Church Lady


I’m not the first man to notice that there are a lot of pretty ladies in church. Our church seems to have more than its share. I remember when I first visited being very distracted by so many nicely dressed attractive women. Over the years since then I have joined the church and become very active. I am sincere and devout in my beliefs, but I am also a man with a strong sex drive whose wife does not share this attribute and prefers not to know how I deal with my excess need. For the most part, I watch internet porn and take care of myself like I imagine most guys do. But increasingly I have found my mind wandering to thoughts one of the “church ladies” in particular. Her name is Ava.

Ava is a lovely married lady who may be a year or two younger than my 54 years. We have become good, totally platonic, friends often discussing our kids and the church. She is very friendly and we genuinely like each other as people. Our chats have never been anything but g-rated. She is a very lovely lady, about 5’7″ with long dark hair. Her black-rimmed glasses give her a cute nerdy look. I’m not good at guessing weights. She is not skinny, but far from overweight. I’d say she has really nice curves. I’m a breast man and she has a more than ample bustline which she shows off, but only in the most modest of ways. She may show the smallest amount of what must be awesome cleavage, but never anything that would be considered inappropriate, even for church. And she does not dress provocatively, although lately I have found even her modest outfits very sexy.

A few weeks ago, I was working in the church kitchen, preparing for a festival. It was late afternoon and all the other people had gone home when Ava arrived. Since most of the work had already been done, she busied herself cleaning up. After a typically friendly hello, I had returned to my task until I finished after about a half hour. I started cleaning up the area where I had been working and eventually found myself at one of the big sinks washing some dishes next to Ava. We chatted casually for a while and finished up our work. Then we sat across from each other on the counters chatting some more.

As I was talking about fundraising, Ava glanced down and noticed that she had a little smear of some food on her tight while shirt, right between her big, round breasts. Without a thought or any hesitation, she pulled at her shirt and began to scratch at the partially dried stain to brush it away. My eyes immediately locked on to what she was doing and after a few seconds, I guess my voice kind of trailed off. I saw her fingers stop working at the stain and I looked up to her face and saw her eyes meet mine. She had caught me staring at her chest. I managed a weak smile and said, “Oops. Sorry.”

Ava smiled sweetly and chuckled a little. I tried to restart whatever I had been saying without really making much sense. I tried locking eyes with Ava, but it seemed too intense and creepy, so I kind of looked all around the room. As I babbled, all I could think of was the outline of her bra under the tight, white shirt and how big her breasts were in comparison to her hands. I imagined her holding her breasts and how much of them would not be covered. Then I glanced back to Ava and she was looking at my crotch!

I looked down and saw that my cock was almost fully hard making a tent out of my loose cargo shorts. I looked up at Ava as she quickly looked up to meet my gaze. She said, “Oops. Sorry,” with a little shrug.

I tried to quickly adjust myself without much success at concealing my obvious erection.

“I’m sorry, Ava. I guess I just kind of lost control of myself. You know I think the world of you and wouldn’t want to insult you or… I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert or a creep… You are a lovely lady and…” my voice trailed off as I ran out of apologies. I didn’t want to dig myself in any deeper.

“No, it’s ok. I don’t mind. It’s flattering. I don’t get that kind of reaction… that is, you can’t control what you… I mean, I didn’t mean to expose myself..” It seemed Ava couldn’t find a way to casually brush it off any more than I could.

We both giggled at our discomfort. We smiled at each other. There was a long moment in which our eyes were locked. I hopped down and stepped toward her and she slid down from the counter on which she had been sitting and we stood face to face.

“Here, let me have a go at that stain,” I said slipping my hand down the front of her shirt over her bra. With my other hand I brushed at the dried food stain. I let the hand inside her shirt press back between her breasts held back by her bra. I felt her hand cup my stiffening cock through my shorts and boxers.

