Ch. 03: The Go-Between


Simon’s only response to her was one of silence as he slowly rolled out of bed and rose to his feet. Daisy let her sleep hazed eyes follow his back until it disappeared into the darkness of the bathroom and the door shut closed behind him. Ronnie let out another grunt as he continued to gently push at her slick pocket with his withering erection. Once he’d had his fill he pulled out and rolled off of her, allowing Daisy the opportunity of bring the back of her thighs back down to the mattress. With her belly soaked in a thin sheen of seminal fluid Daisy didn’t spend much time reacclimating herself to the comfort of this position. Instead she rolled herself out of bed and made out straight for the bathroom door.

Pushing open the barrier, Daisy stepped inside of the bathroom and found Simon pulling back the shower door. He was all set to start twisting at the hot and cold knobs when the sound of the door shutting at his back distracted him. Simon turned to see a wet bellied Daisy making a reach for one of the hanging towels.

“Sorry about waking you,” she said as she went about wiping up the spill.

“Don’t worry about it,” Simon replied, turning to face her. “I was needing to get up anyway.”

“Well it looks like you accomplished that,” Daisy said, dropping her eyes down to the front of the boxer shorts that he had slept in. Simon did the same and lent eyes to the mountainous protrusion that he could already feel straining against the thin layer of fabric. “What, you two running on the same cycle now?”

Simon gave a small chuckle at the comment as he lifted his eyes back up to her. “Yeah. I was kinda planning on taking care of that here in a little while.”

“Did you want some help?” Daisy said, dropping the towel down to the floor at her feet.

“I wouldn’t complain,” he answered.

He watched the stark naked young woman standing alone in the bathroom with him shift in her position and gracefully stride across the floor in the direction of the sink. The sheer fluidity of motion that her body took on as she stepped so lightly was enough to achingly stretch out the width of his throb ridden hard-on a few millimeters more. Simon moved after her soaking in every inch of her bared flesh until Daisy finally reached the sink counter and spun to face him.

Leaning back against the shelf, she placed her palms down on the counter beside her hips and gave a push; hoisting her backside up onto the seat. Parting her knees as Simon moved into place between her thighs, Daisy shifted forward until a large portion of the weight of her lower body was being supported by the cradle that Simon fashion with his arms to take up the underside of her legs. Reaching a hand down toward his waist, Daisy pushed the elastic band of his boxer shorts down until she had both the rod jutting up towards her and the hanging sac that lingered beneath it freed from its restraint.

Cupping his ball bag, she gave its payload a quick fondling before moving her hand up along his heated shaft. She wrapped her fingers around it and started on a quick series of strokes. Simon continued to stare down at the mesmerizing sight of her hand moving across his stone piece as she held the drooling end of the swelled bulb just in front of the mouth of her glistening, gaping slit. Daisy tugged at his cock and Simon shoved his hips forward. She let out a moan and his eyelids lowered shut as his codpiece hit against her parted folds and slid up her pipe with ease, stretching out the walls of her passage as it sank in to the hilt.

Daisy threw her arms up over Simon’s shoulders as the force of his continued thrusts began to jostle her body around. Prying his eyelids apart, Simon let out another groan as he soaked in the sight of his rigid tool slipping through the moist curtain of lips. Speeding up its motions caused his groans to grow louder.

“In or out?” he said to Daisy as she panted in his arms.

She rubbed her hand up the side of his face and pressed her temple against his on the other side of his head as she joined him in his viewing. “Fuck,” she gasped out. “In. Keep it in.”

Simon began to thump his pelvis harder against hers as Daisy’s whining vocals voiced her approval. When the pumping motion of his cock coax her over into orgasm Daisy flexed her cavern just hard enough to pull the first gush of fluid out into her body. It was quickly followed up by several more showers of spray that Simon greeted with an elongated groan of satisfaction. Once his piece was done draining Simon drug the flaccid mass out of her soaking slit and slowly eased her feet back down to the bathroom floor.

“You want in on this shower?” he asked her.

“That’s alright,” Daisy said, running her hands down the front of his chest before stepping around him. “You go ahead. I’m going back to bed.”

