Cancun – An Unforgettable Vacation


Cancun – an unforgettable vacation November 2010

About 4 months ago, November 2010, as I write this, my wife, and we were about a week into a planned 10 day getaway at a very nice five star resort near Cancun. Now this was not one of those wild resorts you read about on those adult websites as my wife and I are not swingers or even players for that matter. It is, however, one of those very nice all-inclusive but for adults only (over 20 – no children) places. We enjoyed this area – Cancun – 20 years ago on our honeymoon. (again not this resort as it is fairly new and we never could have afforded it back then – hell, our parents couldn’t have afforded it back then. We have currently have 2 children ages 16 and 18 and so this was our first big vacation without children and honestly we were both ready for some general fun just together and also for a chance to recapture (re-live) the honeymoon spirit. It was our second honeymoon after all. It was really a great trip up to this point and we were really enjoying our time together and felt (and acted) like newlyweds the whole first week. When we weren’t together, I played golf or fished, and my wife spent time shopping, working out in the fitness area (she a physical fitness buff), reading her romance novels, or just laying out at the beach getting a tan, which she really enjoyed since it was winter back home in Canada. She loves having tan lines and sitting and relaxing and getting a tan is one thing teenagers make very difficult.

Let me tell you a little bit about my sweet little wife. We started dating in college and married after we both finished college, where I played hockey. My wife is a slightly smaller than an average woman about 5′ maybe 120 pounds, blond hair but with small 34B very firm titties and a butt and legs that any twenty-year-old would envy. She works hard to keep in shape running and working out at our gym regularly and it shows; she still has the body she had when we got married even after the two kids. And better than her body, she then also has a face, bright smile, and flirty fun personality to match that body. My wife is the type men who see her for the first time do a double or triple take and the men who know her while still loving to ogle her will seek her out simply to hang out and have some laughs with her. I have always somehow enjoyed that she just attracts the attention of other men, I know she loves me 100% and she knows I am not the jealous type and can enjoy letting her be her free flirting self. Personally, I think that’s one of the main things that attracted her to me – I wasn’t like previous jealousy boyfriends who always cut her off from being herself but let her be her. We have had a wonderful life together. On this trip to Cancun, she has generally been able to loosen up a bit, changing from what I call her at home “Mom” one piece bathing suit mental state to her “I am a woman on vacation” skimpy bikini attitude. I guess what I try to say is since we were away from home, part of her fun was that she no longer had to be in “Mom-mode” – She was enjoying being sexy, definitely still enjoys getting noticed and loves feeling like she’s a young hot babe again but beyond being a flirt she really is quite naive and conservative sexually.

After about a week there, I seemed to be in a special quirky mood — we didn’t make love that morning and I golfed most of the day (poorly, I might add.) She said she did a little shopping, read, and worked on her tan. Anyway, I suggested we sorta dress up that night and go out for a really nice dinner and do some dancing. She too liked that idea and then responded by dressing in my favorite sexy yellow dress that clings to her figure showing off her nice firm but small tits and her fabulous figure (ie, curves) and, while not an extreme mini, looks especially good with her now well tanned legs. It’s very much my favorite whenever she wears it and she knows the whole time I’m walking round semi-hard, my tongue wagging, and wrapped around her finger like the horny teenage boy that’s trapped inside any middle man would be. My wife also must have been in an especially horny mood this particular day too as she was exceptionally very flirty and sexually playfully during the day when we did see each other.. Over wine at dinner, she suggestively told me she had been special shopping that day and to expect a surprise that night. Now this normally means new lingerie and a wonderful sex night and this knowledge did not do anything to decrease my inner teenager at all which I am sure was her intention.

We had a great dinner with wine. I was very aware of all the waiters, busboys, and universally every male we encountered doing at least one double take when they saw her. As I told you previously my wife generally enjoys this type male attention and tonight with the alcohol we were consuming probably especially so given her mood. We decided to go to the club at our resort so we could continue drinking and not have to worry almanbahis about transportation and it was one of the more poplar dance clubs in the area anyway.

