Cabin Fever


“This movie sucks,” he whispered and stared into her serene brown eyes. “Why the fuck did you pick this?”

She suppressed a frown and shrugged. “The commercials made it look good.”

“Well fuck this shit,” he growled and thrust back in his seat uncomfortably. “This blows.”

“Shh,” she whispered back and patted his shoulder. “It’ll get better. It has to, right?”

He shrugged and rubbed his palms slowly over his face. “It can’t get worse, babe.”

“I know, Paulie, I know,” she sighed and leaned her head on his broad shoulder. “But I don’t want to leave. We’ll have to make people get up and…”

Her boyfriend nodded. “I know, baby. I’ll suffer through it.”

Jen reached her hand out for his, and intertwined her fingers with his long, masculine ones. They watched in silence for twenty more minutes, occasionally laughing at the ludicrousness of the film. Every now and then she’d turn her head up to glance at his expression, staring blankly at the screen. In fact, it wasn’t until the film’s second sex scene that she realized her boyfriend was even still awake.

“Paulie?” she whispered gently as the bodies on screen slammed against one another.

“Mmmyeah?” he groaned, blinking his eyes slowly.

She smiled at him, trying to add a hint of suggestive tease to her face.

“What?” he grinned.

“Nothing,” she shrugged and patted his large thigh.

He grinned as she began to massage his leg. “Babe?”

She winked.

“Baby, not here.”

“Why not?”

“There are people over there,” he blushed and motioned toward almanbahis adres the end of their row. “We cannot have sex right now!”

Jen giggled and smacked his chest. “I don’t intend to have sex, baby.”

Paul cocked an eyebrow.

“Play along,” Jen smirked. “And be very quiet.”

As Jen’s hand returned to massaging his leg, now underneath the hem of his shorts, he tried to swallow down the huge lump in his throat. God, she was making him so horny and he had no choice but to be quiet. Any sound would alert the entire theatre to their activities. Even a quick gasp of breath, he realized, would turn unwanted attention in their direction.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped as her tiny hand snaked up the leg of his baggy shorts and grazed his most sensitive parts.

“Shh,” she giggled. “You’re too loud.”

“I can’t…” he stammered, trying to adjust in his chair. “I can’t fuckin help it.”

“Well, hush,” she demanded as she reached with her other hand to unzip his fly. “I don’t want anyone turning around to stare.”

Paul nodded and reclined further back into his seat, outstretching his legs to give her better access.

“Good boy,” he heard Jen whisper as he shut his eyes and tried to focus. He felt her hand coax his hardening member from his boxers, felt the cool air on his skin as she freed him from the confines of his clothing.

“Relax,” she whispered. “You’re not even breathing.”

Paul groaned. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” she giggled softly.

“Just…keep going,” he growled and shut his eyes tightly.

Jen shrugged almanbahis adresi and wrapped her hand around his now fully erect length. “I haven’t even done anything yet.”

She heard him make a noise deep inside his throat, and giggled to herself as she slowly began to run her hand up and down his length. She pulled away for a moment, making a scene of licking her hand before returning it to his warmth.

“Fuck,” he sighed.

“You like?” she whispered.

He nodded, his eyes still shut tight.

Jen smiled at his obvious enjoyment, wrapping her hand around him for the second time and sliding it slowly up to twist over the head of his erection. Her strokes were slow, languid, bringing low growls from deep inside his body. She felt herself growing increasingly moist with each of his animalistic grunts, wanting to feel his thickness filling her petite body. Her own pleasure seemed to propel the vigorousness of her strokes, and without even realizing, she had began to fist him with incredible speed and strength.

“Slower,” he growled gently. “I’m gonna cum.”

She nodded and increased her pace.

His eyes shot open. He stared into her eyes, his own filled with a mix of confusion and horror. “Jen, fuck.”

“Do it, baby,” she teased.

“Not here,” he whined as he felt his body headed for oblivion.

She knew he was helpless as his hips thrust forward, driving his length roughly against her hand. She giggled as his orgasm overtook him, a soft roar vibrating his lips against her ear, his release coating the seat in front of them.

“Paulie?” almanbahis adres she whispered as he lay silently in his chair.

His eyes opened and peered up at her. “Yeah?”

“We made a mess,” she snorted, gesturing toward the desecrated chair.

“No problem,” he sighed. “Clean it up.”

“You want me to?” she cooed.

He nodded and watched as she leaned forward, her tongue darting out to lick the metal backing of the seat.

She turned to face him in the dark, grinning as she licked her lips slowly.

“That’s so nasty,” he groaned, running a finger across her cheek gently. “You’re such a whore.”

“You love me for it,” she beamed, leaning back into her chair and helping him to re-zip his shorts.

“I do,” he growled in her ear. “So very much.”

She blushed.

“Let me take care of you,” he whispered.

“Maybe next time,” she frowned. “Right now I have my visitor.”

“OH GROSS!” he nearly shrieked.

“PAUL!” she hushed. “You want to get us thrown out?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind it. This movie really blows.”

* * *

“So?” his best friend laughed as the two couples joined up and headed for their cars.

“Yeah, how was it?” his spriteful blonde girlfriend giggled.

“It was horrible!” Jen groaned as Paul simultaneously exclaimed, “It was wonderful!”

Chris and Renee stared at the couple in confusion.

“It was the best fuckin movie I ever saw!” Paul grinned.

Their friends continued to stare.

“He got a handjob,” Jen winked.

“Fuckin ay,” Paul growled as he pulled his girlfriend into a passionate kiss.

Renee giggled as she watched her friends make-out, squeezing her boyfriend’s hand tightly.

Chris smiled warmly at her, and kissed her forehead. “We should have seen ‘Cabin Fever’.”

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