Simon pushed his shorts the rest of the way down his legs until he was able to step out of them; all the while keeping his eyes trained on Daisy’s stout posterior as she opened the bathroom door and stepped through.

Daisy kept company almanbahis with Simon and a small crowd of his friends in the parking lot in front of his dormitory. Sitting on the front hood of one of their cars, she listened to them all joke and laugh as they went about their casual socialization. She had been all but obliged to join them in a round or two of laughter. At least until she was able to make out Ronnie’s picture heading up the sidewalk toward the front entrance of the building. Afterwards Daisy slowly began to lose interest in everything in her immediate circle of awareness.

She stared in his direction, carefully studying his form as he neared the entrance doors. She watched him until she saw his walk slow to a stop and his line of sight turn towards her. For one fleeting moment the two of them held each others stare. His walk started up again and Daisy kept her vigil until she saw him vanish into the building. Not long after that she hopped down from the hood of the car and started out for the doors.

Daisy shoved open the dorm room door and found Ronnie inside lying back on his bed. He’d already lost his Wunderlend blazer and tie and had twisted loose the buttons on the front of his dress shirt for a more semi casual, relaxed look to go with his positioning on the bed. With his back propped up on the small stack of pillows resting beneath him he held the textbook that he was flipping through just beneath his white T-shirt covered chest as he read.

Daisy leaned back against the door and slammed it closed just hard enough to force Ronnie’s eyes up from the pages he skimmed over and turn them in her direction. After exchanging a quick moment’s worth of a silent glare Daisy locked the door and started over in his direction. Moving around the foot of the bed over to his left, she watched his eyes drop back down away from her and drift back to the textbook. She made a rough handed grab for his ankle, reacquiring his attention again.

“What the hell are you doing!?!” Ronnie said, jerking his leg back away from her.

Maintaining her grip on his limb, Daisy snatched his leg back towards her and made a clawing swipe and the laces in his footwear. “Get your fucking shoes off the bed,” she said to him, taking up the heel of his shoe and forcefully prying it away from his foot.

Flinging it down to the floor, she unclenched the fingers that she had wrapped around his ankle just enough for him to be successful in jerking his leg completely free of her grasp. It was just as well. Daisy was already making a reach for his other leg. Once she had that shoe free of his foot she tossed it to the floor with the same manner of vigorous disgust as she had done with the other; granting him a scornful look as she went about her business.

Her glower wasn’t met with any less fervor by Ronnie who promptly took up his reading again.

Daisy moved over towards Simon’s bed and snatched up the remote that she saw lying on top of the bedspread. Still stepping across the floor, she aimed the wand at the stereo mounted on his dresser and pressed the power button, raising a new level of nuisance in the room for Ronnie’s concentration.

He slammed his book down on his abdomen and looked over towards his own dresser as she moved in front of it. The remote she was holding was dropped down amidst the clutter that covered the dresser top and Daisy got underway primping her hair and face in the mirror. Without saying a single word to her he simply lifted his book back up and picked up where he left off.

Still enraptured by her reflection in the mirror, Daisy removed the Wunderlend uniform jacket that she wore and tossed it over in Ronnie’s direction. It came crashing down rather heavily over both his head and the book that he held. Ronnie snatched the article away and flung it to the floor beside the bed.

“Damn it!” he exclaimed heatedly, slamming his book down on the bed beside him.

A searing look in the direction of Daisy’s reflection in the mirror afforded him an image of the sly smirk that she bore in regards to her further intrusive behavior.

He was up from the bed in a flash and marching at a furious pace towards her back. Daisy spun her body around to face him.

“What?” she said to him grittily, still baring the same taunting sneer on her lips.

“What?” Ronnie seethed back to her.

He kept his body’s momentum moving forward until he crashed into her; wrapping his arms around her waist and sweeping her up in his fevered embrace as he smashed her body between his and the dresser. He attempted to crush his lips into hers only to have Daisy snatch her face to the side in order to sever the contact. Bringing her hands up to further protest his presence in front of her only managed to get her wrists caught up in grasps and her arms forced around behind her back. Ronnie pressed his body up against hers so hard that Daisy was forced to hike her rear end up on the dresser top just to keep some space between them.

“You wanna fuckin’ play?” Ronnie said as he struggled to keep almanbahis giriş her arms behind her back.

