Cinema Honey

Big Tits

Kaye had never been inside a porn theater before. She couldn’t get any of her girlfriends to go with her, so she (in a rather half-assed attempt at bravery) decided to wing it alone.

Thirty-two years old, she was a tiny woman in a sea of tall Americans. She was 5’4″, 120 pounds with long dark brown hair and light brown skin. Most guys wouldn’t figure her for a closet freak. In their eyes, she looked sexy but sweet. She had a lot of boyfriends before coming to the US, mostly Filipinos like herself. Stubby brown dudes, she thought. Short stubby dudes with equally short stubby dicks.

The one thing distracting about Kaye’s obvious good looks were her crutches. She had a major operation on her right ankle, which prevented her from using her foot normally. She was months into treatment, and because of it, threw out any notion of being able to date anyone.

Anyhow, after scanning a number of the theaters, Kaye found one that pleased her eye. The outside was splashed a bold red and black…her favorite colors. She couldn’t remember the name of the movie, but it featured two fiercely gorgeous Black men with huge cocks, seducing a red head and an Asian “princess.” Feeling the twitch in her crotch she thought, “This is it.”

Kaye walked casually over to the ticket counter and said “One please.” The lady handed her over a ticket in oblivion. Kaye then made her way inside through the padded deep red doors.

The theater was dark and currently showing the last short feature before starting the new reel. From what she could see, there were about 10 people watching scattered all around the well-cooled theater. Kaye chose a seat at the very back; just in case she wanted to make a quick exit. With a little luck, she found a place with no one in front or beside her, which was just fine.

After the credits of the short featured rolled off, the new reel started shortly after. Kaye’s eyes were wide open…the fucking on-screen had begun almost immediately. It was the redhead, screwing an old man, while eating the pussy of an old woman. Kaye’s heart raced as she watched the old man’s huge cock plunging in and out of the redhead’s ass. “Oh wow…” she thought. Kaye had never been fucked in the ass before. Her ex-husband tried several times, but never even tried to prep her. The asshole thought he could just plug it in without effort. Heh…an asshole wanting an asshole. Cute.

Next thing she knows, everyone in the picture gets their rocks off and the scene switches to a sexy looking Chinese looking girl in a schoolgirl uniform. She’s waiting at the bus stop looking lost and confused. Just then the two gorgeous black men dressed up in leather jackets and black jeans arrive — one is bald with a well-trimmed goatee, and the other with a Martin Lawrence like do, also with a goatee, talking rather audibly. The girl comes up to them shyly and asks for directions to the public library (yeah right). The guys act all friendly and try to show her the way but the girl looks even more confused. So the guys invite her for coffee to clear their heads…and ask the girl to follow them to their car, which is parked in the building behind them. The girl agrees and the trio head over to the parking garage some 5 levels underground.

In the next scene the girl is already naked in a blue van, her legs spread open while bald guy is eating her lovely pink pussy shot up close. His thick fingers are inside of her moving in and out slowly. The guy with hair is up top sucking on her small breasts. The girl’s wrists are handcuffed to a bar behind the driver’s seat, and she is gagged with what looks like a white handkerchief.

Watching the girl squirm at the feel erenköy escort of the bald guy’s mouth on her started to turn Kaye on…her own cotton briefs soaking underneath her mini-skirt. She started touching herself…shivering when she felt the warm sticky liquid between her legs. Closing her eyes, she let her fingers play with her pussy, mimicking the motions that the bald guy was making on the girl’s clit.

“That looks good…want some help?”

The big voice caused Kaye to open her eyes. Sitting beside her was a big black man with a shaven head. She wasn’t sure how big her was but judging from his voice and the size of his arms and hands she was pretty sure that he was between 5’9″ and 6 even. Kaye froze, her hand still jammed between her thighs. She certainly didn’t expect an audience at this point. She cursed under her breath lightly looking briefly at her crutches, which had been leaning against the seat beside her.

The big guy laughed softly and said to her rather cheekily “Seems you can’t get past by me…why don’t you just let me give you want you want, honey?”

Kaye couldn’t speak. She was frightened at the same time highly aroused. He smelled so good and from the way the reflecting lights shown on his face, he looked like a handsome man. Still, she forced herself to remain calm and try to reason with him.

