Christina’s Journey Ch. 03-04

Ariella Ferrera


Christina cleared the books from her table with one angry swipe, she was frustrated at her lack of concentration, her body demanded sex. God she had masterbated so many times that day she had lost count, she didn’t know what Anita had done to her, but she would find out. She must have been given some sort of drug.

She looked at her watch, eight fifteen, maybe a quick workout at the gym, or a few lengths in the pool would get her back on track, she doubted it, but it was worth a try.

“Hey Christina,” Alan smiled, looking up at the clock. “You’re a late comer, and on a Sunday night.”

Christina smiled, and lit up his night. “Restless, thought a bit of a workout might help settle me.”

“Well the place is yours, there’s not another person here. Kelly just left, and I’m just gonna tidy up a bit until ten.”

Christina nodded. “Thanks, I promise not to get in your way.”

“That could never happen,” he smiled. He had watched her work out many times, like quite a few of the female members, she was a sight to behold, and with her hard body and fitness, he thought she’d be fantastic in bed.

She toyed with the weights, hit the treadmill for a bit, and skipped, nothing worked. She went to the change room and slipped into her speedo’s, pulled her long hair back into a pony tail, and hit the pool. Alan was delighted. Some times she had chatted with him at the end of a session, her wet speedo’s clinging to her body, hiding nothing. Stuck to her nipples, showing every dimple, her mound exaggerated and frequently just a showing of her slit, God she was such a sexy horny bitch, he thought, well they were alone tonight, was there a chance?

He changed into his own speedo’s, like Christina’s, they showed his assets, he was fairly well hung, probably about five inches, expanding to seven fully erect, enough to satisfy a lot of ladies he had found out, quite a few from the gym.

After locking the front door, he went to the far side of the pool and slipped into the water quietly, she didn’t know he was there, until she stopped for a break, hoisting herself up onto the side of the pool. She watched him swim a couple of laps, then swim across and join her, her speedo’s were clamped against her body like a second skin.

“Decide to join me?” she smiled.

“Too late for anyone else to come, and I swim every night,” he told her, climbing from the pool and sitting beside her.

Christina realised she still had a problem, as she checked out his cock, and felt that surge down into her groin. It was the first time she had seen his body, and he was very nicely built, obviously, runninf a gym, he worked out, and in his speedo’s, it was like seeing him nude.

She slipped back into the water. “I might do a few more laps.”

He slipped into the water beside her. “Want me to pace you?”

“If you want,” she smiled.

One down and back, and she realised she had done enough.

“Finished?” he smiled.

She nodded. “Yeah, I can’t get into it tonight.”

He took a chance. He reached over and slipped her shoulder straps down.

“What about a lap in the nude, I always swim in the nude.”

At first she didn’t reply, or resist, so he kept pulling her speedo’s down.

“Actually I like swimming nude,” she told him, unfazed, somehow she knew this was going to happen. “That’s why I like Speedo’s, they’re like second skin.”

He nodded. “Mmmmm, I know.”

He pushed her speedo’s off, down over her feet with his, then his own, she could see his partly erect cock through the water. They swam a little way, enjoying the flow of water over their skin, then he kissed her and grabbed her cunt. She responded, pushing it hard onto him and her tongue into his mouth, this was what she needed, something to satisfy her craving for sex.

He helped her from the pool, and fucked her on a poolside bench, then took into the lounge, for some real sex.

Christina melted as she felt his cock slid into her cunt. She wanted him to keep fucking her until it stopped feeling good, hopefully never.

Alan was absolutely delighted at having broken the ice with Christina. Several times he had been tempted, but something stopped him. He thought it was because she was such a hot looking babe, and would have a heap of guys in tow, he hated rejection.

After the first couple of times together, he realised she was on a mission with her studies, and let very little distract her, he also found out that she needed sex relief or she couldn’t study.

Christina was also happy. Alan had told her Sunday nights were dead, people getting ready for work the following day, he assumed, was the cause.

“So my lovely,” he smiled and squeezed her hand. “You are welcome to join me and swim nude every Sunday night. I can close early, around eight, eight thirty, and we can enjoy each other’s company for a few hours, or whatever you want. The cleaners don’t come in until after twelve, so we have the place to ourselves.

Christina smiled. “Thanks, sounds great.”

She joined him the following Sunday night, for what she now called bursa escort S & S, swim and sex, she then missed a couple of weeks, and saw him pretty frequently for a few weeks.

