did you enjoy your finger?”

“yes I did” Ivy replied in the same low wet tone ” how did you know what i was doing?”

” I kind of figured it out after awhile” he said this while he took her hand and began to suck each one of her finger, using his tongue to massage the tips. He could still taste her juices on her hand. ” when i found out what u were doing i had to go to the bathroom to get my self off” he said between a couple of licks and sucks. John let his tongue move to lick the palms of her hand, then moved his mouth upwards, scattering kisses from her wrist to her shoulders. He placed his mouth on her neck while his hand came around her to caress a breast and gently brush a nipple. But before John could go any further their food came.

Sitting next to one another, Ivy had to feed John his food, because he had one arm around her playing with her nipple and the other hand up her dress. He pleasured Ivy with his fingers all through dinner, which lasted a good hour because she had to feed John his food and eat her own food also. John kept adding a finger in to Ivy’s pussy every 20 minutes or so. By the time they had finish eating, John had three fingers going in and out of Ivy’s very wet pussy. Ivy lost track of how many time she came, it seemed like she had one orgasm after another. When the got up to leave Ivy could feel some of her pussy juice sliding down her thigh.

John drove as fast as he could to the nearest hotel. Once John was in the security of the hotel room he rented, he ripped of Ivy’s clothes and some managed to get rid of all of his clothes. He pushed her on to the bed, pushed her legs wide open and entered her in one violently urgent stroke. Ivy let out a loud gasp as John filled her almanbahis adresi pussy full of his cock. John started to slam in to her with hard land stroked. He had both his hands on her tits flattening them on her chest as pushed himself up to fuck her. ‘OHHHHH fuck me harder pleeeassse” Ivy managed to get out between gasp. John increased his speed faster and harder with every second. He dug his nails in to he tits as he slammed in to her, then John let out a loud yell and shoot a load of cum in to Ivy’s wet pussey. Ivy followed close behind with a mind shattering orgasm. John collapsed on her body as the both of the regain their breath. He reached down with two fingers and swiped it across her slit. He got a mixture of Ivy’s juiced and his cum, then he traced his fingers on Ivy’s lips letting her taste the both of them, John arched him self up to give his date a deep kiss.

Ivy could feel him go a little limp inside of her. So she rolled the over so that she was straddling John beneath her. Ivy slowly slid off of him, letting the lips of her pussy glide over his cock. She slid all the way down so that ivy was face to face with John 9 inch cock. Grabbing his shaft with both hands, Ivy guided Johns head to his mouth, she gave it a little kiss then took it between her lips. Ivy swirl her tongue around the head of Johns dick as she played with his balls. She moved her mouth down his cock inch by inch, till she felt the tip of his cock in the back of her throat. She began to suck his dick with long deep strokes, bobbing her head up and down. When she felt that he was hard enough, she gave it a last suck and climbed on top of him, plopping herself down with a his dick with a smack.

John pinched her nipples with fierce pressure as Ivy bounced up and down on him. She was moaning and yelling as she bucked wildly back and forth. Ivy lifted herself almost complexly off Johns rock hard dick and slammed back down, she did this about six or seven times before she through her head back, and the walls of her pussey began to quiver bringing ivy waves after waves of orgasm.

Before Ivy could recover, John had lifted her off of him, and sat her pussy over his face. He ate her and tongue fucked her till she came, and came and came. They couldn’t keep their hands and mouth off of each other. They fucked and fucked till they sun almost came up. John took Ivy home, and they made plans for another date, but this time they both decided to skip dinner and go straight for dessert.

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