Bobby , Jilly Ch. 5


It was one of Bobby and Jilly’s milk-and-honey days. They had discovered that by drinking a quantity of milk, and a good deal of honey, Bobby could make his semen both more plentiful and sweet-tasting. Jilly loved to lick up Bobby’s hot thick cum and feel it soaking her face, no matter what the taste was, sweet or salty, but what she called his honey-cum was, to her, the sweetest of all.

And they both loved it when Bobby’s ejaculation was lengthy in spurts of cum and massive in quantity. It had become a game between them, to see how many consecutive spurts they could coax out of his huge, pulsing cockhead. Twelve was the record. For Bobby it was a masochistic game, because the best way for Bobby to achieve a prolonged orgasm was to go without cumming, beforehand, for as long a period as possible.

Every so often, perhaps once a month, Jilly would glance up at Bobby with a shy, teasing smile on her face, and Bobby would already know from her expression what she was about to say.

`Wanna have a milk and honey day?’

And Bobby would nod, already excited by the thought of Jilly looking forward as much as he was to the colossal, honey-sweet eruption of his semen, drenching her pretty lips and face. And there was always the chance that, one day, a thirteenth spurt would spatter the final drops over her cum-soaked, smiling face with its adorably pouting lips, cute nose and blazing lust-filled eyes. Eyes always open and staring up at him as he gasped and shuddered, spurting all over her.

This particular weekend, Jilly’s parents were away, and Jilly wanted Bobby to come back to her parents’ house for her milk-and-honey facial. Fucking and sucking in her parents’ home always made Jilly extra hot, so Bobby was happy to agree. She loved to blow him in her childhood bedroom, and do outrageous things: lie naked and spreadeagled on the main stairs, her slim legs spread wide as Bobby licked and sucked her to screaming orgasms.

A few times they’d fucked in her parents bedroom. And once, when her parents were in the house, she had smuggled Bobby into the upstairs bathroom and kneeled before him, frantically sucking him off and swallowing his spunk, and then, to his delight, persuading him to piss on her face and, at great length, in her mouth.

The other reason Bobby was eager to go back to Jilly’s parents’ house was Jilly’s 16-year-old little sister, Jenny. Button-nosed brunette Jenny was as cute as Jilly, and if she didn’t have Jilly’s peculiarly wide and luscious lips, she had something Jilly would never have: tits you couldn’t take your eyes off. Already at 14, when Bobby was first dating her older sister, Jenny had astonishing boobs. They were high, huge, round and succulent. Men of all ages went weak at the knees when Jenny entered the room. And Jenny was well aware of it. Her skimpy tops left little to the imagination. And the cheerleader squad in action, featuring Jenny’s beach-ball breasts, might just as well have been a one-girl show.

Jilly knew perfectly well that Bobby, like every other male she knew, lusted after Jenny and fantasized about her tits and pretty face. She had brought Bobby to some nasty, intense orgasms as she jerked him off while whispering horny Jenny-stories in his ear.

`Oh baby, imagine your big cock ploughing between her huge great tits, hot and slick and silky-smooth and slimy with your pre-cum… imagine it… she’s pressing those huge great fucking tits together so that you can fuck them as hard as you like, because that’s how she loves to be fucked… that’s how all the boys dream of fucking her, and it’s how they do fuck her, I’ve watched them on the sofa downstairs in our house, straddling her and fucking her tits, I’ve heard her begging them to slime her face, she loves it, she’s crazy for it, she’s a slut like I am…’

`Oh Jesus,’ Bobby would groan, about to shoot off as Jilly’s furiously masturbating hand stepped up the pace and her words grew funkier and dirtier, `Take it on your face, Jilly – don’t stop talking – just take it on your face -‘

And still murmuring, carrying the Jenny-fantasy to a finish, Jilly would slowly move her head down Bobby’s chest towards his swelling purple cockhead.

`She knows all about how you come in my face and how I love it, she makes me tell her all about it every time you’ve shot off all over me, exactly where it landed and how it felt and smelt, that’s why she wants you to fuck her tits until you blast her face, she’s got her lips pursed right in front of your huge fucking cock as you drive through those gigantic soft tits one last time and hold it, cumming, cumming… hold your cockhead right against her pleading lips, as you…’

And Bobby would gasp, numb with the ecstasy of the orgasm descending on him like a freight train.

`…fuck!! Jesus!’ Jilly would gasp as the force of Bobby’s eruption against her own lips ricocheted all over her face, up her nose, dripping on his chest, and as Bobby writhed and groaned she greedily jerked his huge boner for more.

