Bring It Home to Me


When her phone buzzed loudly on the counter at 2 am, Elena knew that it was a text from her drunk husband, Mark, informing her that he was on his way back from the bachelor party he had been at since noon. His oldest friend from childhood would soon be getting married, so Elena knew the evening had the potential to get a bit out of hand.

Elena was still up cleaning the house after her all-day Christmas ornament project she did with their two daughters. The girls had gone next door to her in-laws’ place, so she had the house to herself. She was just taking her last sip of wine before getting into the shower. She picked up his message saying he was on his way back and thanks for “letting” him stay out so late.

“Go to the spare bedroom xxxx,” read his second message, “xxx I just saw one stripper spit on another stripper’s ass.” Mark had no idea the kids were out of the house and they would have their king-size bed all to themselves that night – a rare occurrence.

Elena laughed out loud at the message. Mark, normally quite polite and gentlemanly, was sounding intoxicated. The two of them thought equally lowly of strip clubs, but her intuition told her that he and his friends would end up at one that night.

Her mind drifted back to a very frank conversation they had when he first told her about the party.

She had said to him, “If shit gets all crazy, you end up super wasted, and some stripper is trying to sit on your dick, make sure you put a condom on first.” This had surprised Mark.

“I’m not gonna fuck a stripper.” He said, almost offended.

“I know,” Elena responded, “but if you succumbed to a moment of weakness, pressure or whatever else goes on at Bachelor parties, and you slipped up, I would want you to be careful and to be honest with me.”

Mark looked at her quizzically, paranoia slowly forming in his eyes and energy.

“What I’m hearing is that you would want the same kind of understanding extended to you if the situation was reversed.” The tone of Mark’s voice bordered on accusation. Elena looked him squarely in the eye. She didn’t trust some of his friends. Just a couple years ago one of them had sex with a stripper at a bachelor party.

“That’s not what is motivating what I just said.” Elena held his gaze. “YOU are going to this thing. Crazy stuff happens at bachelor parties! They’re notorious for ending at strip clubs. I’m just trying to be proactive, because our health is my biggest concern. I’d rather you tell me than keep it from me. Truly.”

They left it there, both intuitively knowing that a continued discussion at that point might be less than fruitful.

Mark had always been faithful. Elena suddenly felt she had dropped a bit of a bomb by suggesting he might breach that for a cheap encounter with a stripper. However, she also knew that they were far from on the same page sexually.

Two years ago, Elena stopped breast-feeding their last child and her sex drive steadily increased each month thereafter, as her body’s hormones found their new normal. Now, at 41, she was more sexual than she had ever been. She had always thought the term “cougar” was silly and resented the stereotype attached to it. After experiencing the hormonal reality in her own body, she understood exactly what people were trying to say with that term.

Mark’s sex drive, on the other hand, was beginning to slow down a little. When they first met, he couldn’t get enough of Elena. Sex happened anywhere they pleased and as often as their desires dictated. He initiated often and made love to her ardently. However, the last few years of their relationship had been rough, which did nothing for their sex life or his sex drive.

Despite these things, Mark was still a healthy man. He had a fabulous physique that he guarded with quiet vanity, earned through years of dedication to his chosen sport. He turned heads wherever he went. Elena was used to this and had never felt threatened by it. She kind of liked it that other women were turned on by her husband. Little did they know, he also had a great, uncut cock that worked VERY well. It would likely delight any stripper or other woman who found her way into his pants. Elena was admittedly addicted to it and to the sex they had, even though the deep vaginal orgasms she knew she was capable of still eluded her.

Maybe Mark’s comment about her wanting the same understanding had some truth to it. Maybe her words were motivated by a desire for freedom and forgiveness that was bubbling up from her own subconscious. She reflected on the fact that recently she’d become very interested in threesome porn and her main fantasies revolved around a third person. Was that because her prior fantasy of melding souls with the man she loved through simultaneous, earth-shattering orgasms seemed less and less plausible as the years rolled by?

