Brighton Cumslut Ch. 02

The next day Kirsty had three messages, one from Simon again asking to meet up again for her mouth to do some action, another message was from a man named Pete and the third was asking if she was into meeting two guys at the same time. Kirsty only responded to Simon and Pete, she didn’t feel safe meeting two men together in a park late at night. She arranged to meet Simon at 8pm and Pete at 9pm.

Kirsty freshened up just before the first meeting, dressed in pretty much the same as the previous night and got to the park and saw Simon standing there in the same spot.

“Hiya” said Kirsty in a friendly tone,

“Hey sexy” Simon grinned.

Kirsty got on her knees and started undoing Simon’s jeans flies. Kirsty then put her hand into his jeans and pulled out his penis from his boxer shorts. Kirsty thought Simons cock had a larger than average foreskin. Kirsty started to lick his cock, using her tongue on his helmet and pulling the foreskin right back and Simon loved it. She was working his cock with her right hand and going up and down his shaft with her silky lips, whilst Kirsty was doing this she was thinking Simon was making the sounds of Darth Vader breathing really heavily, he then started moaning softly grunting every few seconds words like “don’t stop” and “faster”. Kirsty knew her mouth would fill up with his warm cum so she started using her tongue on Simons sensitive head, she was thinking how much she loved a foreskin rather than a cut cock as the guy seems to be so much more sensitive at the head. Simon was being a gentleman and didn’t thrust at all. He was letting this sexy girl build up his orgasm to the way she wanted, he loved every second of it. He then was feeling the orgasm just coming, he felt his toes tingle and was clicking them back and forth in his trainers, Kirsty was still licking his cock with her tongue and her lips were gently going up and down his shaft and also her hand was gripped around his cock base, She could taste the salty warm precum leaking from his cock and then Simons cock released his sperm in Kristy’s mouth.

Kirsty carried on doing what she was doing and started to swallow his first spurt, Simon was really loud and screaming Yes as again another spurt of sperm was trying to shoot into her mouth but she had the end of her tongue on his penis hole and the cum surrounded her tongue. Kirsty swallowed all what was in her mouth and worked on his penis again with her mouth, she was now cleaning his cock clean of cum, she loved doing this to guys.

“That was fucking ace” Simon said as his breathing was going back to normal.

Kirsty placed his cock back in his boxer shorts and started to do up his jeans flies. They talked for a while and Simon said he wanted another meeting which Kirsty agreed to but said the next meeting would be different. Ankara escort Kirsty gave Simon her mobile number and told him to text her the next day. Simon left and Kirsty sat on the swing. She waited a few minutes then heard Martins voice from the previous night

“I watched that, it’s made me hard and I need to cum” said Martin,

“Well I’m meeting someone else in a few minutes why don’t you watch and wank while I do it again” replied Kirsty.

“Hmm how about I watch and after you have finished the next guy off you let me make you come?” asked Martin

“I’m not having a cock inside me tonight” Kirsty told him.

“Ok but I want to see this next bloke fucking your breasts” commanded Martin

“Fine by me” replied Kirsty.

Martin hid in the shadows and waited Kirsty was swinging on the swings and after a while a stranger approached her, it was a guy in glasses aged about thirty and quite slim.

“Hello you must be Kirsty, I’m Pete” informed the stranger

“Why hello Pete I’m Kirsty, shall we just get on with this, would you like me to suck you off for a while?” Kirsty asked whilst jumping off the swing and getting in front of Pete

“Yes please” answered Pete.

He kind of leant on the frame of the swing and undone his own zip and pulled out quite a longish cock, Kirsty looked at it fascinated by the way this guy had his penis in his own hand and was stroking it himself getting it harder and bigger, out of the guys she had met in this park, this man had the longest penis so far. Kirsty put her hands on his cock, wanked the tip of his cock whilst she slid to the floor in front of him. She pushed his larger than average cock in her mouth and licked the end of it. She could tell by the taste that he must have only gone for a pee. Pete then very quickly started to breath heavily and Kirsty thought to herself he cannot be coming now as she has only just started. Pete did ejaculate in her mouth, it had been ages since he had cum, he needed this blow job and although he came very quickly but he was not embarrassed about it.

“That was quick” said Kirsty after swallowing his cum,

“Sorry about that, you are good at giving head” Pete told her

Kirsty chatted to him for a few moments and found out he was between relationships and was a electrician by trade, Kirsty told him that if he wanted to meet again just to email her, she actually liked a man to cum quick. Pete left the park and Kirsty watch Martin come back from behind the little wall where he had been watching from.

“He came quick, I didn’t get to see your tits being fucked” said Martin with a dirty look on his face.

“Looks like you will have to do it” Kirsty told him.

Kirsty undone her coat and released her breasts from her top and bra, she sat on the bench a few Ankara escort bayan feet away as Martin walked over to her.

