CoincidencesSurpriseBeing only fifteen years old and just a sophomore in high school,Jake had never thought about boys wearing girl’s clothes. So thatwas the farthest thing from his mind when he was running backinto the locker room two hours after practice. He had left his walletin his locker and his mother refused to give him a ride back toschool. So he rode his bike in the rain back to his high school,hopped off and bolted into the locker room. What he saw there hecouldn’t believe…StephenStephen Nielsen was one of the best athletes at St. Peter’s allboy’s Catholic high school. He was not quite average height for asixteen year old boy and maybe a little lean. But he was incrediblyfast and agile and dominated the soccer team. He also playedfrosh-soph football in his first two high school years. Now that hewas an upper classman, everyone expected him to try out forvarsity but he wasn’t interested in getting clobbered by 200 lbyoung men.In most strict, religious oriented high schools boys are required towear their hair cropped high and tight, ears showing. One of thebenefits of being a top student-athlete was the freedom to choosea more liberal hair style. Stephen was able to get away with hairgrown just below shoulder length as long as he kept it clasped intoa single ponytail. Of course some other boys complained to thestaff about the duplicity in the rules for the prized athletes. Thiswas always done when Stephen wasn’t near because the boysdidn’t want to get him upset. Soccer was the beloved sport at St.Peter’s with a proud tradition of winning league titles, year afteryear. Nobody complained to Stephen about his hair.Steven wasn’t developing the musculature normal for boys his age.He remained slight. Also his skin was still very smooth and soft;not a trace of facial hair or body hair could be seen except for aslight wisp of dusty blonde curls above his pubic area. Some boysdevelop more slowly and that’s what was thought about Stephen.He started showing up later and later after practice to the lockerroom, waiting for most of the other boys to clear out. Everyonethought he was probably embarrassed about his body and didn’twant them to see him naked anymore. Several boys joked thatStephen was the closest thing St. Peter’s had to a girl. Some boysliked the way Stephen looked and tried to prolong their showersjust so they could see him undress and shower. A few of thesewould sometimes try to bump up against Stephen or hand him histowel or soap so they could get close to him.In one incident Bobby Norman brushed against Stephen while theywere both naked in the showers. He stood behind Stephen andreached around and in front of him to grab a bar of soap. Bobby’spenis was hard and Stephen could feel it from behind. Frightenedand confused, Stephen froze and closed his eyes. Bobby was toonervous to do anything further and he broke away without saying aword.After that happened, Stephen refused to undress or shower untilevery boy had left the locker room. Out of respect, the boysalways changed and showered more quickly during soccer seasonbecause they knew Stephen liked to have the locker room tohimself. So two months into the school year when the rain wasfalling regularly, Stephen was completely alone in the locker room.He carefully washed his hair and rinsed it with a thick conditioner.Then he put it up into a towel to dry and went to the sinks.Completely naked, he lifted his ankle onto the porcelain edge andran his small hands up and down the front and back of his smoothlegs. He ran over a patch of coarse hair so he dolled out a puff ofshaving cream onto his palm and rubbed it over the stubble. Thenwith a gentle stroke he applied the razor’s edge and lightly whiskedaway the hair until there was only silky skin. After each leg wascleared off, Stephen felt around his testicles, buttocks and theinner sides of his thighs. Hair never really grew in any of thoseplaces but Stephen liked to make sure he was completely clean.Once his lower body was taken care of Stephen focused on historso. Raising his arms, he could see in the mirror a few daysgrowth of hair under each arm. Again he dabbed on some shavingcream and carefully removed the coarse stubble. After eachunderarm was clean Stephen ran his hands up and down his chestand tummy. There was no sign of hair. Stephen cupped hisbreast, looked into the mirror and sighed a soft moan. Then he feltup and down, all around his arms but hair never grew there.Stephen removed the towel from his head and let down his hair.He blew it dry and brushed it for several minutes into a style heliked. Then stepping back from the sink he turned around andlooked at himself in one of the full length mirrors. As he movedtoward the mirror Stephen cupped the back of his neck with his lefthand and ran his right hand through his hair. Under the soft glowof the fluorescent light bulbs, with his blonde hair falling about andhis soft skin slightly goose-pimply in the cold, wet afternoon,Stephen was beautiful.Stephen walked back toward his locker and started making plansfor the weekend. He opened his locker and pulled out his duffel.He looked into the duffel, reached inside and pulled out two soft,white undergarments. Looking at them and smelling their cleanfragrance was exciting. Stephen slowly started to get dressed…VoyeurWhen Jake skipped into the locker room, he figured it to be empty.He couldn’t believe what he saw out of the corner of his eye.Down the isle he just ran past, someone was fastening togetherthe hooks in the back of a bra. The girl had her back to him andobviously she didn’t hear Jake running down the main isle.Stopping dead in his tracks, Jake crouched down a few inches sothe girl wouldn’t see him. He quietly slipped back to the row whereshe was dressing and peered around the corner locker to watch.Jake was completely dumbfounded. The girl was the mostincredible vision he had ever seen or imagined. With her back stilltoward the main isle, Jake breathed in what he saw. Time seemedto stand still.Her shoulder length blonde hair was glistening under the lockerroom lights. It had a trace of waves which made it seem to ripple,like a pebble tossed into a quiet pond. Her skin was lightly tannedbut retained a pearlesque quality. Her legs were long and Jakebegan to trace them with his eyes. He started at her delicate feet,then moved up slightly to her narrow ankles, then up a little moreto her round calves and higher still to her perfect thighs. Taking inher legs was like experiencing a Rodin sculpture, Jake wascaptivated. The girl’s hips were wide and firm and curved upwardand inward to her trim waist. Her rounded buttocks were encasedin a white, flimsy, lacy, satin panty that was cut to expose