Mark just didn’t have the same interest in growing sexually as Elena did, nor did he share her burning desire for deep intimacy. almanbahis adresi He had grown very comfortable with their perfectly functional sex life, complacent even. Yet Elena knew she had bigger, more intense orgasms in her, that they had barely scratched the surface of her capacity and potential. Had that caused her to turn her focus from the pleasure she could experience with him to the pleasure a third person could bring to an encounter? For most of her life, she had thought of herself as a very faithful kind of person, happy being exclusive with a single partner. Was that changing?

Elena snapped back to the present moment and set her wine glass down in the sink. It was now 2 am and he had been at the strip club as she suspected. She texted him again.

“So what? No private room?” She was fishing now, out of curiosity. Mark responded instantly.

“No ways! I don’t need to. I got my honey! XXX Some chick offered to take me downstairs for $90. I said no.” She knew he was telling the truth. She didn’t actually think he would fuck a stripper, but she knew the moral quandary would present itself.

“Getting in the shower now.” She replied.

“You wanted me to get it from a stripper?!” He shot back.

“I said nothing of the sort,” she replied quickly, “I was just gathering details. I’ll see you in a second. I’m getting in the shower for real now.” Her replies were neutral, unemotional. She was neither happy nor annoyed that he had been at the strip club. Rather, she saw it as one of the stupid rituals that characterized a bachelor’s party – the inevitable fate of the evening. Because she really trusted in Mark’s faithfulness, she had put these things out of her mind after their talk, along with all the reasons she had issues with strip clubs in the first place.

Elena knew Mark wasn’t far. It was a ten-minute Uber ride from the city center with no traffic. She stripped down and got into the shower. Mark was obviously horny, but she wasn’t exactly sure if she was. These days she was almost always kind of horny and up for sex, but at that particular moment she was more tired than anything. She figured she’d assess Mark’s condition when he came home and then make her decision.

She relaxed as the hot water flowed over her naked body. As soon as she shut the shower off, she heard Mark come in. She toweled off and opened the bathroom door and peered out into the hall. There stood all six feet of Mark, shirt unbuttoned to reveal his sculpted chest and abs. His jeans were unzipped and he held his rock-hard dick in one hand. He looked at her as though he might pounce on her like a lion, bite the back of her neck and mount her from behind.

“Hi.” She said, looking at him curiously, trying to assess his level of intoxication. He gave her a sultry look and stroked his cock a couple of times.

“Hi,” he replied with a smile, “I’m glad to be home. Let me wash this strip club off me.” He tucked his cock back into his jeans, walked over and gave her a gentle kiss, then proceeded to get into the shower.

He wasn’t as drunk as Elena anticipated and clearly the alcohol wasn’t affecting his erection. She reconsidered the idea of sex, but tiredness tugged at her eyelids. She put her clothes on, got in bed and laid in the silence with her eyes closed. She wasn’t expecting to have a change of heart, but when Mark crawled into bed next to her, steel stiff, with stories of a stripper smashing his face between her tits and the groom disappearing twice into a private room, something in her shifted.

It wasn’t that these things made her horny. In fact, she found the whole strip club thing rather juvenile. It was more that something in her needed to assert that her pussy was what Mark really wanted. She wanted to remind him just how good it was.

Elena knew that no matter how much her husband disliked strip clubs, when a woman pushes her tits into a man’s face or gets her pussy close to him, there is an animal urge that he has to override in order to not do something stupid. she wanted to reward him for his restraint. She wanted to mark him with her scent and then taste it upon him.

Maybe this was her own primal instinct taking over now, motivating her out of sleepiness. As Mark lay there on his back, tipsy and showered clean, she peeled the covers back to expose his big beautiful dick that she now needed between her lips.

The shift from tired to cock hungry was lightning quick. Elena got on her knees, gently took Mark’s gorgeous member in her hand, and bent down to lick the sparkling jewel of pre-cum off its tip. She reveled in the taste and feel of him as she took his head into her mouth, French kissing it and tracing all its contours with her tongue. She pulled it out and then licked up the length of him, balls to tip, several times.

The muscles of a ragingly stiff cock being covered in the smoothest and softest flesh imaginable was a juxtaposition that Elena found endlessly fascinating. It was almanbahis adres SO perfectly created for pleasure. She sucked the head of Mark’s dick back in, then slid her mouth down, taking him deep. She slid him in and out several times while grabbing his balls with her free hand.