Daisy continued to keep up her end of the contest, jostling around the scattering of knickknacks as she thrashed to keep clear of any of his harsh attempts at intimacy.

“Yeah, I wanna play,” she sassed him. “What the fuck are you gonna do about it?”

No sooner than the words had dropped from her mouth Daisy felt her body being snatched down from the dresser top and her feet once again coming into contact with the floor. She barely had time to lend Ronnie one more mocking smirk before her body was jerked around so that she was once again face to face with the mirror. A hard push at the center of her back between her shoulder blades dropped Daisy’s upper body down to the dresser top.

“Ronnie!” she whimpered out pleadingly as she felt the extreme load of pressure being applied by the hand that he held to her when she tried rising and was defeated in her effort.

Pushing aside the clutter on the dresser top to make room for the readjusted grip of her palms on the wooden furniture, the next thing that Daisy felt was the cool breeze caressing the bare cheeks of her backside after her skirt was snatched up over her waist. Quickly following that was the touch of warm skin against skin as Ronnie gripped his fist around the elastic band wrapped around the small of her back and yanked the pair of thongs back away from the crease of her ass.

He pushed her underwear down until they hovered just beneath the bottom curve of her writhing cheeks. Gripping the side of her hips in one hand and using the other to push against one of the fleshy humps of her butt, Ronnie forced the two hemispheres apart just in time to grant him a peek at her salivating slit and puckered opening before he slammed his fully clothed pelvis forward against her crack.

He let out a short groan to go along with the whine of a noise that was pushed out of Daisy. She shoved back with her hips to back him off but that only succeeded in granting Ronnie the room that he needed to reach down and pry open the front of his pants. Her feet were kicked apart and the angle of her posterior was craned up higher with a yank of his hand, but none of that was able to hold its sway against the feel of the rigid probe pushing its way up her fluid coated channel.

Daisy grunted out and lifted her face up to the mirror; eyeing the reflection of Ronnie’s intense expression as he continued to pack her vaginal cavity full of cock.

“Ronnie,” she whimpered out again.


His eyes remained locked on the wriggling hips struggling against the push of his burrowing prod. A rock hard protrusion that he quickly yanked free of her slobbering hole and took up in his grasping fingers. Afterwards he pressed the blunt end against her quivering anus with just enough pressure to cause the portal to gape open for a breath.

“Oh shit, Ronnie!” Daisy squeaked out in a high pitched tone mere seconds before her voice yelped out in a sharp, short scream.

Ronnie was already balls deep in her ass, back out to the tip of his dick, and on his way in deep again before her voice had even resonated in his ears. Daisy’s vocals faded out into a mess of screaming pants that went right along with the slapping sound of flesh against flesh as Ronnie rammed her hind quarters with little regard for compassion. He pumped his hard-on up her ass until the tight, sizzling hot confines of her chute left him crying out over the numerous bursts of cum that came flooding out of his pipe.

“Damn it, Daisy,” Ronnie said over breathless pants of exhaustion as he slowly drug back his wilting erection from her still trembling orifice.

With his hand still pressed down on top of her back he caught his cock just as the head of his limp piece fell free from her sphincter. Daisy let go with another gasp of relief when she felt him use the still leaking plump end to paint around her constricting ring.

Daisy was sitting atop Ronnie’s bed with her back leaning against the pillow padded wall behind her when Simon finally came strolling through the door. Ronnie was lying back between the thigh that she had stretched out along side his body and the one hiked up in the air on the other side his head. He rested it comfortably in her lap; flipping through the channels on the television while Daisy ran her fingers through his hair. She kept watch over Simon as he moved over to his bed and slung his backpack down to the floor.

“Shit,” Ronnie said, slamming the remote down on the bed beside him. “Well that’s it for me. Come on,” he said, clapping a palm down on Daisy’s shin as he rose from the bed. “There’s supposed to be an assembly later on in the quad.” Ronnie had made his way around the foot of the bed before he realized that Daisy had yet to rise from the mattress. “Are you coming?”

Her eyes drifted away from the closing bathroom door that Simon had shut behind his back and found Ronnie again. “That’s alright. I’m fine right here.”

