Castleton Ch. 8


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The Members, Masters and Mistresses, gathered for breakfast in Castleton’s formal dining room. Each of them had their slaves kneeling by their side. The slaves wore robes and studded leather collars with embedded steel rings. A chain leash was fastened to a collar ring and on to their individual Master or Mistress’s hand. The male slaves genitals were bound by leather cock and ball harnesses, with an attached chain that passed through a neck collar ring then on to the Members hand. The harnesses pressed, separated and squeezed their balls and prevented the male slaves cocks’ from getting a hard-on.

The slaves had been trained to serve breakfast to their Master or Mistress, from a tray held by a Helper. After serving their ‘owner’ the slaves would be permitted to partake of the breakfast. The tray held a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, orange juice, coffee and tea. The serving of meals assured that the slaves learned to perform all services for their Master or Mistress. Serving incorrectly or clumsily was swiftly followed with humiliation and correction.

The slaves were trying to be extra careful, but the Members, and Helpers, set traps that caused the slaves to fail, thus providing entertainment for the Masters and Mistresses. A male slave, called Norman, was pouring coffee for his Master. The Master deliberately moved his cup causing the coffee to spill onto the white tablecloth. “You clumsy worm!” exclaimed the Master. “Have you learned nothing from your training? Answer me you slut!” he shouted. The slave lowered his eyes to gaze at the floor and trembled while searching for an appropriate response.

“Forgive me, Master.” He said fearfully.

“Forgive you?” his Master ranted, “You’ll wish you had never spilled that coffee when I’m through with you.” The slave began to plead and beg for another chance to serve his Master. Privately, the slave was hoping that he would be humiliated and ‘corrected’. “Oh, you want another chance?” mocked his Master. “Well I’ll give you a chance to entertain and please us all. Is that what you want?”

“Yes Master, I want to please you and the other Members,” Norman said, “Anything, Master. I’ll do anything you want,” He said softly.

“You’ll do more than you ever imagined, you whore!” his Master replied. He rose and lightly hit his fork on the crystal water glass, which rang like a bell. “Grand Master, may I speak to the Members?” he asked.

“Indeed, Master Brutus, the floor is yours.” Octavian replied.

“Thank you, my Lord.” Master Brutus threw his robe back over his shoulders to reveal his nakedness and a magnificent hard on. His cock was thick yet not long, but as rigid as granite. “Masters and Mistresses,” he began. “This miserable slut of a slave has soiled our linen with his clumsiness. I propose that he perform a service to entertain us, as a fitting apology.” The Members applauded and awaited their ‘apology’.

Brutus had his slave place eggs and ham on a plate and place it on the table. The slave was ordered to stand on the table and remove his ball and cock harness. His cock quickly became erect as soon as he released it from its leather prison. The Members lightly applauded the hard cock that would provide their breakfast entertainment for them. Brutus directed a Helper to hold the slave’s breakfast plate underneath the exposed cock. “Stroke your cock,” ordered Brutus. The slave, Norman, began to masturbate for the assembled Members as they ate and watched the Pendik Olgun Escort performance. He grasped his uncircumcised cock fully in his hand as he moved the foreskin up and down over the bulbous head, holding the shaft at the base his cock. His Master had him stroke and pinch his own nipples as he masturbated. “You may not stop masturbating, and you do not have permission to cum,” his Master ordered.

The slave continued the strokes, but he could feel his cum begin to build in his balls and cock. Another Master ordered his female slave to lick Norman’s balls, as he masturbated, which heightened his feeling of an impending orgasm. He visibly moaned and strained to avoid orgasm, to the delight of the audience. “If you cum, you will pay the price,” Master Brutus advised him and reached to grasp the slave’s cockhead and squeeze it, to preclude cumming, thus prolonging the slaves’ agony.

Three other male slaves were commanded to get up on the table and begin masturbating, with their cocks pointed at Norman’s breakfast plate. They too, were ordered to withhold cumming until Norman ejaculated onto his breakfast plate first. Hence, they were at liberty to slow or stop masturbating if they were close to cumming. Each time Norman appeared to be close to cumming, his Master would squeeze the slave’s cockhead. The female slave, licking his balls, was ordered to bite the slave’s ball sack and pull at it harshly, with her teeth, to distract Norman from cumming.

