Casey’s Double Life Ch. 02


Letter from the author: This story contains these of male submission and a bit of humiliation, along with some female domination and cheating. If you find these themes offensive, please find another story. Leaving comments about what a pussy the main character is or what a slut or bitch the female character is, is just counterproductive. I do however enjoy comments good and bad as long as they are constructive or have a shred of thought to them. Thanks to all of the readers who have encouraged me to continue to write. Please let me know if you think I should continue this story beyond this chapter.



It had been over a week since Casey had seen Tabitha. She would not return his calls or his texts. He just figured she was too mad at him to fix, or she had found another man. He was of course disappointed in these developments, but figured there was really nothing more he could do besides apologize. He had seen Cara almost every night since then, and the progression of their sexual activities from tender lovemaking to male dominated/female submissive dirty encounters was swift. They had screwed a couple times since that last night with Tabitha, and Cara had really begun to get into her role, and Casey had taken her lead. The sex was really good, but Casey just couldn’t get Tabitha’s encounter with the guy in the parking lot out of his head. He had even masturbated more than once to the images that floated around in his head about that night.

That Saturday night Cara’s friend Jenna invited Casey and her to go to a club they liked with her and Jesse. The four of them drank and had a great time chatting and dancing all night. Around 1AM they all left the club to go home. Casey was a bit drunk and so was Cara, but neither one of them was as messed up as Jesse and Jenna. Casey talked Jesse out of his keys and sent Jenna and him home together in a taxi. Cara was getting frisky with Casey as they walked toward his car. He was not sure he should be driving, but his mind was far from that problem right now, as Cara walked next to him telling him all the dirty things she was going to do to him when they got home.

“I’m gonna make you a happy man when we get home baby.” She told him as she reach between his legs and squeezed his package.

Casey just smiled at her.

“I’m gonna suck your cock like no one has ever sucked your cock.” She told him.

This little comment inevitably made Casey think of Tabitha. She was the one who had sucked Casey’s cock the best in the past, so she was the one Casey would be comparing Cara to. As they approached the car Casey’s thoughts returned to Tabitha’s story. He got an idea.

“Why wait?” He asked Cara. “If you wanna suck my cock, do it now.”

Cara was shocked. She would never had imagined that, not in public like this, not where anyone walking by could see.

“NO!” she said exasperatedly. “You think I’m some kind of slut?”

“Yes.” He replied. “You’re my little slut!”

As soon as he said it he felt horrible. He was just about to apologize when Cara dropped to a squatting position and began digging at his zipper.

Cara didn’t even understand Why she did it. Was it was the booze or the recent turn of events in her sex life? Something inside her got excited when Casey called her that. Maybe it was just because she liked him so much, and he was such a great guy, being called that didn’t mean the same thing as if it came from some stranger. She opened his zipper and pulled out his hardening prick. She sucked it into her mouth and made it hard.

Casey was flabbergasted. He just grabbed her head like he knew she liked, and began guiding her back and forth on his stiff reed. He moaned and groaned and didn’t even notice several couples that passed as he got his dick sucked. Cara noticed. She noticed more han a few people walking by, but it only made her feel naughtier and sexier, especially when she heard one of the guys alert his companion to what was going on. She heard him ask the girl to do that, and she gasped in disgust and walked away., referring to Cara as a tramp. Cara liked being “Slutty” for Casey.

Casey’s mind wandered to Tabitha and her story. He couldn’t believe it was happening to him. He grabbed Cara’s head harder and fucked her face with a bit of force, imagining it was Tabitha and she was sucking his prick, just like the big fat cock of the guy she told him about. This made him so hard that he had to fuck this slut and he had to fuck her now. He pulled Cara off his cock and stood her up. She tried to kiss him, but he turned her around and bent her over the hood of his car. Cara was wearing a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. Casey shoved his fingers down the back of her pants and in one motion, pulled her pants and underwear down to her ankles. He shoved his finger up her sizzling pussy. He bent down so his face was right next to Cara’s ear.

“You really are my slut aren’t you?” He whispered in her ear.

“Yes!” Cara moaned, enjoying the feel of his finger in her snatch.

Just like before, Casey’s mind was on Tabitha, and he was imagining her bent over the car.

“Does my slut want to get fucked right here Ataşehir escort bayan in the parking lot?” He said, this time a little louder as he stood up and positioned himself behind her.

“Oh Yes!” Cara moaned.