“Ohhhhhh fuck. You suck it so good.” Groaned Mark, his erection growing even stiffer. Elena took him all the way to the back of her throat a couple of times and then came off him, to lick his head like a popsicle and rub it back and forth across her lips. She truly savored the taste and feel of his cock every time. She resumed the long, rhythmic sucks, but she could tell by the look in his eye what was coming next. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his dick, like he always did, so he didn’t cum. The level of horniness he came home with plus her sucking on top of that was getting him very hot fast.

Elena loved playing the edge with him. She would work him up and then stop, start again and suck him till he stopped her. This was her normal, pre-penetration ritual, simply because she LOVED sucking cock – Mark’s cock, in particular. Elena was 29 when she met Mark and she had already tried out quite a few cocks. Mark’s was the finest of them all. Pleasuring him like this was her way of proudly claiming it as her own, and sucking it always made her pussy wet. She started in again, but he was too horny. He pulled her off once more, his breath strained, his mind and muscles holding back his orgasm.

Then Mark got on his knees. Elena was already on hers, so he turned her ass to face him. He laid both hands on the smooth, fair skin of her ass cheeks, pulled them apart, and spit right on her asshole. She giggled, knowing that was the moment he had been waiting for. His tongue quickly followed, teasing her ass, then finding its way down the length of her slit to her clit, making circular licks there, then back up. Elena felt electricity spark in her cunt and run up into her torso. She smiled, happy that Mark was comfortable trying things with her. Better he tries it with her than with some stripper. Getting your asshole audibly spit on might seem quite dirty to some women, but it actually felt amazing to her in that moment. A pleasurable, naughty surprise that made the inside of her cunt tingle and ache.

He spit again and it rolled from her asshole down between the lips of her pussy that he had just slightly parted with his tongue.

“Mmmmmm, yesss.” Elena moaned, anticipating his tongue to caress her again and spread his spit across her slit. Mark seemed to love eating her from behind like that. It must be the easy access it provided to both her ass and her pussy. He licked up and down the length of the outside of her cunt as Elena began to moan. He spread her pussy lips wide with his fingertips and spit right on the opening of her sweet little hole. A moan leapt uncontrollably out of Elena’s throat when she felt his saliva hit her pussy, then a surge of pleasure shot through her as he buried his tongue deep into her, one, two, three times. She growled into the mattress and he moaned into her pussy.

“You taste so fucking good!” He said pulling back momentarily for air, then going back in to tongue fuck her again.

All she could do in response was muffle her loud moans with a pillow. He spit on her asshole a third time and then inserted the first digit of a finger. It felt so good that Elena bucked back onto him, driving it in deeper.

“Spit on it again.” She said, wanting it to be more lubed up. He did so gladly, removing his finger, applying a fat wad of saliva and pushing it back in. Elena’s ass was open. It wasn’t like that every night, but tonight she had shifted into feeling very horny and BOTH her holes wanted attention. Mark sensed this and increased the stimulation to her ass while simultaneously putting a finger in her pussy, which was now super wet and beginning to swell.

Elena started stroking her clit, ecstatic at the triple stimulation. A rush of wetness came from deep inside her pussy. She was so turned on by how horny Mark was. It had been a while since he ate her pussy and ass with such abandon. The younger version of her might have gotten jealous or irritated by the fact that the strip club was likely the reason for his increased horniness, but she didn’t have time for that now.

All she cared about was the deep dicking she would soon be getting. All that mattered was the amazing sensation of both her holes being penetrated: thick, intense pleasure from her asshole and soft, sensual pleasure from her honey hole. Elena was almost ready to take Mark’s cock into her pussy.

“Let me suck it one more time.” She purred, looking at him with needing eyes. He got down and stood at the edge of the bed. Elena turned around on all fours to face his stiff member, now bobbing right at face level. She licked her lips, then grabbed it and smacked it against them a few times. Then she stuck out her tongue and smacked it against almanbahis adres that before putting it in her mouth. She guided Mark’s hand back to her asshole again so he could finger it while she sucked him. Then she pushed his other hand towards his cock. “Hold it for me.” She requested sweetly. Mark gripped the base of his cock and held it steady, as though feeding it to her, and she ate it up hungrily while he fingered her ass.

