Clare’s Diary


Let me tell you about my wife Clare, she is almost 40 with the biggest mound of blonde, frizzy hair you’ve ever seen. She is, alas, a blonde stereotype and a bit dizzy but her heart is in the right place. She is a largish girl but I wouldn’t say fat, more, very curvy. She has a big, sexy ass that I love to see in tight black trousers and check this, 38G boobs. Even though they are that big, they are not saggy, just heavy. She has a real sexy body and she knows it. Many men have commented to me that Clare is a real hot chick, something they would love to have a go on. I know Clare would eat these guys alive though, she is a big girl and has a big sexual appetite. In our 12 years of marriage we have had sex in all manner of places yet I have never made her come using my dick. I can make her come using my tongue or several fingers but never my dick, it is only small at 5″ but Clare says she loves it. She especially loves it between her mammoth mounds and loves to see me squirting all over them.

One day I came back from work early and Clare was nowhere, suddenly I heard a noise upstairs and went to investigate. I heard moans and for a second, my heart was in my mouth, I thought she was having an affair. I sneaked up to the door only to see that she was alone. Clare was lying on our bed, naked; her heavy boobs sagging slightly to one side but still pert for their size. On the telly came the noise I heard, she was watching a porn film, I couldn’t believe it, porn. The film was in the middle of a scene where a young girl was being fucked by a black guy with the most enormous cock I’d ever seen. I looked back at Clare and she was masturbating to this video, but then I saw she was using a dildo; a large one as well, it must have been about 9″ at least. Clare was obviously loving it and in a few seconds had come noisily. I sneaked downstairs and grabbed a drink of water; I couldn’t really take in what I’d just seen.

I heard Clare coming downstairs and I walked out of the door and as she entered the kitchen wearing a dressing gown I walked back in. Clare saw me and looked flustered, “Hi,” she said, “You’re home early.”

“Yeah,” I said, “Thought I’d surprise you. What you been doing, you look hot and bothered.”

“Just been doing some housework upstairs, gonna take a shower now though.” With that she disappeared back upstairs. As soon as Clare was in the shower, I went into our bedroom and searched through our drawers. I couldn’t find anything until I delved into her underwear drawer. Clare has loads of sexy sets of lingerie, g-strings, bodices and suspenders and I rifled through these until at the back I found it. My hand grasped something hard and I pulled it out, it was the thick, black dildo she had been using before. It was still a bit sticky from use and smelt quite delightfully of my wife’s pussy. Holding it in my hands I couldn’t believe the size of it, it was almost twice the size of mine and almost as thick as my wrist. I put it back in the drawer and found something else, a diary. These were Clare’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, I was about to throw it back in the drawer but decided against it. I opened it and read a few extracts.

Dear Diary, Bill and I had sex this morning, it was good and he made me come with his tongue again. I let him shoot over my tits which I know he likes. It is a pity his dick is not bigger because I would love him to stick a yalova escort massive cock in my face.

I flipped through a few more pages.

Dear Diary, watched my film again this morning when Bill was at work. My life that guy is so hot, his muscular black body and thick cock make me weak at the knees. What I wouldn’t give to sit on him.

I scanned a few more pages, the same thing throughout: Clare wanted a big dick, a black man, someone to take her forcefully, two cocks, another man, someone to make her come with their cock for a change, the list went on.

I flipped to the last entry.

Dear Diary, Just made myself cum so hard again. Wish Bill’s cock was like my dildo, I would be shagging him even more. I just need that feeling of being satisfied. Even better if I could meet a man with a dick like that, it would be heavenly. I’d fuck him for hours. I wouldn’t want to cheat on Bill but I desperately need a real good shagging.

I put the diary away. I was a little upset that my wife was so unsatisfied with our sex life that she wanted something else, but she didn’t want to cheat on me it was all a fantasy. But how long before that fantasy became a reality? It was then I thought of my idea.