When we arrived, there were not many people there yet so we had our pick of tables so we picked the best table with four seats that was close to the band, the dance floor, and the Bar. We enjoyed some more wine and danced quite a bit both fast and slow. On the slow songs, she’d slink in close and teasingly nuzzled her body into mine. She was positively great at making sure I could somehow feel her firm braless tits through my shirt. She also probably thought she was being very clever and I wouldn’t notice when she’d make sure to brush her hand across my crotch on some of these dances – I think to make sure I still had my semi hard-on that had started with her yellow dress or maybe just to feed her own horny desires. I didn’t care which was true and didn’t let her know I knew what she was doing. Later on one of the more crowded slow dances when it wouldn’t be as noticeable to anyone, she seductively whispered into my ear to rub her back …and butt. This let me feel that she was wearing just a thong – my hard-on only increased and my wife just smiled and laughed and cooed “Oh, You like?” as she could feel it rub against her body. She grinded against my hardon. She was really taking great pleasure in teasing me this night.

On the fast dances, she was acting like she did before we had kids, really enjoying cutting loose and I thought dancing quite provocatively. I observed and I am sure she had to notice (and love) that every male eye was like a spotlight on her. My wife always relished being sexy and tonight for the first time in a long time she was really letting herself enjoy it!

Soon we noticed the place had really getting more crowded from the overflow of the people coming in after the later dinners. Everyone was trying to get a table and by now they were all taken. We generally don’t like it when a place gets this crowded, so we decided to call it a night after we finished our drinks. I somehow noticed a tall (easily over 6’3″ good looking, very well dressed younger(mid 30s)man (black) standing near us by himself at the bar really smiling and obviously enjoying checking out my wife while he looking for a table as well. Our table was down by now to 3 chairs. Now my wife has always had kind of a “thing” for younger men – calls them “hunky” and always thinks they are very handsome. She loves tall men too – why she married a 5’8″ man has always been a mystery to everyone who knows her. Having been teased and “suffered” at the sexy playful mood she was it, I thought I might turn the tables on her teasing me all night long and tantalize her by having this good looking “hunky” man sit with us while we finished our drinks. I checked with my wife to see if we should share our space with him – who upon seeing him – quickly agreed. I looked over and motioned him to the spare chair. He thanked us and unexpectedly asked the waiter to bring a bottle of wine and 3 wine glasses, so we were now going to be awhile. As we drank the wine, I realized we were having some great conversations and laughs with him, and had really hit it off with him. We quickly learned he was from England, a wine sales manager trying to line up more business in Cancun, divorced, and was very much enjoying the travel opportunities his job entailed quite a bit. We both were really enjoying his company – the wife, I could tell especially somewhat enthralled and I found myself really enjoying her reaction so we continued to stay much longer than I originally planned. When we finished his 1st bottle of wine, he want us to try another he selected, and we continued to dance. As we stayed, I was more observant of our new friend, as with most of the other men there, was very much enjoying ogling at my wife, watching her dancing, and for him sitting with us too, really getting the benefit of her fun personality. I guess with all the wine I had consumed, I was really engrossed into how obviously captivated this new person was with her. From her radiant smile and laughs to a sort of sexy gaze back at him, and although I’m sure she wouldn’t readily admit it, she was definitely noticing his attention and was actually reveling in it as well. However, over the next hour or more as he sat with us, his attention however, was continually being diverted as he was asked to dance quite a bit as single ladies in the club would hardly let him sit. I noticed my wife seemed to be becoming annoyed at these ladies and I could only surmise that she was now caught up in an instinctively female kind of rivalry for his attention. I realized it was not the kind of situation she had experienced before and with the intoxicating effect of the alcohol we had consumed, she probably wasn’t giving it much thought to her actions but only acting on base instincts. And with quirky mood I had been in all day and my own level of inebriation, however, instead almanbahis giriş of being even a little jealous, I found myself somehow really enjoying my wife’s heighten assertive reaction over his attention. I noticed how she was becoming much more flirtatious in her conversation and sexy in her demeanor and her smile and body language seemed to be much more definitively sexual than before. Soon she was asking him to dance at every opportunity she could or if the other women got to him first, she’d grab me to dance and would make sure that we were close to him so his attention didn’t wander too far. And as this game went back and forth between her and the other ladies, I also noticed her dancing was becoming increasingly provocative and she was well into showing off what I would call her “A” game wanting to outshine the single ladies vying for him. I have always loved watching her dancing when she gets like this, plus enjoying the usual male attention it attracts, and it had been a very long time since she has allowed herself this kinda of freedom and playfulness. She definitely wasn’t in “Mom-mode” anymore. At the table, her sexy gaze watching him, and the sly smirk on my wife’s face was really turning me on in some pervert sense. Several times while keeping an eye on him dancing, she would commented how smoothly he moved on the dance floor and without really thinking about it impulsively commented that he would be the “E” ticket ride for one of the ladies tonight. I knew what she meant. The women in the club must also have thought this too as they all seemed to take their shot at him and really wouldn’t quit trying to hit on him or leave him alone very long. But he seem to take every opportunity to return to our table as soon as he could and finally began to ask my wife to dance when he could as well but each time politely asking me first if it was OK. I could tell she was really delighted in winning his attention and with her alcohol subdued inhibitions seem to be becoming even more sensuous than normal.