But almanbahis adres in reality Bobby had never laid a hand on Jenny, content to revel in Jilly’s hot fucking and equally hot fantasies. It could hardly get any better, so why rock the boat?

That weekend, Jenny was far from Bobby’s mind as Jilly tortured him with kisses and caresses wherever they went, at the ball game, at the movies, in his car. In public she would secretly stroke him and rub against him, reminding him of the huge load he was building up for them on this, their milk-and-honey day.

And when they were alone together in the car Jilly would shamelessly take his cock out and work it lovingly to the edge of orgasm before stopping, with a wicked smile. Then she’d lick her lips longingly as she put the bat-stiff cock back in Bobby’s pants. Despite his frustration, Bobby would exhale, a long ragged breath, and grin down at her patiently, knowing his moment would come. And come.

On more than one occasion during the day Jilly had insisted they stop the car at a market where Jilly would go and buy some more milk. `There’s a limit, Jilly,’ Bobby would sigh, `I keep trying to tell you. There’s only so much my balls can contain.’ But Jilly didn’t believe it. `We’re going to break the record tonight, baby,’ she told him. `Trust me. We are.’

At last, as they headed for Jilly’s parents’ house, Jilly took Bobby’s iron-stiff cock out for the last time. `God, it feels like you’ve had a hard-on all day, baby,’ Jilly purred. Bobby nodded grimly. It felt that way to him too. `How ever will all that spunk manage to get out of this sweet little piss-slit?’ she whispered, licking gently at the straining cockhead as she masturbated him.

Jilly pulled back a little and gazed down at the huge penis she adored.

She knew its every bulge and contour, every vein, knew them with her eyes and tongue and the perfect skin of her fervently adoring face. She had spent so many hours caressing this magnificent, gigantic cock. The greatest cock in the world! – she was sure of it.

Now, as Bobby drove, she satisfied her lust at last by plunging her mouth down on the raging cock and bringing her masturbating hands up to meet her devouring lips. Bobby gasped, knowing Jilly didn’t mean to bring him off yet, but after all the frustrations of the day and all the milk-and-honey aching to boil up out of his balls it was hard to hold back.

`Careful, Jilly,’ he moaned. `For God’s sake be careful.’

Very carefully, as if it was a live bomb she held between her hands, Jilly lifted her full, sensual mouth off Bobby’s cockhead. She stayed where she was, mouth just above his straining penis, gazing down and carefully drooling saliva onto his cockhead. She didn’t glance up at Bobby. Her soft lips, she knew, turned bruised and swollen after only a few seconds of hot kissing or hot sucking, and sometimes the very sight of them would push him over the edge and he would spurt the first thick rope of his cum-brew onto her face.

From the movement of the car as they left the road to park outside Jilly’s parents’ front door, Jilly knew they’d arrived. Bobby parked in the dark empty driveway, and as they got out of the car and Bobby stood furtively doing up his pants, Jilly came round and stopped him, taking his huge, protruding cock in one hand and leading him to the front door.

From the darkness inside, it seemed no-one was at home. Bobby let himself be led by his cock up the familiar stairs and into Jilly’s bedroom. But when Bobby reached for the light he felt Jilly’s free hand pull his arm back, and as he turned to her he saw that she was shaking her head and raising one slim finger to her soft, bruised lips.

At first he didn’t understand why she wanted him to hush. Then he realized that Jilly’s bedroom was lit by a dappled light from outdoors. He glanced at Jilly. She led him towards the window and before they got there Bobby realized the light was coming from the well-lit pool behind the house, where he’d spent much time, over the years, swimming, sunbathing, and ogling Jilly’s little sister Jenny.

Looking out and down from Jilly’s bedroom window, Bobby saw that he and Jilly weren’t alone in the house after all. Stretched out on a dark blue mattress beside the heated pool were no-longer-little-Jenny and a boyfriend Bobby had never met or seen before. Jenny clearly had, to judge by the knowing way she was caressing the bulge in his bathing trunks as they kissed.

Jenny’s magnificent, opulent tits were bare, and they lived up to Bobby’s wildest imaginings. As he watched, Jenny offered them to her young lover as if they were two gigantic fruits, and the boy fell on them like a starving man, licking, kissing and sucking Jenny’s massive breasts while the 16-year-old writhed in delight.

Bobby glanced once more at Jilly, and knew from the teasing look on her face that this was all planned. Jilly had known all along that Jenny too was bringing her boyfriend home tonight, and she’d almanbahis adresi probably fixed it with Jenny that Jenny would lead him out to the pool, where Bobby and Jilly could watch the brightly lit pool area without being seen. Or at least without being seen by Jenny’s boyfriend – because as Bobby peeked round Jilly’s bedroom window curtains and gazed avidly down at the sight below, he thought he caught an answering glance from Jenny herself as she wriggled on the mattress and gazed upwards in ecstasy, past her boyfriend’s shoulder.

