Cat , Randy


Cat came out of the mall and put her packages on the back seat of her car. She opened the front door and pulled her wheelchair up to the seat. She lifted each leg onto the car floor and then lifted her butt into the car. She adjusted herself then fastened the seat belt. This allowed her to lean out and remove one wheel of her wheelchair and put it on the back seat. She then got the other wheel off and then the body of the chair to the back seat. It was an ultra light, titanium chair so it did not require a lot of effort even for her well developed arm and shoulder muscles. Pushing the hand control forward on the brake she started the engine and looked all around her to be sure it was safe to back out of the handicapped parking space.

Keeping pressure on the brake she shifted into reverse and then gently let the brake off and at the same time pushed down on the hand control to give the car gas to back out. She then smoothly moved forward out of the parking lot and headed to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner tonight. Randy, her new boy friend was going to be there for dinner tonight. They had actually met in the same store when he ran into her with his shopping cart. He had his eye on his shopping list and not where he was going. When he saw that he had run into a woman in a wheelchair he was appalled. Cat laughed it off saying it had not hurt her at all. She did not tell him she had no feeling in her legs anyway. She added that the long leg braces she wore protected her legs so no harm done.

She got what she needed and headed home. It took her two trips in her wheelchair to get all of her stuff into the house. She put the groceries away and then the other items she had purchased. She got some things ready for dinner and put a pork roast in the oven to slow cook. Cat straightened up her place and headed for the shower. She transferred to the bed to undress as it was easier than doing it in her wheelchair. She removed her top, cupping her braless, 36 D slightly pendulous breasts. Her nipples were long and hard as she had been wondering what life with Randy might be like. She had made up her mind that she was going to have a frank talk with him tonight and let him know what her life was like.

Using her arms she rocked back and forth and got her skirt off then undid all the straps on her HKAFO braces. They ran from her rib cage to her feet with locking mechanisms at her hips and knees. She was paralyzed from about 3 inches below her breasts down. Her spine had been severed there when she was a teen in a car accident. Metal rods held her spinal column together for several vertebras in that area making her back on the stiff side. Her bladder was in the closed position so she used catheters to drain it but did not have to leave them in all the time unless it was more convenient like when she was a work sometimes. Her legs and other pelvic and hip muscles were very atrophied.

After getting her braces off she got back in her chair and went into the bathroom, wheeled into the shower and transferred to the bench attached to the wall. She pushed her chair out, slid the glass door closed and fastened a slack belt around her chest under her breasts. She had to be very careful of not falling out of her wheelchair, or other places she might be sitting. She then took a battery operated hair trimmer and trimmed her pubic hair. This was more for sanitary reasons than sexual. She was still a virgin as far as having a penis penetrate her. She had to be careful when putting a catheter in though so she did not get an infection.

She washed her body and hair, dried off, put the towel on the seat of her chair and moved to the wash basin to finish up. She dried her hair and put a slight bit of lipstick on. In the bedroom she got into her braces again, pulled a clean, short skirt on and then a shaggy sweater, still braless. She transferred back to her chair and fond some shoes. She checked herself in the mirror and was satisfied with how she looked. She went into the kitchen and added a dish to the oven and set the table. Neither one of them drank so she made some iced tea. In the living room she put some CD’s in the stereo and turned them on. Right on time the door bell rang and she wheeled to the door, looked through the lowered peep hole and seeing it was Randy opened the door.

She backed her chair up so he could get in and he gave her a kiss on the forehead. Cat closed the door and showed him around her house quickly. They sat in the living room and chatted about their day and week. Randy was a salesmen for an electronics outlet and Cat worked for a physical therapy operation located in a building with several orthopedic doctors. Cat had pulled her chair alongside the chair he was sitting in. The oven timer went off and she asked if he would like to join her in the kitchen while she finished dinner. He said great and followed her in there. He noticed that the kitchen was adapted for someone in a wheelchair bursa escort with lowered counters and sink. Cat put a towel across her lap and finished getting things ready.

