I signed up for a service that lets you put your name to a list of classmates, a few years ago. Filling out all the tedious information that is required. Finding my school, and adding my name to the long list of names. I looked through the endless list of names that once were my friends and peers. That was pretty much it for a few years.

Then about a month ago I got an e-mail that notified me that someone wanted to contact me, I logged in and retrieved my message it was from Jill a girl I dated in High School, she went to another school and we met through a mutual friend. We dated a few times, but it just wasn’t meant to be at that time. She had a beautiful smile and a body I wanted to explore, but the chance to make a connection with her never made its mark.

I wrote her back, and we exchanged e-mail catching up on the last 10 years. She told me she got married and has some darling children. I find e-mail to be a slow way of communication, so I talked her into installing a messenger program so we can really chat. Of course, I’m a guy so you have to flirt a bit, I know it’s taboo when you are married, but she’s a couple thousand miles away no harm right, right? She sent me a picture of her and her husband celebrating their wedding anniversary, which also happens to be my birthday April 20th, I jokingly teased her about getting married on “Pot Smokers day”, but she simply replied I’m not as naive as I was in H.S.

I must admit she looks very hot in the pictures she sent me, doesn’t even look like she has aged a day, her hair is much longer, and she is so sexy. I also sent her a few pictures of me and my wife. She made a comment about my hair being short, ten years ago it was very long, and she said she liked it short too. Come to find out she likes to flirt a bit too, so I teased her about showing her my web cam, she wanted to take a peek. So after a few days of joking around and flirting I decided to let her take a peek. I told her I had to put some clothes on first, so I ran up and put on a tight shirt so she could get a better view. I turn on the cam and the flirting began. I had told her about a tattoo I got a few years back. She remembered that little fact about me and she knew it was on my back. So she asked to see my tattoo, as a ploy to get me to take off my shirt. Of course I’m a willing subject, hell I’ll do anything on a web cam. Off my shirt went, I turned around and showed her my tattoo. In an earlier conversation I told her that I wear boxer-briefs, she definitely took this into consideration.

“So you have your boxer-briefs on?”

“Yes, you want to see them?”


So off my shorts go, I have to play along, I’m a social butterfly. Or am I directing the play?

“So what do you think?”

“Nice package”

Well if she could have seen my face, she would have seen me blush. Her husband was waking up so we cut it short. I would chat with her the next day, and I had some good news for her. I work at a software company as the system consultant. I travel kurtköy escort around and install and make customizations to integrate software together. Earlier that day my boss told me I would be making an immediate trip, it just so happens to be the same city that she lives in. So I let her know that I would be in town for two nights, and if she got a little time away from the hubby maybe we could go to dinner. I couldn’t wait to see her I was hoping she was wearing one of her skirts; she doesn’t like to wear any panties. If anything I might get to sneak a quick glance at dinner.

I get into town, and immediately head to my hotel to setup my computer so I can let her know I had arrived safely and I’m in town. I wanted to know if she could get away for dinner. She had already had it all setup; she was having girls night out with one of her friends. They were planning on going to go clubbing together so she told her husband. So I had her pick a nice place to go eat, and she gave me the directions. I went and took a shower to get ready; I couldn’t help fantasize about her while I took a nice hot shower. I finished up in the shower and started to get ready for my date, I was pacing it was like in H.S. I got all flustered like a school boy.

I’m pulling up to the restaurant, I go in and I immediately see her I can’t believe how beautiful she is, she doesn’t have that same teenage body, she has filled out in all the right places. She was wearing a skirt to my approval. I’m sure she could tell I was about to drool. Lucky for me she got there a little early to order us some drinks she knew she would have to help us break the ice a bit. I sat down and we start talking, the drinks really did help. We started talking about old times past and we both agree, we wonder what it would have been like if we would of got together in the past.

A table had come available, so our waitress seated us in a nice little cozy spot she sat directly across from me. The thought in my mind was did she really not wear any panties? I defiantly had to find out. Now I had to find a way to take a look that wouldn’t look so obvious. Whoops, I knock my fork to the ground.

“I better get that”

I bend down to get the fork that would enable me to find out if she had been teasing me or if she had told me the truth. I look up, and I can’t quit make out if she is wearing anything it’s just too dark, so I pick up my fork and put it back on the table. She giggled, I wasn’t sure what she was giggling about, but I thought for sure I was busted. Of course I was, but she wasn’t mad, she just simply knocked her fork to the ground.

“Whoops, can you get that for me?”

“Sure, let me get that for you”

I bend down and this time when I look up, my jaw just about dropped to the floor. Her legs were spread wide and she had one hand showing me her beautiful pink lips, I think I did drool, my mouth started to water. Time stood still I don’t even know how long it had been.

“Is maltepe escort everything okay?”

“uhm, yeah the fork”

I grabbed the fork and sat back up.

“uh, here you go”

“You look like you just seen a ghost”

“If that was a ghost, I must be in heaven”

She giggled a bit, and said, “I told you!”