Their groans and cries and even their whispered love talk were perfectly audible in the stillness of the night. Jilly had left the top part of her window open enough to hear every word that young Jenny spoke to make her boyfriend hot. It was a voyeur’s dream. Sinking to her knees before her lover’s cock, Jilly now began to slowly lick and stroke Bobby towards the immense orgasm they had both been saving up for all day.

`Tell me what they’re doing,’ Jilly whispered from her adoring position at Bobby’s feet, her face in his groin. `I want you to tell me what she does to him. I want you to watch. Watch her, and watch me. I’m going to make you cum like you’ve never cum before.”

As Jilly went into her beathtakingly sexy lick-and-suck-and-stroke routine, Bobby could hardly tear his eyes away from his luscious, pretty girlfriend right there on her knees in front of him, steadily bringing him to the orgasm he’d been aching for all day. But all he had to do was barely turn his head and, looking down out of the window, watch an equally > pretty teenager and her boyfriend work themselves up to what he hoped would be the tit-fuck of his dreams.

Bobby soon knew he was not going to be disappointed. Pretty little Jenny’s gasps and moans had turned into low murmurs, rising to a begging cry. `Do it to me, do it to me, baby!’ Jenny rasped as she rubbed herself crazily against her boyfriend while he devoured her huge naked tits with frantic, sucking kisses. The rising clouds of steam from the heated pool, combined with the bright underwater lights and the turquoise colours of the tiles in and around the pool, bathed the whole scene in a fierce, tropically steamy glare. Bobby could see the droplets of sweat on Jenny’s huge breasts and on her face, beading her upper lip.

God, what a fox she was! Her nipples were larger than he had ever dared imagine, and Jenny’s cute, small features made the proportions of her gigantic chest almost unbearably arousing. At that moment, as Bobby stared down at the gorgeously lewd scene on the poolside mattress, young Jenny raised her panting, pretty, sweaty face and gazed straight at him.

`Fuck me in the mouth, baby,’ she cried – God, she sounds exactly like Jilly, Bobby thought – `fuck me,’ Jenny ranted, `fuck my face, fuck my tits and cream my face, oh fuck, oh do it, do it,’ she moaned, still gazing up at Bobby. Unable to give up Jenny’s milky tits, her boyfriend continued to chew on her huge, grossly straining nipples, as he wriggled out of his shorts.

For an instant, Bobby’s mind flashed on his early dates with Jilly, how she too had moaned, `Fuck me, fuck me,’ as she pulled his cock into her mouth, and put her hands on his buttocks to help drive his huge organ into her lips and fuck her heart-stoppingly luscious mouth, still mumbling, `fuck me, fuck me,’ against his massive, invading cockhead.

On their very first date Jilly had been sitting on a sofa when he came over to her, and she had reached out to pull his crotch against her face, then started to lick his cock through his jeans. `Fuck me, fuck me,’ she kept murmuring until he understood what she meant. Her mouth. Her big, soft, perfectly shaped mouth that held in its thrall every man who saw her. Fuck her mouth. `Fuck me, baby. Fuck me,’ she had pleaded against his crotch, the material hot and wet now from her saliva. It had ended with him kneeling on the sofa, his jeans down to his knees, fucking her face like an animal until he came hugely inside her hot sucking cheeks and wet mouth.

With this flashback, and the gigantic explosion he felt building in his cock as he gazed down at Jilly on her knees, dreamily licking the cockhead she adored, Bobby felt the whole delicious history of his orgiastic oral sex life with this cock-fixated beauty come full circle and enter his tool like the makings of the ultimate orgasm.

Jilly was stoking that orgasm with slow, loving care, licking his cockhead, sucking sweetly on the head with the whole of it in her mouth and swelling out her cheeks as if she’d put a peach, entire, into her face. With her small, slim hands she was slowly masturbating the gigantic shaft. It was slimy with her drool and his pre-cum.

Bobby knew that in order to cum with unparalleled force he barely needed the extra stimulus of watching Jilly’s little sister work her lover to orgasm between her glorious, bowling-ball-sized tits. But it was too sweet, too delicious not to watch and add acutely – as Jilly, and almanbahis adres clearly Jenny too, had known it would – to the raging intensity, the quantity and the sheer duration of his coming eruption.