One time while I was gone to the bathroom, I came back to experience my wife slow dancing with him – they had only fast danced previous to this. In my intoxicated state, it extremely erotic seeing my little blond wife in her sexy yellow dress now nuzzling up against this black man who seemed to be easily at least a foot taller than her. Then, surprisingly, even tho I was sure she saw me come back at the table, she proceeded to grab and kept him from heading back to the table. She kept him out for the next several fast dances, their longest time dancing together. With as much drinking as I had done, I just sat and watched and thought how incredibly sexy she was as she got into the music and really cut loose. The dance floor wasn’t always crowded on all of their dances, and I began to notice that she seemed to stay closer to him as they fast danced and she was now bumping and touching him a lot as they danced. They continued dancing several times together until finally he excused himself from my wife to go to the bathroom. She came back to the table, but she grabbed me immediately wanting me out to dance the next song – a slow one. My now very obviously inebriated wife was much more brazenly grinding herself into me and not so stealthily being “handsie” feeling if my dick was still hard. Of course, it was! As she felt me up, she whispered that she was ready to go back to our room. I knew I was ready! Meeting him back at the table, we told him we were calling it a night. We thanked our new friend for the wine, the wonderful company, and a great evening. You could tell he was disappointed we (IE, she) were calling it a night but said he should also be leaving soon as he had several important sales calls to make early in the morning. We all said we hoped to see each other before we left Cancun and exchanged room numbers (phone numbers = room numbers) to be able to set something up.

We left, much, much more tipsy than we planned but both really, really horny from the evenings escapade. On the way back to the room, we talked about our evening and how much fun it was. Now my wife and I have always been fairly open and honest with each other but I’m sure the wine and my quirky horny state helped when I teasingly said

“I picked out a good one for you to look at, did I? ”

“God, was he gorgeous or what? And what a dancer. That man could move”

I kidded her then that she ruined the night for all the single women who had been drooling over him by the sexy dancing she was doing with him. And that she probably ruined his night too by showing him that the best he was only going to do was to be able to go home with the second hottest woman there. Her smile could have lite up the night when I said that and she practically tackled me to give me a big wet kiss. We were both so drunk we almost fell down. I also razzed her that by the big bulge in his pants it was clearly evident he had been enjoyed watching her and dancing with her and almanbahis yeni giriş that I could tell from the roguish smile still on her face she obviously had been enjoying her dances with him as well. More tipsy than normal my wife said

“Honey, when he and I slow danced, I was really surprised when…. I swear …. I could feel what felt like his dick pressed against me. You know I have never been able to feel anyone else dick except when I’m dancing with you and only when you’re really hard. And even then only when I am really, really TRYING to be close and trying feel you! God, I didn’t know what to think it was cuz I was never really even close to being that close to him. But whatever it was it felt REALLY big like yours when . . .”

