Campaign Bus


Wendy’s campaign bus is parked in the parking lot of the Best Western motel in Houston.
The evening promises to be an exciting one as I pulled my car near the bus. It is parked directly across the parking lot about ten feet away. I knocked on the bus’s door, George opened the door. ” Come on board? George said.

As we walked back to the bus from the bar holding hands, Wendy looked down at my crotch, groaning in disbelief from seeing my massive cock bouncing angrily. It thumped from side to side like a tree-trunk, her high heels clicking in a lustful rhythm that mixes sinfully with my thumping cock. Wendy is going crazy at the sight of me, the difference in our ages and the sinful way she is dressed and my huge cock added up to what she knew is going to be another thrilling night. Seeing her look in the mirror at the sight of my big bulge, I said, ” That’s what you do to me Wendy. Look how big I am for you.” ” Oh god, you are amazing,” She groans as we stop and kiss hard.

Popping a cork on a expensive bottle of champaign I make a toast. ” Here’s to the sexiest politican that I know I had to have… At any cost.” I said then clicking our glasses as we lean in and kiss each other hotly. ” Oh god, I’m so glad you came,” She groans, and then met my tongue for a sexy kiss, flicking hers across mine wildly as the excitement of being with me courses through her. As we kissed her lust took over as she put her open palm on my massive bulge. She unzipped my pants pulling my big hard cock out of my pants. She can’t even see her manicured finger nails off the sides my cock, because it is so wide. Putting her glass down on the table she said hotly,

” Oh God John, let me take the edge off this big cock,” She groans then adds, ” I have seen you cum, harder than ever, and went wild watching it, as I pictured you cuming in me. Now I want this huge cock inside me and to fill me.” She groans in a throaty voice. ” Let me take the edge off this big fucking cock baby. I wanna pump and suck you off so bad,” She said hotly as she instantly squatted on her heels and proceedes to lick every inch of my cock. ” I want to stroke it so bad,” She said as she squatted down in front of me. I’m beyond any kind of control my cock throbbing and I pull Wendy to her feet and gently turn her away from me and bent her forward over the chair. I raise the hem of her dress and pull the delicate thong panties down revealing her swollen pussy. Wendy is so aroused, she wonders if she dares go through with this. Wendy sees the look of wild lust in my eyes and she knows I’m ready for it.

She knows she should say no, after previous times and now having seen the size of my erection she can not turn back. Wendy feels my probing fingers blatantly rubbing between her wet pussy lips; then I open the pouting lips of her very wet pussy with my fingers and I move forward. The head of my rock hard cock presses against the outer lips of her dripping pussy, Wendy knows she is wet and there is no time for foreplay, it had to be now, she looks over her shoulder and whispers, ” Oh God John, don’t wait I need you to fuck me now.”

I needed no encouragement, I release the belt of my trousers letting them gather around my feet and I nuzzle the head between the puffy lips of Wendy’s swollen pussy and pushed forward. The outer lips split, like a piece of ripe fruit opening with a knife, as the thick shaft slids into her wet warmth. Wendy is so aroused and still worked up from my visit on the campaign trail. I’m in her to the hilt in a single thrust. I move with short sharp thrusts feeling the muscles within Wendy’s vagina first stretch to accommodate my monster cock and shortly afterwards they begin to clench and ripple as Wendy reacts to the huge cock driving in and out of her pussy. She gives a deep moan ” Oh God..Yes..Yes..Fuck Me Hard,” and I feel her climax burst almost as soon as I entered her.

I’m so horny, my cock throbbing, I pause, waiting for her to slowly release her grip on my rock hard shaft and when she relaxes, I pull out, spun her around and laying her back on the couch I ram my huge phallus deep inside her again. She gives a soft moan as I slid back into her up to the hilt, ” Oh John.” I mumble something as I feel the tip of my cock brush against the cervix and my balls hard against Wendy’s firm buttocks. I drive in hard and steady building up rhythm, Wendy loves feeling full; My massive cock is stretching her wider than before, she thrusts up each time I drive into her, she is moaning as she feels another orgasm beginning to well up inside her. I’m slamming into her rougher, harder and deeper, my thrusts become wilder as I lose control and I feel Wendy’s legs encircle me, she feels satisfied as she lays there her dress bunched up at her waist. I would have loved to get my lips around her firm breasts but I hear the car approaching and using my thumb on her swollen clitoris I rapidly brought her to another orgasm.