Someone produced a set of thumbscrew nipple clamps. Brutus quickly fit them to Norman’s nipples. He fastened the clamps and screwed them down tightly, tormenting the now writhing slave. Another Member produced a thin leather bound wire whip and passed it on to Master Brutus, who expressed his gratitude. He immediately put it to use across Norman’s hand and cockhead as the slave screamed, but continued masturbating. A Mistress, named Johanna, came over to Norman and tightly fastened a weighted chain around Norman’s balls and casually let the chain drop. The sudden weight brought a groan of pain from the slave, as the Mistress’s efforts were roundly applauded. Brutus, thanked Mistress Johanna and resumed the correction, by whipping Norman’s ass. The deep red welts were rising quickly from his ass flesh and burned like fire with each stroke of the whip.

Norman cried out for mercy, but to no avail. Master Brutus used the pleas as reason enough to deliver a measured stroke across the slave’s balls, causing him to scream and fall to his knees. Brutus, commanded the slave to get to his feet, brought the whip down on Norman’s cock again, causing a welt to rise across the cockhead. Painfully, but still sexually aroused from the whip, Norman slowly rose to his feet and continued masturbating. His cock and fingers hurt from the effects of the whip, and his nipples were swollen and aching, but he knew better than to stop masturbating or even plead for mercy.

Brutus grinned as he screwed the nipple clamps down another turn as Norman moaned and cried out. The other male slaves were nearing orgasm. Master Brutus sensed that it was time to end this phase of the entertainment. “You may cum now, Norman,” Brutus allowed. He motioned to the Helper to hold the breakfast plate nearer to Norman to catch the semen that would soon spew forth from his aching cock. The other slaves also moved into position to cum all over the food on the plate.

Norman felt his cum welling up from deep in his balls, still weighted and being bitten. His balls were sore, his nipples hurt and his cock was aching for relief. Suddenly, his eyes rolled back in his head and he exploded, spewing frothy, Pendik Sarışın Escort pearly white cum in an arc from his cockhole onto the breakfast plate. Again and again, the throbbing cock delivered huge volumes of his pent up cum over the eggs and ham. The others reached their climax just after Norman, and they too sprayed the breakfast plate with large loads of ejaculate.

Master Brutus forced Norman to his knees and ordered him to cleanse the dripping cocks of the other slaves. Norman complied eagerly and licked the slave’s cocks clean. The slaves returned to their ‘owners’ and took their places on their knees. The Members applauded their commendable efforts, turning their attention to Master Brutus and his slave. Brutus took the plate from the Helper and gave it to Norman along with a fork. “Your breakfast,” he said as Norman looked upon the plate of eggs and ham that were nearly completely covered with cum. “Eat,” commanded Brutus. Norman looked pleadingly at his Master in a futile hope that Brutus would rescue him from this humiliation. Brutus grinned as he fingered the whip and lightly slapped it in his palm. Norman began to eat the cum-covered eggs and ham assuring that none was missed or wasted. He continued until the plate was clean.

Mistress Darla rose from her seat and climbed onto the table. She threw off her robe revealing her gorgeous naked body, as she held a crystal goblet in her hand. She grinned, squatted slightly, put the glass under her cunt and peed into the crystal goblet. She filled it to the brim, and offered it to Norman. Still on his knees, Norman thanked her, grasped the glass in both hands and drank the warm yellow liquid completely. She grasped his hair and forced him to lick her cunt clean of some remaining dribbles of piss. The Members gave her and Brutus a standing ovation, in which they reveled and strutted about, with their arms outstretched to the cheers and applause.

Master Brutus grasped the chain tied around Norman’s balls and pulled it until Norman groaned painfully, rose to his feet and climbed off the table. Brutus led his slave, by the balls, to an elevated area at the front of the dining room. The Helpers placed a raised padded hassock at the center of the makeshift stage. Brutus placed Norman on his stomach across the hassock. The Helpers spread his wrists and ankles and secured them to rings in the floor. Brutus dropped the chain on his balls and let it hang down pulling on Norman’s balls. The Helpers spread Normans’ asscheeks wide, revealing his rosy asshole for all to see. His Master invited Mistress Lira to come forth with her rubber bands and punish his clumsy slave. Lira eagerly agreed.

