Chapter 01: The Morning After

Ball Gag

Chapter One: The Morning After

When she woke up, she could tell without opening her eyes that it was bright outside. Light shining red through her eyelids wasn’t her favorite way to wake up. Turning over, she lost count of the aches and pains that had taken up residence throughout her body during the night. Fatigue heavy in her limbs, she didn’t want to move, but knew if she tried to go back to sleep all it would earn her was a headache.

“I need a new mattress,” she said looking at the bed that, until last night, she had shared with her husband. She ran her fingers along the streaks of mascara staining her pillowcase saying aloud, “Fuck.”

She shambled towards the bathroom purposely avoiding the mirror. The cool darkness of the windowless bathroom was a blessing. She peed in silence. She sat there for a moment afterwards recalling last night’s events. It had happened so fast it could have been a dream… She wished it had been a dream. Trying to unpack her thoughts she realized she was utterly unprepared. “I need caffeine.”

Thankfully the drive-thru at the coffee shop wasn’t packed. She smiled recognizing Tim’s voice as she gave her order. She and David had met Tim at a swingers party about a year or so ago, and recognizing him as their favorite barista struck up conversation. He was thinner, but covered in colorful tattoos depicting anything from abstract art to commercial video game characters. Upon seeing him naked she imagined him as some sort of Nerd Yakuza. escort izmir She had always liked nerds. They had a tendency to be meticulous and attentive in bed in a way the cocksure macho men sometimes lacked. Despite herself she felt herself blush as she thought back to the night of the party where she and David had had their way with him. The feeling of his mouth on her sex while she watched David thrust into him from behind, the moans and gasps as he used his mouth and tongue to fuck her while he was being fucked. Looking up into David’s pleasured expression she could tell he was having more fun than her. She reached down and grabbed Tim by his bleach blonde hair and yanked his face off of her snatch before standing up and leaning down to kiss him, enjoying having to fight against David’s thrusts to find Tim’s mouth with hers.

After she’d cleaned him off she slid behind David and for a moment simply enjoyed the view. Once the moment had passed she reached up and found their genitals with her hands, caressing David’s balls, and stroking Tim’s hard cock. That earned her a few grunts of approval from both of them, Tim turning back, lips pursed with pleasure. David was thrusting more slowly now, more gently, taking his time, savoring the tightness of Tim’s ass around his shaft and the feeling of her hands on him.

She kneeled and was able to rest her head just under the apex of their union, letting Tim’s sack slap against her hungry lips, while reaching up and wrapping her hand around izmir escort bayan his member. He had no small amount of precum dripping from his tip and, while she was hungry for it, she was more practical. She used it to lube up his thickness, and stroked him gently while David continued to fuck his ass. Her other hand traced along David’s crotch, tickling the base of his dick and finding her way to his ass. He let out a hiss of pleasure as she started making gentle circular motions around his opening.

Tim’s moans shuddered forth from his body with increasing intensity. With a hand on his cock she knew he’d soon be making a delivery and she’d be damned if she’d forgo this snack. She took him into her eager mouth, his sex thrumming and pulsing with each of David’s powerful strokes. He was painting pleasure into Tim now, and Tim was his willing sexual masterpiece. Something unintelligible passed Tim’s lips and her mouth was overfull. His seed spilled from the space between her lips and his cock and she almost choked. She pulled him into her as he collapsed and told David, “Take me, give me what he gave me.”

Breathing heavy, David lifted her off of the floor and fully onto the couch, spreading her legs apart, not sparing any time before entering her, practically splitting her open. She’d already cum all over Tim’s face earlier and the second and third times were never hard to coax out of her. She could tell David was close, but trying to hold out for her. She said, “If you fill me up, izmir escortlar I’m going to come.”

Red faced with effort, David relaxed a little, his strokes were still deep and rhythmic, pushing into her deeply. She squeezed his cock inside her, wanting to feel every inch of it, every stutter, every shove, push, and thrust. She felt her orgasm welling up inside her as David started cursing. She looked up at him, his muscled physique tense with unrealized delight, Tim’s semen still dripping in thick white ropes from her lips as her husband came, funneling his seed into her womb and releasing her own euphoria. “Oh, David!” was all she could manage as they came together.

“Sarah!?” she heard him say as she came back to herself, “Are you ok!?”

She saw Tim’s horrified visage and in exchange gave him what she could only imagine must be her most befuddled expression.

“Fuck,” she sighed thinking to herself, ‘I didn’t check the mirror.’ And with that, time seemed to slow down. She could almost see herself from his point of view, hand slowly drifting towards her rearview. Angling it at herself she discovered the source of his concern.

She looked like microwaved death. Dark bags were sucking her dull eyes into the abyss, complemented by mascara, smeared and smudged in a random pattern down her cheeks. Her skin was pale and if she didn’t know any better, sallow. All together she realized she looked every bit how she felt: miserable.

“I’m fine, sorry, I’ve gotta go,” she mumbled, mortification setting in. She grabbed the coffee from his outstretched hand, shoving a bill into his hand. “Keep the change.” She made good her escape while taking a sip of her coffee and almost melted, “Thank God for good coffee.”

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