“This is a mistake. Maybe you should let me by and let’s just forget about all of this.” after saying that, Kaye started to gather herself and reached for the crutches, but they fell to the floor on the thick carpet.

The man had placed his hand on Kaye’s hand, which was still in her crotch, which made her sit up quickly. He had his arm around her and was clutching her free wrist tightly. “Now don’t do that.” he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her neck. “I’ve been watching you from three blocks down before you came in here. I was thinking, you were such a fine woman, even though you couldn’t walk to save your own life.” The he started touching Kaye’s thighs underneath her skirt. She swallowed hard as he started caressing her thighs, trying to pry them apart while he started kissing her neck. “Mmmmmmmmmmm…you smell like a juicy peach. Let’s see how juicy you really are.” With that he slipped his hand into her panties, underneath her own hand, now trying to protect her very wet pussy. “Fuck…you’re so wet.” he whispered, his breathing ragged and heavy.

“Oh Jesus.” Kaye whispered, as he started playing with her pussy. It was so good. Her mind was telling her to find a way to get out of there, but then her eyes moved to look at the screen. The guy with hair was underneath the Asian girl, his massive cock fucking her in and out of her ass, while the bald guy was in front, slamming her swollen wet pussy with his equally monstrous member.

Just then this guy beside her had slid two fingers up her wet snatch and was fucking her with them. Kaye tried to relax, but she was frightened and aroused by what was happening to her. “Do you like what you’re watching?” he whispered, as if taunting her. “Yes.” she whispered. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Kaye. My name is Kaye.” she answered softly relaxing in his touch. When he gathered that she was not going to resist him, he relaxed his grip on her other wrist. “Open your blouse, Kaye. Show me your tits.” With trembling hands, she opened the buttons slowly while he watched, the rhythm of his fingers becoming steady. As if on cue the lights flickering on the screen had become slightly brighter, as if purposely illuminating her tiny titties. “Mmmmmmmmm…lovely. I like them small.” With that remark, he started sucking gebze escort on Kaye’s nipples, and Kaye could hear him making little sounds.

When he stopped, he told Kaye to look down between her legs. He was still fucking her with his fingers. Three of them now were moving in and out of her, stretching the walls of her pussy. “Why are you here, Kaye?” The question kind of threw her off. “Tell me why you’re here, Kaye. Are you afraid that no one would fuck you? Is that it?” Tears started to fall when he asked those questions. “Yes.” she replied in a very small voice, almost a whimper. “Am I hurting you, honey?” he asked, as if he was a lover, instead of a complete stranger. Kaye shook her head, not trusting her voice. “I think you’re a beautiful girl…even with the crutches. Do you want to see what you do to me, Kaye?” after what felt like an eternity, she said “Yes…show me.”

He pulled his fingers out of Kaye’s sopping pussy and started licking her juice off. Then he leaned back in the chair to give Kaye free rein over his jogging pants, which she had to loosen at the waist. As if opening a Christmas present, she pulled it off him slowly, and he raised his ass off the chair to help get it down. His huge cock popped up, the veins angry and alive. It was a good 7 to 8 inches and maybe 2 and a half inches thick. Kaye’s throat went dry. “Yes, honey…that’s what you do to me.” His hands were in Kaye’s thick hair and he had pulled her close for a kiss. She could taste herself on his mouth and that caused her to moan softly against his probing tongue.

“Touch me, Kaye.”

Her hands reached out to wrap themselves on this huge member…which she wanted so badly inside of her now. “Yesssssssssss. That’s it. You’re such a good girl, Kaye. Do you like it?” he smiled, showing perfect teeth. “Yes.” Kaye whispered, surprised that the words had come out of her mouth so easily. “Suck me…I want to feel that hot mouth on me. I know you want to. C’mon…suck me, honey.”

Kaye bent over, and she could smell how clean he was, like he had just stepped out of the shower, mixed with the natural scent of his cock, his pre-cum starting to drip. She Started kissing the large helmet at the end of his monster, then took it in her mouth, sucking on it gently, her tongue wrapping around it. Her mouth could barely go over it…she wasn’t used to having a cock of this girth past her lips. He seemed pleased with what she was doing, his hands threaded in her hair, pulling her close. Kaye was no expert at deepthroating, since she disliked the gagging sensation. He was whispering “God Kaye you suck so good…take more of me honey…c’mon. Oooooooooohhh…yeah. Deeper baby…relax your throat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kaye was starting to gag, but he wasn’t relaxing his grip. She could feel her eyes tearing. Soon she could feel him bucking himself in upward thrusts, fucking her mouth.

