Border Adventure Ch. 1

All Natural

Laurie stirred in bed as she gradually drifted out of her sleep. Oddly, she’d been dreaming of Natasha Wagstaffe. The dream was just as vivid in her mind as if it were real. In the dream, Laurie lay naked on a blanket with her legs open while an equally naked Natasha kneeled between her legs licking the lips of her pussy. At the same time, Laurie’s friend Maurice was behind Natasha fucking her doggy style. There had to be something symbolic about the way Maurice’s midnight black skin contrasted with Natasha’s paleness.

Laurie shivered. The hotel room was a little cooler than she preferred and she fumbled for the sheet. As she did so, she brushed her hand across Paul Wagstaffe’s stomach and down to his cock. As it was every other morning she’d ever woken up with him, Paul was asleep on his back with his cock pointing straight to the ceiling. She gave his erection a few soft strokes. No longer caring that he had kicked the sheet and blanket to the floor, leaving them uncovered, she smiled as she observed his form. His stomach wasn’t quite as flat as some of the boys she knew from school, but even if he was in his fifties and they were still in their late teens, his cock still got every bit as hard as theirs did and good god did he have a much better idea about how to use it. She giggled as the cock began to twitch while she continued to stroke it. Finally, she lowered her lips to it and let it slide into her mouth.

Paul awoke with a semi-start, and thought of his wife Jenny as he felt the wet lips encircling his morning erection. He knew it was Laurie’s lips wrapped around his cock, but it still made him think about how Jenny liked to wake him up that exact same way. Laurie looked up from her sucking and made eye contact with her lover. She slipped the cock out of her mouth and said, “Get enough sleep, baby?”

Paul nodded and pulled her up to him. She’d expected that. She never could get over the fact that he didn’t like to cum in her mouth the way most guys did. They kissed and his lips parted as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her hand went back to work on his cock and he cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and lifted her up to meet him better. Getting what he wanted, Laurie threw one leg over his torso and straddled his stomach as she leaned down to continue their kiss. She groaned as one of Paul’s fingers found it’s way to her anus and began to rub. She knew he wanted to fuck her in the ass. He always wanted to fuck her in the ass. But, there would be plenty of time for that later. Now she just wanted to ride his cock.

She eased back so that the tip of his cock was pointing into the lips of her already moist pussy. He was just big enough that she could not sit right down and have him enter her. Instead, she had to ease her way down. Slowly working the cock inside her. Loving how it stretched her and filled her until she was finally fully impaled on it. Then she worked herself back up and then back down again. She’d lift up until only the tip of his cock was left inside her and then ease herself back down until he again filled her. As this continued, she felt Paul’s hands crawling their way up over her flat stomach. Caressing the ridges formed by her muscular midsection. Stopping and spinning the one-karat diamond that was pierced through her navel and had been the last gift Michelle had ever given her. Bringing his thumbs up to stroke the erect nipples of her breasts that her friend Amanda liked to jokingly say were almost not even there. It was the tits that almost weren’t there. She had plenty enough nipple for anyone. That’s all she had up there really. Quarter sized brown aureoles with brown nipples that extended out more than an inch when she was aroused.

She began to increase her pace and in so doing shortened the strokes as well. Instead of pulling up until only the tip of his dick was left in, she lifted herself up about three inches and then slammed back down. Lift up. Slam down. Lift up. Slam down. While all the while Paul pulled and tweaked at her nipples and fought to hold back his eruption. Control, he made himself think. Hold it back. Don’t let it go. He found himself losing the battle as he admired the way her straight brown hair fell to the olive skin of her shoulders. This young girl. So athletic and hard. A different kind of pretty than his soft, beautiful Jenny was. But pretty still the same.

He didn’t want to lose the battle with his cock yet, so he grasped her by the hips, lifted her off of him and dropped her onto her back. He never failed to be amazed at how much heavier she was than Jenny. At five-four, Laurie was a couple of inches shorter and at a glance appeared slimmer. She was probably at least a full dress size smaller than Jenny too, but while Paul could still heft Jenny without much difficulty he always strained a little when he tried to toss his young mistress around. Laurie had to weigh at least twenty pounds more than Jenny’s one hundred twenty-five.

