Cheryl’s Passion Ch. 11


During the time that I spent out there in the woods, I was basically a naked prisoner to be passed around, ogled, used and cruelly punished. Of course, nudity was compulsory the entire I was in the woods. Being naked while the other women were fully-clothed made me keenly aware of my inferior position and status.

Most women would be outraged at the way my tormenters sexually violated and abused me, however, I wasn’t most women. I found my naked surrender to these cruel women to be delicious and intoxicating. It made my heart beat passionately and it made me feverish with lust.

I felt the weight of authority as I was utterly naked and surrounded by five fully-clothed women while leather restraints buckled securely around my wrists and ankles forced me to stand with my legs lewdly far apart and my arms far apart and stretched high above my head. My entire body was exposed, naked and vulnerable. I whimpered, squirmed and struggled against my bonds, but the leather restraints held me fast to the whipping frame. I could flex and strain, but there was no way I was ever going to break free.

My fully-clothed companions could do anything they wished with me. Being so helpless and vulnerable was terrifying, but exciting at the same time. The reality of being utterly helpless and at the mercy of these women made my heart thud in my throat and my sex throb with hungry spasms.

“You look very fetching when you are naked and struggling,” Stefania informed me, “You cannot get free, but please continue to struggle. I like to watch when you do this.”

“How long are you planning on leaving her bound to the whipping frame like that?” April asked.

“I think she looks very cute like that,” Stefania replied, “I am thinking maybe four hours, maybe five, maybe more. It would be a shame to let her loose to soon.”

April gave Stefania a reproving look and said, “You can’t leave her like that for five hours. Her whole body will get a bad case of sunburn.”

“What if we put sunblock on her?” Stefania asked, “I saw some back in the cabin.”

Coach Jenneke offered to run back and fetch a tube of sunblock, and that settled that. I was condemned to be bound to the whipping frame for hours.

“The sunblock was a good idea,” Stefania told me as she put a big blob of the lotion in her hand, “It gives me an excuse to touch you everywhere.”

“That’s not why I suggested it,” Coach Jenneke said, “I was just trying to protect Cheryl from sunburn.”

“So, you do not want to assist me in rubbing Cheryl all of her body?” Stefania asked.

Coach Jenneke muttered something unintelligible and before I knew it, both women were rubbing sunblock into my naked skin.

Of course, Stefania started with my breasts, rubbing in two or three coats of the oily substance into them, taking special care to make certain that my nipples were thoroughly coated. By the time she was done tending to them, my nipples were as hard as steel.

Coach Jenneke stood behind me and worked the lotion into my back, my shoulders, my buttocks, my calves, my thighs, and the narrow crease between my buttocks.

Stefania’s hands squeezed, stroked and kneaded every part of my body that Coach Jenneke missed, coating every inch of my exposed skin with the oily substance. She used plenty of sunblock and rubbed copious amounts of it into my naked skin. She took special care to work plenty of the lotion into my inner thighs and my swollen pubic lips.

“Getting sunburn here would be quite painful,” Stefania remarked, “Your skin here is so soft and sensitive. I am sure you would be most upset if we did not protect this part of your anatomy.”

Stefania’s concern for my well-being was suspect. She claimed that she was trying to protect my pussy from sunburn, however she spent too much time and effort working the lotion into my vulva than was necessary to protect it from the sun’s rays.

She spread the lubrication across my labia, and then spread my pubic lips to expose my swollen clitoris, and then proceeded to rub the slippery substance into my hard, pink nub as well. The friction of Stefania’s oily fingertips rubbing across my swollen clit caused me to twitch as powerful waves of desire spread across my oversensitive sex. My exposed loins were soaking wet with my own juices, and Stefania mixed my own sexual juices with the moisture of the sunscreen as she ran her slick fingers over and between my enlarged, puffy nether lips.

I whimpered and moaned, and Stefania went about her wicked activity of touching me everywhere. She touched every inch of my body, however, her favorite target to knead and caress was the sensitive flesh between my legs. I moaned and whimpered and strained against my bonds as Stefania played with my slick, swollen pubic lips, however straining and struggling against my bonds didn’t accomplish anything other than make me pant and chafe my wrists.

