Caught In Bed


I was out at the mall one day shopping. I turned the corner aisle in the department store I was in. I happened to see a family friend Nick, and he was with someone who wasn’t his wife. Nick and his wife Liz were friends of my wife and I. This woman who he was holding hands with and kissing was in her early thirties, from the look of things. Nick and Liz were in their mid-fifties.

I quickly hid myself so I wouldn’t be seen. I walked back down the aisle I was in and out of the store. A few weeks later my wife had me run over to Nick and Liz’s house to drop off some items for a party they were going to have. Liz was alone and let me inside.

Liz was somewhat short, with short, dark hair. She was a little bit overweight, but she had big tits. Liz was standing at the kitchen sink talking to me. I am not sure what possessed me, but I placed my hand on Liz’s ass. Liz asked me to remove my hand. but I didn’t.

“I know about Nick and his woman,” I blurted out.

Liz turned to me and her eyes got big. I figured she must have suspected her husband was stepping out on her. We were standing so close now, you could not have slipped a piece of paper between us.

Liz leaned over and kissed me on the lips. From there we sort of went crazy pulling each others clothes off.

When my underwear came off, Liz let out a gasp. She caught sight of my cock. I was blessed with a nine incher, and it was dangling between my legs.

“My almanbahis God it’s huge!” Liz told me. “Nick’s cock isn’t half that size,” she said.

Liz put her arms around my neck and then I lifted her up and took her to the dining room table. From there I started to rub the length of my cock across her clit. Liz was moaning and beginning to get very wet.

“Don’t tease me,” she said. “Put it in.”

I then place my mushroom head at her opening and pushed my hips forward. Liz was tight and it took a few minutes to get all of my cock into her. Once I did, I fed her the whole length. Liz was practically screaming for me to fuck her. I found out that she and Nick hadn’t had sex in over two years. No wonder she was nearly insane to get my cock.

I rammed my shaft in and out. My balls kept pressing into her ass.

“Fuck me like you mean it.” Liz said.

I thought I had been. From there I pulled almost out of her, then slammed my meat in the whole way. I repeated this over and over. I also pushed Liz’s legs into her chest. This allowed me to get much deeper now. It didn’t take very long for Liz to cum. After two long years she was all stored up.

I suddenly felt a gush of wetness on my cock. Liz was cumming and I just kept pumping my hard salami into her. I felt Liz’s pussy muscles clamping onto my cock. Liz was greedy for sex, that was for sure.

After Liz came, we rested on the table for a few more minutes. almanbahis giriş I left my cock inside her. Liz told me she had never felt anything like that in her life. Nick and Liz were high school sweethearts. She had been used to his lovemaking for a long time. When she finally felt my long dick in her, she went off the deep end.

I pulled out of Liz’s cunt and we went back to the bedroom. I took Liz repeatedly that afternoon. I fucked her ass and then entered her pussy once more. Liz just couldn’t get enough of me. In the course of our lovemaking she told me she didn’t want to let me leave. She wanted me all to herself. My wife and I had been going through some rough times as of late. Fucking Liz on a regular basis seemed like a great idea to me.

Liz and I would find excuses to get together on Saturdays. Nick was normally out with his girlfriend and I told my wife I was going out on errands. One Saturday, Liz and I were in bed fucking. I was on my back and Liz was on top of me, riding my big monster.

I reached up and was massaging her big tits. Her aerolas were enormous and her nipples were standing erect. I was bringing my ass up off the bed to pound Liz’s pussy. I guess we were totally into our fucking. That’s when Nick walked into the bedroom. I saw him first, but I didn’t stop.

“Hey Nick,” I shouted out. “How is the young girlfriend doing?”

Nick’s jaw must have dropped a few inches.

Liz also almanbahis yeni giriş got in a few shots.

“Look at Jack’s cock, Nick,” she said. “Have you ever seen anything that big before?”

Nick’s face got red and he turned around and walk into the living room. Liz and I continued to fuck there in the bed. Liz then began to make love noises and she told me my cock was making her crazy with lust. It wasn’t too long before we heard the house door slam. Nick was now gone.

Liz said she didn’t make up a thing, my cock was making her half hysterical. She loved it when we came together. I was feeding her my thick snake and she told me she couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to fuck me. She was addicted. All this talk was bringin me close to the edge. I slammed my pecker into her a few more times and then I let loose.

I roared as I flooded her pussy with my love seed. Gobs and gobs of it flew deep into her belly. Liz then let go and our love juices were mingling and then dripping out of her pussy. I could feel the wetness running down onto the bedsheets.

We finished and got a shower together. A few days later, Liz told me that Nick was treating her with a new respect. Not that is mattered to Liz. She proposed that we ditch our spouses and move in together. I asked to think about it some. I also told her if I did this, I wasn’t going to marry again. That was just fine with Liz.

Here it is a year later and we have both ditched our spouses. Liz and I are together and the lovemaking is even better. No worries of anyone walking in on us now. There is more to tell of some other incidents that happened to us, but I am saving them for my next story.

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