She got things finished, then asked Randy if he would get the roast out of the oven and cut it. She showed him where to put it and had a serving platter and large knife and fork ready. She got the rest in serving bowls and on the table. She asked if iced tea was ok to drink and she said it was. Everything was ready when he sat the meat down and he sat to eat. Cat sat across from him and they had a great meal. He helped get the dishes to the sink and she rinsed and put them in the dishwasher. After they were done they returned to the living room. This time Cat had Randy sit on the couch. He told her what a great dinner it was, the first home cooked meal he had in some time. He was too lazy to cook much for himself. Cat said she was the same way a lot of the time and enjoyed having someone to cook for.

Cat had pulled her chair directly in front of Randy and told him she needed to talk to him. She told him she liked him and that before things got any further along she wanted him to know all about her. He had never asked any questions about why she was in a wheelchair and she wanted him to know. She told him that 10 years ago she was in a car with some other people and had been hit by a car that ran a stop sign. He spine was severed and she used her fingers to show just where. She told him that she was paralyzed from that point down, nothing moved AND she had no feeling below that point…anywhere. She asked if he understood the ramifications of that. He said yes, he had looked up some stuff on the computer.

Still looking at him she asked if he was a devotee. He said no but he had seen the term when he was looking at things on the internet. Yes, he was curious about her and what had happened but he was more interested in her as a beautiful woman, fun to be with, smart, caring, all of those things. Cat smiled and said thanks for the complements. She pulled her skirt up high and showed him her braces. She pulled one side even farther and showed him the hip locks that allowed her to sit unaided in her chair. She knew she had not covered herself completely and he could see her pubic hair. She pulled the drop locks up and leaned forward some to demonstrate how they worked.

She then told him she could not walk at all, she had given up several years ago, it was just too hard to do so but she liked how the braces looked on her legs and for the back brace to work. She pointed out how small they were. She showed him how high the upper back brace part of the brace came up to her ribs by pulling her sweater up. She knew he could just see the bottoms of her breasts as she did so. After her show and tell she again reinforced her condition by saying Randy, if we were to have sex sometime, you understand I can only lay there, no movement, no hip thrusting, no vaginal clinching, I could not feel you in me or when you came. I can never experience that. I am a virgin as far as having a penis in me. Also, I have to use a urinary catheter to pee.

Randy was quiet for a few seconds then said he was sorry it was that bad for her, he had hopes it was not but he understood. Randy slid forward on the couch and reached out and took her hands in his. Looking her in the eye he said he had one question for now. Cat nodded her head for him to ask. He said if we got to the point we wanted to have sex, would you be mad, or hurt, or whatever other negative feeling there might be if I wanted to penetrate you and have intercourse with you. Cat immediately said no, she would not. To be honest I can’t imagine a man wanting me though. Randy squeezed her hands and said don’t say that about yourself. You are a very beautiful and yes, sexy woman.

He drew her hand down to between his legs and pushed the back of it into his very hard cock. She grinned saying thanks for the complements. He grinned and said see, I told you you were sexy, look what you do to me. Randy said I am sure you know there are lots of ways to get off, we can work at finding them. She nodded her head and pulled him to her for their first real kiss. When they were done she asked if he had any questions and he said no not right now. Cat told him he could ask her anything he wanted at any time. Nothing was too personal, Randy said same here. We have to be very open and honest with each other. Cat repositioned her chair and transferred to the couch and got alongside him. He twisted around and took her into his arms and they kissed passionately this time, using their tongues on each other.

After they had kissed for several minutes Randy said he did have a question; could she please show him where the feeling started and stopped on her chest. Cat laughed and said she would be glad to and put her arms in the air. He looked confused for a few seconds then asked if she was sure and bursa ucuz eskort when Cat said yes he pulled her sweater up over her head and off her arms. He held her eyes and she finally said go ahead and look, I want you too. She undid her hip locks and let herself lean back on the couch while Randy took in her large breasts. Cat was about 5′ 5″ tall and weighed only 115 pounds. Her upper body was muscled from having to lift herself and push her wheelchair around for the last 10 years.