“You almanbahis yeni giriş sure?”

“I’m not aware of any stuttering problem that I’ve developed,” she said, locking in on his gaze.

“Fine,” Ronnie answered her look of sternness. “Stay here then.”

He went forward for the door and stepped out leaving Daisy alone in the room with nothing but the noise emanating from the television to keep her company.

When Simon reemerged from the bathroom he was sans both his Wunderlend blazer and dress shirt, leaving his upper body covered by nothing but the plain white tee that he still had on. He noticed that the room that he had returned to was minus one of its occupants; much unlike Ronnie’s bed that was now missing both of the parties that it once held. Cutting his eyes over to his bed allotted him a vision of Daisy. She was sitting with her back against the wall just beneath the window running parallel with the side of his bed. She also happened to be holding one of the textbooks pillaged from his pack as she sat with both of her knees bent up in front of her to act as a makeshift desktop for the book she skimmed through.

“What happened to Ronnie?” Simon asked as he closed in on her.

“He left,” she replied with her eyes still fixated on the pages that she flipped though.

Simon stopped walking when he reached the area of space between the two beds. “That’s my book,” he said to her.

“I know. It’s your bed too,” Daisy said, flipping over to the next page.

“My next point,” Simon replied.

“Guess it’s a good thing for you that there’s another one of both still floating around here for your convenience.”

Simon dropped his glance down to the open pack resting on the floor and then craned it over towards Ronnie’s empty bed. “Guess so,” he replied, placing his eyes back on Daisy’s studious form.

His back plopped down on the mattress with enough force to give his body a good bounce before it finally settled in to the support of the springs beneath him. Simon made quick work out of propping the book up over his abdomen and spreading the pages open until he had located the text requiring his study. His peering orbs darted swiftly back and forth in an attempt to trim away enough of this assignment’s pulp so that he absorbed little more than the most pertinent meat of the matter. Unfortunately for his studies his peripheral vision had also managed to absorb the dual crescent moon shapes of the bare skin of Daisy’s ass cheeks that just so happened to be visible behind the blue plaid veil hanging down over the front of the juncture between her gaping thighs.

Turning his head for a more in-depth examination lent even more credibility to his assumption that she was, at the moment, sitting on his bed minus anything even closely resembling a set of underpants. As if the very distinguishable image of the carved out ravine between the cushion of the cheeks that she sat on wasn’t dead giveaway enough, the hand that Daisy lowered from the book resting on her thighs and pressed against the front of her skirt drew the fabric up just high enough to bring the lower portion of the plump protrusions hiding beneath it into the light.

Simon all but lost interest in the book as he watched her pinky and ring fingers curl up while the tips of her index and middle digits stepped in a slow stride down towards the bottom edge of her garment. Once there Daisy extended all of her fingers again and hooked the ends around the hem. Afterwards she very cautiously and persistently drug the material up across her body until Simon had an unmistakable picture of the thick and thin strips of flesh layered around what was for some reason the clearly salivating opening on display in front of him.

Once the skirt was out of her way Daisy let her hand drop again, touching the tip of her middle finger to the bottom of her saturating gash. Simon was the picture of concentration as he watched her slowly drag her finger up the slice until it bumped up against the hood sheathing the small blunt object that she began to gently tinker with. He glanced up at her face and was completely taken aback by the unflinching studiousness with which Daisy continued to regard the book sitting against her propped up legs. She did happen to take a break from her studies for the small measure of time that it took for her to train her eyes on his and drop down to the pages again.

His eyes still watching the slow and easy up and down motion of her hand that transformed into a circular massaging pattern every time that her fingers were pressed against the upper portion of her sex, Simon alleviating himself of the burden of the book he held and promptly rose up from Ronnie’s bed.

Daisy’s eyes continued to stroll across the pages even as the noise of unfurling buckles and slumping heaps of cloth filled the air in front of her. The hand that she used to feel around in the wetness between her legs eventually found its way as far north as the collection of buttons running down the center of her chest. Buttons that slipped loose from the trappings that held them with the simple ease of a push as her hand slid forward across the bare skin of her chest. She’d just gotten her fingers clasped around her left nipple when she felt the weight shift on top of the bed.

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