Catching the Moment


Arrived home early and without warning one day, thinking I’d be first in the house – but no, it was obvious from the light under the door that Caroline had beaten me to it. I decided to let myself in quietly and surprise her when, to my surprise and delight I heard a low sound coming from the bedroom as I eased the door open – I knew immediately she was masturbating. Now, she does do this when we’re having sex, but coming across her at a private moment was incredibly arousing – I was hard in an instant. I immediately decided to let her carry on, and peered through the half-open door at her as she lay on the bed and played with herself. I’d often wondered what she’d look and sound like on her own – and it was good. She was still clothed and had simply pushed her jeans and knickers down around her knees so she could easily reach her cunt and her bra was pushed up above her breasts and sat tightly over her large, excited tits, the nipples very swollen. I nearly shot off on the spot.

Caroline was talking to herself as she fingered away and using every sex word I’d heard, but in a low, intense way. I could see her wetness on her busy fingers as she stroked and twisted her clit and every now and again she reached down and put one or to fingers into her hole, before drawing the juices up her cunt and smearing them over her clit again.

How long would you wait before you did something? I wanted to carry on watching but could hardly jack off in the hallway and anyway, I had other ideas. I reckoned this was the chance I’d waited for to bring off one of my long-standing fantasies of bringing a little S & M into our sex life, and give us both a great sex session. It wouldn’t happen if I let her carry on much longer – she was showing signs of building up. I took a quick decision and snapped the light off in the room, putting her into sudden darkness. She squealed and curled up into a ball, then yelled at me to get out.

This was the difficult bit – to get her to carry on, and I hoped she would be sufficiently turned on to be persuadable. I spoke in a low voice. ‘Caroline, you can’t stop now; you’re too horny. And you look amazing. Put your hand back and start wanking again. I love you, and we’re going to have the best sex we’ve ever hand. Come on, Darling, you know you want to put your hand back on that juicy cunt of yours and frig that clit of yours.

In the dark I could make out her body straightening out and her hand stealing down to her pussy again. As she started to frig herself I carried on speaking in a low voice, building up the language until I was talking filth to my beautiful, sexy girlfriend as she worked her cunt on the bed.

Soon, it was time to move. My own needs had been met so far by watching and listening, but my cock was like almanbahis giriş an iron bar in my pants and I wanted a share of things. I went past the bed to my chest of drawers, reached into the bottom drawer and extracted a number of items I had recently acquired from the local sex shop. A riding crop, long, thin and whippy – I had tried it on myself and knew it would sting. A black blindfold. A wrist restraint. And, in case she got too noisy, a ball gag.

Over on the bed Caroline was valiantly carrying on her wanking. So far, I hadn’t laid a hand on her, but that was about to change. I walked over to the bed and took her hand off her pussy. She was very wet, I noticed and her whole groin area was damp. There was a wonderful smell of excited cunt too.

‘I’m going to stop you for a minute, Caroline, I said, ignoring her groan of frustration. ‘You knew I’d be home shortly, but you chose to deprive yourself of a perfectly good, stiff prick, and me of my much-needed satisfaction. That makes you a naughty girl, doesn’t it?’ She moaned agreement while her fingers stole back to her slit and she carried on stroking her clit.

‘OK. I’m going to treat you like the naughty girl you are, then. Stand up.’ She did as I said and stood in the half light of the bedroom, trembling slightly. Throughout this stage she hadn’t opened her eyes, and they stayed shut now. She looked incredible, clothing awry, tits straining and the smell of her cunt filling the room.

‘I’m going to ask you some questions, Caroline. If you answer correctly, you get a kiss. If you don’t, I’ll hurt you with this.’ I ran the whip lightly between her thighs, brushing her cunt with the whip end and getting a cry of surprise. ‘But first, you need to put this on. I put the blindfold in her hands and she obediently covered her eyes. I walked behind her and continued, ‘I don’t want any arguments, either.’ I quickly secured her wrists behind her with the leather restraint, doing the buckle up tightly. Not only did this clearly turn her on still more, it had the pleasing effect of causing her tits to stand out even more in from of her. I’d have loved to throw her onto the bed and fuck her there and then, but it was going to take a bit longer than that.

‘OK. First question. What were you thinking of when you were masturbating just now?’ She hesitated, then said, ‘you.’ I laughed and replied, ‘not sure I believe that, Darling, but you get the kiss anyway.’ I briefly brushed my lips over hers.

‘Second question. How old were you when you first made yourself come? ‘

‘I don’t remember, ‘ she whispered. ‘Not good enough, I’m afraid, ‘ I said. I smacked her behind with the whip, getting a squeal. ‘If you start crying over a little thing like that, I’ll have to gag you, ‘ I warned almanbahis her. ‘I’ve got one here, and I’ll put it on you if I have to.’