“Oh, it seemed like you were moving pretty close from when I saw you – are you sure you weren’t just enjoying teasing him a little bit tonight, and maybe taking a little delight in rubbing your tits into him just to see if you could make him harder so you could feel it better?” I said needling her. My wife only blushed, embarrassed that I had noticed but gave me a rascally smirk that betrayed her thinking. “Hey, is that why you were bumping and grinding and being kinda touchie-feeley-grabby with him during those last fast dances?”

“Well. . . .Uh-huh” again with a little more awkward smile and blushing now like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar “Ya know, I really don’t know why . . . . . . . but the whole thing just kinda got me really wound up, Honey. I just got sooooo curious and really into finding out if it possibly was his dick or what else it could have been. So I was kinda thinking I would really try to see if I could get some feel of it again anyone else noticing. You know me and this is not like me at all . . . . . I really don’t know why. . . . but I was so curious….. I know I’ve just had too much to drink tonight . . . but I really just couldn’t control myself and just really wanted to know. . if…it….

“Well?” I said in a non-judgmental voice letting her know I wasn’t mad…… Well . . .after bumping and trying to brush my hand over his crotch a few times while dancing … I never grabbed it or anything but it did ‘kinda’ feel like a dick. . . . But it didn’t feel really hard like yours ….. but wouldn’t he have had to have been…. if I was feeling where it was?? . . . . . .So it just kinda of confusing to me. . . it is possible it wasn’t really JUST a Cock. . . ” saying out loud her puzzling thoughts “- – – – maybe he also sells salami and put one there too to attract the single ladies. .” She added breaking the serious conversation. We both laughed out loud

“Well you know what they say, black men have bigger cocks than most other men and don’t need any help to . . .”

I said continuing to tease her and laughing.

“What?” she interrupted suddenly ” What did you just say?? Where did you ever hear something like that?”

she was firing questions at me too fast to answer

” . . . . . Is that true? . .. . . . . . . Oh, you’re not really serious – You’re just making fun of me now. . . . Aren’t you? My naive drunken wife sounded truly surprised at my joke. After several moments of silence as we continued our stumble to our room “. . . . .Oh, .That’s not really true, . . . is it? You’re just making things up to tease me, ….aren’t you?” still giving it some latent thought. I only smirked and giggled and I shrugged my shoulders. . . . Hey – I never saw one in the showers

As we reached our room, my wife still thinking about our night suddenly blurted out, “Oh, No! If you could see me out there copping a feel. . . . GOD . . I hope no one else but you noticed me doing that” her conservative self said NOW Suddenly thinking about her actions.

“Oh, MY GOD! ….You don’t think HE could tell I was trying to cop a feel, do you, Honey?” sounding more embarrassed at that thought than others noticing.. “Oh, Jeez,. . . . I really hope he couldn’t tell what I was doing. Oh, Honey, DO you think he could tell? . . . . . . IF HE knows I was trying to feel his dick . . . . . . . IT’ll be too embarrassing to even see him around” I could only chuckle at her as I assured her that he had no idea she was a pervert and everything was going to be fine if we saw him around. She just slugged me in the arm.

Back in the room, I went to the bathroom first and then my wife. As I waited, there was a knock at the door. I was very surprised to see our new friend standing there with another bottle of wine. He apologized for the late intrusion but felt he wanted to give us a gift, one of his company’s best bottles of wine, for tomorrow for being so nice to a stranger and letting him join us when it was so crowded. He said most people around the world aren’t that generous and he really had such a spectacular time this evening. He only wanted to drop the bottle off for us before he went back to his room for the night. But knowing my wife was pretty buzzed and imagining how infatuated she had been with him, I thought it might be a funny little exciting surprise and a little payback tease for her to have her “Hunky” young fellow right here when she came out of the bathroom so I said

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