“This should go in the washer,” I said. There was a washer in another room at the back of the kitchen. I took her hand and we walked back istanbul escort to the washer where I peeled the shirt from her and put it in the machine. It rumbled to life. I pushed the door closed and button-locked it. I turned and saw Ava in her bra and slacks. I moved to her and crushed my lips to hers. She opened her lips and sucked my tongue into her mouth and ground her lips against mine. Her passion was so strong. My hands ran up and down her back and to her rounded butt. I felt the panties she had on through her white slacks. Her hands held my head, pushing our mouths together then ran down my chest and to my aching cock now straining to get free.

I lifted Ava up onto the washer and reached behind her to unhook her bra. She never broke our kiss and her tongue plunged into my mouth and danced over my lips. I had not experienced such passionate kissing since I was a teenager.

I moved to kiss behind her ear and on her neck as the bra came undone and she shrugged it off. Ava reacted volcanically to the kisses and gentle biting on her neck. She offered me the other side to nibble and kiss then leaned back giving me a view of, and access to, her amazing breasts. Ava tossed her padded bra aside. I stared in awe at her full, round breasts as they heaved with her every breath. They were larger than I imagined and sagged under their own weight. But they were full and upright at the same time. Her nipples were extraordinary. Each was three-quarters of an inch long and a half-inch across, like thick pencil erasers from one of those big novelty pencils. And each pink-brown nipple was surrounded by a small aureole of the same color. My hands found her twin mounds and she renewed and deepened our kiss. It was as if we were trying to consume one another. She placed her hands on mine and squeezed them, making them squeeze her full breasts harder than I would have felt comfortable doing on my own. She breathed deeply and repeated this nonverbal instruction until I began to strongly knead her large, fleshy boobs in the way she obviously craved.

I kissed my way down to them and took one big nipple in my mouth and sucked it. Ava moaned into my ear, her dark hair draped over me. I inhaled her fragrance and arousal. My hand mauled one breast as I suckled the other. I felt her big nipple lengthen still more and stiffen. The aureole tightened and lifted up, tightening her breast. I moved to the other breast, pausing a moment to look at the first and appreciate the glow of her remarkable flesh. Her hand pushed my head down on her chest and I eagerly repeated a deep sucking and gentle biting of the big nipple.

“Bite it harder, baby,” she urged. And I complied. “More,” she urged. And I bit down hard. Ava stifled a scream and then growled like a tigress.

I pushed her massive tits together and buried my face in the endless flesh. My mouth moved back and forth between the huge, stiff nipples and Ava tossed her head from side to side in wild abandon. Her legs had wrapped around my torso and she was grinding her crotch against me. Her body was strong and she was wild with passion. My hands massaged her big tits with more vigor, waiting for her to tell me to be more gentle, but she never did. My lips felt the pebbly texture of her tightened aureole and the smooth stiffness of her nipples. The size of the sweet nubs was such a turn-on. I slid my lips up and down the length of each nipple and then nibbled each one in turn. I felt Ava shudder and heard her growl and almost shriek. Her pelvis rocked against me. This was her first orgasm. It seemed to last for several minutes as she held my face to her chest and convulsed in almost violent spasms.

When Ava’s orgasm had subsided, she slid down from the washer and knelt in front of me. She undid my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Her fingers hooked the waistband of my boxers and drew them down, her hands caressing my ass-cheeks as she pushed them to the floor. My cock was almost as hard as it could get. She took it in her hand and stroked it, feeling its weight and sizing up its length and girth.

“Mmmm. It’s a big one,” she purred as a sly smile curled her lips. She put her lips to the end of my cock and took it into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue flicked and licked it all over. It swirled around the head and then tickled the underside. At the same time her mouth seemed to engulf more and more of the shaft. Her head twisted and bobbed and her moans vibrated my whole body. Once her mouth had taken over, her hands moved. One cupped my heavy balls and gently weighed and jostled them. Her other hand cupped my ass and pushed me toward her.