‘All right. Tell me about your favourite sexual fantasy.’

‘You, ‘ she said. ‘We look at each other across an office, you’re in your suit, then we fuck.’

‘That’s very nice, Caroline, ‘ I said – but I was hoping for a little more detail.’ I gave her another lick with the whip, harder this time and leaving a thin red line across her arse. She cried out and I hit her again, lower down on the buttocks. She just managed to stay quiet – she seemed to be getting the message. ‘Next time, it’s the gag, ‘ I whispered into her ear, giving her a little kiss on the neck as an afterthought. Then I ran the whip between her legs, stroking her wet pussy lips and getting a groan of what sounded like agony from her.

‘That’s it, ‘ I said. And with that, I pushed her back onto the bed where she lay, legs sprawled apart and cunt gaping obscenely, moisture oozing out of her pussy lips and wetting her groin area. She looked utterly incredible.

‘This is really going to upset me, ‘ I said – ‘I wanted to put this in your mouth, not a gag.’ And then I did it anyway – pushed down my trousers and pants in one movement and fed my rock hard, wet cock in between her lips. ‘Clean it up, will you, darling?’ She slurped and licked away at my wet knob, perhaps hoping for some respite from the whip. In less than thirty seconds I was coming in her mouth, shooting a great wad of spunk down her throat and letting out a deep groan as I did so.

I took a minute to recover myself, then got down to business – coming that early hadn’t been in the plan. ‘That was a bit too expert for my liking, Caroline, ‘ I whispered –’ I think you’ve done that before, haven’t you?’ She shook her head dumbly, and I turned her roughly over and hit her on the arse, twice, with the whip while she squealed into the mattress. Then I reversed the whip and started to tease the entrance of her cunt with the knob-like handle. This sent her into instant transports of delight and she panted out a number of obscenities – one of her better habits when getting off in bed. ‘Stick it up me darling, fuck me with that, quickly, ‘

she panted. I responded by hitting her again, drawing a cry from her parted lips, then returned to the puffy, seeping lips of her cunt and probing more deeply with the handle of the whip. She shrieked out in a combination of pain and pleasure – it must have really hurt. I gave her a chance to enjoy it this time but reckoned she might come too quickly if I carried on using this improvised dildo on her. My prick was completely solid again and one thing I knew was that the session had to end with my shooting my sperm deep inside her snatch.

I almanbahis giriş turned her over again so she lay back across the bed at an angle, legs dangling onto the floor. I whispered in her ear again, ‘I obviously can’t trust you to stay quiet. You always were a noisy fuck, you could never have sex without making the whole house know about it, could you? I’m going to screw your brains out now, and I want some peace and quiet while I do it.’

I quickly fed the ball of the gag into her mouth and tightened the strap at the back of her head. She was making noises behind the gag and I wondered for a second whether it was too painful – never mind, I thought. I took my erection in my right hand and with the left held her firmly down on the bed – needn’t have worried. She was on fire and only wanted one thing – she was trying to push her cunt in my direction, hips gyrating, moisture oozing from her cunt and matting her pubic hairs. I took up position at the entrance to her snatch.

‘All right, Caroline. Now we see what you can take, ‘ I whispered in as nasty a tone as I could produce. I teased her for a second, wiping my knob over her snatch and getting gratifying squeaks from behind the gag. Then I shoved my rigid hard-on straight into her in one brutal movement. Her whole body tensed and a groan came from behind the gag. I held my cock deep inside her for a second, said, ‘now you get what’s coming you little whore, ‘ and slapped her left buttock with the whip handle very hard indeed – it went red instantly. Then I started to thrust, pulling out of her as far as possible, waiting a second and shoving it back the whole length again in one quick push. I built up a rhythm like this, all the while telling Caroline what a slag she was, that I knew about the way she liked to be fucked up the arse, how much she liked the taste of spunk and how many times she fingered her wet twat when I wasn’t around the house.

My balls were hitting her cunt every time I fucked into her and I was careful to make sure my prick brushed her clit each time I withdrew. Caroline was red in the face, writhing around on the bed and making a lot of noise from behind the gag. I was going to come; I speeded up my thrusts and started to throw my whole body violently into her , yelling , ‘come now, you fucking slag!’ and with her face scarlet and eyes from under the blindfold staring upwards at the ceiling she did it, her body rearing up towards from the bed. I let out a single, anguished groan as my head snapped backwards and I pumped spunk into her deepest parts.

I collapsed onto the bed beside her and put my arms around her. Then I eased the gag free from her mouth, next the buckle on the wrist restraint and finally the blindfold. Her breath came in long pants, her buttocks were covered in red marks and she was laughing and crying. I kissed her gently on the lips and said, gently, ‘going to behave in future, Darling?’

She paused, looked coyly at me from under long eyelashes and replied, ‘maybe.’

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