Brothers Double Dick Me


The following is not a new installment of my Doin’ The Boss series, but it does have its genesis there. It features my former boss K. Linford Little, and of course me, but it can be read by itself. Enjoy.

This is so embarrassing and I was never going to write this down, but in retrospect in speaking with Melody about the actual act and her reaction, well, I just had to because if she thought it was erotic I know many of my readers would as well.

Melody has a special way of looking at things and understanding the human thoughts and understanding of what is hot and what is not.

I mean, my long-time boyfriend, the very married K. Linford Little, have been cavorting behind the back of his wife for years. Those naughty rendezvous were disclosed in the “Doin the Boss” series in, well, detail. A lot of those stories would never have seen the light of day and your eyes without Melody spurring me on to write about them.

In any event my relationship with Lin had jumped the shark a little over a year ago. I guess anything, even a good thing, which went on a long time could slow. And that’s what happened with us. Oh, we still got together from time to time, he says he’s addicted to my blow jobs and I know I love to savor his cock in all kinds of locations, but nearly getting caught by his wife in the act not once, not twice but three times was a little too much to handle for the guy.

So, our rendezvous became less and less, but when they occurred they were intense.

While we’d done nasty things in all kinds of places – car (stationary and while driving), on walks in the park, in the stairwell of a hotel (why get a room when there’s a stairwell!), in the dunes, and event at the top of a lighthouse — there was always the dangerous situation fantasy that had to be completed.

I’d sucked Lin off in parking garages numerous times, but more recently we did it in the Wal-Mart parking lot, way in the back but while cars could drive past. Lin would act like he was on the phone while I’d work his dick from below.

We’d done it in the basement of his house while wifey was away, only to be nearly caught when she came home unexpectedly. Yes, there were too many places for me to suck his cock that hadn’t been checked off, so when we got together we’d sample this place or that to add to our list.

Along the way we’d been nearly caught, and a couple times caught, by wandering eyes. But, thank goodness, ever reported or turned in. The guys who caught us were more than happy to look at us being naughty while scaring us to death.

Still, these days it wasn’t like the good old days. Back then it was cocksucking 101 several times a week. These days, it regressed to a couple times a month. Always hot, sexy and I have to say satisfying for each of us.

Which brings us back to my friend Melody, and my need to give a tell all explanation when we’d get together for drinks. She’d do the same, informing me of her dalliances with pride. Most recently she spoke of her college days when she’d had sex with three jocks in succession. A mini gang-bang. They were all not in the same room, but when guy one finished and went back to the living room of the dorm the second and then the third came and had their way with her. She laughed and said she couldn’t walk for a week after.

I reminded her of the pair of guys I’d sucked off in college, right after the other, and with the knowledge that each guy knew the other was also getting blown that night. Oh, it wasn’t as if they were lined up, it’s just that I had two dates and each was going to get blown if they played their cards right. One thing led to another because of circumstances.

Yes, we have been and I guess still are wild. But what happened last weekend was a first for me and titillating for her as well. So, I figured, you readers might like almanbahis adres reading about the little escapade with Lin and his twin brother Mark.

I’d met Mark a couple times in the years I’d known Lin, very innocently. He’d always been nice to me, but then, I barely knew him. What I didn’t know is that recently Lin had disclosed to his brother that he’d been having a long-time affair with me. Apparently, that not only was a surprise for Mark, but also very hot scenario.

According to Lin his brother wanted to know all kinds of details. From how it began, how long it had been going on, about our escapades and how it was kept from Lin’s wife. He was especially interested in some of our dalliances that came under the wandering eyes of onlookers, like when we were caught in the park or in the car by a passerby/dogwalker. He loved hearing those exploits according to Lin.

Mark was coming to town at a time when Lin’s wife was away at her sisters, some three hours away, and was staying with his brother overnight. The guys were staying home to watch a football game, and after much cajoling first Mark convinced Lin to invite me over to watch the game and then Lin convinced me to join them. Ultimately, I said yes, and the date was set.

In retrospect, I should have known better, but Lin insisted it was just a meet and greet and I kinda wanted to get to know his brother a little. I arrived a little early for the game, and we sat out back as Lin grilled burgers and we all sampled some beer. I’d arrived in a simple sundress, which rose above the knees when I sat. A little bit of skin, but heck, it was summer hot.