With a shriek of pleasure she bucks up under me, I’m almost at the point of no return and as Wendy’s hips rise up into the air and her vagina clamps down hard around my swelling shaft I know it is too late. I give a grunt of pleasure ” UUUhhhhh…UUUUhhhh..AAAhhhh,”
as my buttocks clenches sending jets of my sperm up the swelling shaft to explode deep inside her. Wendy stiffens as she feels the warm sperm jetting up inside of her but the intense orgasm she is experiencing escasty. I’m groaning ” AAAAhhhhhhh..AAAAAhhhh,”
feeling Wendy’s vaginal Sex hikayeleri muscles gripping and fluttering along the jerking shaft forcing the fertile sperm deeper, penetrating the opening of her cervix. I grip her buttocks pulling her up hard against me until finally the last of my seed dribbles from me and I pull the thick shaft from her, now red, sore gaping pussy; the signs of my sperm gathering around the outer lips. I pull her to her feet and pull down her dress, Wendy looks around there is a knock on the door; she grabs a wad of tissues and put them between her legs to prevent the stream of sperm from running down her inner thighs.

The next day I go to the campaign rally staying in the background so the press does not see me. The rally went without any problems and they all arrived at the reception. I walked around engaging in small talk with people. I suddenly spotted Wendy beckoning me to follow her through the door. I walked over and she asks me to follow her into a room set aside for campaign aides. She locks the door then turns kissing me lifting her dress up above her waist saying, ” I want you inside me again John, now before anyone misses us. You gave me two most intensive orgasms I’ve had in a long time. I think I’ll be calling you more to come on the campaign with me.” I drop my trousers releasing my rapidly hardening penis, I lifte her up against my chest and taking advantage of knowing she is still without her panties I lower her down until I was hard up inside her wet pussy. ” Oh God! That’s so nice,” she moans as she feels me sliding further up inside of her.

I laid her back on the table and take her hard, fast and deep. My thick cock ravaging her with no consideration for where we were and she climaxes time and time again allowing sperm to flood up inside her. She clamps her lips tight to stifle her screams of erotic ecstasy. I finally withdraw from her spasming pussy, now surrounded with a ring of white foam made up of her own vaginal excretions and my cum, and I wipe my penis, dripping with their combined creamy coating, on her slip. Wendy pushes her hanky between her legs and stood up and walks unsteadily towards the door. Her face flushed with her sexual exertions and she whispers breathlessly, ” Oh God I needed that; you are so much big John. When are you going to be available again? I’m due to get back to Fort Worth in three days.”

I replied that I was soon off on business with Heather but I would call her when I got back. Wendy rejoined the reception and I walked in from a different entrance. I feel great that I had fucked Wendy twice on the campaign trail. Then I realized my sexual demands had left me still very horny and looking for more sex. Though not as hard as I had been there is still a distinct bulge at the front of my pants. I watch as Melissa fusses with the arrangements making sure the meal and the wines are ready. Keeping a special watch on the wine waiters to ensure that each bottle emptied is accounted for; as the hotel is notorious for over charging for wine. She is going to be busy for at least an hour and I’m very horny needing to release. I look around the room scanning as I did so when I suddenly spotted Jane a DJ and reporter talking to Wendy, they had their heads together and Jane keeps looking at me. Thinking no more of it I ordered a brandy from the waiter and stood to one side to wait for it to be delivered. The band has started playing soon most people were dancing when I feel a tug on my jacket. It is Jane she reaches up and whispers in my ear.

” John I have not seen or heard from you in a long time; I would never have guessed you are a political donor. You appear to have hidden interests in politics we never knew about. I think you and I had better have a chat don’t you?” I could do nothing but nod I could not believe my luck; Jane drags me eagerly upstairs towards her room, we begin to talk as we walked in the direction of the room, as we got further from the ballroom I feel my penis getting harder at the prospect of another conquest. Jane is obviously excited and as soon as the door to the room closes behind them she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. I pull her to me and return the kiss feeling her mouth open as I slid my tongue inside. She is obviously horny as she presses her firm body against me feeling the thickness of my penis pressing against her, our tongues slid around each other in a frantic dance and her breathing becomes more laboured. I lift her up in my arms; and laid her on her back on the bed.

I’m transported back in time, when Jane was my lover, I feel my need growing like a fire out of control; there is no sign of any resistances as I run my hand under Jane’s skirt feeling her hot pussy lips through her wet panties, which are showing obvious signs of her high state of arousal. Her gusset is soaking as I slid my fingers under the wet material and rubbing along her pouting pussy lips. Jane draws in a sharp breath offering no resistances or opposition. I remove my fingers and stood her up with no hesitation I reach behind her and unzip the dress which has a built in bra and as it falls forward her breasts are revealed. I let her get back on the bed before I bend forward and suck one of her nipples into my mouth instantly feeling it harden as I hear her hard intake of breath. My eager fingers slid back under her panties and are buried deep within her wetness, I curl one of them to find her G-spot and my thumb rubs against her emerging clitoris. Sikiş hikayeleri

