Christmas Day


It was Christmas morning, about 4 am and Darnell had woken up, I guess you could say he was still a kid at heart, for he loves Christmas morning, this year was even more special for him for this was his first Christmas in Connecticut with Kim and the kids, Kim and the girls were still asleep, Darnell laid there watching the woman whom he was so in love with, the night was cold and the sky was so clear, the moon light shown in through their window, shining down over her, rolling onto his side up behind her, with the backs of his finger tips he gently runs them down the side of her arm, as he kisses her shoulder softly.

“I love you baby girl, Merry Christmas.” He whispers softly in her ear.

“I love you too baby, Merry Christmas.” She replies as she turns her body slightly, slipping her arm around his neck, looking up at him, kissing him softly.

Their kiss deepens as she rolls over to face him, wrapping her leg over his waist, she slides her fingers into the back of his hair tugging on it ever so gently, as he slid his hands down her back and onto her ass that he loved so much, Darnell moans softly as Kim kisses the side of his neck gently, settling into her favorite crevice.

“Oh god baby girl, what if the girls wake up?” he asks in a sexy whimper, as his head leans to the side.

“Don’t you worry about them, it’s too early they won’t wake up yet, besides you’ve been a very good boy this year and mommy has a special present for you.” She replies softly in his ear in her sexy little voice as she sucks his earlobe into her mouth, teasing at his earring with her tongue.

Slowly she slides her hand down his body, his back arching, his moans growing louder as her hand comes to rest on his hardened member, wrapping her fingers around it she begins to stroke him ever so gently.

“What does my baby boy want?” she asks softly.

“I…I want my mommy!” he replies in a soft sexy accented whine.

“You want that special present mommy has for you don’t you baby?” she asks as she rolls him onto his back positioning her body over him, taking his member into her hand teasing the tip with her ever so wet pussy.

“UH HUH!!!! OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!” he replies as his breathing begins to deepen.

“Look at me daddy.” She whispers as she interlocks her fingers with his, holding his hands flat against the pillow over his head.

Looking directly at her, she slides her ever so wet pussy down his member inch by inch, feeling her muscles inside her pussy sucking him deeper inside her slowly she starts to grind her hips into him.

“You’re my good boy aren’t you baby?” she asks in her little devious tone as she grinds him a little harder and now deeper.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH’ I AM YOUR GOOD BOY, I AM A VERY GOOD BOY!!!!!!!!” he replies almost in a scream as his back arches once again.

With their hands still locked together she raises them off his pillow, holding them straight out in front of him.

“Well my good boy lock these arms for me and mommy will give you a present that you won’t soon forget.”

Locking istanbul escort his arms as she asked him to, she sits straight up on his member, grinding him a little harder, grinding her hips in little circular motions her muscles clamping down now even tighter around him as she pushes against his hands.

Feeling his cock harden even more as his balls tightened his head goes back, the sexiest look came over his face.



When she knew he was just at that point, she pushed herself down onto him as far as she possibly could, just holding herself there, that’s all it took, feeling his member throbbing and all his love juices rolling up his main vein, she felt him push himself up into her, as they both released all their juices together just at the same time, she sat there just rocking on him as she was enjoying what he had just given her and the feeling of his member pulsing inside her.

Looking into his eyes she could see he started to cry, remaining right where she is she wraps her legs around him, wrapping her arms around his neck she has him sit up, holding onto him, holding him close to her, ever so gently running her fingers through the back of his hair.

“It’s alright baby, don’t cry mommies right here baby I love you.” She whispers softly in his ear.

She couldn’t help but cry with him for she loves him more than anything in this world and she wanted to make their first Christmas together more than special for him.

As they sat together in that position for a while, they decided it was time to get up, they had to put the turkey in the oven and the girls were soon to be awakening, they both got out of bed, got themselves together and proceeded out into the kitchen, as Kim fixed the oven preparing it for the turkey, Darnell being the wonderful man that he is takes the turkey pan out of the refrigerator for her and places it in the oven, just as the oven door closes he turns around taking Kim into his arms, kissing her softly yet deeply.

When suddenly they hear the voices of two beautiful little girls, their kiss breaks looking into each other’s eyes they hug each other for a moment.

“It’s time daddy, the girls are up.” She whispers to him.

“Mommy and Darnell, Santa came, can we open our presents now please can we?” they both asked.

“Well c’mon let’s go.” Darnell replies, as his eyes lit up with happiness.

Taking Kim’s hand they walk into the living room with the girls, Darnell sat on the floor with the girls, helping them to find their individual gifts, Kim sat back just watching the three of them, she was the happiest girl alive at that very moment, for she had her daddy and her two beautiful girls, this was a moment she never wanted to see end for she knew he was happy and she knew they were too.

The girls proceeded to open their gifts, as Darnell and Kim sat there and watched them.

“I’ve been waiting escort bayan for this very moment for so long Kim.” He says with a tear in his eye.

“I know daddy, believe me I know I’ve waited just as long but its finally here we are all together, and it’s Christmas morning.”