The guys were in shorts and tee shirts, so this wasn’t a formal affair. We had our little feast and bantered back and forth, me learning about Mark, his ex-girlfriend and now current one. Jobs were discussed, challenges and a little of the political environment. Just conversation that occurs every weekend around the nation when friends get together.

As the beers flowed the conversation trended risqué, but not dirty, it that makes any sense. The boys spoke of what they liked in women, I mentioned a little bit about my boyfriend. But nothing too naughty. At least not until Mark spouted something about his current beau, Tiffany, and her reluctance to give head.

“Oh, she goes through the motions, she will lick it, suck a little, but it’s mostly a glorified hand job,” informed Mark in a TMI moment. “I’ve tried to direct her differently, but she’s not down with it.”

Smiling, I commented that some girls just don’t like going down. They can be tigresses in bed but the oral stuff on a guy, well, isn’t their thing.

There was silence for a bit before Mark uttered the line of the night. “Lin tells me you are the Hoover of town, an absolute meat swallower!”

I didn’t know whether to be upset or laugh. The way he said it was, well, humorous. But the fact that the two guys had been talking about me and especially how Lin gave up his secret was unbelievable. I was ticked at first, and actually stood as if to leave.

“No, no don’t go,” said Mark. “It was a major compliment. I am so happy you two have been doing naughty things…and getting away with it for so long. That’s a testament to how much you two like each other and need each other.”

He had a point, and while I was still a little miffed it was only a little. He had a point, it that Lin and I’d been seeing each other forever and his wife nor my boyfriends never knew. That was quite an accomplishment in this busy body age.

We laughed a bit, put the game on, but the conversation kept steering back to the naughty side of life. Mark asked what the most dangerous “meeting” we had was. Lin said it was in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room, where he convinced the sales woman to “watch out” for us while almanbahis adres I tried on underwear. Of course, trying on wasn’t all we did, as I soon was taking my favorite fall to my knees and handling Lin’s dick.

As luck would have it the sales lady entered the back with another customer and said in a stage whisper that she was available to help her trying on garments, which really was a heads up to keep quiet in our space. It was kind of awkward, especially when Lin had a coughing spell. The other woman was upset and scooted out to get the saleslady while we got presentable and slipped to the floor before any damage was done. But the woman did tell us to “get a room”.

Now I didn’t think that was anything but awkward, as nobody saw or really could have heard anything. My exploit was the one I’ve written of, where we were parked near a trail and I was fellating Lin forever. I mean, it was a 20-minute blow job if a minute. We were lost in the action as it turned dark, so even through Lin was looking he couldn’t see everything coming out way.

It was one of the occasions when I was on my knees in the front seat and Lin had my dress pulled up and my panties pulled down around my knees. He was playing with my ass when we heard the dog bark just yards away. The owner told Fido to quiet down, which sparked a keystone comedy of Lin getting his pants back on and me attempting to get presentable. Not easy when the panties were like shackles on my legs.

Mark told us about his getting head from his ex in the family bathroom at the mall when someone wiggled the doorknob and unlatched the door. Ooops. The older lady caught him fucking the woman who was bent over the sink.

We all laughed when Mark said the woman said something like “Well I never,” to which he replied “You should try it sometime baby.” She stormed away to get security, and we scampered out of there breathing heavily.

The beer continued to flow, as well as a shot of booze, and we were all feeling no pain.

That’s the only way I could explained what happened next. It was unplanned serendipity.

Mark said that his brother had told him that he and I had an agreement that I’d do down on him “anywhere and anytime.” Of course, that was just talk, as I wasn’t really going down on him in a police station or on the dance floor or anywhere we’d be in legal jeopardy. Still, it was very hot from the guy’s perspective as you can imagine.

We spoke about that for a bit, and right before halftime Lin was the statement of the night: “Anytime or anywhere Robyn, right? How about right now.”

Smiling I said as soon as Mark goes into another room I’d be happy to “clean his whistle.”

Lin shook his head. “Now!”

Mark smiled and said, “here and now.”