Randy could not get a good look yet but from below her chest down she was small with no muscle development to speak of. Again, 10 years of no muscles that did not work had caused them to shrink a lot. Cat took his hand and placed it at the top of her back brace at the bottom of her rib cage and told him to slowly move it up. About one hand width up she told him she could feel his hand and took her finger and pointed out just where the line was. Her large breasts stopped just short of it. He looked up into her face and said you feel nothing below that line and she said no as she shook her head. Looking back at him she smiled and said she had also never felt a man’s hands on her breasts and used her hand to encourage his movement to continue up.

Randy did so and quickly his hand made contact with her breast. He cupped it hefting it to get an idea of the heavy weight. His thumb found her nipple and he rubbed it. Cat had done this many times to herself but his touch caused her to take a sharp breath in, then moan. Randy leaned forward and licked the nipple then took it between his lips and sucked on it. Cat moaned louder and said how good that felt. Randy moved his mouth to the other one but his hand continued to stroke the first one. Cat put her hand on the back of his head pulling it tighter to her as he continued to suck and lick her breasts.

After several minutes Cat asked if she could see and touch him. Randy said sure and moved to stand up. She said lets go to my bedroom and you can see the rest of me also. Randy helped her move to her chair by moving her braced legs as she moved. Cat pushed herself to the bedroom and Randy asked what he needed to do to help. She said do like you did in the other room, help me get my legs up on the bed as I move which he did. Since her top was off she lay flat on her back and showed him how her skirt worked with Velcro closures. When she had it open he could see all of her. Her large breasts has separated some and moved down on her chest wall. She ask him if he would like to help her out of her braces and he said definitely.

She showed him how a couple of straps worked on her back brace and he finished all of them down to her feet on both legs. She asked him to slip her shoes off then she reached up for the trapeze bar that was over her bed. She had him lift her legs out of the braces and after he did she lifted herself up and asked him to pull the brace set up out from under her. He did and she told him to just put them on the floor. He remarked how heavy the whole thing was. She said she was not thinking but she should have undressed him before she got out of her braces but would he please undress now. She told him she had never been with a naked man before. Rand got out of his stuff quickly and stood by the bed. His cock was long and hard with pre cum dripping from the head.

Cat asked him to get in bed and up close to her so she could look at his cock. He did and she took hold of it and looked it and his balls over very good. Once he had to stop her as he was about to cum and told her so. Cat said she was anxious to see that. When she was done she asked him if he had ever had sex with anyone. He said one time and it was fast and in the dark which they laughed at. Cat said your turn and reached down and pulled one of her legs up to her breast so she was open to his view. He moved down by her pussy and Cat told him he could touch if he wanted. He did but she had no idea what he did. She told him she did not have a hymen as she used tampons now and at one time had experimented with sex toys to see if she could feel anything.

Since she could not feel, she could see no reason to continue. It was also how she ruptured her hymen and she had bled a lot but did not feel it happen. Randy moved back up to her head and got beside her. They held each other for a while then started kissing again. Cat asked him if he had any rubbers with him and he said no. She did not have any either and did not want to get pregnant. She told him she wanted to watch him cum and did he want to do himself or could she try and do it. Randy said by all means you do it. She asked if he did it much and he said yes especially since he had met her. Really! Cat asked? You bet Randy said.