As everyone finishes opening their presents, Kim and Darnell proceeded back into the Kitchen to make their morning coffee and work on dinner.

Kim had her back to Darnell for only a moment when he wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning into her, kissing the side of her neck lightly, her shoulders instantly raised to her head, as she moaned softly.

“Oh your such a bad boy.” She says with a little giggle.

“Yeah I am a bad boy, but I cant help it, you smell and taste so damned good.” He replies softly in her ear.

“Oh honey you do too, but we can’t start this now, but I promise you that tonight after the girls go to bed we can then start this all over again.”

“Come on Darnell, let’s go out and do some sliding.” The girls say.

Darnell kisses at Kim’s neck one last time as the girls manage to pull him away from Kim and get him outside.

The girls began throwing snow at Darnell, but he didn’t care he was having a ball just spending time with them, they went off to get the sled, he helped the youngest walk up the sliding hill, as the oldest went on ahead, they spent about an hour and a half outside, as much as he was enjoying himself he couldn’t help but think about that wonderful woman whom was sitting now in the snow at the bottom of the hill, just staring up at him.

The girls were beginning to get cold, and Darnell was too, they decided it was time to go in, as the girls walked to the house with their sled, Darnell once again took Kim into his arms, kissing her softly.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you.” He asks softly.

“Oh yes I do, just as much as I love you.” She replies.

The four of them proceeded back into the house, they made hot chocolate for the girls and Darnell and Kim enjoyed their coffee, dinner was just about ready, Darnell took the turkey out of the oven, and carved it as Kim fixed up the rest, they all sat down to a wonderful meal, as Kim and Darnell sat side by side, Kim’s hand slipped onto Darnell’s thigh, ever so lightly she ran her nails up and down the inside of his thigh, she felt his body jump as another part of his body was beginning to rise to the occasion, looking over at her with the most wanting look in his eyes, he taps on the top of her hand lightly.

“Now who’s being bad?” he asked softly.

“It’s not me…it’s my fingers.” She replies in her sexy toned giggle.

“You think your funny don’t you my baby girl, you just wait till later, you want to tease me, you just wait.”

As the day was beginning to come to a close the girls put away all their presents while Kim and Darnell cleaned up the dishes, again while she had her back to him washing the dishes Darnell takes her into his arms again, Kissing and nibbling at the side of her neck.

“You wanted to tease escort istanbul me didn’t you baby girl, well now it’s my turn.”

She tried so hard to finish her dishes but he had won, she turned to face him he slides his hands into the sides of her hair leaning in toward her as he kisses her softly and deeply, the girls were getting ready for bed, and she knew it wouldn’t be long and they would have the entire evening alone together.

The girls got into bed and Darnell and Kim went together to tuck them both in, Kissing both of them good night, they both drifted off to sleep.

Kim and Darnell walked back into the living room, sitting on the floor together in front of the wood stove just staring at the fire, Kim sat in silence for a few minutes.

“So tell me baby girl, wasn’t there anything special that you wanted Santa to bring you this year?

“Oh my daddy, Santa came to visit me early this year, I only wished for one thing and that one thing is exactly what I got.”

“Well my silly girl why don’t you tell me what you wished for.”

“I wished that Santa would bring my daddy home to me for Christmas this year and that’s exactly what he did, I got you and that’s the most special thing I could have ever asked for.”

“Well daddy knows there’s one special thing that you have always wanted, and that you’ve never told anyone about but me, do you remember what that is?”

She didn’t have to say a word she knew in an instant just what he was talking about.

“Why don’t you let daddy fulfill that special wish for you, come with me.” He whispers softly as he stands extending his hand for hers.

She stands with him as they walked over in front of the tree, taking her into his arms once more, looking into her eyes as they shown with the lights from the tree, leaning in to her he kisses her, ever so slowly he removes her top, kissing his way down her chest, his fingers finding the top of her jeans he lowers them slowly, helping her to step out of them, gently he lowers her to the floor, right under the edge of the Christmas tree as he positions his body between her legs, leaning down on his lower arms he again looks deep into her eyes as she slides her fingers into the sides of his hair.

“Daddy knows just what you want, and I have just the very special present for you, are you ready baby girl?” he asks softly.

“Yes daddy I’m ready.” She replies softly as she smiles at him.

Reaching down between them he takes his member into his hand ever so slowly guiding it into her, her back arches as she gasps softly, her legs wrap around the small of his back.

“Look at me baby girl.”

Looking directly into each others eyes, he slowly begins to make love to her, just the way she had dreamt about for so long, wrapping her legs around the small of his back, she didn’t want this to end, feeling her body tensing and her muscles grabbing onto his member his body tenses, his member hardens more as his balls tighten, his fingers slide into the sides of her hair, kissing her again only deeper this time, as they push each other over the edge, their bodies trembling slightly from their release, moving in behind her wrapping his arms around her holding her close to him.

“Merry Christmas baby girl.”

“Merry Christmas daddy.”

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