“I’m taking you out on Sunday,” he told her.

She ran her finger down his stomach to his still half erect cock.

“I thought you had to work,” she said.

“I’m taking a day off,” he said. “The first time in a long time.”

He told her to pack a lunch, a towel and sunscreen.

“Where are we going?” she smiled.

“Molly’s Cove,” he grinned. “Ever been there before?”

Molly’s Cove, was the local nude beach.

She shook her head. “No, but I’ve always wanted to.”

The road in was a few hundred metres long, through trees, and with paddocks each side. A sign announced the parking lot, and when they turned in, Christina was surprised to see nude people unpacking their beach gear from their cars. She had expected to see them in their swimming gear, and getting undressed on the beach. Not here, this was a true nudist venue. She followed Alan’s lead, and when he stripped off, she did the same. They got their stuff and walked a few metres through the trees, onto the beach.

“Wow, this is fantastic,” she grinned.

“We go up there,” he pointed up the beach. “The oldies are this end, the families and couples go up further. We can sit down here, but our group are better up there.”

She nodded, looking around, there were a lot of people there already. “Fine with me. Popular place.”

“It’s very hard to get a good spot, if you come after eleven,” he said, taking her hand. “There are more nudists in this world than people think. It’s about time our way of life was recognised.”

They got a few waves and hello’s as they walked along.

“I come here a fair bit, so know a few people,” he said waving to couple. Christina looked at the attractive blonde, and wondered if Alan had fucked her. They had greeted him by name.

“So you’re the real deal,” she smiled at him. “You really are a bona fide nudist.”

” Yeah, I am. We might as well sit here, if you’re happy with that,” he said.

“Yeah fine,” she said, putting her bag down, and spreading out the rug they brought. This is a good spot, unless you want to get into some action, then we need to be further along, up there, or you can discretely voyeur.”

“Action, voyeur?” Christina gave him a quizzical smile.

“If you go further along,” he pointed up the beach, to where several couples were lounging on the sand. “Discrete sex is common, and sometimesnot so discrete. Later watch the strollers, most won’t walk past that clump of bush. The hardcore voyeurs will walk on and have a look. I think the performers enjoy it, exhibitionists.”

Christina thought back to her first big party night, she had got wasted and let some guy fuck her in front of a room full of students. It had turned her on, but the next day freaked her out, when she remembered what she had done. She was young and stupid, it wouldn’t happen again, and at that time, she was determined it wouldn’t.

“Well they say all nudists are exhibitionists,” she said. “And I’d have to agree with that. I have to admit, I like being seen nude, it doesn’t worry me.”

“I suppose I do too,” Alan admitted. “If I didn’t, I look pretty stupid being on a nude beach, with a hundred others.”

Christina completely relaxed, she felt at home. The sun was great, the water cool and refreshing when she got a bit hot, and the eye candy was very nice. She found it interesting, the different size and shapes of boobs and cocks. She noticed all the younger girls were clean shaven, or close to it, the older women, either trimmed or in full bush.

Alan was enjoying having the best babe on the beach, and Christina emerging from the water, it cascading down her body, over her boobs, dripping from her erect nipples, he knew from the cold water, was a sight to see. When she sat down, he rolled onto his side and rubbed her stomach, just above her pubic mound.

She squinted at him, her hand shielding her eyes. “You behave, we’re in the wrong area for that.”

His finger touched the top of her slit, he wanted to tease her. “Just playing, nothing serious.”

Christina looked around, the two girls on their right, were lying on their backs, their eyes closed, enjoying the sun. The guy with his girl on their left, was reading a copy of Penthouse, the hardcore X rated edition, that came with the DVD of an X rated movie, and other stuff. She wondered if he’d get hard, reading that. Bob Guccione publisher of Penthouse, was into everything about sex, and although she hadn’t seen any of it, she had been told, some editions had the Pamela Anderson sex tape, totally uncut. The first edition of the subscriber only mag, had a special feature of Angelina Jolie fucking Brad Pitt, before they became an item. Those pictures had brought fifty grand, It was now a collectors edition. The guys girlfriend or wife, was like the other two girls, enjoying the sun, eyes closed. She guessed a little fun was okay. She opened malatya escort her legs slightly, and enjoyed Alan’s finger running down her slit.

Of course it was only a matter of a few minutes, before he went a little further, his finger parting her pussy lips, and in another minute, his finger found her clit. Christina let out a small moan.

