Candy’s Adventures – 01


Part 1

Meet the meat

The shop is closing for the night when we arrive. The open sign already off and only the lights in the kitchen still on.

The bell chimes as we walk through the door and the father and son look up from their tasks of cleaning and closing. They immediately recognize you. How couldn’t they? Your that fine big tittied white girl who’s been coming in and casually flirting with them over the past few months. The son has always just been distracted by your full chest, but the father being more experienced has picked up on the subtle cock whore vibes. Something about the look in your eyes and the way your lush body moves and displays what you have to offer.

Their recognition is followed by some confusion over who the man in the track suit with you is and why you would be in a full length coat belted shut on a summer evening like tonight.

“Gentlemen, my name is Pierce and I believe you already are acquainted with my beautiful busty girl Candy. The reason for our after hours intrusion is quite simple. Candy here needs to confirm to her self that she can indeed handle two black cocks at once. I personally have full faith in her slutty abilities and complete confidence in her. She is a very good girl indeed. However what we require in order to resolve this matter are a couple big black cocks. So out of curiosity, is that something one could find available in this fine establishment?”

The son just looks confused, but I can see a shrewd understanding on the fathers face.

I continue. And clarify.

“As I mentioned we are looking for two bbc’s, you know big black cocks. Thick and hard and throbbing. The bigger the better. And to help in this search I have prepared the following, shall we call it encouragement.”

With this last I reach to the belt on your coat and pull it open. Your breasts have already been pushing against the fabric so it easily falls open exposing what it has hidden until now.

Your full round tits are accentuated by the silk black strap harness you wear that matches the garter belt and fish net stocking. The black stands out against your smooth pale skin. You wear no panties over your freshly shaved pussy.

The sons jaw drops open and the father begins to lick his lips. I push you forward as I pull the coat off you and let it drop to the floor. Knowing that I want you to present yourself, you cup your full heavy breasts and slowly spin in a circle letting their eyes crawl over your huge tits and across your full round ass.

They both step from behind the counter, lust and hunger in their eyes.

“So gentleman, would you happen to have what we are looking for? And if so could you be so kind as to show us?”

The bulges growing in their pants are all the answer I really need. But sometimes the game is part of the fun.

Hands fumble at zippers and belt buckles. The son quickly has his cock out, even half hard it is impressive. Thick and long. The father takes more time. His eyes locked on your nakedness. He is barely able to get all of his manhood out of his open zipper it’s already so hard. At the sight of it I hear you let out a small trembling moan. He is at least 12 inches long and thick as your wrist, the head already huge and swollen.

“Now, that is exactly what we are looking for. May I suggest we retire a little further back into your establishment. Since currently you have a busty redheaded slut standing naked in your store for any passerby to see?”

I take your hand and pull you with me past the counter and into the kitchen. Their eyes follow your swaying hips and round ass. They quickly follow as well, big cocks bobbing and swaying in front of them.

There is a supply room slash office combo off to one side and I guide you into it. There is a desk on with a swivel chair and some crates and pallets stacked with big bags in the center of the room. I lead you to one of the low pallets of bags and have you sit on it. I’m pleased to see that your face is now level with my crotch. I pull the swivel chair up near you and relax back into it.

The men have come through the doorway and wasted no time in pulling their pants and shirts off. They stand naked and ready. The son is very muscular and his cock now juts from his body hard and ready. Fully hard it is clearly 10 inches or more and already throbbing. The father is still in good shape for a man his age and his thick black cock has only gotten larger with anticipation. The thing is absolutely huge.

“Well gentlemen? Where should we start? Shall we see if she can handle two black cocks with her slutty little mouth? And perhaps her full soft tits?”

“Candy, open your mouth like a good little girl and swallow these big cocks” I instruct. Then I settle myself in with my phone ready to do a little filming of you in action.

Part 2

Breasts and Dark Meat

You know when to obey, and you don’t let me down. Cupping your full breasts in your hands you lean forward and open your mouth wide as instructed. Father and son move to stand in front of you. escort izmir You are positioned perfect for their big heavy cocks to be bobbing right at the level of your face.