“Oh yeah…that’s it girl…I’m close…yeah…that’s it…here it is…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Kaye felt his sperm shooting in her throat. He tasted so good, she started swallowing it. The he pulled her off him and sprayed the rest of it on her breasts. Kaye was shaking from the experience.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…I knew it…all you needed was a good fuck. Very good.” he said. “Don’ worry…I’m not a selfish man. I’ll give you what you want. I want you to kneel on your seat, Kaye.” She looked unsure. She didn’t want the other people in the theater to see them. As if reading her mind, he whispered to her, “Don’t pay attention to them, beautiful. They’re all doing their own thing.” Sure enough, as Kaye looked around, she saw a girl bouncing on someone’s göztepe escort lap. Another guy in the next aisle was being serviced by a young blond boy.

Kaye got up slowly, being careful not to put too much weight on her right foot. She turned around and knelt on the soft cushion, feeling the wetness that had seeped from her pussy. He was behind her now. “Bend over.” he whispered, sending a sweet shiver down to her pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmmm…so juicy. Let me taste you again now.” He lifted up her skirt and started to eat her pussy hungrily. Soft moans were escaping for her lips as he licked the slick entrance. He pushed two fingers in her again and started to fuck her with his tongue and fingers. Then she could feel his tongue teasing the crack in her ass, lingering on the tiny entrance to her ass. He used his tongue to tease that area and she was surprised when he tried to slide it inside, causing her to moan a little louder. “Oh so my little wet bitch likes that, huh?” He pulled out his fingers from her pussy and started to work the tip of what must have been his middle finger at her asshole. He got up and held her throat, his other hand working the tip inside her asshole. “You’ve never done this before, have you, hmmmmmmm? Don’t be afraid…I want you to like this…and you will, my little bitch.” Then he covered her mouth as he slid it halfway inside…teaching her tiny tight asshole to get used to having something inside of her. “Fuck…so tight. I’m sure you haven’t been fucked in so long. We’re going to change all that right now.” With that, Kaye felt the tip of his now re-hardened cock at her pussy and he started fucking her hard and fast. His hand stifled the moans escaping from her mouth, surprised that she could take such a huge cock in her pussy. He was pounding her, she could feel his balls slapping against her pussy lips, adding to her arousal. All the while whispering to her “Fuck you’re so tight…you’re mine now, little bitch…all mine. No other man will fuck you this way. I’m going to fuck you over and over.” She came in one massive explosive moment. He removed his hand from her mouth and Kaye kept saying “oh Jesus….oh Jesus…” Her orgasm hadn’t even begun to subside when she felt him slathering something cold on her backside…and the tip of his still hard cock poised and ready to fuck her in the ass. “No…please don’t.” she whimpered “Not there…”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh…just relax…and it won’t hurt…much.” then he covered her mouth again and pushed the head inside. The initial pain shocked her into submission. He pulled out all the way, then pushed a little more of his huge cock inside of her. Pretty soon, he started to move in and out of her ass. The tears just kept streaming down her cheeks. At first the sensation was unbelievable. She didn’t try to fight it anymore. As she resigned herself to the new sensations of being taken, it started to feel good. As if reading her mind, he started to remove his hand from her mouth, and forced her to suck his fingers while he plundered her ass. “You love it don’t you, huh? Now you’re really mine…such a slut you are. Tell me you love my cock, little bitch. Tell me.”

“I love your cock…fuck me…fuck my ass.”

“Whom do you belong to now?”

“To you…I’m yours.”

“Tell me what you are…” he whispered, pulling at Kaye’s hair hard.

“I’m your little slut.” she whimpered

“Yesssssssss…I’m going to make you cum now…are you ready? Do you want to cum?”

“God yes, I want to cum…please…fuck me.”

With a few more bold hard strokes they came together, and she felt the hot stream of his sperm hit her, and she spasmed over and over.

When they both came down from their ecstasy, he pulled out of her and helped her sit back down. Then held her close as she cried. “Shhhhhhhhhhh…it’s okay now.” he whispered stroking her hair. “Now honey…promise me you won’t go to these damn theaters by yourself…ok?”

“Yes, Greg…I promise.” she whispered back.

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