“You said a tease,” she said in a whisper.

“That’s all this is,” he said, knowing it would end up more.

She twitched as he got her magic spot. “Oooh.”

“It’s okay,” he said. ” Just raise you right leg up a bit, and open them a bit more.”

She did that, and felt his fingers now moving from her arsehole to her clit.

“Shouldn’t we be a bit further up the beach,” she asked him quietly, her voice strained.

“It’s okay,” he told her. “Just don’t moan out loud.” He knew how vocal she could be.

She was huffing now, and starting to move, thrusting every now and then. She frowned and groaned, as she felt his fingers slide inside her. “Oooohhh God. Alan I think you should stop.”

Her hand went down and grabbed his hard cock. He worked her clit.

“You have to stop, I’m gonna come, Alan.”

“You want me to stop?”

She shook her head. “No, but you have to; oh fuck.”

She opened her legs more. Even though his cock was in her hand, she could feel it inside her, fucking her. She pumped his cock, as she started to come.

One of the girls, Hannah Morey, half opened her eyes and looked at Christina and Alan. Yup something was happening there. She watched Christina’s jerks, and the way she was clutching the rug she was lying on. Her boyfriend was definitely working her over. She couldn’t see his hand, it was between the girls legs, but the movement was enough to tell the story. She watched as Alan put his fingers into Christina’s mouth, she sucked her pussy juices from them.

Oh fuck, the girl observer frowned, this guy is showing her no mercy. Her nipples were as hard as Christina’s, and her cunt just as wet.

Christina lifted her arse off the blanket, by a clear three inches, as Alan rammed his fingers hard into her.

“Oh fuck me,” she groaned. Her whole body was on fire, as Alan rubbed her clit again. “You have to fuck me.”

She bit the back of her hand, as she came, to stop from calling out, but she couldn’t hide her body movements. She pumped Alan’s cock, until he rolled her onto her side, and entered her from behind, it was the least obvious way he had found to fuck on the beach.

She felt his cock pushing her flaps apart, and opening her fuck hole, sliding deep into her. She gurgled with delight, and gave herself over to his delicious fucking of her.

Hannah had also surrendered, watching Christina and Alan, had made her so horny, she rubbed her hard nipples, and slipped her hand between her legs, starting to get herself off. She started to come within a couple of minutes. She had drooled when saw Alan’s cock, and even more when she watched Christina walking out of the water, God, she a walking sex bomb, Hannah loved cock, but loved pussy more, and she could imagine exactly what Christina would taste like. This was all very naughty, but hell, they were all adults, weren’t they, and there weren’t any kids near them, so if you are overcome with the urge to fuck, or in her case, masterbate, then fuck, go for it. Allison, her girlfriend lying beside her, had got her all hot one afternoon in this almost exact spot, and had gone down on her, giving her a fabulous orgasm, she had repayed the favour, much to the delight of two couples nearby. One thing she could say about her fellow nudists, they certainly were broadminded, well on this part of the beach anyway.

It was the first of many trips to Mollies, for Christina, sometimes with Kelly as well as Alan, and when she had a free day, or just wanted peace to study, she would come alone. Even weekdays, there were quite a few people on the beach, they were friendly, and she was on nodding aquaintance with a few. It had now become part of her life.


Kelly smiled as Christina approached the desk. “Hi Christina.”

Christina smiled back. “Hi Kelly.”

“Working out, or swimming tonight?” Kelly asked.

“Maybe a bit of both,” Christina answered casually. “Alan not here tonight?”

Kelly smiled, she knew about Christina, she had the same arrangement with Alan, they swam nude and had sex, two or three times a week, and she had also let him take photo’s of her working out nude. He’d have Christina doing it soon, she’d put money on it.

She shook her head. “No, he had some family thing he had to fix, but that’s okay, he said you’d probably drop in for a swim, I swim myself each night.”

She locked the front door. “I’ll just grab a towel, you go on through.”

Christina smiled, disappointed. “Thanks.”

She went through to the pool, and started to strip. She heard the door open, and looked, a little surprised to see Kelly walk through nude.

Kelly grinned. “This is the only way to swim. I love the feel of the çanakkale escort water on my body. Don’t worry, it’s okay, Alan told me he offered you late swims, so you could swim nude.”

“Um, yes, thanks,” Christina muttered, taken back for a minute. Looking at Kelly, she could understand why he would want to swim in the nude with her, and do other things.