Stefania stroked my pink labia, creating erotic shivers throughout my entire Bostancı Anal Escort body and bringing forth a feminine moan from my lips. I felt a sense of utter humiliation as I was bound, naked in the woods, my legs spread indecently apart while April, Coach Jenneke, Heidi and Gretel all watched intently while Stefania fingered my blatantly exposed sex. I also felt a sense of utter surrender to Stefania as she manipulated my defenseless pussy and brought me to the edge of an overwhelming, devastating orgasm, only to remove her fingers from my sex and leave me trembling with sexual torment.

And when she thrust two of her fingers deep inside of my wet, throbbing sex, I was certain that a powerful orgasm was about to erupt from my loins. I gasped and braced myself for the orgasm that I was certain was about to rip through me, however, Stefania abruptly pulled her hand away and my orgasm died before it could be fully realized.

“Uuuughhh,” I grunted petulantly. It seemed cruel and unfair to manipulate my helpless body, bring me to the edge of orgasmic bliss and then to just leave me unfulfilled and in sexual need. When she removed her fingers from my sex, she left me trembling with sexual torment.

My pubic lips closed vainly on nothing. My hips writhed uncontrollably, my sex throbbed vigorously, and I whimpered and moaned at the unjustness of the way Stefania had violated me. I desperately longed for Stefania to thrust her fingers back inside of me; and relieve my sexual distress; however, Stefania had other ideas.

“You look adorable right now,” Stefania informed me as she pulled out her phone, “I must take picture to immortalize the look of helplessness and frustration on your face.”

Stefania took several pictures of me while I was naked and bound to the whipping frame, so did Coach Jenneke, Heidi and Gretel, although none of them seemed to be exclusively focusing on my face.

I was still panting desperately from the maddening, wanton sexual fever Stefania had incited within my loins, and I was helpless to do anything other than gasp and sweat feverishly as four fully-clothed women took photos of my naked, bound, overstimulated body.

“This is private property, very secluded,” Stefania confided to me, “nearest neighbor is seven miles away, you will have whole forest to yourself when I go back to the cabin.”

My chest heaved up and down as I continued to pant. Being bound naked in the woods for hours like this? I didn’t want to be alone with my sexual distress, what I wanted was for somebody to touch me! I looked at Stefania with pleading eyes, however, she seemed unmoved.

A few of the women touched me before they went back to the cabin, but none of them brought me to the orgasm I desperately desire. The one named Heidi reached between my widespread legs and tested my vulva before she left. She cupped my swollen pubic lips, getting a good feel, looking me intently in the eyes as she did so, as if daring me to object.

“Wow,” she exclaimed as she finally took her hand away and held it up so the other women could see how sodden it was with my juices, “She’s soaking wet!”

The one named Gretel stepped forward and I turned my eyes away from her and felt my face grow hot with embarrassment as she felt up my moist pubic lips as well.

“I think you’re some kind of exhibitionist,” Gretel confided to me as she played with my pubic lips, “I think you get a huge sexual thrill from being naked and having total strangers standing around looking at you.”

I think I upset Gretel by not responding to her words. She took one of my nipples between her thumb and index finger and pinched it cruelly, causing me to gasp in pain.

My eyes went wide as she captured my other nipple and tormented that one as well. My innocent, swollen nipples were pinched and twisted, and I could do nothing to protect them. I whimpered and writhed, but the leather restraints kept me from covering my breasts or squirming away.

“Exhibitionist,” Gretel said louder this time, “You may regret flaunting your naked boobs at me. I’ve got some really wicked ideas on how to punish them.”

Gretel finally released my innocent nipples from her cruel grip and stomped off. I listened to her footsteps get further and further away, until I was finally all alone.

It was a new and frightening experience for me, being alone, naked, helpless and bound spread-eagle in the woods. Being naked outdoors always made me feel more naked and exposed than being naked inside somebody’s home. Add to that the feeling of exposure and vulnerability of having my legs tied far apart, and I was feeling more naked and exposed than at any other point in my entire life.

Of course, flying insects came along several times and landed on my naked flesh. Their feet felt prickly and unwelcome on my naked skin, especially when one landed on my breast, just slightly above my nipple.

“Uuuughhh! Go away,” I exclaimed Bostancı Yaşlı Escort vainly at the offending insect.