And I took the hint, stood, and called their bluff. Yes, I was going to give Lin a blow job right in front of his brother. Things happen! Dares are made. I might not have balls, but I am ballsy.

Looking the two guys up and down, I made my decision as to whether to suck or not to suck.

Sucking Lin’s cock won out, but as I moved over to him I fully expect him to pull away from embarrassment. I should have known better. Lin sat as I knelt in front of him and slowly pulled down the zipper on his trousers. I rubbed him a little, feeling his cock expanding, and thought to myself that this was going to be fun!

My hand snaked into his briefs and slide his lengthening cock out into the open. Slowly stroking his manhood, I looked at his brother and told him to sit back and watch the show.

Bending my head, I began licking the top of Lin’s cock as it expanded to full attention. Lin groaned a little as I worked my tongue up and down the length of his cock. I reached around and slipped his trousers and briefs down to below his knees giving almanbahis adresi me full access to his dick. Rubbing the cock over my face I glanced over at Mark and saw him staring intently at the action in front of him.

Lin was loving the attention as he gradually rocked his midsection as my mouth worked its magic over his dick. His moans were music to my ears. The man loved it when I worked the tip while stroking the base, so I did that for a while before removing my hand and engulfing the man meat as deep as I could. Yummy!

“Look at her suck,” said Lin, savoring the blow job.

His brother answered, “She’s amazing. Damn that’s hot.”

All the while I sucked his cock, bobbing my head.

It was so hot knowing that I was fellating my boyfriend while being observed by his brother, Hot and erotic and I tightened my thighs and felt so very aroused.

The sound of another zipper being lowered made me glance over at Mark. Damn! He had pulled down his pants and was standing to my side. Oh my!

Lin stood in front of me and the two brothers were about a foot or two apart, and I placed Lin’s cock back in my mouth and began sucking in earnest. I continued the blow job and after a bit felt Mark’s hand lift my right hand over and placed it against his cock.

I thought for a second whether to stop the festivities, but thought better. I began stroking Mark’s cock while sucking and jerking Lin. The action continued for a couple minutes before Lin reached down and moved my face towards his brother’s cock.

What’s a girl to do?

Soon I was licking Mark’s cock while jerking off Lin. That led to a full-frontal assault on Mark’s cock, sucking the one brother off while jerking off the other. It was so very hot and sexy.

For the next few minutes I alternated dicks, sucking one and then the other and so forth. It was so very hot working the man meat while listening to the moans and groans from about.

The boys would comment about my actions, savoring my mouth’s ability to fellate them. They were loving it. Which gave me a thought. One was great, why not two?

Holding both cocks, I looked up at the guys and smiled. “I love your cocks. I want to sock them both at the same time.”

I thought the guys would fall over. But they moved the cocks toward me, and moved close together actually touching legs. I had to maneuver the two cocks so that I could get them close to my mouth. After a bit of trial and error, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and the guys moved closer and closer and first one and then two cocks were in my mouth.

I licked. I kissed. I sucked the two guys off, jam-packing my mouth with their respective manhood. I was sucking two cocks.

Damn. That was so very hot, and the guys couldn’t take the view. First Lin’s cock began shooting its hot sticky sauce which set off the explosion from Mark’s dick. I had to admit I couldn’t swallow fast enough as cocks spurted and filled my mouth and got onto my face.

The guys were rocking and my face kept getting hit with the man meat, sliding against my cheeks. Along the way each guy would stroke his cock in and out of my mouth. I must have looked a mess, but Mark merely said how hot I looked. “You are beautiful.”

Lin fell back into his seat, and I thought I had to do something to make him understand I loved him. I bent over and sucked his dick, cleaning it of his and his brother’s cum, making a performance out of swallowing the remaining loads. Then, I laid my head down on his midsection. Mark, sat back, eyes closed.

We remained quiet for a couple minutes and I decided to give the boys one last show, so I sucked each of them clean, ensuring each saw I swallowed any remaining fluids, before thanking them and standing. Then I turned and went to the bathroom to clean up.

What a night! I will remember forever. Lin sent me home with a long kiss, and Mark kissed me on the cheek while telling me that the night would be a secret he’d cherish

forever. Heck, so would I.

Wow, did I have something to speak with Melody about. What a story she will bear.

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