Catcher Culture Ch. 02


Fenton drove to the address on the card; it was in the uptown district where the affluent live, he took a sharp intake of breath as he drove up the secluded drive of the thirties style mansion. It was typical of one of those places movie directors owned, but as he parked up he could see it was now set up for business. He walked through the main entrance and a stiff looking receptionist with contemptuous eyes smiled and had him sit. Moments later Lauren arrived, smiling with satisfaction, she wagged a finger at him and he meekly followed the woman whom he knew now had complete control over him. Fenton’s cock stiffened, partly with fear and partly due to the shapely woman who strutted before him down the corridor; she was dressed in a tight leather outfit, the pencil skirt hugging her sumptuously rounded buttocks, black seamed stockings and stiletto’s making her look every inch the dominant woman she was. She opened a door and stood by it, ushering him in. He swallowed hard as he entered the plush office and sat down.

On a pin-board on the wall behind the chair in which the smiling Lauren now sat was a portfolio of pictures of his own naked rear, pinning a ‘helpless’ teenage girl down. The girl’s look of innocent bewilderment almost raised a smile on his face; it was that impressive. He had been well and truly taken. The pictures helped serve to constantly remind him of why he was there, whilst Lauren put her proposal to him. She smiled broadly, and her tight leather skirt creaked as she crossed her elegant and attractive legs. Fenton’s cock twitched at the sight of the mature woman’s dominant form as he anticipated what lay in store for him; her sweet scent filled the room and somehow seemed to confirm that he was entombed with no way out. She opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue around the inside of her ruby red lips before she spoke.

“You have been a very bad boy, and these pictures and what we know could lead you to spending a long time in jail, but it needn’t be that way. You obviously enjoy using your body, which I must say is very appealing and a lot of women would appreciate it. I think you need to appreciate women a little more, and need a little education. I intend to arrange that education, which I’m sure you will learn to enjoy, the more you work for us.” Fenton swallowed hard and looked at the pictures on the wall, as he listened to Lauren’s sultry and deliberate tones. He responded.

“An education?” She smiled at him in a calmly superior way, which made his cock stiffen all the more.

“Yes; we find most men do not really know what real pleasure there is in genuinely being of service to a woman, until it is thrust upon them. If you agree to work for me, I’ll provide you with accommodation and I may even be able to arrange that you see Cindy again on occasion; the girl has such a sexual appetite for being Ataşehir Anal Escort submissive- a great failing in a woman as far as I am concerned- and I’d bet you’d appreciate seeing her again on your terms. You’ll find working for us will have you kept interested at both ends of the sexual spectrum.” Fenton’s balls tingled with an involuntary excitement as he digested her words, and she pressed a buzzer on her desk, winked at him and the smile evaporated from her face. A middle aged male scuttled into the office, on being beckoned by the buzzer.

Lauren looked at him with contempt and pointed to her feet, not saying a word. The male dropped to his knees without hesitation and kissed her feet, oblivious to any shame or humiliation at doing so before another male. Fenton was unsure why, but his cock stiffened to rigidity as Lauren looked at him, a contented smile on her face once more. She patted the male on the head like a pet dog, as he continued to worship her feet.

“Tell our guest about Hortense Montgomery; tell him how things will be when he’s had the pleasure of her acquaintance.” The male seemed reluctant to stop kissing his mistress’s feet, but eager to relate as to the charms of Ms Montgomery. He pulled himself away from the black stilettos, visibly excited as his eyes travelled up the exquisite stocking-clad legs and leather skirt; he hoped Lauren would award him some favour if he pleased her.

“Mistress Montgomery will show you the true way with women, she will have her way, and you will appreciate being shown the correct way to behave for your betters.” He looked back at Lauren who lifted her chin and looked back at the male with a slight sneer; it was evident she would have him continue. The male swallowed hard, in fear that he would not earn her approval, and sheepishly faced Fenton once more.

” Trust me; you will know pleasure from situations you would never have dreamed you could be in, you will be freed of any form of chauvinism forever. You will yearn for more appointments with Mistress Montgomery” He then looked back at Lauren who nodded her approval as he clasped his hands in a praying position. She lifted a foot which he kissed gratefully as she smiled.

“You know my address; be there at 6:30 tonight, you can help me dress for my evening appointment. I’ll let you do my lingerie wash whilst I’m out.” The male thanked her like a cur before bowing and scraping as he left; both he and she knew he would be stimulated by being allowed to view her body as he attended her, and would then make the most of her panties before they were washed. Fenton could not help but notice the huge bulge I the male’s slack leggings before he went; a bulge matched by his own. Laurens smile returned to Fenton.

“Now you know the name of the lady who will be your first appointment.” Fenton gulped Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort and looked a little bewildered. Lauren picked up a short cane from her desk and tapped on the photos on the wall behind her.