Jenny’s boyfriend, Bobby noted with mingled pleasure and envy, had a cock worthy of the task. It was almost as big and thick as Bobby’s, and although the cockhead wasn’t as huge or round, the shaft was as long or even longer. It was made for tit-fucking, as Jenny’s huge tits were made to grip a slimy, reddening cock until it jerked out loads of semen onto the pretty, watching, waiting face in front of it.

Jilly pulled her mouth off Bobby’s taut purple cockhead, and glanced up at him. `Tell me, baby, tell me what they’re doing. Tell me while you fuck my face. My mouth is yours, baby, fuck it till you fuck it raw. Fuck me and cum, fuck me and cum,’ she mumbled as she stuffed the cock back between her lips.

Bobby’s own lips were dry, his breath hoarse as he whispered to Jilly, `Damn it, you know exactly what they’re doing, you set this up… she’s bringing him off with her tits… Jesus… he’s got a cock the size of a fucking mule and she’s rubbing the head of it all over her face. God, I can even see the pre-cum leaking out of it. Her mouth’s covered in it…’

He could see the pre-cum mingling with the sweat on the 16-year-old’s upper lip as she rubbed the huge penis worshipfully back and forth across her lips and nose. And now both Bobby and Jilly could hear Jenny’s murmured, trancelike chant of `Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…’ as her lust-maddened boyfriend slotted his huge dick between the giant white breasts of his 16-year-old lover and began to work himself towards orgasm.

`He’s fucking her tits… Jesus, what tits!’ Bobby moaned, beginning to lose it himself as he looked down at his cock to see the sight that always brought him off most violently. Jilly was jerking him off, masturbating him, wanking him against her pouted lips, so that the huge head of his cock spread the incredibly soft and pretty tissues of her lips into a pout as broad as his cockhead.

He was going to cum. He could barely feel his cock. It was just the sight of it, so long, so huge and stiff and pointing at the unbearably pretty lips and nose of his adoring girlfriend as she worked the penis to the climax they both wanted so badly. That and the whole day of waiting, of Jilly bringing him to the edge and then stopping, the day of milk-and-honey building this impossibly huge orgasm they both now knew was on the way, unstoppable.

It was the strangest experience. His whole body seemed to recede. He was only cock. How on earth would he stand up, if his legs gave way? They wouldn’t answer any command, and were already trembling, nerves and muscles flicking like a racehorse after a gallop. The orgasm seemed to rush upon him from all over him. His whole body was coming, pouring into hs cock.

And still nothing happened. Would it be able to come out – just as Jilly had wondered – so much of it! – through the gaping piss-slit Jilly was licking so frantically with the tip of her tongue?

Everything seemed to have slowed to a snail’s pace. From the pool, below him, he heard Jenny’s sweet high voice raised in ranting screams as she begged for semen, for spunk on her face from her lover’s giant cock, `Cum, baby, cum, baby, cum all over my pretty face, cover me, soak me, drown me, baby, choke me, drown me, cum, cum, cum, cum!’

For an instant as her boyfriend raised up to ram one last massive pistoning drive of his distended cock into her luscious, huge, soft tits, Bobby saw the lust in his eyes as he gazed at the sensual, childish face of the little girl he was about to drench in hot man-spunk.

And as the first syrup-thick rope of cum burst from the cockhead against Jenny’s pleading lips, Bobby saw her eyes go directly to him, to his eyes, at the window, as she wailed her ecstasy. It went on and on: her boyfriend’s cockhead spasming, pulsing at Jenny’s nibbling, nursing, feeding lips, and the cum seemed to litter and streak and coat the 16-year-old’s little features until it masked her face from Bobby’s sight.

And it was too late to stop his own cock from erupting, blanking everything else from his mind. With a huge effort – now that his cock seemed to have taken over all control of his body – Bobby looked down at the face he adored, Jilly’s heavenly face with its angelic, up-tilted nose, and its red-rose mouth as ripe for fucking as a Tijuana whore’s. Gazing up at him from the floor of her childhood bedroom. And he let rip.

Or rather it let rip – it was his cock that decided. Jilly knew it too, and gazed up, locking her eyes on Bobby’s, both of them knowing he was in the grip of an unrepeatable experience.

`I want you to watch each one,’ she gasped. `Each one. I’ll count. You watch. Watch me. Watch me… take it… in the face.’

And then time did seem to stand still, as Jilly drew back and poised her face six inches from the grossly swollen, marble-stiff and shiny cock which first recoiled a little and then, without being touched, fired a long, arching, slimy wad of spunk all over Jilly’s perfect face. Draping it from hairline to chin with a winding, thick line of gluey white semen.

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