Carrie’s Beach Adventure Day 2b


It was starting to work as we settled in on the semi deserted beach and everyone continued to encourage me to take off my bikini.

Lisa and Kim finally took off their shorts and T-shirts and started to spread sun block on their exposed skin. Lisa had on the same suite as yesterday. Kim had on a yellow bikini today but seemed to have almost as much covered as yesterday. She was sporting a little burn so I guess I couldn’t blame her. No lack of modesty on either of their parts. My bikini, which I had been in since leaving Kim’s apartment, was a mere scrap by comparison.

It wasn’t but a minute before the conversation about me taking off my bikini started. Everyone had a logical justification. Lisa didn’t want me to ruining my tan with tan lines. The guys didn’t want to limit my nudist activities. Even Kim said that there weren’t many people around so why not. I reiterated that I’d do anything anyone else was willing to do but there were no takers. That didn’t stop them though.

I had to admit that it was nice being away from the hoards of people. It really reminded me of the Caribbean trip Lisa and I had taken last year. It was even better in the sense that it wasn’t that hot so you could lay out without getting over heated. Kim reminded us all to put on plenty of sun block unless we wanted to end up like her. Jim volunteered to do my back so I tuned over onto my stomach. It was so relaxing that I didn’t even notice him untying the string to my top. I didn’t mind since I was about to do it myself but then he brushed my hair aside and untied the string around my neck leaving my bikini top totally unattached. Again, I should have said something but his hands on my back felt so good I didn’t want to disrupt the moment. He did my back followed by my legs. He certainly didn’t miss anything as he got a little liberal around my bikini bottom.

We were all just laying there enjoying the sun when Max suggested a dip. Now I had to make a decision. Do I retie my top or abandon it as I had yesterday. Every one was starting to make signs of getting up as I thought it over. On one hand I wouldn’t be showing any more than yesterday. On the other as always I was nervous about that first big step of showing my breasts. I thought that rollerblading around in a bikini down public streets and into a McDonald’s was probably more out of place than being topless on a beach, so I figured what the heck. My heart started beating faster at just the thought of going topless again. These guys were really going to think I was a nudist. I bet they’d expect the bottom to come off next. That would be more than I could handle so I hesitated. That’s when Jim reached down to grab my hand to help me up. I pulled away saying hold on a minute. I’m sure they thought I was waiting till I retied my top but I just laid there.

Everyone was getting a little impatient but I waited a bit longer trying to get my nerve up. I could feel my nipples tightening up already. Eventually I took a deep breath to calm my nerves a bit and rolled over. As I did, as calmly as I could muster, I said, “Hand me the lotion. First I need to do my front.” A little nervousness came across in my voice but I’m pretty sure the guys didn’t notice since their attention was riveted on my bare breasts and erect nipples. I didn’t think about what I just said but I guess it amounted to an announcement to come look at me apply suntan lotion to my bare chest.

Jim and Max both offered their help but between the bulge in their pants and my rising excitement it would have amounted to sex on the beach. I’m not sure I could have handled it in my excited state. I tried to ignore the stares Jim and Max were giving me but each time I crossed a hardened nipple another wave of excitement shot through my body. It took all of my control not to moan with excitement.

Now several of the people that were set up nearby turned to take note. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the day before but still it was hard not to be moved by people staring at you while your nearly naked in a public place.

To take my mind off my building arousal, I tried to get the others to go on without me and that I’d catch up but no one but Kim made any move to leave. Eventually I stood up to finish the job. Standing just seemed to make the extent of my exposed skin more obvious to everyone. A bikini seems to have the visual effect of covering more than it actually does when you have both top and bottom on. Take away the top and you realize just how little is really covered.

I do have to admit though that once I get over my initial nervousness I love going topless. I think the sexiest thing about being topless it that you’re showing something that is normally covered (at least in this country) but at the same time your heighten others need to see what’s left covered. I’ve really always hated wearing bras because of the feel but going topless has always made me a little nervous. I used to run around our dorm adana escort and my house in nothing but shorts or panties but topless in public was a whole other thing. The nice cool wind blowing across especially my breasts and nipples really made for a great sensation and a little nervousness just made it that much more exhilarating.