She pushes up allowing my finger to go deeper as I move across and suck on the other nipple, it enlarges as my tongue swirls around its tip. Her breathing is now getting ragged and she said to me in a trembling voice. ” Be gentle with me, it has been a long time since I have had your monster cock in me.” I’m elated at the thought of taking Jane’s tight pussy, I pull my honey coated finger out of her wet squishy pussy and close my hand on the elastic begin to ease down her panties until I had pulled them off her feet, she spread her legs wide. I reluctantly left the sweet taste of Jane’s engorged breasts sliding my mouth down, I pause briefly at her navel then I put my mouth over her pouting and very wet pussy. She arches up and I taste her sweet juices as they run down her crack towards her puckered anus. I lick upwards and run my tongue over her clitoral nub. She draws in a breath and moans,

” Oh Yes. That’s the spot.” I continue her arousal and unzip pulling my pants over the head of my erect penis. Replacing my mouth with my fingers I draw nearer to my goal placing Jane’s hand onto the hard thick vein covered shaft and she gingerly runs her hand tentatively up and down its length rubbing her fingers over the moist tip as my pre-cum leaks out. Jane sat up pulling my fingers from within her, then to my amazement she put the tips of her own fingers to her mouth and sucks saying to me.

” Oh its slick and has a nice salty flavour. Oh John, you are so big and so hard.”
I had not expected Jane to do that. Then she bends forward and licks around the purple head while stroking her hand up and down the heavily veined shaft. I knew I could last a long time, after having so recently cum into Wendy. I desperately want to experience taking of Jane’s tight pussy again, I pull her up off my penis and I kneel between her legs placing her ankles on my shoulders. Jane lays back, her tight pussy fully exposed to my gaze, the pouting lips open oozing the slick fluids from within. Moving forward I begin rubbing the moist tip between her wet outer lips to give some lubricant. Jane is beside herself as she moans softly ” ooooooohhhhhhhhhh..oooooohhhhhhh..mmmmmmmmm,”
not really knowing how I proposed to get that huge hard column of flesh inside of her tight unused pussy.

I open her legs wider and ease the purple head slowly inwards pausing every few seconds to let Jane’s tender entrance give way to the intruder. The bulbous crown slips inside and gradually I move inwards. Jane’s deep throated gasp is audible and she moans aloud and mutters, ” Oh God, John your so big. Oh God you’re inside me. Be careful John you’re not wearing any protection. Oh God don’t get me pregnant. Oh God that feels so good. Oh God don’t cum in me. Oh God! Oh God!” I ease further in her vagina until I feel resistances; the end of my pulsing shaft pressing up against her hymen. I push until I feel it stretch. I draw back, pushing in hard feeling her hymen first stretch and then suddenly tear, hearing her gasp; I feel her flinch, as the sharp pain tore through her vaginal cavity.

I pause, waiting a few minutes allowing her to get used to the thick intruder, then I push in as far as I can feeling my thick shaft stretching her inner walls. Once fully inserted, she stops tensing her body, I slowly start to thrust in and out slowly lengthening my strokes as I feel her start to respond. In a few minutes my hard shaft is thrusting in and out of her, as she moves under me, gradually increasing the speed, and lengthening the strokes to increase my pleasure, I see and feel the joy our reconnection is giving her; her body is trembling with the high state of sexual arousal my driving cock is raising within her, soon I can tell her orgasm is fast approaching, I let her gradually climb until she tightens around me, her back arches upwards and the soft moan becomes a cry as the climax peaks. Her muscles grip me like a clamp as they ripple along the hard thick shaft buried deep within her.

I wait for the erotic moment to pass then I begin to ride her rough and hard, she is so tight making deep penetration difficult. My hard shaft moving in and out; the length of each stroke shortened as I feel my own orgasm approaching; my thumb roughly rubbing over her clitoris then moments later she is rapidly approaching another exquisite climax. She arches up just as I near my own orgasm, I know I should pull out but the feeling of her tight pussy keeps me hammering in and out of Jane’s clamping pussy. I give a deep satisfying grunt as my cock swells allowing the strings of hot sperm to shoot into her deep cervix. Jane thrusts up hard as her climax hits and her contractions are fierce. This is her the first time in a long time, she is again experiencing the pleasure of feeling my monster cock inside of her and the intensity of her orgasms are so intense. She moans loudly,
” Oh my God that feels so good.” Then realising what had happened she cries out, ” Oh God you’ve cum inside me. Oh God John. Oh God! I never thought it would happen like that. Oh God! Oh God John Oh God.”