I tried to shoo it away or shake it off, but I was truly helpless. I was unable even to keep small insects from landing on me.

I had no way of knowing time, and Stefania and the others had left me strictly alone. I think I passed my first hour worrying about the flying insects that inhabited the woods. By the end of the third hour I was tired and wished I could sit down.

I’ve discovered that not knowing the time is a punishment all its own. It unsettled me and left me feeling even more helpless. I had no idea how long I had been bound to the whipping frame or how much longer I would be there. The uncertainty doubled the psychological impact of my captivity.

When Stefania finally came back, it wasn’t to free me. She held up a canteen, unscrewed the cap and held it up near my face.

“It is hot day and you have been out here for two hours,” Stefania informed me, “I thought you could use drink.”

Two hours? Was that all? I was positive it had been closer to four, but I had no reliable way of keeping track of the time. I was totally dependent on people like Stefania to monitor the passing of the hours.

In desperate gulps I downed what was held to my lips. Quite a bit of the cold water spilled from the canteen and splashed onto my bare belly and breasts, causing me to shiver.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said after the canteen was empty. Please let me loose.”

“No,” Stefania, “I am thinking I leave you like that for four more hours.”

“Mistress, please!” I exclaimed, “I’m so tired of standing like this! I’m naked and helpless and insects keep landing on me; and I can’t brush them off!”

“Yes,” Stefania said, “but you are slave-girl, and this weekend is supposed to be all about you being helpless and abused. Do you not remember April saying this?”

“Well, yes, but it’s been so long. I thought—”

“Slaves are not supposed to think,” Stefania said, interrupting me, “They are supposed to be obedient and do as they are told.”

I opened my mouth as if to say something. I was naked and helplessly bound spread-eagle, talking was the only means I had to defend myself. But just as I was about to speak, Stefania reached down between my legs and began to rub my nether lips. My libido had abated slightly during the time I had been abandoned and alone, however, as Stefania’s hand masterfully stroked my labia and clitoris, she reignited the soft, wet pulse in my loins and stoked my sexual fires into a feverish inferno once again.

Stefania didn’t stop playing with my pussy until I was desperately gasping in sexual need. Then she smiled wickedly and said, “It is important that slaves be in a state of constant sexual arousal.”

“Mistress,” I protested as her fingers made their way inside my sex and found a delicious spot that I couldn’t reach on my own. Her fingertips caused me to moan and whimper.

“If we do not check on you and make certain that you ache with sexual desire, we are not doing proper job of handling slave-girl,” Stefania explained to me.

As Stefania stroked, fondled and probed my defenseless sex, wave after wave of agonizing desire passed though me, heating my loins and hardening my nipples. I whimpered and my hips writhed in a lewd, shameless manner, but I was beyond caring.

I gasped, panted and squirmed in my bonds, and when Stefania finally took her hand away, I was feverish, sweaty and my sex throbbed with hungry spasms.

“You look much more beautiful when you are suffering in sexual anguish like that,” Stefania informed me, “April and I will do our best to make certain that you are always in desperate, throbbing need.”

I grunted, whimpered and tears welled up in my eyes as Stefania walked away, leaving me in feverish, sexual heat and no way to alleviate the urgent craving in my loins.

“I’m not certain how much longer I was left out there, and I sobbed in sexual frustration until other problems intruded and redirected my emotional distress. Wicked-looking insects began to land on my bare flesh and crawl around. Tiny wings and tiny feet crawling over my skin made me tremble and cry out in helpless fear.

Stefania had no idea that naked insects had decided to land on my naked body, however, had she known, she probably wouldn’t have shown me any sympathy. The intrusive creatures, creeping across my breasts, nipples and thighs made me feel more helpless and vulnerable…just the sort of mindset Stefania wanted me to be immersed in.

Then, I let out a gasp when I felt a sudden prickly sensation between my legs. I could feel tiny feet crawling across my plump, sensitive pubic lips. I screamed, praying that someone in the distant house would hear and take pity on me, but my desperate, feminine screams accomplished nothing.

I thrashed and strained against the leather restraints that held my Bostancı Zenci Escort body, but the leather was strong, and the restraints had been buckled securely around my wrists and ankles. There was no hope of freeing myself from my predicament.