I had never seen a woman with such passion and skill for sucking a cock. Not in porn, and not in real life. She seemed to need to consume and stimulate and work over every part of my cock from every escort bayan angle. She was in constant motion, not hurried, but still almost urgently pumping her mouth and using her lips to move up and down and to twist and turn on the now rock-hard shaft. Her tongue found the hole at the tip and flicked it, then swirled down as she took me as deeply as possible into her mouth and throat. She held my cock buried that way and pushed her tongue out to tease my balls, then slowly pulled up until her pursed lips kissed the tip of my stiff cock. Wetness dripped from my cock to the balls and down her chin. I was watching her every move in awe and feeling an other-worldly pleasure no woman had every come close to giving me. She was beyond skilled, she was consumed in her sexual prowess and passion. She wasn’t sucking my cock for my pleasure, she was sucking my cock for her pleasure. And that gave me more pleasure that I had ever felt.

Time drifted as she took me deep, then licked every bit of my cock and balls, sucking each one in turn. Her hands, slick with wetness jacked my shaft when it was not in her mouth and cradled and caressed my balls. A finger even teased my asshole, at first as if by accident, but gradually, with more obvious intent. I was putty in her hands. I could have died then and there a happy man. As I became conscious of just how skilled she was and how sexy this amazing woman was at reading my needs and sensing what I wanted before even I knew, I felt my balls begin to tighten. A titanic orgasm was building. It was not anything voluntary on my part, it was simply on its way. Ava seemed to sense it, though, and she had other plans. I felt her fingers move to the base of my cock and squeeze deeply between there and my balls. It was not unpleasant, but it banished that feeling of needing to release my cum.

Ava rose, kissing her way up my body and again slid up on the washer. I undid her white slacks. She raised her sweet, round hips and I slipped them down her strong, smooth legs. I hooked my thumbs on the elastic of her white cotton panties and pulled them down as well. I noticed that the crotch was soaked in her wetness. Ava might have wanted to feel my cock push into her pussy then, but the sight of those wet panties and the aroma of her pussy made my mouth water and my hunger for her pussy was not to be denied.

I buried my face in her dark nest of pubic hair, inhaling her scent and kissing and probing with my tongue. As I moved my lips and tongue, I found the parting of her lips and ran my tongue along it. It opened like the petals of a flower. My tongue tasted her wetness and felt the smoothness of her pussy’s lips. I ran my tongue up from near her hole to her clit. Ava arched her back and purred. I noted that her clit was large and hard, it had emerged from its hood and, although I did not want to give it direct attention so early in my probing, I couldn’t help but give it a gentle kiss. Ava again moaned and wriggled her hips. I licked down toward the opening of Ava’s pussy and pushed my tongue inside. The wetness and sweet taste were intoxicating. I rubbed my lips in the warmth and took her inner lips and tugged them slightly. Holding them between my lips, I ran my tongue between them and again contacted her clit. I dived deep again and slurped at her wetness.

Ava was riding my face and holding my head in place, grinding against me. I loved it. She guided my mouth to where she wanted attention and she wanted attention on that big, hard clit. I flicked my tongue at it playfully eliciting a moan, then I swirled my tongue around it as she had with my cock-head. Again she moaned. I opened my lips and took the clit and its surrounding flesh inside my lips and sucked gently, then harder. My tongue flicked and vibrated across the flesh and I felt her clit throb. I sucked it directly and licked it up and down and side to side. Ava’s pelvis undulated and she struggled to stifle her screams. I looked up and saw her fingers gripping her big breasts tightly. Her fingernails had dug into the soft, firm flesh. As she convulsed, her fingers pinched and twisted her big nipples cruelly and pulled them up and lifted her tits by them, shaking the large masses violently. When she cupped her breasts, the nipples remained distended, huge and raw.

I eased my attention on her clit until her orgasm eased, then resumed licking the wetness and and sucking on her swollen pussylips. I eased a finger into her drenched pussy and curling it upward found her g-spot also swollen and sensitive. I barely touched it when Ava gasped a breath and curled up tensing her stomach. I flicked my tongue on her clit again and Ava exploded. I had never seen a woman cum so hard so quickly after an orgasm. She reached down and pulled my hand removing my finger from her g-spot. Immediately, a gush of clear, sweet liquid shot from escort istanbul her pussy into my mouth, splattering my face. Another and another squirt jetted forth. I sucked and slurped at the mini-geysers, but my face was soaked. Ava had a death-grip on my head, holding it in place as her climax rumbled through her body like a freight train. The only “squirter” I had ever been with up to then had produced a single little drop of wetness. Ava had nearly drown me in her juice. I looked up at her and she was in a daze recovering.