Next day at work, I went onto a website for escorts and found what I’d been searching for, a young black guy with a large penis. I telephoned the company and arranged a meeting. My heart was pounding whilst I waited for the guy to come. He arrived and introduced himself as Barnes. Barnes was tall and athletic with an easy smile. He suggested we go to the toilet so I could inspect the goods. We walked to the gents and stood side by side at the urinals. Barnes got his dick out and my eyes nearly popped out of my head, it was like the guy in Clare’s porn video but bigger.

“How big?” I asked

“Eleven inches when erect,” he smiled.

We left the toilet, arranged a meeting time and we both went home.

Saturday came, the big day. My only hope was that Clare wouldn’t be angry, what if she was upset, didn’t go along with it. It was then my second idea came into action.

We had a meal and several glasses of wine before I suggested that Clare go and get some sexy underwear on, I had a treat for her. Clare giggled and went upstairs.

I followed her into the bedroom and put a video on, it was the first time we had watched porn together and I was a bit nervous. Clare came from the bathroom wearing a tiny g-string and a halter neck see-through top. She looked amazing and I thought I was going to come already. “Ready for your treat?” I asked.

“Yes, you naughty boy, what is it?” I pressed play and the video came on, Clare was silent at first and a little shocked. “What…” she began to say.

“Ssshh,” I said and began kissing her neck. The film soon got going and involved a skinny white girl getting screwed by a black guy with a big dick. I knew Clare was enjoying this because she was moaning softly to herself. I stopped kissing her and got out some silk scarves. “Ooh, you are feeling naughty tonight Billy.” If only she knew, I thought. I had soon tied Clare’s arms to opposite bedposts and then her legs to the other corners. She lay there writhing on the bed, her curvy body helpless and desperate. I left the video on and slipped my clothes off moving up to her head; I put my little dick next edirne escort to her mouth and she began sucking it straight away. As she was sucking and moaning to herself she was watching the film the whole time. Her hips were gyrating madly and I knew she was on the verge of screaming at me for it. The whole sight was too much for me and I exploded in her mouth, she swallowed the first mouthful and then turned her head away leaving me to squirt the last of it in her frizzy hair. “Oh baby,” she said in a somewhat disappointed tone.

“That’s me done love,” I said, “I’m finished for the night.” Clare looked confused at this and tried to wriggle free, all to no avail. I left the bedroom and went downstairs. All the time I could hear her calling for me and moaning, I smiled to myself and let Barnes in through the back door. He had been waiting for about ten minutes, obviously eager to get started.

“Final part,” I said, “I’ll pay you afterwards but she has to come, hard. I want you fucking her so well she can’t take it. And I want you to make her work for your dick.”

“That’s a deal man, and don’t you worry about the fucking, I got it all under control,” With that he grabbed his crotch and followed me upstairs.

I re-entered the bedroom to see Clare still wriggling on the bed. “Hey baby.”

“Are you gonna let me free or not?” she asked a little angrily.

“No, your night’s only just begun. You see I read your diary, I know what you want.” Clare looked a bit embarrassed at this and I flipped the telly off. “Film’s over,” I said, “Let the real action begin.” I opened the bedroom door and in walked Barnes. Clare’s face was a sight, here she was, tied to the bed vulnerable to the world and a complete stranger had just walked in.

“Well,” said Barnes, “you weren’t kidding man, she is fucking fine.”

“Bill, who is this?” said Clare, a little tremor in her voice.