Casey grabbed his dick and positioned it at her drooling hole, then plunged it balls deep into her. Cara screamed out with pleasure as Casey began a slow, forceful fucking of her from behind. He grabbed her hips and slammed his prick in hard and as deep as he could. Cara just grunted each time and moaned with delight.

“You like that slut?” Casey asked her.

“Yes! Yes, Fuck me harder!” Cara whimpered.

Casey’s pace increased. A few more couples came out of the club and noticed the two of them. Cara noticed some of them, and again made her feel dirty and sexy all at the same time. Casey was oblivious. All he could see was Tabitha in front of him getting fucked by his big fat cock, just like the guy she told him about.

The excitement got too much and Cara came just seconds before Casey pulled his cock out and sprayed his cum all over Cara’s ass and her shirt. Feeling satisfied with himself, he pulled up his pants and leaned over Cara again and whispered in her ear, “You are definitely a slut.” And then he walked away.

When he was only a few steps away, Cara called his name. Casey turned around and realized what he had just done and said. He rushed back to her as she was standing up and pulling her pants up.

“Where are you going? Are you sure you are ok to drive?” Cara asked him.

Casey put his hand around her and began to apologize again for his behavior. He could feel his cum all over her shirt.

“Stop saying you’re sorry. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do.” She told him, kissing him on the lips. “That was really exciting big boy. I like being your little slut.”

Casey couldn’t believe his ears. How could he be any luckier? This girl was everything he could ever imagine. How could he be cheating on her with his ex? The guilt instantly racked him. He had to get out of there.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ll call you tomorrow. I gotta go, I don’t feel well all of a sudden.” He lied. “You’re gonna drive Jesse’s car home right? I’ll call you tomorrow I promise.” Then he rushed away.

Cara grabbed her purse off the ground and retrieved Jesse’s keys . Then using the alarm, she located it. She took a deep sigh of satisfaction and headed off to drive herself home.

All the way home Casey kept telling himself he would not cheat on Cara again. She was perfect. She was so nice and caring and now all of a sudden, a total slut in bed. He resolved to not see Tabitha if she ever called again.

He got home, went up stairs and took a shower. His guilt was overwhelming. He needed to stop what he was doing. He wanted to call Tabitha and tell her not to call again. However, he didn’t trust himself to do what he needed to do. He knew he had no will power with her and he would probably just end up sleeping with her again. Furthermore, deep down inside he knew he didn’t really want to do it. He still loved Tabitha and he still wanted her. So he just decided he would do nothing, that way he would not have to deal with Tabitha at all unless she called him. He would work out exactly what he would say if she called.

He got out of the shower and was going to bed when there was a knock on the door. He grabbed a pair of pajama pants and headed for the door. His first thought was that it was Cara checking up on him to make sure he got home safely, but as he got closer to the door, he had that nagging feeling that there was trouble on the other side of the door. He closed his eyes and willed it to be Cara, but as he swung the door open and opened his eyes; his biggest fear was standing on his porch staring him right in the face.

“Hey Babycakes, how’s my little man?” she quipped with a sexy little sneer on her face.

“NO Tabitha, No, No, No, No!” Casey told her. “You have to leave. I can’t see you anymore.” He said sternly. Casey’s mind began to wonder. How the hell does this woman know when to show up at the wrong time every time? Her timing is unbelievable.

What Casey didn’t know was that Tabitha had been at the club as well this evening, and she had watched them all night just planning her attack. She could hardly believe it when she followed them outside and watched from a distance as Cara sucked his dick and he fucked her over the hood of the car, just like she had told Casey about her doing not two weeks ago. She had planned to text him when they went home to Casey’s place and see how much fun she could have with him, knowing Cara was right there. When she noticed Cara go the other way as she left the club, she couldn’t believe her luck, now she could prove to herself that Casey still wanted her even after he had had that nasty sex in the club parking lot. Nothing made her feel more confident that seducing Casey when she knew he knew it was wrong.

“What?” Tabitha said. “You don’t wanna see your Tabby Cat, baby?” She had walked right in without permission and closed the distance between them. She now had her mouth right next to his ear. “You Escort Ataşehir don’t want Tabby to tell you a new story? You don’t want to hear about how she got fucked like a dirty little slut in the storage closet at work by another stud with a big fat cock?” she whispered in his ear as she reached down and squeezed his already hardening dick through his silky pajama bottoms.

