Born Beautiful, Rachel’s Story #06


Trading her for her mother, Hugo threatens to take Rachel to the barn for discipline

“No, please don’t touch my Rachel. I beg you,” cried Olga. “I’ll do anything you want just leave Rachel alone.”

With the safety of her daughter at stake, Olga looked at her husband with fear while he looked at her with hatred.

“She’s the one who gave you the Women’s Rights flyer after all. She’s the reason why you’re here in the barn now,” he said pacing back and forth in front of her while waving his arms. “My rage against your lack of respect and your total disobedience is more her fault than it is yours. I should be disciplining my daughter instead of her mother.”

“No! Please don’t touch my Rachel,” cried Olga.

“It’s not your fault,” ranting and raving as if talking to himself before pointing his finger at his helpless wife. “You’re just too stupid to know any better. Like mother like daughter, she’s the one who takes after you in her disrespect and disobedience of me. Perhaps she’s the one who should be tied to the horse stall, stripped naked, and beaten, and not you,” he said red faced and wide eyed.

“Please don’t Hugo. I beg you,” said Olga through her tears. “Leave Rachel alone.”

“Yes, perhaps she’s the one who should be beaten, stripped naked, and whipped and not you,” he said again, this time laughing a dirty laugh with the mere mention of tying his daughter to the horse stall and stripping her naked. “Exchanging her young, beautiful body for your old, wrinkled body, I can arrange that switch for you if you prefer,” he said waiting for her response. When she didn’t answer him right away, he looked to his son to instruct him. “Karl, untie your mother and go fetch your sister.”

“Yes father,” said Karl immediately obeying and ready to untie his mother until she kicked at him for him not to come any closer.

“No! Don’t you dare touch my daughter,” she said looking from her son to her husband. “I’ll be good. I’ll respect you. I’ll obey you. I’ll do anything and everything you want. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

“It’s too late Olga. I’m tired of having to drag out of your bed, pulling you down the stairs by your hair, and commanding Karl to carry you out to the barn to play these silly games of bondage and discipline with you. Instead of disciplining you, I should be disciplining your disrespectful and disobedient daughter.”

“No! Please don’t. I beg you,” said Olga sobbing.

“Once I discipline Rachel, you’ll follow her lead,” he said. “Once I beat her, once I have Karl strip her naked, and once Karl forces his sister’s hand and mouth to do unspeakable things to a brother’s body maybe you’ll–“

“No Hugo. You mustn’t touch Rachel. Please,” she said looking up at him with pleading eyes. “I beg you to leave our daughter alone.”


“Yes father,” said Karl ready and eager to do his father’s bidding so long as it meant he was to fetch his sister, tie her to the horse stall, and strip her naked before having his wicked, incestuous sexual way with her naked body.

“I swear to God that I’ll kill you if you touch my Rachel,” she said staring at her husband with hate. “I swear, I’ll kill you in your drunken sleep if you touch her. I’ll take my butcher’s knife and I’ll stab you in your black heart,” she said spitting out her words as if her mouth was a knife.

“Kill me? Ha! You’ll do no such thing Olga, because if you don’t kill me, if I survive, you’ll fear what I’ll do to you and to your precious daughter. Even if you kill me, you’ll fear what Karl will do to Rachel without me here to control him and protect her,” he said with a sick laugh. “Do us both a favor Karl. I’m tired of listening to her. Untie your mother.”

“If you harm my baby girl, I swear, before I kill you, I’ll cut off your little cock and feed it to the pigs. Take me instead,” said Olga pulling against her ties and staring up defiantly at her husband. “I’m ready to be punished. I’m willing to obey. Do with whatever you want with me but leave my daughter alone. She’s the only thing good that I have left.”

“Wait Karl,” said Hugo when his son stepped forward to free his mother. Hugo stepped closer to his wife to broadcast his message in her face. “As the owner of this farm, as king of my castle, and as lord of my land, will you give me the respect that I deserve Olga?”

He offered her his hand to her lips for her kiss it as if he was the King of Germany.

“Yes, yes, I will my Lord,” she said kissing his hand before blankly looking down at the ground.

“Will you submit your will to me and obey me?” He stood before her staring at her while waiting for her to answer.

“Yes, yes, I will my dear husband,” she said nodding her head up in down as if she was one of the horses in the barn and as if she needed the motion of nodding her head to reinforce her words. “Whatever you want me to say, I’ll respect your wishes. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll obey your every command,” she said in a soft Ankara bayan escort and defeated voice. “I promise.”