You move your hands from fondling your huge swaying tits and grasp a cock in each and slowly begin to slid your hands up and down the shafts. I hadn’t thought it possible for them to become even more swollen, but they do, obviously the sight of your pale exposed skin, large breasts and open and ready mouth are having the right effect.

You lick your red painted lips and guide the son by his big black cock towards your hungry mouth. You part your lips and wrap them around his swollen cock head. The look of your mouth stretched wide to take that dick is exactly what I’m wanting to see. “Look at me” I instruct and you turn to face me. Slutty mouth part way filled with cock. You look absolutely stunning with that BBC between your lips. I begin filming. “Now show me what you are good for”.

You waste no time. You begin pushing his big dick further and further into your mouth until it makes you gag. You slid it spit covered from between your lips and then proceed to shove it back in. Head bobbing up and down, mouth around his thick cock. Each time you fit as much as you can in and gag before pulling it back out. He wraps his hands around your head and starts to buck his hips pushing himself deeper and deeper with each thrust.

His father leans forward and begins to squeeze and fondle your big bouncing tits. His massive cock hitting you in the face. You switch dicks. Now shoving dads huge black cock into your mouth and using both hands to jack the sons saliva slick cock off.

The fathers cock is so big that you can only get about a third of it into your mouth before you gag. But he wants more. He stops playing with your tits and roughly grasps your head and begins to force his dick into your throat. Inch by inch pushing deeper and deeper. You are gagging in earnest now. Spit spilling from the corners of your mouth and tears making your mascara run.

Not to be left out the son begins to push his cock into your face and against your already filled mouth. Grasping each in your hands again you pull them together and begin to run your tongue over each of their cock heads. Sucking and licking the tips as you jack them off. There is way to much cock for you to fit them both in your mouth at once, but you open your mouth wide and try your best to fit them between your lips anyways.

There is precum leaking out of their cocks and I can see the sticky cum coating your lips as you run their dicks back and forth across your face.

“How about one of you use those big slutty tits of hers?” I suggest. “And I really would like to get a shot of her swallowing one of you”.

The father pushes you back on the pallet and straddles you so that his fat black cock rests between your big round smooth tits. You push them together and he begins sliding his cock in and out of your soft smooth cleavage. His dick is so long that with each thrust it pushes near enough to your mouth for you to suck the tip. I can see by how hard your nipples are that you love the feel of him tit fucking you.

The son comes around the pallet you are now laying back on and kneels behind you. Tilting your head back he now has a easy access to slid his dick into your mouth from this angle. You immediately open your mouth wide for him so he can push his big cock between your lips. His father wraps his big hands around your throat and holds your head in place while his son begins to shove all 10 hard inches of his dick into your awaiting mouth.

With nothing to stop him and no way for you to move your head because of the hands around your throat his long hard cock pushes past your gag reflex and into you throat. You are choking on his big black cock. And he begins to truly fuck your mouth while you deep throat him. He pushes his entire cock into your mouth to his balls. Sliding his dick in and out. You are gagging and choking because it’s so big.

His father continues to fuck your big titties. His thrusts becoming faster and faster as his breathing becomes heavier and heavier.

I can see what’s happening.

“I want to see it sprayed all over her” I say.

The son is the first to cum. Pulling his cock from your throat he strokes himself off a for a few seconds with his cock above your face and then begins to shoot long thick ropes of cum across your upturned face and lips. You open your mouth and catch some of the sticky cum between your lips. I’m amazed at how much cum he is shooting across your face.

The father isnt far behind him. His cock still between your round tits he begins cumming, it sprays up across your face and he pulls his cock from between your breasts so he can shoot his big load across your squeezed together tits and face. It’s almost as impressive as his sons climax.

You wrap your lips around his still spurting cock and let him partially fill your mouth with his sweet load.

Letting his cock free from between your lips izmir escort bayan you open your mouth and let his cum drip from your lips to dribble down and across your breasts.

