Carrie Ch. 02


“Yea Miss,” I replied meekly.

Did I really just say that? A well educated successful woman submitting to this dominate woman with the piercing green eyes. She has a strange power over me I want/need to please her in anyway she wants.

Standing before her naked, head down as instructed, scared and excited why does this turn me on so much? I was hers to use, waiting for instructions, wetness growing between my legs at the anticipation of what was coming next. She had already pushed my limits to places I never thought I would go but I kept coming back to this house for more.

After I arrived at her house tonight she order me to strip and I had been standing here for what seemed like forever. Naked and vulnerable, exposed for the slut I am, Carrie just staring at me driving me crazy with lust and desire. I heard her walk out of the room but did not move I was order to stand here naked and would not move until she told to do so.

“Look up Slut,” she ordered.

I did has instructed lifting my head to see her standing there a realdoe jutting out in front of her. What a strange site Carrie’s gorgeous body naked now sporting a penis that looked so real.

“Like what you see istanbul travesti my slut?” She asked.

“Yes Miss,” I answered eagerly

Walking toward me slowly stopping to stand just in front of me holding her fake cock. “On your knees!” She ordered.

Following orders I kneeled before her her penis, the head inches from my face. “Suck it slut,” she commanded.

Taking the large shaft in my my mouth I sucked eagerly. “Get it good and wet my slut,” Carrie encouraged me.

She was stroking my long red hair gently as I slobbered on her cock. I was so turned on serving my mistress, so wet, I wanted so bad to please her, so bad, my pleasure came by pleasing her.

“Deep throat my cock like a good slut,” she instructed.

Forcing my mouth down my until my nose was pressed into her. I gagged, saliva drooling out of mouth, Carrie started moving her hips, fucking my face violently, laughing loudly.

This is what I had become, a promising lawyer always in control a command of all the facts, now a worthless slut and loving every minute of it. Tears trickled down my face from gagging on her cock. My mouth was sore from her ruthless pounding but she showed istanbul travestileri no intention of stopping anytime soon. She pushed deep down my throat holding my head there “Look up at me slut,” Carrie ordered.

I raised my blue eyes to meet her gaze staring down at me “You look so hot my slut, do you think it’s wet enough?” She asked.

Nodding trying to say yes Miss with a mouthful of her cock. Releasing my head I pulled back drool dripping from my chin. “You did such a nice job slut,” she said while stroking my long red hair I love when she does that.

“I’m here to please Miss” I responded.

“Turn around put your face in the floor and your ass in the air,” Carrie ordered. I quickly did as I was told assuming the position. ‘SMACK’ “SMACK’ as she hit mt ass I winced in pain, “Pull your ass cheeks apart, spread that ass for me slut,” Carrie commanded sternly.

“Please Miss, not the ass,” I begged.

“Shut up!” Carrie yelled. I spread my ass for her scared of what would come next. I felt her poking at my back door my little brown star.

“Tell me you want it, beg for an ass fucking,” Carrie said seductively.

“Please Miss fucked travesti istanbul my ass, please, I’m a dirty slut, please Miss fuck me, use me” I begged and pleaded.

I heard her laughing as the phallic member made it’s entrance inch by inch slowly entering me stretching my tight ass. The pain was excruciating, I screamed out, she went deeper and deeper. I felt her against my backside, Carrie was all the way in, slowly withdrawing, I felt empty, then shoving back in. Her rhythm increasing the pain subsided into pleasure I started moving my hips to meet her thrust. Moans escaping my lips giving away my pleasure at being fucked in the ass.

“You may rub your clit slut,” Carrie said in a low voice,

“Thank you Miss,” I responded excitedly.

Reaching up between my legs to find my swollen clit I rubbed franticly. Suddenly I felt vibration, oh my God, what a wonderful feeling. Moaning. wildly panting, grunting, I was free, I had given up control and love it. The first orgasm crashed through my body, shaking, trembling, Carrie did not stop. Pounding my ass with out mercy would I even be able to walk tomorrow?

My second orgasm was more intense then the first the sounds coming out of me were unrecognizable. How did she know me better then I know my self I love her, worship her, only want to please her.

Command me Miss I’m yours forever always. I’ll do anything to please you, following every order to the letter, you are so good to me.

“Thank you Miss.”

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