I stood and grasped my still rock-hard cock and pushed its large mushroom cap head against the soaking wet gaping pussy Ava offered to me and thrust inward with a strong and steady pressure until I was buried balls deep in her. Ava gasped and screamed into my mouth as our kiss became a mutual moan of ecstasy. Her pussy was so warm and tight and soft. It gripped my cock and seemed to massage it as I began a slow rhythm of deep strokes. Ava kissed me deeply and I felt her mouth was doing to mine what her pussy was doing for my cock. I have never felt so connected to a woman as I did at that moment. She was an inferno of passion and lust. Her hips squirmed and twisted and danced. Her legs enwrapped me and held me tightly to her and accentuated my own stroking in and out of her warm, wet, velvet pussy. I felt like we were floating. Ava’s pussy was dripping with her juices. They clung to and dripped from my cock down to my balls and dripped down to her asshole. As I gripped her ass I could feel the wetness everywhere. My cock felt so stiff it ached. I was building to a monumental climax of my own.

I couldn’t tell when Ava was coming any more. She had reached a state of constant pleasure and her moans and grunts and shrieks and deep kisses just flowed from her. Her body danced a sensuous ballet of desire against mine. I was not in control. I was just trying to keep up. I had never been a part of sex like this. She was having whole-body orgasms that seemed to flow one to the next. We were sweating and grinding and my hands roamed from her hips to those amazing breasts. I leaned down to suck on one and she gasped that I should bite her nipples. I did so without a pause. She yelped and told me to suck them hard and I obeyed. She cupped one breast and leaned down to lick her own nipple. My cock strained and ached at the sight. I leaned down and our two tongues licked the big bud together. My balls slapped at Ava’s ass and they began to tighten desperately.

“Don’t cum in my pussy, baby,” she whispered. I was about to tell her about my vasectomy, thinking she was worried about pregnancy when she added, “I want you to cum in my ass.”

I barely had time for the words to register in my brain when she had twisted to one side and leaned over the washing machine, which was in its final spin cycle. Ava’s fine round ass jutted at me. Her strong legs were spread wide and I was nearly blind with lust. I grasped my thick shaft and positioned the head of my cock at the tightly puckered rosebud of her anus. I had just rubbed the tip against the knot of muscles when Ava hissed back over her shoulder.

“Shove it deep now.”

I pushed forward with all my weight and strength. My cock was as fully wet and lubricated as it could be from her pussy’s fountaining and our sweat. Her asshole had likewise been drenched with her juices. But the sensation of her backdoor giving way and my cock’s length and girth forcing its way deeply into her nether orifice was unreal. I felt the incredible tightness of the entrance and then the molten heat of her bowels. But more, I felt her body convulse and gyrate and I heard her grunt and moan and scream out an animal sound. I held her tightly against me and began to fuck her ass without mercy. I grasped her hips and forced my length deep and then pulled out fully and then plunged back in to my balls. I gave her my full cock over and over and she screamed through gritted teeth with every penetration. After a few such strokes I realised that she was fucking up and back against me. I stood still and she worked herself onto and off of my rock-hard cock. I reached around to cradle those big, sweet tits in my hands. The masses overflowed my hands, the huge nipples burning into my palms. I lightly held the fleshy globes and felt them sway and bounce from her motion. And that was the sensation that pushed me beyond the point of no return.

My hands tightened on Ava’s big tits and my hips bucked forward strongly. Ava grunted and my balls exploded. I felt the cum blast up my cock and out into her ass. Ava felt it too. She moaned and hissed. I pumped and pumped my cock until my knees all but buckled. I slumped down upon this beautiful amazing woman. This was beyond any sex I had ever imagined.

A moment passed and Ava moved from under me. She knelt again in front of me and sucked my now defeated cock clean. Then she stood up and kissed me sweetly and softly like a lover. Then she spoke.

“Next time, we’ll find a more comfortable place and we’ll have more time to play. Next time.”

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