I zoom my camera in on the two spent cocks positioned above your pretty face with their cum still dripping on you and focus on how slutty you look with their seed sprayed across your smooth skin, red lips and full breast.

Part 3 Stuffed with Sausage

I lower my phone and say. “Gentlemen, thank you for your help in answering the original question for us. I think we can all agree that pretty Candy here can most certainly handle Two Big Black Cocks at one time. And I must admit, it was extremely delightful to see her do so.”

Grasping the elastic waistband of my track pants I pull them down to my knees and allow my extremely hard cock to spring free. Watching you suck those cocks and take two loads across your beautiful face has obviously aroused me. My swollen throbbing cock leaves no doubt of that.

I crook my finger at you, and give you the come here gesture. You always know what I want, and this time is no exception.

You lower yourself to the floor and crawl towards where I am seated in the office chair. My big dick standing straight up from my lap. Your big tits saw heavily beneath you and I can tell from your posture that you are intentionally sticking your big round ass in the air. You look like the slutty star of a porno and both the father and sons eyes are glued to your ass.

When you reach me I cup each of your breasts in my hands and begin to fondle you and tease your nipples. Sliding my hands over the smooth firm flesh that is still slick with cum. Tilting your head up at me, your eyes beneath your bangs locked on mine you lower your lips over my hard cock and begin to suck.

My cock although nowhere near the monster size of the two you just serviced, is still plenty big enough to fill your mouth. And as I thrust my hips and shove my dick between your lips I am rewarded with hearing you gag as I enter your throat.

You are beginning sucking my cock in earnest and as your head bobs up and down my cock starts to slid deeper and deeper down your recently stretched throat. Soon you are able to force your head down and my dick slips all the way between your lips and into your throat.

Breaking your gaze I glance up at the father and son and am pleased to see that both black cocks are already growing hard again.

I wave a hand at your bare ass that you have thrust into the air. Knowing that standing behind you the me. have a clear view of your shaved pussy and tight little asshole. “Candy has clearly proven a grade “A” black cock sucker. Maybe we should see what else she might be good for? Be a shame to waste a slutty fuck toy opportunity like this, don’t you think?”

Their rapidly swelling dicks are all the answer I need. But the father replies, “you know, since this big titty slut has been slumming and flaunting her wares around my shop these past few months. I have to admit I’ve been thinking about that white girl pussy.” He places his big hands on your ass and spread you apart exposing your wet slit. “I think I might just get me a little taste”. He lowers himself down and shoves his face into your pussy from behind and begins working his tongue in and out of you.

I can feel you moaning against my dick as it fills your mouth.

The son is now behind you as well. “Pop, let me get in on this white pussy action” he says as he tries to push his father aside. The older man repositions himself on his back beneath you as he continues to tongue your smooth slit and the son wastes no time getting his eager hands on your big ass. His fingers begin prodding your now dripping pussy and soon has two of them inside of you.

I already knew how hot swallow those big dicks had made you from how rock hard your nipples were. But now I can see how close to climax you are from being eaten out and finger banged at the same time. I feel you begin to shudder as you cum. Your ass grinding back against the fingers inside of you and pushing down against the face between your spread thighs.

In one smooth motion I grasp a handful of your red hair, shove my cock deep into your throat and stand pushing the chair away behind me. I slid my throbbing member from between your lips and exclaim “Gentleman, I think it’s time to what else my little candy can do with two BBCs, don’t you?” You only whimper as the men look at me and then at each other.

I take your hand and pull you to your feet, and lead you to the chair. Placing your knees on the seat and gripping the back with your hands your wet pussy is perfectly positioned on one end and your waiting mouth on the other.

The father positions himself in front of you and begins rubbing his swollen cock head across your lips. The son takes up the rear sliding his young massive member up and down you ass crack and slick pussy.

You part your red lips just as the son shoved his thick cock inside of you from behind. The force of his thrust and the izmir escortlar fathers hands holding your head in pushes you open mouth directly on to the older mans massive black dick. It’s far to large for you to actually swallow but it stretches your lips apart and puffs your cheeks out.