When we got to the water everyone realized just how cold it was and nobody wanted to go in. Being as excited as I was I started egging them on calling them chicken as I wandered out a bit further. It was really cold but after starting this I wasn’t about to admit it. There weren’t any waves to speak of since we were in the bay. It was smooth as a lake except for a little chop produced by the wind. I dove in and swam underwater for couple of yards before coming up. After I adjusted my constantly slipping bikini bottom, I yelled back that the water was great, and that they were chicken but just as I did a shiver over took my body giving away the fact that it was really cold. The little shiver caused my breasts to wobble a little and only served to attract the guys attention to my breasts even more. My nipples were as hard as a rock now and extended out a good three-quarters of an inch from my breasts. Jim and Max came in briefly but Lisa and Kim stayed on the shore. We kind of played around a bit but without waves it was fairly boring. We swam out into the deeper water where some of the boats were anchored. The exercise helped a lot in keeping us warm. Jim started talking to a couple on one of the anchored boats as we treaded water. Having seem me enter the water the guy was extra friendly. His wife or girl friend was a bit cold though. I’m sure the guy wanted to invite us onboard but I’m equally sure his g/f would have had a cow.

By the time we swam back to the shore Lisa and Kim had already returned to the towel. When we came out of the water we were all shivering. I pulled my bottom back in place as best I could and ran up the beach to the towels. Now walking topless was one thing. My 34c breasts are really firm so they hardly bounce while walking. More like a wobble. Just enough to remind me that they were unrestrained. But running is another story. It never hurts but all the movement was really distracting.

When we got back to the towels Lisa and Kim were already sitting there waiting. Kim looked at my bottom and commented about it not hiding much when it was wet. The suit was really thin and the water just made it cling like a second skin. And without any pubic hair its only value was to provide an opaque covering to meet legal decency requirements. It did nothing to hide the contour of my mound.

The swim was exhilarating but now the wind made me feel cold. I wrapped a towel around me to the disappointment of the guys. I started teasing them saying I was sorry to ruin their show. After a couple of minutes I started to warm up and dropped the towel and laid back on it. That brought the smile back to their faces. Just to add to the light teasing, I stretched my arms back over my head as if yawning. I glanced down at what I looked like and brought my hands back to my side. Lisa caught it all and said “Why don’t you just strip completely while you’re at it”. You see with the cut of my bikini bottom and the flatness of my stomach, when I stretched like that you could see all the way to the top of my pussy. Without any hair to speak of there was no trouble seeing right down to the bottom of my bikini.

It was a nice thrill laying there almost naked but there seems like a big difference between almost naked and naked. The warm sun felt great after the chilly water and the light breeze certainly kept you from getting hot. All in all it was a perfect day for laying out. After a while I rolled over and this time Max did me (my back that is). His hands felt even better than Jim’s. I was in heaven. Max worked his way down my back to my bikini bottom and hesitated slightly before continuing, working carefully around my bikini. He then started on my legs. I would not have been human if I didn’t get aroused by the way Max was massaging me. He continued up my legs and the closer he got to my crotch the more aroused I got. He commented several times about the firmness of my butt and legs. By the time he had finished he could have taken me right there on the beach and I would have been powerless to stop him.

My breath was coming in short breaths as I could feel the wetness growing in my pussy. I almost wanted him to untie my bottom and finish my butt like Bill had tried yesterday. As Max moved over to do Kim’s back Jim yelled, “Ok you got to do the back so that means I get to do the front right.” As a joke I started to roll over onto my back and flashed Jim a big smile as I dropped back onto my stomach. “You’re killing me”, he said. I was so close to letting Jim do it but thought better of it with all the people around. That would have eskişehir escort really been sex on the beach because I was already close to an orgasm.

