Changing Room Comfort

Double Penetration

Bianca was not happy. It was a month now since she had stopped living with her then boyfriend after finding him pounding away at some big breasted bitch in their bed.

It wasn’t just the cheating that got to her but what he had said. – Her tits were two small for any man to be interested, her shoulders looked like a man’s and because she wouldn’t fuck him without a condom she must be frigid. Well I was right not to trust him without a condom, she thought as she sat, alone on the bench in the changing room of the circus school after a workout that would have crippled him.

It was true that Bianca didn’t have the stereotypical body that men went for. Her breasts had got smaller with ten years of performing and training since completing the degree in circus skills. She had a six pack most men would die for and her shoulders and back, well she could have been a model for Grey’s anatomy with her muscle definition.

The week before she had found Matt cheating on her he had been beaten in an arm wrestling contest. Bianca had said to the victor, who was clearly confident there was no one in the pub who could get close to getting the best of him, “Fifty pounds and a round of drinks for everyone here says, ‘I can beat you.'”

Of course he hadn’t wanted to take her money but with his mates saying he was scared of being beaten by a woman he was never going to get away with that. Bianca had won, not easily with the right arm but with the left there was no doubt at all. She got her fifty pounds and more but what really made it worthwhile was the approval from the crowd in the bar, even including Tom, who had been so confident of his invincibility.

The only person who had not been generous was Matt. Perhaps it had been the humiliation in his mind of being weaker than his girlfriend that had been the last straw for him? Maybe he needed to cheat to, “prove” his masculinity?

Whatever the reasons, she was well shot of him. Trouble was it didn’t make her feel happy. Bianca realised she had been sitting there, lost in thought for the best part of half an hour. She got up, still wearing only a thong almanbahis and bra to go for a piss.

Bianca didn’t hear Dave entering the mixed changing room and undressing ready for a shower between classes. When she emerged it was to see Dave wearing, precisely one less item of clothing than she was.

This didn’t bother her. Ten years ago she had been one of his case studies for his massage and aromatherapy training. After he qualified she had kept seeing him for another six months, finishing only because she had a job with a circus touring mainland Europe. For four of those six months the sessions had been as much psychotherapy as anything, after her parents were killed in a car crash by some youths joyriding.

Dave was one of those rare men who could talk about feelings without embarrassment. He had shed tears with her and had nurtured her with his words as well as with the expensive, sensual rose oil which he had chosen rather than the more overtly sexual ylang ylang which he also had. If it hadn’t been for the fifteen year age gap and the fact that they both had other partners at the time Bianca would have definitely have been interested.

Ten years further on, the age gap didn’t seem so important, though she didn’t have a clue as to whether or not he was single now.

Dave was the first to speak, “Hey Gorge!”

Bianca had all but forgotten that nickname. Adam, a fellow student had asked how she could stay looking so gorgeous when she ate so much. The name had stuck throughout the degree, and afterwards till she left the school to go touring.

“Come and give me a hug, Dave.” She replied, then through her tears she told him of how she found Matt cheating on her. By the time she had finished, she was completely calm. Without warning she stretched and took of her bra before asking, “Do you think my tits are too small?”

Without even thinking Dave answered that she had the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. He was transported back to when he had seen her naked body on the massage table every week. Dave had admired her body then in the same way that an mechanic might almanbahis giriş admire the engine of a Rolls Royce car. That is not to say that he didn’t have other, less professional thoughts but his actions had never reflected the images his mind conjured up from time to time.

Looking at Bianca, whose nipples were hardening in the cool air, Dave thought that if there were an exercise to develop the nipples then she must have been working those muscles as hard as the rest of her body. Bianca could see from the growing bulge in his briefs that, whatever the sincerity of his words, he certainly appreciated her body.

Bianca was also going back in time, specifically to the last time he had massaged her. Like many people being massaged she would get sexual feelings from time to time and on this occasion as Dave worked on her buttocks, relieving the pre-menstrual pain she had Bianca contracted her pussy muscles in time with his kneading. Almost unbidden, the orgasm had filled the core of her being.

Bianca didn’t know if Dave had realised or not. In fact as he gathered up the paper roll that lay on top of the towels covering the table he had smelled her cum but would never have said anything.

Now with a sense of naughtiness that Bianca hadn’t felt for years she asked Dave If he remembered that last massage when he was working on easing her pain. Dave had forgotten but the jog to his memory made his tongue a bit looser than it might normally have been.

“I think something other than pain was released.” He said with a smile.

“Kiss me.” Bianca said. It was a request rather than an order, though Dave, now single would have responded to either. Their lips met, touching softly. Bianca was, almost without knowing how she got there sitting, legs astride on Dave’s lap, her erect nipples brushing against his chest. Her tongue pushed it’s way into Dave’s opening mouth and her hips moved forward, her crotch pressing against his hardness.

They were both breathing harder now. Bianca’s dry humping had Dave close to orgasm and he wasn’t the only one close to climax. One of them suggested almanbahis yeni giriş moving to the shower. Soon they were both completely naked and, slowing down the action just a little Dave worked shampoo with his hands into the thick locks of jet black hair that cascaded over her shoulders. At the same time their tongues intertwined and Dave felt his erection harden as Bianca’s hands started to squeeze it.

Bianca felt Dave’s hands working their magic all over her body. Did he really only have two of them? She gasped as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, working his tongue around the areola. At the same time fingers and thumbs, she wasn’t sure which was doing what were penetrating her eager cunt and rubbing her clit.

Pleasurable as all this was, Bianca wanted more! Wanted more? No, needed more! Another time she would enjoy letting the foreplay go on for an hour or more but now she guided his rigid cock into her willing, wet, warm hole. As her legs gripped his waist to keep them locked together she told him, “Work on that spot that made me cum last time you massaged me.”

Instead of thrusting Bianca kept his throbbing length, fully embedded in her cunt. At the same time she worked her internal muscles. One hand came down from Dave’s neck to work it’s way between their bodies and play with her clitoris. Tongues met and twisted together again as Dave realised that her extraordinary muscle strength and control was not limited to those she displayed in her profession of circus performer.

Bianca pulled tighter with her legs, trying to pull Dave further inside her even if just by a millimetre. It felt as though her whole insides and not just her vagina had gone into spasm.

That tiny bit of friction combined with her orgasm sent Dave over the edge and he felt one, two, in the end eight strong spurts of his cum blasting their way out of his cock followed by a series of lighter twitches matching the dying throes of Bianca’s own orgasm.

Upstairs in the main training hall, Amy, a former fellow student of Bianca’s commented on Dave’s lateness for the acrobatic balancing class. “I got chatting with Gorge whom I hadn’t seen for ten years.” He said with a straight face. Amy gave him a look which said that she knew there was more to it as Dave lay down to join in the conditioning exercises that always started the class.

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