Cindy’s Adventures in NYC Ch. 01


Cindy took a deep breath. She was about to walk into a room of strangers wearing just a thong and high heels. Just three months before she had only been naked for one boy…her mind raced through how much had changed so quickly.

Cindy had left her home in Wisconsin in May, only 2 months after her eighteenth birthday. She was sad to leave her the only real boyfriend she had had, but she was focussed on her dream of becoming a reporter and knew NYC was where she could make it big. She had received top marks for English all through school, and had been the head reporter and editor of her high school paper.

When Cindy arrived, quickly discovered that her high school degree meant little and she would have to start at the bottom to work her way up. She worked as an intern at a small company that sold advertising on blogs, but she quickly found that the stipend she was paid was not nearly enough to get by. He parents had paid for her share of the rent for through the summer (she shared an apartment with three other girls), but food, transportation…everything was so expensive her in the city.

Cindy knew she was a pretty girl, so she thought perhaps she could do a little modeling to help pay some bills. Scandinavian by descent, Cindy had milky smooth white skin, large breasts, a firm young bottom, and her blonde hair naturally caught guys’ attention. She was often compared to a young Carrie Underwood.

Cindy tried a couple of modeling jobs she found on Craigslist. The first went all right. A man in his early forties wanted to take pictured of her feet. Cindy thought this was rater strange, but he told her she had perfect little feet. As she lay back on the couch, lifted her legs and wiggled her toes for the camera, she could see that just looking at her feet was making him hard, but he was a gentleman throughout. The $60 he paid her ($10 more than promised) was much needed to get food for the week.

The second job as not as easy. The ad had said the modeling it would be for bathing suits. When Cindy arrived at the apartment she met a boy who was in his early twenties. Somehow she felt more uncomfortable with a guy much closer to her age paying for her to pose for him, and when he told her to just strip down and pose in her lingerie, she balked. When the boy promised to pay her twice the $50 that was advertised, she decided that her panties were not much more revealing than a bathing suit, Betturkey and after taking the money, she took off her jeans and t shirt, and stood before him in her beige bra and pink panties. She saw in the mirror that her panties were rather small, and she pulled them to better cover an ass cheek that was almost completely exposed, then decided there was not much use.

The boy told her to pose in sexual ways, similar to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She had to push her breasts together to accentuate her ample cleavage, give a pouting come hither look. The boy told her he wanted some good shots of her ass and told her to bend over the table. Cindy felt very exposed as she followed his instructions, but the boy wanted more. He walked over and pushed her back down, then patted her ass, direction her to raise it even higher. She felt the material of her panties pulling against her, and wondered just what she was exposing as he took picture after picture. She felt very uncomfortable, but also a little aroused as he kneeled just behind her, taking a close up of her ass that she was pushing out for him.

Suddenly he stopped and told her she better get dressed before his parents got back. He thanked her for coming and asked her to come again in a few days. Cindy pulled on her clothes with some urgency. When she got out to the lobby of the apartment, she felt like the people entering must all know what she had been doing. She still felt naked. On the bus back to her place she asked if she should even consider another modeling gig, even though she was grateful to have some cash.

The next morning, Cindy slept in late behind the curtains of her makeshift ‘room’ in the apartment she shared. She heard her roommates leave for their jobs and reminded herself she needed to find a proper one.

Cindy forced herself to get out of bed, then took her old laptop out on the kitchen table and began searching the ads. Every one seemed to want a college degree or to pay the minimum. She cursed quietly to herself, and switched to Craigslist, taking another look at the modeling gigs that were offered. Many offered only pictures for compensation, others were clearly just covers for guys wanting sex. She stopped on one ad that made it clear what he wanted. He was looking for a college girl, 18-21 who would pose naked for him. No sex. Cindy thought to herself that she had done nearly the Betturkey Giriş same for the boy yesterday, but this ad promised $200 just for posing. Still, she couldn’t possibly pose completely nude, could she?

