Chasing Waves Ch. 04


Ten years later; Msgt Diego Quinto’s life was a barrage of bullets, deployments, violent arguments with his wife, and chemo- a seemingly endless round of chemo for his, now thirteen-year-old, son Cam. His only light was his little daughter, five-year-old Jenessa. (His wife called her Jenny, but to him, she was Jen.) Little Jen lived as an organ and tissue donor to her sick brother. And when that failed she was physically and emotionally abused by Diego’s evil wife while he was working half a world away. If he could do it all again, he would have gone AWOL and stolen his children. They could have lived in Canada, or Mexico- either way he would have kept them safe. But none of that mattered since he was about to die.

During a supply convoy operation in Uganda, his men came under fire. Then things started exploding; RPGs, landmines, etc. The attackers seemed to want more than to rob them of their cargo, they wanted to send a message. ‘Message received’, the very idea made Diego laugh, as he lay on a gurney in the helicopter, to be taken to the nearest base. He closed his eyes, giving in to the pain of the 3rd-degree burns on his back and legs. As a teenager, back home in Texas, he had worked at an upscale grocery store where he was constantly bitched out by customers. They didn’t want ‘his kind’ in their presence. It was a feeling not unlike what Diego felt when he held an eighteen-year-old dying soldier in his arms. ‘You don’t want us here, we get it. But trust me we don’t want to be here either.’

Diego closed his eyes, allowing his mind to slip away to the rhythm of the ambient sound of warfare. But when he awoke he was back in Hawaii. “Hello?” he said in a weak breath. Logically he would have been taken to Germany, like any other soldier wounded in a deployment. But from the light of the window, he could clearly see Hawaii. And then he heard her voice.

“You were in a coma for three weeks, Vato.” Jolene’s voice was rough, sightly deep like that of a smoker.

Diego tried to move his arm but the pain that shot through his shoulder caused his heart rate to spike.

“You need to relax, D, your heart is very weak.”

“My heart?”

“You needed over a dozen surgeries, but the doctors in Germany still couldn’t repair the nerve damage. During your last surgery, you went into cardiac arrest. So you were put in a medicated coma and transferred here, to my hospital.”

The way she said ‘My Hospital’ filled Diego with pride. “What do you do here?”

“Mostly Admin stuff, the kind of busy work that you get when you have the drive but not the advanced degree.” Jolene took a seat by his side, holding his hand. “I tried contacting your family, unfortunately, all I’ve gotten is your wife who promises to ‘pass along the message.’ But you have my word: I will get in contact with your children.”

Diego nodded, unable to suppress his level of emotion. “I don’t deserve a friend like you.”

“You deserve more.” Her hand slipped from his as she stood up.

“Jolene?” Diego tried to grip her hand, but his fingers only trembled. “Please stay.”

“I have to go.”

As she moved her hand, he touched her finger. She wore a Kartal escort bayan ring. “Are you married?”

She chuckled nervously. “I have someone. She’s really sweet, you’ll get to meet her soon.”


“Dr. Jennifer Grace, she’s a resident in the physical therapy department.”

“You fell in love with a Jen?”

Jolene smiled. “I guess I did.”

Diego smiled back, his heart full of joy, this was truly where he wanted to be.

The next day, Diego had the chance to meet Dr. Jen Grace, who supervised his physical therapy. She was a tall brunette woman with an athletic build. If he had to guess she looked Norwegian, maybe Scottish. “Before you even ask, Jolene told me all about your kink.”

Diego blushed. “You’re trans?”

“What? Am I too pretty to be trans?”

Diego thought for a moment. She was tall, with strong facial features and dark, dramatic eyes.

“I’m not trans,” she said with a laugh. “But if you thought I was, I would take it as a compliment.”

“Jo told you all about me?”

“She told me how you like to fuck anything with a pulse. Maybe we can use that to our advantage.”

Diego had no idea what she meant by that, but he was intrigued.

Dr. Grace pushed Diego in a wheelchair to the physical therapy center. He wished he could have done therapy from the privacy and comfort of his room. His body was in pain as he attempted to stand, balancing himself on the parallel bars. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I’m going to be right behind you,” Dr. Grace said confidently.

He was able to stand up straight, with more strength then he expected. But that didn’t last long.

Diego wanted so badly to pull himself back up. There were at least four other patients and countless doctors and nurses, he needed to maintain his pride.

“Relax, Diego,” Dr. Grace said in a kind, gentle voice. “Lay back on the mat, I’m going to massage your legs.” She turned to a fellow doctor working with another patient. “James, could you be a dear and lock the door.”

Jolene appeared in the doorway, looking sexy, yet professional, in a white suit-dress. “I got it.”

The moment Diego heard the door lock he felt Dr. Grace’s hands, and then her mouth. She was lifting Diego’s gown, exposing his legs, his hips, his erect cock.

“You have good circulation,” she moaned, taking a breath. She had been deep-throating his cock, dragging her manicured fingers along his throbbing balls, all while the rest of the crowd watched. “Here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to turn you on your side, and anyone who wants to fuck your ass can feel free. But since there are about,” she did a quick silent count, “ten people here, including Jo. Some might want to do other things to you. She leaned her head back, licking her lips. “I can’t wait to see you cum like the little fuck-boy you are.”

Diego was introduced to John, an amputee, who had been practicing with a prosthetic leg. The blonde soldier was clearly young, possibly straight out of high school, but with the body of an athlete.

Cock exposed, John straddled Diego’s face. “I’m SSgt Cloud, Marine, special forces.” Escort Kartal He bit his lower lip with a coy smile. “We have some really good cock suckers where I come from, but I heard you Air force boys have a lot more practice.”