Your wet pussy, although incredibly tight has been conditioned to take large dildos for my pleasure. So the son is able to shove his big cock deep inside of you. His heavy balls slapping against you as he buries the length of his shaft inside your little fuck hole. It’s clear he loves how your pussy squeezes his big prick and he starts slamming away at you from behind. His hard thrusts making you big tits bounce and your ass slap back against him.

His father times it perfect so that each time his son drills into you from behind and you are shoved forward on the chair his huge cock pushes slightly deeper into your mouth. His size is already choking you, and drool runs freely from your mouth across his cock.

The big cock pounding your pussy has you quickly moaning around the other cock in your mouth. You look absolutely delicious being spit roasted like that. My phone is back out and recording, I step in closer so I can get a good view of your face while you gag and sputter panning down your curvy body to capture the black dick stretching your tight snatch.

Watching you get double stuffed by this pair of big black cocks has me throbbing and ready to cum, and from the looks on the other men’s faces I know I’m not the only one.

Part 4. Tenderizing the rump

A part of me wants to get you on your knees so that we can each cum across your pretty face, but I decide I have a better idea.

“Gentleman, once again my pretty little Candy has proven that she can indeed handle two BBC’s. And I think for being such a good little girl for her daddy that she deserves what I know she really wants.” The father and son both look at me questioningly. “Well gentleman, as you have now clearly seen first hand, Candy here is a little slut. But what you should know, is that she is a ANAL slut. Now I think its time to fill that tight ass of hers up.”

Big cocks are slipped one at a time out of your your pussy and mouth. I can see that your pussy is absolutely dripping, which is exactly what I hoped I would see. I want to make sure that you are perfectly positioned for the hard ass fucking you are about to receive so I guide you to the desk and firmly push you down on it. Bent over the desk with your legs spread apart your big round ass is pushed into the air and your tight asshole exposed.

Looking at the son, with his thick black cock rock hard and ready I tell him, “You first young man. I think you are going to need to stretch her out a little for your father”. He doesn’t need to be told twice. I know the idea of pounding your big white ass certainly works for him.

Standing behind you he takes his cock in his hand and slides the engorged head up and down your ass crack, lubing you up with your own juices. Then he positions the head of his cock against your tight little asshole and slowly starts to slid his dick inside of you. You are extremely tight, and his cock is massive, but your slick pussy juices and and the pressure he is applying is enough. His big black cock penetrates you and he smoothly and firmly slides at least 10 inches right up your ass.

You cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure, his massive prick stretching you apart. You try and pull yourself away from him but I step to the other side of the desk and pin you down at the shoulders. “Your not going any where baby” I whisper to you.

Slowly and first and then increasing in speed he begins to piston his thick meat in and out of your ass. His thick black cock burying itself in between your round full butt cheeks.

I pull my phone back out and begin filming again.

The camera captures your face as you moan and whimper with each thrust. Tears running down your eyes as you bite your lower lip. I pan down the smooth skin of your back to your big round ass jutting into the air and the huge black dick that is now pounding you from behind.

My own cock is damn near exploding at the sight. And I begin to rub it across your pretty face. I force my cock head between your lips and start ducking your mouth. I can feel your moans on my dick as I face fuck you. Pushing deeper and rougher as I’m losing control.

The father has his monster cock in his hand and is jacking off with his eyes fixed on his son ramming his cock in and out of you. There is precum dripping from his swollen cock head.

It doesn’t take long with your tight asshole squeezing his prick. He grunts and shoves deep into your ass amd you can see his body spasms as he gives you an anal cream pie. His eyes squeezed shut and panting.

I push the camera in close as he slides his BBC out of your ass. Your tight hole is now gapped wide with cum dripping from it.

The father immediately takes his spot. His cock is so big that I’m not sure your ass will take it. But the son has stretched you out and the mixture of your own fluids and the sons cum allow him force his sick inside of you. He only shoves about half of his massive shaft into your butt, but the thickness of it is more than you can take.

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