Paul lowered his lips to take one of Laurie’s nipples into his mouth and sucked it briefly before kissing görükle escort his way on down. As he always liked to do, he stopped to lick a circle around her pierced navel and even gave her diamond a quick suck before continuing with his trail of kisses towards her pussy. He still wished she’d let some hair grow around it, but he loved the pure beauty of her pussy with the thin brown lips. In her aroused state, her clit was already protruding through its’ fleshy hood. He flicked his tongue across it a couple of times before he took it between his lips and began to suck. As he greedily sucked her clit, Laurie began to buck up and grind her cunt up into his face. She was already worked up from the fucking she had been giving him and it only took a few moments of his sucking on her clit before she was writhing and screaming loud enough that anyone passing by on that early Sunday morning would have surely thought that she was in danger for her life.

Having accomplished what he wished, Paul now crawled back between her open legs and roughly pushed his cock inside her. She wrapped her short powerful legs around him and dug her heels into the backs of his thighs to aid in his thrusts. Paul continued to drive into her until he finally lost the battle with his self-control and erupted inside her and splattered his load along the walls of her pussy and with relief he was able to collapse and roll off of her.

Ever the giggling wonder, Laurie reached across him for the pack of cigarettes on the table next to the bed and shook one out into her mouth. And, Paul, ever the gentleman, quickly reached for her lighter and struck a flame to the tip of her cigarette. Good god, she thought to herself, as she drew the smoke deep into her lungs, she loved the rush of that after fuck smoke almost as much as she loved the fuck itself. Well. Almost.

She moved to place the cigarette between Paul’s lips and when he shook his head she said, “Come on. I won’t tell Jenny.”

Paul just laughed as he stepped off the bed and said, “I’ve got to have a piss.”

As he closed the door behind him to relief himself in private, the phone rang and without thinking Laurie picked it up and said, “Hello.”

“Who is this?” Jenny said on the other end.

Oh shit, Laurie thought to herself. I can’t believe I answered the phone in his hotel room. “Hi, Jenny. This is Laurie.”

Short pause. “Laurie?”

“Yeah. You remember me. Michelle’s sister.”


“You probably wonder what I’m doing here.”

“No. Teen-age girls always answer Paul’s hotel room phone when I call him.”

Laurie giggled and said, “You’re so cute. Anyway. Cleo works at the same hospital that I was visiting a friend at, and I ran into Paul having breakfast with her this morning. I needed a shower in the worst way and he was kind enough to let me come over here and use his.”

“I see. They must not have had a shower where you were staying.”

Laurie giggled again and said, “Come on, cutie. Of course they had showers there but I had already checked out.”

“Checked out without taking a shower first?”

Laurie took a hit on her cigarette before saying, “That’s kind of a long story.”

“And this is a long distance call.”

“Right,” Laurie said. “And I don’t want to bore you when you really want to talk to Paul.”

“Oh, believe me, dear. I really want to talk to Paul.”

Laurie thankfully heard the toilet flush and said, “Okay, here he is.”

Laurie all but threw the phone as he stepped out of the bathroom. “It’s Jenny,” she silently mouthed the words.

Paul immediately went about three shades whiter as he cleared his throat and spoke into the phone, “Hello, my love.”

“Your love indeed.”

“Now, Jenny.”

“Shoosh. I was just calling to tell you I talked to Natasha. She and Frankie are stopping in Dallas.”

“Really? When is that?”

“Today. Do you think you can by them a steak?”

“I can’t. I have to leave right away to catch my plane to Vancouver.”

“I see. Lucky you had time to loan out your shower.”


“Relax, Paul. I’m just teasing. Call me when you get to Vancouver.”

In England, Jenny placed down the phone and rolled over to give Linda a kiss. After their tongues finished dancing, Linda said, “Paul’s doing a little playing, isn’t he?”

“Don’t be silly,” Jenny said. “The girl is barely out of high school. He’s just being fatherly.”

“Sure he is. Nat’s friend Frankie is barely out of high school too, and he has to readjust his pants to cover his hard-on every time he sees her in those tight jeans she wears at the pub.”

“You shoosh too,” Jenny said as she pulled Linda down and pushed her face to the spot between her legs.

In Dallas, Paul placed down his phone and tried to look sternly at Laurie, but her giggles were so contagious that he was soon on the bed having her take his cock back into her mouth to work it hard for round two. It was quickly half hard, but he pushed her away and said, “I can’t. I have to get on that plane to Vancouver.”

“You know you can catch the next flight.”

“True,” Paul said. “But I’d rather get out of her before Natasha shows. My wife catching us is one thing. My daughter wouldn’t be quite as forgiving.”

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