Kelly dived into the pool. Christina finished undressing and followed her.

The swim was short, they usually were, Alan always wanted sex, wanted to feel her up, and then fuck her. That was okay, she had finally admitted to herself, that that was what she wanted anyway, why she now went late on Sunday nights. As she climbed from the pool, Kelly put her hand between her legs, and rubbed her pussy lips, and then slid two fingers inside her.

“Lets go to the lounge and do this properly.” She said, picking up Christina’s towel and drying her. She rubbed the soft towel over her boobs, and then between her legs, planting small kisses on her neck. It was so sensual, Christina thought she was going to come right then. In the lounge, she lay Christina on the couch, pulled her legs apart, and started to lick her slit.

Kelly and Christina turned each other on, they were both hot looking babes, and they went at each other as if they had never had sex before, tongue fucking each other as well as the licking and clit nibbling, giving each other multiple orgasm’s.

They both lay back on the couch. Kelly ran her hand down Christina’s wet inner thigh.

“Fuck, that was full on, you really know how to please a lady.”

“You were pretty good yourself,” Christina gave her a weak smile.

Kelly dragged herself to her feet. “I think we should go, it’s nearly one. But a quick shower first.”

On the way back to the pool for Christina to get her bag and clothes, Kelly touched her arm and smiled.

“Want to finish the night on a high?”

“How, what do you mean?” Christina frowned.

“Drive home nude,” Kelly giggled. “I do it all the time, it really turns me on.”

Christina grinned, she liked the idea, she had driven home after parties topless, and in just her panties, but never nude. “What happens if you get caught?”

“Well five times a week, for the past two years,” she told Christina. “And I haven’t been caught yet. Hell it’s after midnight, all the goody goodies, are home in bed.”

They walked downstairs to the carpark. Christina was getting a buzz already. She flicked her eyes towards Kelly, watching her breasts, nipples erect, wobbling as they descended the stairs. She was also getting a buzz.

Their kiss goodbye lingered, and their hands cruised over each others bodies. Kelly pulled back. “Oh no, we can’t start again.”

The road was clear, not a car in sight, Kelly turned right, and Christina left. She was a couple of kilometres down the road, when she saw the headlights come up behind her, then the flashing lights and the blip on the siren. Crap, she thought, desperately looking around for something to cover herself with, but Kelly had sold her the idea too well, and she had put everything in her bag. By the time she had managed to half get her towel from her bag, the cop was at her window.

“Evening Miss,” he smiled, not missing anything. “I noticed you only have one tail light working.”

Christina kept tugging at the towel. “Um, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” She said, feeling her face glowing with embarrassment. “I’ll get it fixed tomorrow.”

“Please step out of your vehicle,” the cop ordered her.

Christina frowned and hesitated. “Um, do I have to?”

The cop nodded. “I’m afraid so, you see, you are indecently exposed.”

She groaned inwardly as she opened the door and stepped out.

“Put your hands on the vehicle, and spread your legs,” he told her.

She did as he said, and then felt his hands running over her body.

“Just checking for weapons,” he said, his hands now groping her boobs.

Christina was trying to feel revulsed. The problem was her body was still throbbing from her sex with Kelly, and now with this cop, having a nice time with her, she was getting turned on again. He would have felt her hard nipples, as his hands now slid down between her legs.

“Just checking you have nothing hidden in here,” he said, sliding two fingers inside her. This time she groaned outwardly.

“Thought you’d like that,’ he said. “Now try this.”

Christina felt his cock open her fuck hole, and slide inside her.

“Any babe who drives around nude, is a dead set fuck,” he grunted. “I bet you fuck everything with a cock. You’ve got a big hungry cunt, lady, made to be fucked, a lot.”

Christina came. She didn’t want to, but he rubbed her clit as he fucked her, and she couldn’t not.

“Nooooooo,” she cried out. “Oh fuck, nooooooooo.”

Her body jerked with her orgasmic spasms, and she thrust like a dog fucking a bitch.

“Oh yes,” the cop chuckled. “Go baby go, fuck me hard.”

Christina’s breath came in gasps, as he penetrated her deeper, fucking her harder. She tried to get his fingers from her cunt, off her clit, – but failed. She just kept coming. Then he shot his load into her, she felt his cock swell, and then the throb of each spurt, as it shot into her cunt. And then she felt his thrusts slow, and his cock slide out of her. He turned her around, he wanted to see her front on, check out her body, her great tits.

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