“No!” Casey said, backing away from her and retreating deeper into his apartment.

Tabitha just followed him in and closed the door behind her, never taking her eyes off of his.

“You don’t want to hear how Darren, that was his name, unbuttoned my blouse?” She had already begun to unbutton the top she was wearing. She only had two buttons left, and Casey could see she was wearing one of her sexy silky bras. Nothing made him hotter than seeing her big round tits in one of those. This one was a deep dark maroon color. He instantly imagined himself grabbing her tits encased in that bra, feeling the silky material on his hands as he squished her soft mounds in his hands. He snapped back to reality.

“No!” he replied as he continued to back up.

She moved toward him at a deliberately slow pace, pulling her top off to reveal her perfect bra covered tits. Once again he stared at them in that sexy bra. He looked at the deep long line of her cleavage. He pictured his dick sliding between those big, beautiful, soft, fleshy mounds.

“You don’t want to hear how he buried his face in these titties?” She asked, grabbing the objects of his desire and mashing them together in her bra, causing them to partially spill out of the top of that bra.

“No.” Casey replied, but this time his objection was much weaker. His retreat had halted as well, and soon Tabitha was right in front of him, half undressed. She closed the remaining distance between them and pressed her silky bra covered tits against his bare chest as she leaned into whisper in his ear.

“Then he squeezed these big ole titties and bit my nipples hard.” She told Casey. As she reached down to Casey’s stiff dick, she continued, “He was so rough Baby, and I loved it so much. She reached inside the floppy hole of his pJ pants, pulled out his stiff member and began stroking it as she continued her story. Casey instantly began moaning his consent. “Then you know what he did Babycakes?” She paused waiting for him to reply, but he didn’t “He pushed me down and told me to suck his cock.”

Casey moaned loudly at her dirty words. Tabitha was stroking faster now and breathing deeply into his ear as she spoke to him.

“I got down on my knees, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Oh Honey, it was so big and fat. I wasn’t sure I would be able to even suck on it” Tabitha exaggerated a bit.

This caused Casey to moan again, visualizing Tabitha on her knees in front of him. Tabitha squeezed his dick harder and stroked with a little more purpose.

“I slid that big fat cock into my mouth and sucked it like a perfect little slut.” Tabitha teased him. “Oh Babycakes, you would have been so proud of your Tabby Cat.” She was just being down right cruel with the nicknames and such, but all it did was turn Casey on more. “I sucked and sucked, and he held my head and fucked my dirty little mouth.”

The last line was all Casey could handle his dick exploded and cum shot out all over the floor as he grunted and groaned. Tabitha chuckled inside as she continued to milk his dick until it was all spent. Then the cruel streak continued.

“It’s o.k. sweety, you don’t have to be embarrassed that you came so quick. Not everyone can be as long lasting as Darren.” She told him, talking to him like a child that had just misbehaved.

Casey was not embarrassed. Well, he wasn’t until Tabitha put the thought in his head. Now he was, but before he could react, Tabitha continued to talk to him.

“I’m sure this little thing will get hard again by the time I finish my story. Then you can fuck your naughty little Tabby Cat.” She was still stroking his wilting prick, and squeezed it when she referred to it as his “little thing”. She pressed her tits against his chest again and continued with her story.

“Then Darren stood me up and turned me around. He bent me over an old chair in the closet, pulled my skirt up over my ass, pulled my g-string to the side and shoved that big fat cock up my wet, wet pussy.” She emphasized the word “wet” both times.

Tabitha shifted mode and suddenly she was not servicing Casey. She put her hands on Casey’s shoulders and pushed him to his knees. He tried to stop at her tits and play with them, but Tabitha would have none of that. She continued pushing down until he was on his knees in front of her. Then she lifted her skirt and exposed her panties. They were a g-string as well and matched the color and material of her bra and Casey could see a dark spot already where her juices had wet them. The smell was unmistakable, and Casey knew how horny she was.

“Go on Babycakes, take ’em off.” She told him.

Casey did as he was instructed. Then he just stared up at Tabitha.

“You want to lick your Tabby while she finishes her story?” Ataşehir Rus Escort She asked.

Casey just nodded. He never really noticed how much control she was wielding over him, or how submissive he was being. He just wanted to make her love him again, and he really wanted lick that pussy badly.

“Go ahead Baby. It’s alright.” Tabitha condescended to him.