Cindy felt a little aroused again, and also a little dirty. She decided to take a shower and clear her mind, and walked a few feet to the bathroom, closing the door. Cindy felt refreshed by the shower and was determined to find a proper job, but when she opened the bathroom door she saw Barry, the boyfriend of one of her roommates at the kitchen table looking at her computer.

“Hey Cindy” Barry said eyeing her up and down.

Cindy silently thanked god she had wrapped herself in a towel, despite believing she was alone in the apartment.

“Didn’t mean to startle you…I just got up myself.”

Barry stretched lazily. He had long hair and a beard, and was showing off his skinny, yoga-sculpted body by wearing just shorts, with no shirt at the table. Cindy flushed a little, but forced a smile and started to go to her ‘room’ .

“I see you’ve been looking for a nude modeling gig?”

Cindy froze, feeling heat rise to her face. “I…I was just…”

Barry smiled and looked down at Cindy’s legs. “You know, I would pay you…you’re very beautiful.”

Cindy didn’t know what to say, she just stood there, wrapped in her towel, dripping a little on the floor.

Barry continued his push “Really. I mean you’re already almost completely naked, and we’re both here. I can’t pay you $200, but…$100…pose for me for just half an hour?”

Cindy knew she couldn’t. She didn’t know Barry’s girlfriend Anna very well, but it was her roommate and…

Barry got up from the table and took three steps towards Cindy until his over six foot frame towered above her. He looked down at her cleavage, then into her eyes, then he took out his wallet and pulled out five $20 bills.

“Come on Cindy. Just you and I. Drop the towel and pose for me.”

Cindy tried to say no but the words would not come out. Her throat felt dry and her heart was beating fast. She knew she needed the cash to pay for her phone bill, and if she didn’t have a phone she’d never get a job. She shook her head but Barry kept looking right into her eyes, a small smile on his face.

“$120, Cindy. Just let me take off the towel for you, then you pose for 30 minutes. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Deal?”

Cindy felt the same strange mix of fear and arousal she had felt the day before. Almost as though it was out of her control, she raised her arms, rather like an angel.

“Good girl Cindy” Barry said, then he reached down and gently pulled the wet towel off of her, leaving her completely naked for him.

Cindy felt cold despite the fact that there was no air conditioning in the apartment. Her nipples were rock hard as Barry surveyed them. He took his time, slowly lowering his gaze down her her pussy.

Cindy stood there for what seemed like forever as Barry took her in. She could see he was hard through his shorts.

Finally, Barry placed the $120 on her laptop and said “I’ll never regret spending this. Turn for me.”

Cindy obediently turned, then without being asked she put her hands on the couch and raised her ass for Barry. Barry stood behind her and said nothing. Cindy felt so naughty just bent over naked like this for a stranger. Somehow this fact that Barry was not taking pictures made her feel even more like a slut. Suddenly she imagined what the scene would look like if one of her roommates came home now.

“Bend over some more Cindy.”

Cindy almost immediately thrust her ass up higher, and was rewarded with a whistle of appreciation. She felt hot, and realized she was quite wet from posing for Barry like this. She realized that he might be able to see this, which somehow made her wetter still.

Even Cindy’s boyfriend had never seen her like this, back home they were usually in the car and rather rushed. Barry seemed to be in no rush at all. She was too shy to look back at Barry now, and she started to squirm, unable to stop herself. Barry murmured appreciatively and Cindy was mortified to feel a trickle go down her leg.

“Cindy you might have the finest ass I have ever seen.” Barry said emphatically. “Would you be ok spreading your ass cheeks for me?”

Cindy wiggled her ass a little and pretended not to hear, not wanting to say no but hoping to avoid the humiliation. “Spread them for me.” he said softly.

Cindy put her hear on the couch, reached back and slowly spread her ass cheeks. She knew now that she was completely exposed to a boy she had met only twice before in passing. She knew he could see how excited this made her.

Cindy heard a grunt and looked back to see Barry stroking his cock, staring right at her asshole, less than a foot from her. She recognized the sound of a man about to cum and she spread her ass cheeks a little wider for his appreciation. Barry shot all over, getting a little on her feet while he did so.

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