Christmas At Mrs B’s


Christmas At Mrs B’sMrs B , this was a little out of character for her but then most of the time her teenagers were up and about, so anything sex related was usually done in the bedroom. Christmas morning had arrived and my 2 had been dispatched back to the Ex’s and I’d made my way round to Mrs B to have a bit of time with her before her family descended in the afternoon. I’d jumped into the kitchen helping get the veg ready when her son popped his head in the door and told us that his dad was there to pick them up for the 2 hour Christmas visit.”Stay in the kitchen, finish the carrots off for me,” B said giving me a peck on the cheek as she wiped her hands clean and went and waved her 2 off to their grandparents. I have no idea what was said at the front door as I was literally at the other end of the large terrace house. So 5 minutes later B asks me to join her in the hallway, I washed my hands and walked through the dining room, grabbing a Quality Street fudge on my way past. I popped it in my mouth as I walked into the hall. B was standing behind the front door, arms above her head taking her pj top off, her dressing gown and pj bottoms where bahis firmaları already on the floor behind the door. Her tits looked great as they jiggled as her hair got stuck in the top, B wasn’t in to trimming and her bush was large. “I want you inside me NOW!” She demanded after getting naked for me. “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, do me up against the door! Just don’t make me wait” she turned around and thrust her bum roads me. I was a but surprised by this turn of events but quickly dropped my pants and bent down to give a her clit a quick lick, she moaned and parted her legs wider, “put your dick inside me, please!” She begged, I stood up and rubbed her pussy quickly, her hand joined mine as she started playing with her clit. She took my dick and guided it into her hot, tight, wet pussy, this was a quick fuck fir her, she brought herself off on my dick and her fingers before quickly taking my dick in her mouth, she sucked me expertly , before looking up at me, ” I want you to come inside me, I want to feel you spurt your cum in me as you climax.” B stated, looking up at me with innocent eyes. “Stand up then, and let me fuck you in the arse kaçak iddaa again, we haven’t done that since my hall.” I replied, B looked unsure, ” your arse was really tight, and this is definitely the dirty fuck you wanted to have” “It is, yes.” She said standing up and going into the living room. B lent over the sofa and pushed her arse up, “slowly please,” she said handing some moisturiser back to me , ” put plenty on you and plenty on my hole” I parted her cheeks and spread the e45 on her hole, then gently pushed my finger in, she pushed back and I worked more cream into her arse and rubbed some on my dick with my other hand. I eased my finger out of her tight bum and put my dick at there, pushing gently but firmly to enter her from behind. The first inch or so she was so tight and her discomfort was at a high as she gasped and pulled away from me so I stopped and pulled out, before pushing back in again, once I was about an inch in, her muscles relaxed and I was able to work up a rythum , with the tightness of her arse and her playing with my balls it didn’t take me long to cum inside her.” Shower? ” I asked when I’d got my breath back, B kaçak bahis agreed, “You first.” “Okay,” I said picking up my clothes and gping upstairs to the on suite shower room. Once clean and dry I went back down stairs, kissed B and asked if she wanted me to start the sprouts while she was in the shower, B agreed and disappeared upstairs, it was nearly half an hour later, and I’d finished the sprouts, potatoes, swede and parsnips, had mixed the stuffing and was preheating the oven when B came back down stairs, her hair was amazing, her make up spot on and her dress could only have looked better crumpled on the floor, she smiled shyly at me and inched up her hemline, when it was at mid thigh level she toOK it in both hands and lifted it up above her waist, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any knickers and she’d shaved her bush off. ” That’s for you for tonight,” B said with a smile, she let go of the hem and it dropped to just below the knee, she came up and hugged me tight and kissed me deeply , ” and thanks for doing the veg as well! But they’ll all be back soon and my mum and dad are going over. They should be gone by 8,;so if you come back about 9, we can carry on and I put you to some good use, I’m going to chain you to the sink and spank you while you wash up.” She said with a smile. She bundled me out of the back door and kissed me goodbye at the gate.

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