“That’s better. That’s much better,” he said looking from his wife to his son with smugness. “Do you see Karl how men must treat their women for respect and obedience?”

“Do whatever you want to me, punish me and I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” she said puffing out her naked chest. “I’ll respect you. I will. I’ll obey you. I will. Only punish me and not Rachel. Leave my Rachel alone. Have Karl strip me naked and rape me and not her,” she said looking to her son and puffing out her exposed and abundant breasts with bravery and self-sacrifice again before returning her focus to her husband.

“I see that we’re finally making some progress in you relearning your lessons of discipline and obedience,” said Hugo with smugness.

“Please discipline me and not her. Spare her by taking me. Don’t spoil your daughter because of my disrespect and my disobedience,” said Olga pleading her husband for mercy while reinforcing her self-sacrifice for her daughter’s sake. “She’s innocent. Please, I beg you Hugo. Don’t hurt my Rachel.”

Obviously feeling that Rachel was temporarily safe from harm again, Olga relaxed and stopped her pleading. No doubt feeling that she won this war but lost the battle by sacrificing her body for her daughter’s, she braced herself for the beating that would surely come from her husband’s hand followed by her having to pleasure her son with her mouth. Unbeknownst to the men thinking that they were in control of their women, a mere woman controlling her man by having him believe that he was controlling her, she flashed a self-satisfied smile of contentment. No doubt thinking that she had deceived her husband yet again. Already having poisoned his son with his anger for everything and hatred for everyone, just when she obviously thought her daughter was safe from the despicable actions of her husband and the incestuous perversions of her brother, Hugo turned to Karl to infect him with more of his sick depravity and his twisted sense of incest.

“Untie your mother Karl.”

“No! Discipline me and not my daughter,” cried Olga. “Please beat me. I beg you. Please whip me. I beg you. Please command your son to have his wicked way with my naked body. I’m willing to do whatever I must do to save my innocent daughter from the perversity of you and from the horniness of my son.”

“Having tried unsuccessfully to discipline you before Olga, somehow I don’t believe you now. I don’t expect you to learn your lessons by you just telling me that you’ll respect me and you’ll obey me,” said Hugo. “You must think me as dumb as you are and as dimwitted as my unfortunate son is.”

“No that’s not true dear husband. I think you’re as smart as you think you are,” she said with a sly grin when he looked away.

“You’re only telling me what I want to hear for the sake of our daughter. I’m not a fool Olga. Maybe after I take Rachel to the barn and punish her for thinking that she’s my equal, you’ll finally learn that women have no rights.”

“I have learned my lesson dear husband. I will respect you and I will obey you,” she said with submissiveness. “I’ve learned my lesson, I have. Never again will I embarrass or shame you. The king of this castle, you are my lord of this land, and the master of my body. I am nothing. It is because of you that I have food and shelter. I thank you for your kind generosity.”

“Nonetheless your fawning and being that you’ve said all of this many times before, especially whenever I mention Rachel’s name, perhaps I should call your bluff,” he said. “Being that the reason why you’re here is mostly her fault, perhaps I need to finally get Rachel involved in your discipline,” he said looking to his son and ignoring his wife. “Wouldn’t you like to strip your sister naked Karl, while touching her and feeling her everywhere?”

“Oh, yes father, I would,” said Karl.

“No,” said Olga. “Please don’t. I beg you to leave Rachel alone.”

“Wouldn’t you like to have your sister touch and feel you everywhere with her hands and pleasure you with her mouth while on her knees in front of you as you touch, feel, fondle, and caress her big breasts and finger her hard nipples?”

“Oh, yes, father, I would,” said Karl. “I’d love for Rachel to touch and feel me everywhere with her hands before pleasuring me with her mouth while on her knees before me as I touch, feel, fondle, and caress her big breasts and finger her hard nipples.”

“No, please don’t,” said Olga. “God Almighty, don’t ruin our innocent daughter Hugo. You mustn’t touch your sister Karl.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have your shapely, sexy sister give you incestuous, sexual pleasure instead of your mean, miserable mother giving you her lip before surrendering you her mouth and tongue?”

“Yes Papa. I’d love for Rachel to give me incestuous, sexual pleasure instead of Mama giving me backtalk.”