“I won’t doubt you again.”

We talked a while, while we were at dinner. When we finished our main course the waitress came over and presented us with dessert, Jill immediately interrupted the waitress, saying we will be having dessert later, but not here. So I asked her what she wanted to do next, she informed me she had brought her swim suit and if I had a pool or hot tub at my hotel that is where we should go.

We pulled up to the hotel and started up to my room. When we got on the elevator she leaned over and kissed me on the side of my neck, I turned to her and we started to kiss, it was a deep long kiss, we missed our floor and ended back on the plaza level. I pressed my floor again and we were off, we arrived at my hotel room.

I looked over at her, she IS very beautiful, and I had fantasized about her from the moment she had got in contact with me. I opened the door and we walked in together. She tossed her bag down and we just couldn’t hold back. We started to kiss; I pulled her close to me I wanted to feel her body tight up on me. She brought her hand up to my face and she put her index finger on my lips and said.

“Hey, I thought we were going swimming?”

“Yeah we are?”

“Well where is your swim suit?”

“That’s the problem, I didn’t bring one.”

“Hmmmm…Well what about your boxers, I bet they will work”

“I think they will too”

She backed up a bit and started to slowly undress, I was mesmerized. First she started to take her top off, Oh I love how creamy her skin is. She kicked her high hills off, and winked at me.

“So aren’t you getting ready?”

“Uh, yeah”

I started to take my clothes off trying to be as seductive as her. Just as I started to take of my pants she interrupted.

“So let’s see em, I want to see your package again!”

I smiled innocently and did a little dance as I took the pants off, but I turned around so I was facing away from her.

“You, brat”

I laughed a bit and slowly turned around, she walked over to me and she cupped my “package”, of course at the mere touch of her I was starting to swell.

“Oh are you a little too excited, hun?”

All I could do in response was to pull her closer; she responded by gently caressing my cock until it reached its full potential. I licked her ear and started to cup her breast with my hand. I reached around and off came her bra, she had grown a bit. Her breasts were nice and full. I bent down a little and took her nipple into my mouth; the taste of her was so intoxicating. She continued to stroke my member. I picked her up and we lay down on the bed. I started mutlukent escort to fondle her breasts and kiss her on the neck, she squirmed under me. She bucked up at me a little with her hips. She wanted me too finish taking her clothes off, there was only one item left. So I started to slide her skirt off revealing the heavenly site I had seen earlier. It beckoned to me, called to me with its sweet aroma. I started to kiss at her feet, and slowly I inched up her leg little by little. The higher up her leg I got the wider she spread her legs. All the while my instincts were saying faster, faster, but I didn’t. I slowly worked my way up to the slit in her swelling love tunnel. I split her lips with my tongue working my way up to her clit. Her juices were flowing steadily, I reached up with my hand and slowly slide a finger in to massage her G-Spot, it wasn’t hard to find, the moment my finger touched her bean size G-Spot, she jumped a bit. This just made me want to pleasure her even more. I reached up with my second hand and started to play with her nipple, but she took my finger into her mouth and started to suck on it. This was the sign that she wanted to play too.

I moved up next to her and lay on my back. She straddled my face and soon had enveloped my cock with her mouth and hands. From this view I could see and take advantage of everything she had to offer from this position. I couldn’t help my self; I was soon licking her anus, and rubbing her clit with my hand. She arched at this and I knew she was pleased. I took my other hand and slowly slide my thumb deep into her hot, swelling vaginal opening. Then I slid my index finger into her anus, and gently massaged her from both vantage points. I managed to squirm down a little so I could get my other hand free so I could play with her breasts, and start to lick her hardened clit. Her pussy juices freely flowed into my mouth. I could feel her pc muscles tighten around my thumb; I knew she was getting close to orgasm. I too was on the verge of Cumming. She was working my cock like a master violinist plays. We were in tune. We were no longer two people but one.

She sat up and bucked on my face, she was so fluid I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep all her juices to my self. She climbed off and sat on my belly, she looked me in the eye and bent down and kissed me, licking some of her cum of my face. She leaned forward just enough to align my swollen member with her luscious lips. She slowly slides down my pole to the base of her pubic bone. I could feel my cock pulsating. She started to move her hips and body, like a seductive dance, I was definitely in a trance. I worked my hips in rhythm with her body. I took her breast to my mouth tenderly sucked her breast. She continued to drive my body, faster and harder. I could feel my balls starting to tighten. She was moaning with pleasure. I didn’t know if I could last much longer. She started to moan, cum in me, cum in me now!!! That was all I needed I couldn’t hold back any longer as my cum rushed up my shaft and exploded into her body. She continued to ride me until every last drop of my cum had been expelled into her hot body. She fell forward and we started to kiss, and lay there with my cock impelled in her body.

She whispered into my ear, “I have a surprise for you, I’ll be coming back home for a visit soon”

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