Minutes seemed as hours as the buzzing insect was joined by others. I couldn’t clearly see my defenseless pink sex with way I was bound, however there was clearly more than one of them walking across my exposed labia.

I whimpered and trembled as I felt the little tormentors with their six tiny feet scampering and scurrying this way and that – moving across my inner-thighs, my inflamed pubic lips and even investigating the tight crease between my buttocks. Feeling them walk across my sensitive vulva made me delirious with panic and I writhed uncontrollably in my bonds.

It was an agitating and disturbing feeling. I couldn’t close her legs and to cry for help once again as I felt tiny, nettlesome feet creep across my swollen clitoris. The insects intruded on the softest and most sensitive parts on my anatomy, including my anus and perineum.

Again, my screaming failed to attract any saviors. I was forced to wait (seemingly for hours) for the insects to lose interest in me.

* * * * *

By the time April and her mother showed to release me from my captivity, I was a mess. I had spent an eternity bound to that whipping frame. There had been lots of trembling, sobbing, crying for help and the frightening aloneness of a naked slave, bound, displayed, helpless and helpless in a strange forest.

April’s eyes were bright and friendly as she unbuckled my wrists, her smile a mixture of mischief and youthful enthusiasm. “Had enough of the whipping frame, Cheryl?”

I was still moaning and feeling traumatized. I shook her head as though to clear away the memories of being helpless while bees crawled across the swollen folds of my sensitive pubic lips. My voice was breathless: “Yes, oh yes! Oh, Mistress, thank you!”

April and her mother could see how distraught I was, and I was greeted with affectionate, feminine hugs. I relished the enthusiastic embraces from both women. I loved each of them, and I knew they both loved me. The trauma of being helpless while insects crawled over my bound, naked body soon drained out of me.

I was taken back to the cabin and given more water to drink. I was also given some fresh fruit to eat. I was going to be used and worked hard this weekend, so I needed to keep my strength up.

* * * * *

April gave me permission to take a quick shower after the hours I had spent outside in the hot sun. My mistress was in the process of toweling me dry when Karlie came in and asked if she could steal me away for a while. Karlie’s eyes stared hungrily at me as she talked. And I once again felt inferior to all the other women and shamefully exposed, noticing how Karlie was respectably attired in bicycle shorts, running shoes and a spandex crop top, while I was utterly naked.

“Everyone else is having fun with her,” Karlie said softly, “And I waited so patiently while Stefania had her. It seems like Stefania had her forever.”

“Of course,” April said, “I’m sorry Stefania kept her for so long. I intended to share my slave with everybody and give everyone a chance to enjoy her. Stefania made things awkward by monopolizing her the way she did.”

“Come to me, my beautiful girl,” Karlie said eagerly, “I have plans for you.”

Of course, all of the women in the cabin were different. And Karlie’s plans were different than any of the plans the other women had for me.

Of course, she didn’t tell me what those plans were at first. She just grabbed a leather messenger bag, took me by the hand and led me out of the house.

“It’ll be fun, you’ll see,” she told me playfully, and led me deeper and deeper into the woods.

When we were far away from the cabin, and there was nobody else around, she set her messenger bad down on the ground and said, “Okay, this is far enough,” then she took off her crop top.

Karlie smiled brightly as she proceeded to take off all her clothes. She hadn’t been wearing much to being with, so it didn’t take her long to strip naked.

I wasn’t expecting her to do that, and once she was naked, I was spellbound by how beautiful she was. She was tall, slender and athletic-looking, sort of a cross between a runway model and an Olympic sprinter.

She had round, firm breasts, pink nipples, long legs, taut abs and buttocks that were high, round, smooth and perfectly shaped.

“What do you think, Cheryl?” she asked as she gave me a slow turn, exposing every inch of her naked body to me.

“You’re perfect,” I said transfixed as I stared at her sculpted nudity, “You could be a lingerie model. Men would drool over you.”

“Men,” Karlie said with distaste, “I don’t care what men think. I want Kat to like me.”

“She’d be a fool not to like you,” I opined, “You’re delicious. Have you at least talked to Kat about the feelings you have for her?”

“Not yet,” Karlie said, her smile faltering, “There’s something I want to try with you first.”

“April says I have to do whatever you tell me, so just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

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