Casey dove in and Tabitha moaned her approval, “Mmmmmmm Yeah.”

“He shoved that big fat cock in my pussy and showed me who was boss.” Tabitha continued her story.

Casey licked and sucked and nibbled and made a complete mess of his face as he devoured Tabitha’s hot, hungry hole.

“Oh Casey you are such a good little pussy licker. Don’t stop a thing you are doing.” She told him. “Darren was such a stud Baby, He made me moan and scream and made me feel like a dirty little slut as he pounded my pussy. I must have cum three times before he did. But, Oh My gawd, when he came, oh Baby you would not have believed the amount of cum that came out of that great big cock.”

Just then, Casey bit Tabitha’s clit. That, plus the recollection of her experience with Daren, made Tabitha cum. Her body shook and she tried to continue her story, “His cock filled my…….Oh shit….I’m cumm……. I could feel it coating my cun……….Oh shit, Don’t stop Babbycakes, More, more ……..I’m….Oh Fuck!!!!!!!”

She exploded inside and she grabbed Casey’s head and jammed it into her flooding pussy as she came and came and came like a wanton whore.

Casey never let up. Finally she pushed him away and made her way on wobbly knees to the couch where she collapsed in exhausted satisfaction. Casey just stayed on the floor staring at her.

“Oh Casey, Baby, that was great. Your tongue is amazing.” She told him breathlessly.

Casey just stared and waited until she had recovered. Then he looked at her with an expectant look on his face until Tabitha noticed.

“What?” She asked.

“You know.” Casey replied.

“No Baby, what is it?”

“You, You uh, said you know, I could fuck you.” He said shyly.

Tabitha looked at him and then down at his dangling dick, “How do you expect to do that when your dick isn’t even hard.”

“It will get it hard. Just give me a minute.” He told her.

“OK, go ahead.” She said. “But I don’t think you’re gonna get it up again tonight.”

Casey began stroking his dick trying to get it up. However, between Tabitha’s lack of confidence, his nervousness caused by his need to prove her wrong, and having already cum twice in the last couple hours, there was no way his dick was going to get hard. He tried everything, staring at her bra coved tits, staring at her pussy, closing his eyes and picturing Darren pounding her in the storage closet. No matter what he did it wasn’t going to happen.

“You could help!”Casey told her.

“Oh baby, I’m really not in the mood to give a blow job.” She told him.

Casey tried for a few more minutes to no avail. Finally Tabitha stood up and kissed him on the forehead as if he were her kid seeing her off to work. “Maybe next time Babycakes. I gotta get home. You can keep those as a souvenir.” She quipped, pointing at her panties. Then just as fast as she had appeared, she was gone out the door.

Casey was pissed. Once again he had failed to get it up when offered Tabitha’s pussy. He cursed his cock and himself for their inadequacies, and stood up to go to bed. He reached down and picked up Tabitha’s panties. He used them to wipe his face. As he did he could smell her scent. He inhaled deeply the aroma from her panties, and as he did, his prick stirred to life as if on cue.

“Oh yeah, now you work!” He scolded his dick as he looked down to see it continued to stiffen. He smelled her panties again and went to bed. He lay there for a while cursing his two missed opportunities. He told himself it would not happen again. If given the opportunity again, he would not fail. He had to fuck her again, he just had to.


Several days later Casey was at his office working when Cara came to see him just before lunch. He was pleasantly surprised to see her, as he was not expecting her. She was dressed for work as well, wearing a skirt, nice button up blouse and heels.

“Thought I would surprise you for lunch.” She told him.

“Very nice.” He replied. “I have one thing I need to finish before we can go.”

“No Problem I’ll wait.”

Casey continued working as Cara took a seat on the other side of his desk and crossed her legs . Casey couldn’t help taking a peek here and there because her skirt was loose fitting and had fallen off her hip on one side exposing a whole lot of her upper leg and even a hint of her butt. Cara noticed his glances and began to tease a bit. She shifted in her chair so her exposed hip was closer and more visible to Casey, even adjusting so that more of her cheek was visible. Casey’s prick stirred and he thought of how he would love to just take Cara over his desk right now and fuck her silly. This made his dick even harder as the images danced in his brain. He was having a hard time concentrating on his task. These thoughts quickly reminded him of the story Tabitha told him the other night about her fling at work with that other guy. Now his dick was rock hard. Tabitha didn’t help any when she began dangling her heel from her foot right in front of him.

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