Catching my wide, Part 3


Catching my wide, Part 3The week went quickly, and I reelected on the new changes in my wife. I didn’t want to confront her, yet I wondered what this new “Book-club” was all about. Before long, it was a week later, and my wife announce that she was going back to Connie’s house for another Book-club social. Se took her time preparing, as she always did. Kissed me goodnight, telling me not to wait up and headed out the door. I retired at my usual 10:00 and imagined several of the possibilities. I eventually drifted off to sleep, only to be awakened as my wife slid in next to me. She was naked, and her skin felt hot to the touch. It’s almost as though she had a slight sheen from perspiration over much of her body. I also noticed the distinct scent of arousal! I reached my hand around her torso and cupped her right breast. She immediately flipped over, slid down and engulfed my rigid pole. Her hand gently cupped my heavy balls as she sloppily sucked my cock. Her slurping sounds filled the room as she gently massaged my scrotum. This “technique” was new from my wife and as much as I wanted to ask her “where is this coming from?”, I decided to enjoy it instead. In relatively no time, I felt that familiar boiling feeling in my balls and felt my cum racing the length of my shaft and pulsating into her greedy mouth. She swallowed all karşıyaka escort of it this time, slid back up, and without the usual sloppy post blow-job kiss, softly said good night as she faced away from me. We both cuddled and my wife fell fast asleep, yet I lay awake and wondered just what was going on. I got hard again and nuzzled the tip of my cock against her ass. She almost involuntary began to grind her ass up against my hard-on. I took my cock in hand and lined it up to push it in between her asscheeks.“no” she whimpered, “not there…. HERE” as she arched her back, opened her legs and offered me her pussy. She had never been one for anal, so that didn’t surprise me. What DID surprise me, however, was how wet she was. I slipped right n without any resistance at all. She slid her head further away to provide me deep access to her depths and I arched my back and drove deeper inside of her. I couldn’t believe how slippery she was. It’s a though she had squirted a bottle of lube DEEP into herself. “My God” I proclaimed, “You’re so wet!” as I began thrusting into her.“You like that, honey?” she asked rhetorically. “I do!” was all I could get out as I thrusted my hips and rammed my pole into her. “That’s it, baby” she began to chant “take what you think is yours. fuck it good”I was thrusting into escort karşıyaka her when her comment took me back for a moment, yet then I got lost again in my own world. She was deliriously wet, and my cock felt warm and more slippery than I could ever remember. “Take me” she yelled, “unload into this cunt.”Those words tripped my trigger and I arched my back, thrusted forward, let out a primal growl and released hard into my wife’s spasming hole. I had barely finished cumming when she slide off my cock, flipped over to face me, pushed me on my back while sitting up. She then quickly straddled my face, lowering her red-hot and dripping pussy to my mouth. I began to protest when her still-gaping hole covered my lips.“Taste me” she said softly “taste the cum all mixed together” as she groud down on my mouth.I licked and lapped at her center like a dog who hadn’t eaten for days. Globs of thick cum dropped into my open mouth along with her sweet, peach-like flavor. To my surprise, the combination of her cum and mine was very intoxicating. As I licked and sucked her sloppy pussy, she came again and ground down on my mouth even harder. Her orgasm triggered another release of cum into my open mouth. As soon as she calmed, she lifted off me, climbed out of bead and headed toward the bathroom. I then heard karşıyaka escort bayan the shower running. Feeling very satiated, yet also wondering about her choice of words, as well as her recent level of sexual desire, I decided to follow her into the shower. Once inside the steamy shower, I caressed her and kissed the nape of her neck. She leaned back into me and let out a long, contented sigh.“I must say” I said cautiously, “I do enjoy how worked up you’ve been after an evening at book-club.”“Well” she replied “It’s a very steamy book and we all get a little worked up. You’re not complaining, are you?”“Not at all” I replied and then quickly queried,” But I am curious as to your words earlier.”“What do you mean” she asked, as she soaped up her body.“Take what I think is mine, Taste the cum all mixed together?” “Oh, don’t be silly” she replied, “My body is certainly not yours… it’s MINE, but I like you to “take” me from time to time…. and as for the cum mixing, I meant yours and mine, silly.”*well, I guess that made sense* I thought to myself *but she was VERY slippery when I first entered her and there was an awful lot of cum inside of her after I came and when I licked her clean. Could that have been someone else’s cum? * I continued to wonder…By now, she had finished her shower, rinsed off and was drying off. I quickly finished and dried off and headed back to bed. I had a few more questions, but my delay in joining her closed that window… as she was already fast asleep. I lay there, thinking about the events of the evening, all of the possibilities and gently stoking my semi-rigid cock.To Be Continued……

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