“Undo your jeans, I want to finger you and see how wet you are” Martin commanded her,

Kirsty pulled her jeans down to her knees and left her thong on, Martin then got to the floor and put his hand to her thong, he slipped a finger around it and felt her trimmed bush.

“Relax and enjoy it” Martin told her softly.

Kirsty shut her eyes and tilted her head slightly back relaxing, she felt Martins finger move up and down her Fanny lips, then he stopped and she felt his finger in her mouth.

“Taste your wetness” He told her.

Kirsty sucked his finger and tasted her wetness, she loved the taste of her pussy and often licked her fingers or dildo during masturbation. Martin moved his hand back to her thong and slipped in two fingers, he opened her lips with them and inserted his thumb into her vagina, he moved his fingers in around and his thumb moved ever so slightly in and out.

“Like last night if you cum before me you owe me two things” Martin told her.

“Whatever just don’t stop” Kirsty replied.

Kirsty was getting a warm sensation between her legs, she knew she was going to have her orgasm and Martin was giving her gentle pleasure inside her pussy as well as her clit, she was very relaxed and soon she came to a powerful orgasm. Martin felt his whole hand get very wet from Kirsty’s fanny juices, when she was coming he felt her pussy lips sucking on his thumb and wished it was his penis.

“That was good” said Kirsty with a grin.

Martin stood up and placed his penis between her breasts, Kirsty pushed her breasts and she felt his hard penis between them. Martin was thrusting his hips back and forth so his cock was fucking her tits.

“Keep your head back and eyes closed and stay still until I say you can move” He told her

Kirsty kept her hands holding her breasts together and could feel this guy really thrusting hard. Martin couldn’t hold on any longer as it was an awkward position to be in, his knees were aching and he just wanted to release his cum between her breasts. After minutes Kirsty felt warm cum shooting from his penis over her neck, she did as she was told and didn’t move a muscle. Martin looked at her and although it was quite dark, she had cum over her neck and her beautiful tits were out and her jeans were down to her ankles. What a slut came to his mind.

Martin walked around to the back of the park bench where Kirsty was leaning back with her head right back, he put his cock to her mouth and forced it between her lips, Kirsty opened her mouth and his soft cock entered her mouth. A whole minute passed with Martins cock in Kirsty’s mouth before she got a surprise, Martin was concentrating Escort Ankara so hard and told Kirsty to suck just as he managed to force a dribble of pissy cum that came out of his cock, he was finding it hard to piss after the tit wank. Kirsty thought it was cum and sucked hard and swallowed the warm liquid in her mouth,

“You filthy piss whore” Said Martin when he heard her swallow.

In panic Kirsty tried to move her head out of the way and get up but Martin held her head, he pulled his penis out of her mouth

“Ok I won’t empty my bladder down your throat tonight, but don’t move a fucking inch” He said.

Kirsty stayed still, her body leaning back on the bench and her head right back, she was thinking what a absolute filthy cunt this bastard was, Martin held her hair with one hand and his cock with the other, he let go of his bladder and started pissing over Kirsty’s forehead and hair. Kirsty felt warm piss over her head, it was like being in the hairdressers when they are washing you hair she thought and she was getting turned on by the situation of some dirty bastard using her body to piss on. She had never even thought about pissing and sex together before. Martin had saturated her hair and was enjoying the power he had over this sexy woman.

When his bladder was completely empty he took a step back, Kirsty still mesmerized by the situation and also obeying orders when the silence broke.

“You can move now” Martin told her.

“You filthy cunt, why did you use me like a toilet?” said Kirsty in a bit of a stressed sounding voice.

“You agreed before I made you cum to whatever I wanted and I even spared you drinking my full bladder” Said Martin.

Kirsty got up, she could smell a strong odor of urine and her hair felt warm and wet, let alone the cold and now drying sperm she had around her neck. All she wanted to do was have a hot shower.

“Can I have your knickers?” Martin asked.

Kirsty stepped out of her jeans and thong, she picked it up and passed it to Martin. She then stepped into her jeans and pulled them up

“Bye sicko” She said.

“Did you enjoy me making you cum?” asked Martin.

“Yes I did” Replied Kirsty as she took a few steps towards the exit of the park.

“Do you want to see me again?” Martin asked.

“Tomorrow night you can watch me again, around 9pm, and no pissing tomorrow, deal?” said Kirsty.

“You’re on” said Martin.

Kirsty walked home and when she got in she booted up her computer, logged on to the adult website. She was going to find the man with the biggest penis she could find who lived local to her and offer him anything to meet her in that park at 9pm tomorrow.

After much searching and photo viewing she saw, “Adam from Brighton” his cock looked huge from the photos. She sent him a message asking if he wanted to meet the next night at 9pm in the Hove lagoon park.

Kirsty had a shower and went to sleep, dreaming of the nights events and hoping Adam huge cock would reply.

To be continued…

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