clate meets her asian fuck buddy’s mate


clate meets her asian fuck buddy’s mateWe have had a lot of discussions recently since she has started up being with other men and it seems that things are moving forward into the kind of relationship that I’ve been desiring. She’s become more active and also become more dominant towards me. She has now got a couple of fuck buddies and will even be doing a first tomorrow (which will have its own blog entry) in that she will be staying out all night while she spends the night at her new black lover. She knows I’d like to serve her and her lovers in making the evening go smoothly and today I thought I should put my plan in motion. Tonight she found herself at a loose end so I was a little daring and logged into her account on the site where we find most if not all her men. I put a status saying that she was free and waited to see who replied. She has been having sex recently with an asian guy and had a arranged a mmf for sun night with his friend. My hope was that they might bring that forward a couple of nights or that her black loverwas free but as always with my plots something always backfires for me. Her asian guy is working although his mate was free. I told my wife expecting her to be a little angry at me kızılay escort but instead she said fine she’d see his mate then. He’s supposed to come highly recommended and even bigger then his friend. Once she had a meet planned I asked her what she wanted me to do like perhaps run her a bath so she gave me some chores such as tidying and freshening up the bedroom, putting something out for her to wear and running her a bath. I went about the house doing all she had asked while she took a bath. She got out and got dressed in the lingerie I had left out for her and applied her make up while we waited for him to arrive. About 15mins before he is due to arrive get a text saying he’s going to be about 20mins late so we wait some more and then she gets another text to say he’s arrived. She goes to the front door to greet him and as become customary lately they go upstairs. My cock is rock hard as I listen to his shoes hitting the floor and she’s become pretty confident that I’m sure before long she’ll have undone his trousers and freed his cock or he’d have uncovered her breasts and be flicking his tongue round them. To be honest I don’t have a clue all I can do is just listen for mamak escort any signs of them fucking but it doesn’t stop me from imagining. Soon enough I hear evidence when I hear the bed but I don’t yet hear her although if he is as good as he is promised to be then it wont be long. Right on cue as I type this I start to hear her but not for long thanks to a car pulling away next door. It all seems silent again once the car goes until I strain my ears and I hear her soft moans and maybe even him. I try the glass trick and even climbing on a chair to hear better but to no avail. She might be denying me satisfaction because I’ve told her I love hearing her or it could just be that he’s not pushing the right buttons. It doesnt matter to me I’m still stroking my cock knowing she has a cock in her pussy and hoping it will be some time before she comes down if she does at all then I hear her again and it sounds like shes reaching orgasm once again a rhythm hits the bed like a drum and vibrates through the floorboards. I hope she’s able to take all his cock deep in her as I’d love to think that before he cums his load in her he is balls deep. I hear movement and I worry that they are about yenimahalle escort to come down and so soon? It seems not and I hear talking which seems to go on for ages. Her other asian guy would have been fucking her again by now but who knows he might be there for the long haul. I can’t trust my ears anymore as keep thinking I hear moans or the bed and then he’ll speak again. Is he dominating her and telling her to take it as they fuck? Are they merely chatting. I have to wait awile before I find out my answer as it seems her night has drawn to a close and she’s showing him to the door. They kiss at the door and she says see you sunday. She walks into the living room and I asked her how it went although the smile on her face kinda tells me all. He isn’t as good as his mate but still good enough for her to be meeting him again on his own. She thinks she can mould him into being something then just a fuck though as they got on really well. She wasn’t so loud as he is different but still enjoyable and later she takes great delight in regaling to me how she looked into his eyes while her legs were over his shoulders and his cock deep in her vagina and he made her cum. She also rode his cock and was taken from behind and I know from having felt her cunt that he was a heavy cummer but since she has also found out I like cleaning her I’m now forbidden from doing it. I can’t wait till sunday now especially seeing that there is a chance I might watch and even take photos after having been a good cuck. 

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