Master Brutus devised a special ‘correction’ where he would first strike his slave’s asshole with the whip. This was followed by the stinging rubber band applied to his asshole by Mistress Lira. This alternating chastisement of the slave’s asshole continued uninterrupted, except for the increased ferocity of the blows, until the slave was screaming for mercy. His cock belied his plight, however, as it had become rock hard and was pulsing with each blow. As much as Norman’s pain increased with each blow, the pain also doubled his sexual arousal. His cock heavily oozed pre-cum as he screamed with pain, and joy, at his torment.

Brutus ordered a Helper to lick and suck the slave’s cock, but not to allow him to cum. The Helper relished his task and quickly brought Norman to the brink of cumming, only to quell the urge by biting hard on the slave’s cockhead. The alternating assault brought such searing pain to Norman’s asshole that he begged for mercy in between his screams, Pendik Şişman Escort until finally, he could no longer scream or beg. His eyes rolled back in complete surrender. He lay hurting and exhausted on the hassock, nearly oblivious to the continued torment of his asshole.

Finally, Mistress Lira stopped and moved to the front of the hassock. Master Brutus shifted his whip from his slave’s asshole to his asscheeks. Lira sat down with her cunt in front of Norman’s face, lifted his head so that her cunt covered his mouth. “Suck my cunt, you slut!” commanded Mistress Lira. Norman’s tongue probed deeply into her cunt as he licked and swallowed her streaming juices. Lira’s arousal was at its peak and she came hard as Norman sucked her cunt. She shuddered through multiple orgasms, moaning aloud as he pleasured her cunt. She ground her clit against Norman’s tongue and screamed with joy as she came again and again, as the talented tongue worked its magic on Liras’ nub. A Helper, realized Lira’s plight and he moved forward to lightly rub her nipples in rhythm with the sucking of her cunt, thus enhanced her pleasure. Lira rewarded the helper by fondling his cock as she kissed him full on his lips.

Brutus, pleased with his welting of Norman’s asscheeks, opened his robe to uncover a massive erection seeping with pre-cum nectar. Brutus used the pre-cum to lubricate the bulbous head of his cock then thrust it deep into his slave’s asshole. Norman sighed with pleasure from the familiar feeling of his Master’s cock in his ass. He moved his hips back to meet the cock thrusts of his Master and moaned with pleasure at the fucking his ass was getting. Brutus sensed his orgasm nearly upon him and he withdrew his cock and swiftly moved to Norman’s head. Grabbing Norman by the hair, he pulled his face away from Mistress Lira’s cunt and exploded his cum all over Lira’s cleft. The thick, pearly, semen flowed slowly over and into Lira’s cunt. Brutus continued to spew great volleys of cum until his throbbing cock would spasm, but cum no more. Master Brutus milked his cock to get the last dribbles of cum flowing over his cockhead.

When no more cum could be milked out, he thrust his cock into Norman’s mouth to be cleansed. Satisfied, Brutus moved Norman’s head back to Mistress Lira’s cum covered cunt, to lick up the nectar he had deposited there. Norman obediently licked up the thick pearly fluid from all the folds and crevasses of Mistress Lira’s cunt. Satisfied, both Lira and Brutus invited the other Members, Helpers and slaves to partake of Norman’s tongue and asshole. Lines formed at both of Norman’s ends as the participants thrust their cocks or cunts into Norman’s mouth, or their cocks in his ass. Some put on condoms so they could pour their semen into Normans’ mouth or onto a cunt he was sucking. In all, some thirty residents of Castleton enjoyed orgasm as a result of Normans’ tongue or asshole.

When at last the residents finished with Norman he lay exhausted, whipped, and hurting from the weights on his balls and the clamps on his nipples. He still had a raging hard on and yearned for sexual fulfillment and release. His yearning ended abruptly, as Brutus struck him hard across the cockhead with the whip, causing his cock to instantly become flaccid while Norman screamed with pain. Master Brutus smiled satisfactorily and beckoned to the Helpers to return Norman to his slave quarters.

The Members returned to their places at the table and continued their breakfast. The slaves, apprehensively, continued serving their Masters and Mistresses each hoping privately, that they too might commit an infraction and suffer the pleasure of a ‘correction’ similar to Normans’. Some slaves erred and they too were corrected, but none suffered as had Norman. Their ‘corrections’ were swift, with slaps, a quick series of strokes with the whip and sexual torments of various sorts, but none that approached the severity of Norman’s ‘correction’.

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