“You really have no alternative, and like I said; you’ll learn to love working for us.” Lauren gave him the address details and advised his appointment was at 3:30 pm; he had little or no time to even think about it, and Hortense would give him the key to his new accommodation; failure to turn up would mean he’d be greeted at his old accommodation by certain uniformed people. Fenton found himself thanking her for some unknown reason, and left for the address.

Across town, Larry Emmerson, a portly businessman, grunted with pleasure as he eased his cock into the tight anus of the whimpering girl who lay on the bed before him, pink panties around her ankles which were adorned with soft white socks, her white blouse undone showing her little immature breasts. The tears dripped from her eyes and her pig-tails swept back and forth as the large man shunted her rear as his body was immersed in the pleasure of probing her tight little rectum. He had lured her to the motel after grooming her for a couple of weeks, and now he was enjoying the fruits of his labour; she had been a little reluctant, which had added to his enjoyment, as he removed her little skirt and dropped his trousers. The soft white flesh and sweet smell of her little hairless pussy and anus had him rampant; he’d fuck her, give her some money to keep her quiet and that would be the end of it; or so he thought.

The helpless little waif wailed as Larry penetrated up to the hilt again and again; he roared with satisfaction as he exploded into the soft white cheeks which he squeezed tightly as he pulsed out his ecstatic delivery, gritting his teeth in abject, wanton pleasure as his hot seed filled the young girl’s tight anal passage. His pleasure was suddenly brought to an abrupt end.

“Well done Larry!” Boomed a voice from nowhere; crackling with electrical undertones. He looked up to the lampshade where the voice seemed to come from; then he froze as the door opened and three women casually walked in; one in razor sharp business dress, held a laptop which she displayed to Larry, still with his clothing about his ankles and his now wilting cock in its warm haven. Larry’s jaw dropped as he watched himself undress the timid young girl and bugger her. The women had themselves another recruit.

Fenton arrived at the address on the card; the house was not far from Lauren’s business address and the place was as grandiose as the former. His stomach turned a little as he rang the bell; what else could he do? These women had him whether he liked it or not.

A maid dressed in a tight black satin outfit looked at him with a contemptuous Ataşehir Zenci Escort scowl which almost resembled a smile, as she recognised the card he showed her. She opened the door wide and ushered him in without saying a word. The first thing that hit him was the delicate scent of the interior; like attar of roses. The whole house seemed feminine and boudoir like somehow; it was instantly apparent that a female dwelled here, and one that said exactly how things should be. Fenton’s cock was now in a permanent sate of semi-excitement and rubbed against his clothing as he watched the satin clad rear of the maid before him, and wondered what he had let himself in for.

He was taken into a large lounge with soft leather furnishings and told, not asked, where to sit. He felt more nervous than ever as he sank into the large leather chair; the comfort of which seemed to want to ensnare him.

The maid then reappeared; he was taken into the next room, which was larger than the former, and just as luxuriously appointed. Fenton’s cock stiffened as the door closed behind him and he was left standing in the middle of the room. A small puff of smoke caught his eye, wafting over the top of a huge leather sofa.

“Come here and sit before me.” An elegant finger waved from a manicured hand, and Fenton walked round to face Hortense Montgomery for the first time. Before he had a full view of her, the hand directed him to a huge bean-bag opposite. Fenton sank into it, then looked back and up at the mature woman who half sat, half lay, on the enormous black leather sofa before him. She was dressed in a full length kimono style silk gown, shiny black with gold motifs; it held her large buxom breasts, hips and thighs exquisitely, accentuating the curve of her voluptuous buttocks delightfully. She was in her mid-fifties and very nicely proportioned. Blue eyes hawked out from under her deep red hair from a softly pale face with sharp features and red lips.

Fenton took a sharp intake of breath as she elegantly stubbed out the cigarette she smoked through a six inch long cigarette holder; previously un-noticed by him as he was transfixed in viewing her, the ashtray was held by a stooped kneeling male, hooded with leather and his genitals locked in a plastic cage. He remained stock still, motionless with hands forward holding the ashtray. Even his breathing was so controlled as to show no bodily movement. Hortense put her holder in the tray and snapped her fingers, then pointed to the door without uttering a word. Instantly, the male shuffled backwards on his knees, his head remaining down in deference to the confident woman who had put him to good use.

Fenton’s cock now stiffened to rigidity as she now gave him her full attention with a mixed look of satisfaction and contempt.

“So you are the latest man caught taking advantage of young girls. My ashtray used to have the same urges; he finds pleasure through other desires now, but it took him a while to appreciate what was good for him. I intend to open your mind to those same desires. I’d like you to take off your clothes now. I want to see what I shall have the pleasure of.”

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