I was just starting to fall asleep when Max suggested a walk. Lisa and Jim jumped up however Kim was starting to fall asleep as I was. Kim started to sit up but I just laid there for a couple more minutes. I know I had gone topless yesterday in front of many more people but I still wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Eventually I rolled over and in one of my bolder moves I enthusiastically jumped to my feet and asked “so which way”. I could have guessed before asking, but acting like it was no big deal was my crazy way of hiding my fears. My inner self was still scared to death, which probably is what makes this whole thing so exciting but by putting on this confident front kind of offsets it a little. I should go into acting I thought to myself. My nipples were already getting hard and I could feel the blood filling my nearly exposed lower lips. I pulled my bikini bottom in place a little better but pulling it up only served to make my excitement more evident. Jim handed me another beer for the walk. Like I needed another.

As I guessed, we started walking right towards were the bulk of the people were. There weren’t that many maybe 25 or 30 spread out along about a mile of beach but it was enough. I knew each and every one of them would be staring at me as I walked by. My breasts although mostly still, moved rhythmically to the beat of our walk. Kim seemed to be studying me or my breasts I should say. Carefully, in a voice of disgust she said, “I can’t believe it. Your boobs bounce less without a bra than mine do with one.” With that the guys and Lisa started paying even more attention to the movement of my breasts. I wouldn’t have thought that possible but it was. The guys started guessing my measurements and the length of my rock hard nipples as we walked. The conversation was getting a little too personal for me and we were approaching the first group of people on the beach. Lisa to add to the embarrassing critique of my body that was going on said, “your 36d 22 36, right?” as we approached the first group of strangers. Now Lisa knows my measurements so I knew she did this only to direct the attention of the folks we passed to my body. It seemed to work effectively as the group of 4 guys and 2 women stared as we passed. I corrected her with my correct 34c 22 34 measurements but her purpose had already be achieved.

My excitement level seemed to maintaining itself at a more manageable level today and with the cool breeze blowing across my bare skin it was the most exquisite walk I can remember. I can’t quite describe the exhilarating feeling but between that and the beer I was feeling quite fine. After we passed that first group I seemed to be over the embarrassment and figured let them look if they wanted to. I had a great body and if they were going to let me go topless I was going to take advantage of the opportunity. After all there aren’t many beaches near me where I could get away with this.

We walked all the way to the far point close to a mile from our stuff and my top. We stopped just long enough to look down the rest of the beach beyond the point before starting back. We walked back the same way we came, my rock hard nipple defiantly leading the group of three women and two guys like beacons past all people relaxing on the beach. It felt just as good with my back to the wind. On the way back Lisa started picking up some nice shells as we walked. I got into it a little further down. We were loading Jim and Max’s pockets since women’s bathing suite don’t afford them the luxury of pockets. Most especially mine which barely provided cloth for that matter.

It was truly a splendid walk. I never felt so free. I was so euphoric that as we approached out towels I started running ahead. Breasts bouncing in rhythm the whole way. When I got close I slowed up a little and attempted to do a cartwheel. Now I pretty athletic but I’m no gymnast so I proceeded to fall right on my side and rolled over onto my stomach. I didn’t get hurt or anything. Lisa was the first to my aid and helped me to my feet. Jim said, “Wow, Can we see that again. You almost made it.” The key word there was almost. I was covered with sand from my right hip around to my stomach and a little on each breast and up to my shoulder. My nipples did actually hurt a bit being in a rather sensitive state when they hit the abrasive sand.

Kim asked if I was ok as Lisa started to brush the sand from my side. Jim got into the act as well brushing the sand from my stomach. He pressed gently as if massaging my abs as he did it. He brushed my nipples a couple of times until I blocked him with my hand. Had it not been for the coarseness of the sand it probably would have been quite erotic. He was doing a very thorough job I have to admit but as I sakarya escort looked down I saw that half of the sand was going down the front of my bikini bottom. I thanked everyone for the help but thought it might be more effective if I just went for a dip.