“A friend, that’s all.” Barnes walked over to the bed and placed his hand on Clare’s massive left breast, he squeezed it playfully and popped her huge nipple out of the top. Barnes leant down to kiss it and Clare couldn’t help a little moan escaping her lips. Barnes then pulled her top down roughly and started massaging her voluptuous boobs. Clare’s nipples were so erect, I swear they looked about ready to fire. Barnes’ hand traced its way down her body towards her midriff, he then teased his finger towards her knicker line and flicked it upwards. “Oh man, I’m gonna enjoy this tonight.” I could see through Clare’s g-string that she was wet. There was no denying that she was turned on well and truly. Barnes lowered his trousers and pulled out his dick, it was huge. Clare’s eyes lit up and I saw in them a lust I’d never seen before. “I’ve never had a white bitch suck my dick before, this better be good.” He placed the head off his cock at Clare’s lips and instantly she put out her tongue and began to lick. Before long, she was sucking with all her worth. Her eyes were half closed with pleasure and her hips were swinging wildly, she wanted Barnes’ dick inside her desperately.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and then straddled her chest placing it between the mounds. It looked so massive in comparison to when mine was normally there. He fucked her tits slowly for a while and then he grabbed her hair and started ramming his dick faster erzurum escort and faster, Clare was moaning with pleasure even louder now and I could sense she was close to cumming. Barnes must have known this too because he then stopped. “Oh please fuck me, please.” She begged. Barnes shook his head and then moved down to her legs, he tore her g-string off with one hand and sat and stared at her precious pussy, it was soaking and had wet the bed a little. He traced his finger up through her lips and licked it. Barnes then buried his head between my wife’s legs and started slowly licking her clit. This was too much for her and she came loudly, shuddering and shaking her body. Barnes came up and smiled, “You like that girl?” Clare just moaned, her ample chest heaving heavily. He then slipped a finger into her wet snatch and started fingering her quickly, one finger became two and then three. Barnes was fingering Clare with three fingers and she came again, harder this time. Although I’d already come before, my own dick was as hard as an iron bar. Barnes then positioned himself between her legs and placed the head of his cock next to her puffed up pussy lips.

“How much do you want it baby?” he asked.

“I do, I do, please, I’ll do anything, swallow anything, just put that big dick inside me, I need it.” With those words, He slid the full length of it inside Clare. The shock of having something that big inside her was incredible, the look on her face was one I’ll never forget. Barnes began to slowly fuck her with a gently rhythm. I got up and sat near her on the bed. “This feel good honey?” Clare couldn’t answer in anything but pleasurable grunts and moans. I nodded to Barnes and he stopped and withdrew from her soaking pussy.

She looked up in disappointment. “How do you like to sit on that dick baby, how do you like to grind that big cock deep inside you?” She merely nodded feebly and I untied her. Barnes lay down and she straddled him. Due to how excited she was, he slid inside her completely with no problems. Clare let out another moan and I knew she had come again. Clare began to ride Barnes now faster and faster, she looked at me with a filthy stare and said, “You enjoying this? You like watching me being fucked by a truly big dick?” I nodded that I did. “Come here.” She said and grabbed my throbbing penis. Clare began to suck on mine as she grinded on Barnes’. She came again and I exploded down her throat for the second time that night, this time though she swallowed every drop.

“Do you want to see me sucking him again?” again I nodded. “Do you want to see this thick dick bursting in my throat?” I smiled and Clare got off Barnes, she bent over the bed and started slurping away at his cock. “Yeah baby,” said Barnes, “You take it in, no-one’s made it past halfway before. Never one to dismiss a challenge, Clare began to take all of Barnes’s monster dick in inch by slow inch. She had seven inches of him in her mouth and she was still going, then finally, he was all in. My wife had nearly a foot of black meat in her mouth and she was in heaven. I reached for her underwear drawer and pulled out her dildo, I quickly inserted it into her well stretched pussy and began fucking her with it as fast as I could. Even with a mouthful of cock, Clare’s moans were incredible. Barnes’ face was screwed up and then he shot his load deep into Clare’s mouth, there was so much of it, it spilled out of her lips and dribbled down her chin. She let out a final moan and collapsed on the bed shaking, she was having her first multiple orgasm and loving it.

About half an hour later, I paid Barnes and he left. I went back to the bedroom and Clare was asleep, her face a picture of total satisfaction.

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