I allowed her convulsing vagina to return slowly to normal and giving her a few minutes with my semi erect cock up inside her. I start slamming into her again. She takes a deep breath realising what is done is done, the pain has gone and it feels good, with a sigh of resignation and relaxing she once again is bucking up under Erotik hikaye me. Taking this as a sign of her renewed arousal I slam into rougher, harder and deeper, she grunts and I thrust up into her feeling my cock regaining its full massive erection, it grows thicker and once more hardens like a rod of iron. Gasping Jane said, ” Oh God! You’re still hard. Oh God! Are we going to do it again? You have all already filled me with your sperm so what the hell give me more pleasure”

Jane is determined to enjoy the moment, she offers no resistances and each time I thrust up into her deeply the crown constantly batters her cervix and the length of my massive thick cock rubs against her clitoral nub making her squeal, ” OOOhhhh..OOOOOhhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH..MMMMMMMMMM!”
My fingers playing her clitoris while my mouth sucks wildly at her breasts, bringing red marks to her skin, each red mark will become a love bite which will turn brown later. She bounces up hard against me with every thrust, with her energy, which seems never ending, as I bury my cock deep inside hitting against her cervix time and time again. I continue reaming her hard, deep and fast, her responsive muscular contractions grow stronger, as she accustomes herself to the feelings being generated, by the steady increase in speed, as I rapidly build up to another climax.

I feel her orgasm close as the convulsive clenching increases to a frenzied pitch, as she pushes up, forcing the head of my thick cock hard up against her cervix opening; I explode releasing a deluge of sperm around her unfertilised entrance. I feel every spurt as it streams into her, she jerks as she feels urgent splats, hitting and spreading its heat inside her womb and her fallopian tubes, looking in vain for eggs that can be fertilised. It would be 10 days before she will ovulate and so by that time all the sperm will all have drained out of her and have become sterile. She seems to go on for ever, as her orgasms continue one after the other, bucking up and squeezing the jerking, sperm shooting, cock as I fill her to capacity. The white thick cream, fleck with her blood, oozing out between them is sticky and is whipped into a thick creamy foam as they mixed together.

At last, we slowly slow our urgent movements as the sex drive calms down, Jane lays silent, exhausted, wet and sticky with her sperm filled pussy still impaled on hard cock.
” I never guessed it would be like that, I felt it stream inside me,” she babbled almost incoherently, but won’t you have impregnated me with all that thick sperm you poured into me.” I asked her when she had finished her last period and having listened to her answer, explained to her that it would be some days before she would at the point of ovulation; the time she could be fertilised and that she was quite safe at the moment.

” I feel sore and I don’t think I can go again at the moment,” she murmurs ” but perhaps another time when I have recovered.” We slowly and with a sucking sound disentangled ourselves. Then getting off the bed, Jane into the bathroom and turned on the shower, calling to me to strip off and join her so pulling off the rest of my clothes I slipped into the shower beside her. The water is stimulating and I feel my cock begin to grow hard as it slids against the softness of Jane’s skin. She turns putting her arms around me kissing me open mouthed full on my lips, I hold her close to my bare flesh I fee her nipples, harden as her desire scratchs against my chest; placing my hands between her open legs feeling her pussy’s open lips, I begin rubbing her clitoris and feeling her urgent response, I lift her up and gently lower her onto the head of my stiffening erection. I slid my hard cock up between her open pussy lips and enter her again.

” Oh God John, she squeals ” I am so excited I did not think I can take it again but I have to admit John you’re insatiable” Clamping her legs tight around me, Jane allows me to fuck her again. Both of them are enjoying the feeling as I feel the cooling water stimulate my hardening balls and soon I feel the urgent need to release once more up inside her. I increase the rate of my thumb stimulating her clitoris which had the effect of raising her arousal; I feel her clench and contract as my cock swells shooting another hot load of thick white cream into her willing and spasming pussy, replacing the sperm, flecked red, which is oozing out of her and floating around them in the water on the floor of the shower. She tightly clutches at my body with her legs and arms pulling my spurting cock hard up inside her as she drummes her heels against my spine. Jane is thrilled as she feels my release.

I’m unable to stop as I pump and pump fertile semen into her until at last I finally feel the urgent spurts begin to slow to a dribble and I ease my rapidly aching cock out of her open pussy and watch the pink sperm collect once more as it seeps out of her widely stretched, newly opened pussy. Finally both feeling the aches of their strenuous sexual contortions we climb out of the shower and drie each other off, then once again dressing we once more resemble the appearance of normality as we made our way back to the ballroom. Jane is sore and happy as she turns to me whispering, ” I think I need to call you more often for regular meetings, when Heather is out town. I’ll give you a call tomorrow that’s if you would like more of what we had today.” I made my way up to Wendy and gave her a peck on the cheek.

I nodded, and I smiled in reply to the cheeky smile Jane is giving me. I knew Heather would be out of town for the next two weeks, she had to go to LA for some fundraising events. if Jane came to see me.

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