I thought the others would have joined me but no one did at least not at first. The water was still cold but I was feeling so good I didn’t mind it. I swam out into the deeper water. Jim and Max finally approached the water but didn’t come in. I stood up and brushed the remaining sand off me and before Jim and Max decided to come in, I decided to get the remaining sand out of my bikini bottom by sliding it off. I normally wouldn’t do something so radical but between the beers and everything else I was in rare form. The water was just about up to my breasts so I figured no one could see anything anyway. I turned to face the guys and made sure they knew what I was doing since they were too far away to do anything. I slid it off my ankles and grabbed it in one hand and swung it around over my head to tease them. Mistake!

I saw Jim dive in and start swimming towards me fast. I figured I had better cut this off right there and get back into my suit right away. Not that it provided much in the way of coverage but it was something. Kind of. Well you women know it’s a lot easier to get those tiny nothing but string suits off than it is to get them on especially in the water. I saw Jim racing towards me and tried to step into it but it hung up on the toe of my right foot. I hurried to get it free just as Jim caught me from behind. I almost let go of the suit as he tackled me but managed to hang on to it. But there I was completely naked holding my bikini in my hand as I tried to wiggle free. It wasn’t like he was attacking me but still it wasn’t like there was anything at all between his roaming hands and me. And believe me he took advantage of the opportunity. His hands were all over me. I also felt his knee or hip or something rub past my bare pussy a couple of times. It would have been even more arousing had it not been for the fact that my mind was on getting my bikini back on. When Max got there he saw my suit still in my hand and immediately grabbed it out of my hand.

There I was completely naked with two guys about 100 feet off a public beach. Max started teasing me with my suit tempting me to reach for it. I did a couple of times before I realized they weren’t going to give it back that easily. I decided to go on the offensive and swam after Max. He didn’t realize I was that good of a swimmer since I caught him easily. However all he did was toss it to Jim. I started to walk/swim after Jim as he headed into the shallower water. I stopped realizing that I was dangerously close to showing everyone the only part of me that they hadn’t seen yet. I stopped and looked towards Lisa and Kim for help but they were to busy laughing. By then Jim had made it out of the water and was standing there admiring my little piece of modesty in his hand. I teased them saying. “A naked women over here and you guys run away”. They seemed to realize the foolishness of their action and threw my bikini down and started back towards me. I yelled for Lisa to retrieve my suit but she just left it there and she and Kim proceeded to follow Jim and Max into the water. As they all approached I backed off into the deeper water trying in vain to circle around them so I could get back to the beach and my bikini bottom which was just lying in the sand like a discarded piece of trash.

As they approached I suspected a conspiracy. I backed up into water that was over my head so I stared to tread water. I tried to hide my bare body from the onslaught of hands but Jim and Max were too much. Eventually Max grabbed me around the waist and wrestled me back to the shallows but not before I had him coughing up water.

There we were, five of us bobbing around. Four in fairly normal swim suits and one completely naked. It didn’t bother me though. The feeling of water on my uninterrupted skin was better than the feeling of the air earlier. Besides I didn’t have to bother keeping covered by one of those ridiculously small bikinis.

Lisa was finally starting to get into it like she normally does. I think she had a bit of a hangover even though she denied it. After about five minutes of general horseplay Lisa suggested a chicken fight. She and Max against Jim and me. Kim agreed to be the referee. I was a little less enthusiastic than the other because up until now I had managed to keep my bare bottom mostly hidden under that water. Playing chicken would surely give away my nakedness to everyone at this end of the beach, not to mention the unavoidable bumping of my bare body especially Jim who had been more than liberal with grabbing a feel when ever he could. The guys were elated with smiles from ear to ear. I figured nothing these guys hadn’t seen before.

I had figured I’d just hang on Jim’s back and give him a good feel of my bare breasts against his back but Lisa had already climbed up on Max’s shoulders. This way I’d be completely out of the water and my pussy would be right on the back of Jim’s neck. Jim suggested riding backwards but that was just too obvious. I told him he’d have to do better than that.

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