“Please, I beg you. Escort bayan Ankara Leave Rachel alone.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have sex with your stunningly beautiful sister, instead of having sex with your disrespectful and disobedient mother? I know that I would,” said Hugo with a sick laugh while continuing to tease his son by dangling the thought of his naked sister tied to the horse stall in the barn.

“Yes father. Yes father, I would,” said Karl with sexual excitement.

“I’d love to fuck Rachel into submission too,” said Hugo rocking his hips back and forth in the air. “I’d love to bend my daughter over like the dog that she is and bury my cock and cum in her sweet ass,” said Hugo with lust.

“Yes father, I’d much rather have sex with my sexy sister than with my old mother. I’d love to fuck Rachel up the ass, too, Papa.”

“No Karl, you mustn’t deflower your innocent sister,” begged Olga looking from her husband to her son. “Please don’t. Please leave her alone,” she said looking from her son to her husband. “You mustn’t do that to her.”

“I’d love to have sex with Rachel too Karl. A father fucking his daughter is just as exciting as a brother fucking his sister,” said Hugo with another sick laugh. “Born so beautiful, I’d much rather have sex with my gorgeous daughter than with my ugly wife. I bet her mother would respect and obey me then if I ruined her precious daughter.”

“Respect you? Obey you? I’d kill you,” said Olga spitting at her husband and missing him when Hugo stepped back and laughed. “If you dare ruin my daughter, I’d kill you.”

“Oh, yes Papa,” said Karl ignoring his mother. “With your permission, allow me to go and fetch Rachel. I’d love to strip my sister naked while touching and feeling her everywhere. I’d love for my sister to touch and feel me everywhere with her hands before sucking me with her mouth. I’d love to cum in my sister’s mouth and watch her swallow all the lust that I had to give her. Of course, Papa, being the respectful and obedient son that I am, I’d love to watch you have sex with Rachel first before offering my sister to me. Sloppy seconds wouldn’t bother me at all, so long as I could have sex with my beautiful sister.”

“Take me you dirty bastards and not her. Do what you must to me and not to her. You mustn’t ruin your sister Karl. You mustn’t ruin your daughter Hugo. She’s our future. She’s the only good thing this family has,” she pleaded.

“Just imagine what your sister looks like naked Karl. Just imagine how soft and supple her firm young body feels. I bet you’d love to strip your sexy sister naked while touching her everywhere,” said Hugo to his son with a sinister, drunken laugh. “I bet you’d love to have sex with your sexy sister instead of with your bitchy mother. No doubt, you would, just as I would too. I’d love for Rachel to suck my cock.”

“Rachel’s been bad, very bad father for showing mother that women’s rights flyer and I’d love to discipline her instead of Mama. Yes, absolutely I would. Imagine women thinking that they are equal to men. It’s crazy,” said Karl with a big laugh while raising his arm to make a huge muscle.

“Even my dimwitted son makes sense Olga,” said Hugo laughing in his wife’s face.

“Hugo, you mustn’t harm Rachel,” said Olga.

“It’s all Rachel’s fault Papa. She’s the one who disobeyed you and disrespected you and not Mama,” she Karl giving his mother a wink. “I’d much rather have sex with my beautiful, sexy sister instead of my disrespectful and disobedient mother,” said Karl giving his mother another wink while looking apologetically at her as his father busied himself drinking from his bottle. “With your permission father, may I go and drag Rachel from her bed, pull her down the stairs by her hair, and carry her to the barn?”

“See? I’m not the only man who wants to discipline Rachel,” said Hugo wiping liquor from his lips with his dirty sleeve before laughing out loud. “Karl would love to have sex with her too,” he said with a dirty laugh. “Like father like son, we both have the same taste in women. Like mother and then daughter, we truly love our women,” he said laughing.

“Please stop this Hugo before it gets out of hand,” said Olga trying to reason with a drunken man.

“I love Rachel, Papa,” said Karl. “I do. I really do.”

“I know you do,” said Hugo. “I do too. She’s our family’s secret, hidden treasure. Having managed to keep her away from men to maintain her virginity, few outside this farm even know she exists. Maybe it’s time that we unwrap her and see what’s beneath all of her clothes,” said Hugo with lunacy.

“No, you mustn’t Hugo,” said Olga looking from her husband to her son. “Karl, don’t you dare touch your sister. I’ll kill you if you do. I swear to God and I swear on the graves of my mother and father that I’ll kill you both in your drunken sleep if you harm my daughter,” said Olga.