Diego felt invigorated. His body was still in pain, but he could already taste the precum oozing from the man’s thick, circumcised cock. He could have laid back and allowed the man to fuck his face, but instead, he found himself gripping the man’s thighs, then his ass. He had missed the taste of cock; the pure masculine flavor of, sweat, mixed with the salty sweetness.

Suddenly Diego gasped for air.

Dr. Grace gripped his cock hard, first with her fingers then with something much thicker, like rubber band or a cock ring. “Naughty boy, you’re already making a mess with your juicy precum, but I’m going to make you wait.” She gave his inner thigh a hard slap, to show how much fun she was having. “After everyone has their fun, I will give you an orgasm that you will feel through every muscle in your body.”

Dr. Grace didn’t disappoint. At first she sucked him off, bringing him right to the edge, but then much to Diego’s surprise, she slipped off her panties. She had been wearing a skirt so it was all too easy for her to lower herself on to his cock. She gasped and moaned, “You’re everything Jo said you would be.”

Jolene came closer and kissed Dr. Grace on the lips. They made out, slowing undressing each other as Dr. Grace rode Diego’s throbbing cock.

With her suit jacket open and breasts exposed, Diego caught sight of her curvy stomach. “You are so beautiful.”

“It’s Jo’s,” Dr. Grace said with a smirk. “One of the advantages of dating a trans who never went for the lower surgery.

“Really, Jo?” Diego laid back, his body sticky with sweat and cum. “Can I have a taste, for old times?”

After the session of intense pleasure, she helped Diego back to his room to bathe. He laid in bed, comfortable, strong, and able to sleep the most beautiful sleep. Until he was awoken at around midnight by a familiar voice.

“You have a phone call,” Jolene said excitedly.

“Jo? Did you sleep here all night?”

“I was expecting a call: a favor from a friend.” She handed Diego her cellphone, but not before hitting the speaker function. “Jenny, are you there?”

It was not Dr. Grace, but Jenessa Quinto, his daughter all the way in North Dakota. “Papa?”


“Papa! Nurse Cathy told Mama to go out and she would watch me!”

There were tears in Diego’s eyes. He looked to Jo. “I can’t believe you did this for me.”

Jolene shrugged with a sweet, adorable, smile. “Your Jen missed you.”

“I did miss you, Papa!” the little girl’s voice cried.

“I miss you too, Jen.”

“When are you coming to see us?”

Diego grasped at his chest, the pain was so intense he could hardly breathe.

“Papa? I miss you.”

He could practically see her pouty lower lip. “I love you so much, and I would be there if I could.”

“Mama is mean, she hurts me and Cam. When I told her I wanted to see you, she hit my face and said you’re never coming Kartal Rus Escort back, because you don’t love us.” Little Jen was sobbing. “I know that’s not true!”

“I will come back, I promise, I won’t leave you.”

He truly meant those words, but as the weeks wore on Diego was only getting sicker. He would need surgery. He was not told beforehand the extent of the procedure- or maybe he was and, in his drug-induced state, he honestly couldn’t remember. All he knew was sleep; light, darkness, and the eternal beeping of hospital machinery.

After a while, he couldn’t remember the last time Jolene visited. He was even having trouble picturing her face. But he just assumed she was too busy to bother with a broken soldier.

The day of the operation came- one last moment of pure darkness. Diego awoke in the ICU, his arms legs and chest bandaged.

A young female nurse came in, to check his IV bag. “Oh, you’re awake. I’ll notify Dr. Grace.”

Dr. Grace- the name filled him with relief: she would have answers. But the woman who entered looked visibly pregnant, causing Diego to question how much time had passed. “Hi, Diego,” she said with tears in her eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Where’s Jo?”

The question caused her to burst into uncontrollable sobs. “You developed a fever, an infection in your heart, you needed a transplant.”

‘My heart?’ Diego had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. But no, there was no way Dr. Grace meant what he thought she meant. “Where is Jo?”

With trembling hands, she pulled an envelope from her pocket. “She told me that if and when you survived the surgery to give t-this t-to you.”

Diego’s arms were weak, but he wanted that envelope more than anything in the world. His arm reached up, and gripped the paper, ripping open the envelope. The letter unraveled on his hand.

‘Dear Diego, if you are reading this- congratulations. You made it, you’re going to be ok. I’m writing this with a pen in one hand and a revolver in the other- but that is my choice, my decision. This is a decision I did not come to lightly. If I lived, I would have to live with the knowledge that I could have saved you. But if I died, I would be choosing your life over my own. I would never see my child or my Jen.

I have so much to live for you have even more. This is your second chance, make it count. Be the person; the man, the father, the hero, your children need you to be.

And I will always be in your heart.’

The note ended with a splatter of blood.

Diego cupped his hand over his face. “Oh, dear God.”

“You needed a heart transplant,” Dr. Grace said, slightly calmer. “As well as tissue to repair the infected areas of your limbs.” She took a seat next to Diego’s bed. “I tried to talk her out of it, but after you had a seizure, she got herself tested- she was a match.”

“This isn’t what I wanted.” The idea of his best friend gone forever shook him to the core. He didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye.

“I know,” Dr. Grace replied with a sigh, “But this is what Jo wanted.”

A few weeks later Diego’s health was on the mend and he was going to be transferred to Texas for further Physical Therapy. He would be closer to his family, at least on the same continent. He took one last look at the clear Hawaii sky. The sun sparkled with a golden glow, the color of Jolene’s hair. “I love you, Jo, I’ll make you proud.”


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