Being penetrated from both ends felt so good, like some forbidden pleasure Elena was treating herself to. It ratcheted her horniness up to a whole new level and Mark’s followed in tandem. He wanted in her pussy badly and she wanted him just the same. He let her suck it for a minute, then took his finger out of her ass and pulled his dick out of her mouth. He spun her hips back towards him, ready to stick his hot iron in her from behind. She was more than delighted for doggy style and wiggled back towards the edge of the bed till her pussy came into contact with his cock. He grabbed his hard, throbbing member and rubbed in on the opening of her dripping wet cunt. Elena cried out with pleasure, her voice begging him to fuck her.

Mark rubbed his head on the opening of her cunt some more, knowing it was sweet, sweet torture.

“Put your cock in me, pleeeeease!” She said frantically, her pussy silently shouting with hunger. Mark complied now, sticking just the head into her pussy. Elena screamed with pleasure, the aching need in her cunt so huge. “More!!” He pushed just a little deeper into her tight wetness, her pussy shuddering on his cock. She clamped down on him with her muscles, feeling him pulse in her. All those pussy workouts in the last few months had paid off. She could grip Mark harder with her pussy now and her sensitivity and wetness level had increased.

Elena relaxed her pussy a bit and began to buck slowly back against Mark, but just onto the first half of his cock, opening herself gradually. She liked to fuck him a little this way before he grabbed her and rode her deep. Her pussy was so hungry for cock that it got progressively wetter with each few strokes. Her moans increased, coming from deeper in her, the signal to Mark to grab on and drive it in. He took her hips in his hands and went to work, stroking her shallow and then deep, shallow again until she begged for more, then deeper than before.

Her pussy was starting to spasm on his cock, so he shoved it all the way in her, his balls now slapping up against her clit. She was just starting to lose it, right on the brink of cumming super hard, when Mark suddenly slowed down.

“I’m feeling kind of funky,” he said, sounding queasy.

“Really?! Ok.” Elena replied, bummed out, but also cognizant that he had been drinking for hours. She bounced up quickly, a sassy glint in her eye. “Lie down.”

Mark laid back on the bed, his stiff member waving in the air. Elena straddled him, bent down, and locked her mouth on his. Passionate kissing was her rule and one of her most favorite things. She threw ALL of herself into her kisses, believing it was one of the best ways to offer one’s true self to another. Sadly, none of her lovers had ever matched her kiss, Mark included. Uncomfortable with the kind of openness and raw exposure that intense intimacy demanded, he could only kiss Elena for so long before he pulled away. When he broke the kiss, she shoved a nipple in his mouth.

“Mmmmm, suck my titties.” She moaned, grabbing his cock and slipping it back into her as she pushed her nipple into his mouth. He pumped his cock in and out of her from the bottom as he sucked one nipple and squeezed the other. She LOVED the feeling of her nipple in his mouth at the same time his dick was in her pussy. It was something about the closed circle of stimulation that just made her cunt want to explode.

What a delight to be sucked and fucked at the same time. Elena always wanted to tell Mark to suck her nipples harder, like he meant it, like he was hungry for them, but she kept the thought to herself. She grabbed both her tits and smashed them together, feeding him one nipple then the other, back and forth, her cunt throbbing. He must have gotten the psychic message, or was just really turned on, cause now he sucked them hungrily while thrusting deep into her.

She took a second to appreciate the sheer sexiness of the moment. Although the orgasmic highs she craved eluded her, Elena appreciated times like this when she was horny as fuck. Being that turned on made her feel ALIVE.

She began moving her hips now, so Mark slowed down, letting her ride just how she wanted. She pulled her nipple out of his mouth, sat up, and placed her hands on his chest for counter pressure. Then she began to slide slowly up and down the length of him, stroking his whole cock with her pussy. This always drove him mad and she could feel him growing stiffer inside her. Her pussy was juicy, engorged and alive with sensation, dripping wet after all that nipple sucking. She was just getting a good rhythm going when he stopped her again.

“I’m sorry, babe, my stomach feels off. I gotta call it a night.” Crestfallen, but not wanting him to be sick, Elena hopped off. She laid next to him, kissed him sweetly and looked him in the eyes.

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