Cat struggled down in bed some and got on her side along side of Randy. She took him in her hand and he was very slippery with pre cum all over it. Randy offered the suggestion bursa anal yapan escort that she should not point the thing at her face unless she wanted it all over her. She said you really shoot that far and he said sometimes. She grasp him and started moving her hand on him. She asked if she was doing it right and he said she must be as it felt fantastic. Randy told her he did not think he would last long as aroused as he was at seeing her. His legs were spread and she noticed his ball sack pull up close to his body. Next he said it was time and she saw his sprits of cum shoot out of the end of his dick and shoot up to his chest. There were 5 or 6 of them and then it just dribbled out some. It did not take long for him to go soft.

Some of the cum dribbled on to Cat’s fingers and she licked it off. She got a surprised look and said how good it tasted. She had read about oral sex and leaned over and took his limp dick into her mouth and cleaned it off sucking what was left out of him. She knew immediately she wanted more of that when she had the chance. Randy scooted down by her and kissed her good thanking her for what she had done. He worked his hand down to her pussy and found her soaking wet. He told her so and she put her hand down with his to feel it. She said she had no idea she was that way, some of her body must be responding. She felt his hand while he was fingering her and found he had 3 fingers in her. She thought if he was enjoying himself, it made her feel good she could provide it.

He soon was sucking her nipples as he fingered her. That she could feel and with all that had happened tonight, something was causing a strange feeling inside her. She did not understand it but it did not bother her either. Cat had never had an orgasm and wondered what one felt like. She looked down and saw that Randy was hard again as he played with her body. She looked at the clock and realized she needed to go to the bathroom. She explained to Randy the need and it was past time. She started to get up and he looked at her and asked if he could watch. Cat thought for a second and said sure, you need to see how bad everything is. He told her it was not a “bad” thing but a necessary thing just like breathing.

He helped her get over to her chair by lifting her legs while she lifted herself with the help of the over bed trapeze. His help made it a lot easier for her she thought. She wheeled herself into the bathroom being sure not to tip out of the chair since she did not have her braces on. She got the package from the closet and showed him what was in it. She scooted forward on the chair some, put one leg over the wheel of her chair to spread her legs and keep it anchored since she had no control over it. Cat opened a foil package with a pad of anti bacterial cleaner on it and using her left hand spread her labia and with the right cleaned the area around her urethra. She threw the wipe in the trash.

Next she put a plastic glove on and then opened the lubrication and also took the rubber end off of the catheter. She put some of the lub on the tip then picked up the bag and catheter in her ungloved hand. She pulled a little of the catheter out of the storage bag with the gloved hand and then spread her lips again. Looking down she inserted the rigid catheter into her urethra and pushed it in pulling a little more if it from the collection bag. Urine started to run into the bag and for the first time she looked at Randy. She seemed to be fascinated by what was happening more so than looking at her pussy in full view. While her bladder was draining she asked if he had any questions and he said no. She then asked him if he thought he could do it to her if needed and without hesitation he said yes and leaned over and kissed her.

The urine stopped flowing and Cat pushed and pulled the catheter in and out of her a few times to be sure she got all of it then pulled the catheter out of her. Using the gloved hand she pushed the catheter back into the collection bag all the way and dropped it into a special waste can she used for it. She removed the glove and threw it in the trash. Looking at Randy she said she felt like a shower, did he want to join her. He said does a bear poop in the woods and they laughed as Cat wheeled her chair into the wheel in shower and transferred to the bench. Randy got her chair out and joined her closing the glass door. She turned the water on, got both of them wet and then started soaping Randy. Naturally she paid special attention to his hard cock and balls.

Randy then took the soap washing Cat good especially her very large breasts. As he was washing her he remarked about her normal, athletic looking upper body and her much smaller lower trunk and very skinny legs. He also told her he thought her legs were very sexy. She asked more so than my breasts and he said honestly, sometime yes. She laughed and said you are turning into a devotee I think and that is not a bad thing. She was quiet for a few minutes then looking him in the eye she told him she was not unhappy about being as crippled as she was. She in fact liked it. Randy said he had felt that was very true about her and he did not think she was wrong for feeling that way about herself. She told him thanks for understanding.

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