“I’d love to fuck Rachel, Papa,” said Karl ignoring his mother. “I would. Really, I would. Bayan escort Ankara I’d love to have Rachel kneeling before me and sucking my cock. I’d love to have Rachel looking up at me with her big, beautiful, green eyes as I bury my big, hard, hairy cock in her sweet, small mouth before putting my big hand to the back of her chestnut hair,” said Karl. “I’d love to hump my sister’s mouth and fuck my sister’s face until I explode my lust for her in her willing mouth.”

“And I would too Karl. I’d love for my daughter to blow me too. I’d love to cum in my daughter’s mouth while fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples. She reminds me so much of my wife so very long ago,” said Hugo looking to the rafters as if reminiscing of old times. “And now look at her. She’s old, disrespectful, and disobedient.”

“I love Rachel. I do. I really love Rachel Papa,” said Karl looking at his father eager anticipation. “Should I go fetch Rachel now? Why don’t I just go get her and carry her out to the barn. I’ll just untie mother before I go fetch Rachel,” said Karl walking towards his mother.

“Calm down Karl. You’re getting way ahead of yourself and getting overly excited,” said Hugo with a laugh. “You see, my dear wife, even your son would rather have sex his sexy, sensuous sister than to suffer through having sex with his mean, miserable mother again.” He looked at her and laughed. “I’m doing you a favor by allowing my son to pleasure you. I’m doing you a favor by allowing you to suck my son’s cock while he fondles your saggy breasts and fingers your nipples.”

As big as two men and stronger than four, Karl was as dimwitted and simple minded as his father was angry and bitter. What God giveth God taketh away and God chose to give Karl brawn over brains. Not understanding most of what his father ranted about in regards to the government, the politicians, the economy, the social issues of the times, and the king, he listened to his father in the way of an obedient and loyal dog listening to and being mindful of his master. Unless his father’s words related to the work that he must do to maintain the farm, he was the perfect son for such a deranged, demented, and demanding father. Already having proven his loyalty by having sex with his mother upon his father’s behest, as if that was a real hardship for him, he was a respectfully, obedient son. Without question, suggestion, or complaint, he’d go along with anything and do everything his father asked of him, especially if it meant that he could tie his sister to the horse stall, strip her naked, and have sex with her in the way he’s already had sex with his mother so very many times before.

“No! Rachel’s a virgin. Just as I was a virgin when I married you and just as it was important that I be a virgin then, you mustn’t deflower your daughter now,” cried Olga. “You mustn’t touch her in that sacred way. You mustn’t ruin her for someone else,” said Olga pausing in her protest to talk some sense to her husband. “Abuse me and not her.”

“Karl?” Hugo looked from his wife to his son.

“Yes, father?” Eagerly awaiting the go ahead instructions to fetch his sister to the barn, Karl was obviously ready to free his mother. In the way his father did to his mother, Karl was obviously eager to drag his sister from her bed, pull her down the stairs by her hair, carry her to the barn, tie her to the horse stall, and strip her naked as he did with his mother.

“You stupid, drunken fools. Worth her weight in gold because she’s so beautiful and so desirable, she’s worth more to you pure than deflowered,” she Olga penetrating the alcoholic fog in Hugo’s head with the promise of money and prosperity. “You’ll get more land, more animals, more prestige, and more respect by marrying her to some wealthy family with her virginity still intact than having your son take her virginity from her,” she said staring at her husband. “You’re as dimwitted as your son is if you ruin your daughter and spoil the chances of this family to have financially security.”

Reasoning with her husband with money, the only thing that mattered to him more than the love of his wife, the respect of his son, and the sexuality of his daughter, this was her last chance to save her daughter.

“I know you’re right Olga, but there is only so much disrespect and disobedience a man can tolerate from his women,” he said obviously weakening in his steadfast position not to involve his daughter in the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

“Please don’t touch my sweet Rachel. I beg you. My disobedience is not her fault. It’s my fault and I’m sorry,” she pleaded. “I’ll be a good wife. I promise. I’ll respect you. I’ll obey. Now let me go. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m sorry.”

“Maybe if you respected me, I wouldn’t have to beat you before allowing Karl to control you by having his wicked way with your naked body and whip you later for enjoying sex with our son a little too much. Maybe if you obeyed me, I wouldn’t have to have Karl drag Rachel from her bed, pull her down the stairs, and carry her out to the barn to be disciplined too. Like mother like daughter, maybe had you given me another son instead of a worthless daughter, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now,” he said raising his voice.

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