the outeredges of flesh and ride high above her hips. The elastic at the topof the panty made an ever so slight impression in her skin aroundher waist. Her thin back was slightly arched as she was claspingthe bra hooks together with her small hands. Her shoulders wereslender and fair. The bra strap on her right shoulder was looseand d****d down to reveal a light tan line. Jake could see nothingof her neck or face because her hair was in the way.The moment ended. Jake caught his breath and let escape abarely audible gasp that Jake himself didn’t really hear. He quicklyducked back behind the locker’s edge as the girl turned to lookdown the isle. He was convinced she didn’t see or hear anythingbut he momentarily thought about the electricity that was in the air.If he could feel it she could too. Jake counted to twenty thenslowly peeked around the corner. The girl’s back was to the isleonce again. She was adjusting some kind of band around herwaist that Jake didn’t recognize. It was the same white color asher bra and panties and he thought he could make out some laceon the sides. Two thin strips were visible dangling from the backof the band and fell to hang at the base of her buttocks.Next the girl laid a towel down on the bench in front of her lockerand sat down with her back still facing Jake. Jake could see shewas gathering a stocking into a roll and now she was fitting it overher foot. The girl slowly wound the thin, beige material up to herthigh. She then tucked that leg under the other and repeated theprocess. Next she stood up and started to turn around so Jakedashed back behind the locker.This time Jake counted to forty then slowly looked around thecorner. Now he could see the stockings were attached to thestrands which hung from the band around her waist. Jake realizedthat must be a garter belt, he remembered seeing a playmate wearone in a Playboy magazine. It looked familiar now that it wassupporting her stockings. Again the girl’s back was to him and shewas letting one knee rest on the bench. Jake became aware of hispounding heart.The girl began to put on makeup. By her arm motions he couldsee that one hand held a mirror and the other was applying eyemakeup. Every now and then she would switch hands or reachinto the cosmetic bag on the bench and exchange applicators.Unbeknownst to Jake five minutes crawled by and she was nowfinishing off her face by putting on lipstick. Before she touched thehead of the lipstick to her lips the girl rotated the mirror in her handso subtly Jake didn’t notice. A few moments went by before Jakeglanced at the mirror. At that instant the mirror turned toward herface again and Jake bolted back behind the locker. He thought hecaught a glimpse of her eyes; specifically one blue-gray eyelooking through the mirror at him.Again Jake counted, going up to 60 seconds. He peeked aroundthe locker to see that the angelic girl had slipped on a wraparound, blue denim, mini-skirt and was zipping it up. Already shehad on a long sleeve, white, wool, turtleneck sweater. Thesweater bunched up just above her bra until she pulled it down,covering her slender waist. Next she made motions with herhands to her left ear, then to her right ear and Jake knew she hadput earrings on. Jake looked long enough to see her slip on a pairof tan 3″ pumps. He knew he had to move from this positionbecause she was obviously about to leave. He quietly slipped backa few rows of lockers and ducked down. Jake heard a locker closeand the sound of a lock clicking shut. For the first time he realizedhow odd it was that a girl, seemingly comfortable in thisenvironment, was changing inside the locker room of an all boy’scatholic high school.Momentarily forgetting that thought, Jake heard the girl zipping herduffel and hoisting a day pack over her shoulder. Then her heelswere clicking down the isle Jake had scampered down only fifteenminutes earlier and out into the rain. Jake dashed to the windowfacing the courtyard and saw the most beautiful girl he’d everseen, now under an umbrella, look down at his bike. He couldn’tsee her sweet face or the smile on her painted lips. After amoment the girl began to walk toward deserted varsity lane andafter half a minute, out of Jake’s sight.Jake was so moved he couldn’t move. For a full five minutes Jakethought about that perfect girl and couldn’t even begin to think of away to make sense of things. All he could do was listen to therain. Suddenly a wave of desire rolled through him and he ran tothe shower while stripping down. There he blasted the cold wateron himself and soaped down until his hard on disappeared.When he finished toweling off and dressing Jake went to thatmagical isle where his mysterious beauty prepared her dazzlingself and smelt a faint hint of perfume in the air. That smell, at thatmoment, after what happened was a powerful attraction. Jakeneeded that girl with every sense and emotion he felt. He lookedover the lockers on the end but couldn’t decipher which one shehad used. Jake went to his own locker, retrieved his wallet, closedthe locker and proceeded to the locker room doorway. He stoodthere and looked back toward where she had been only a fewminutes ago. The feeling for her was even more powerful now andseemed to be growing…HomeStephen picked up his pace as he made the turn from varsity laneonto the sidewalk surrounding the high school campus. The rainwas falling pretty heavily now and Stephen didn’t want to risk hisweekend plans by catching a cold. The turtleneck he was wearingwas warm and had long sleeves and his shoes had leather solesso they provided good protection against the wet sidewalk.However he knew the moisture in the air would eventually winthrough. Of course, he could put on the jacket inside his duffel butthat would ruin the look.His clothes were a little confining but he was used to walking inthem. Stephen liked walking home alone in the rain. Thenervousness and confidence combined with the freedom andsense of self expression Stephen felt about his appearance wasexhilarating and liberating. Dressed as he was, with his long,blonde locks flowing from his brisk pace, Stephen was a beautifulsight. A couple of cars passing by honked and some boys in onecar slowed down and shouted obnoxious complements. Probablysoccer fans.One sidewalk turned into another and eventually Stephen roundedthe last corner to the block where his house was. The rain let up afew minutes before so Stephen closed up the umbrella and let ithang from around his wrist. Mr. Walker, their neighbor, wasbacking out of his driveway and seemed to be paying closeattention to Stephen. Stephen waved and smiled as he passed infront of the car. Mr Walker nodded slightly and followed Stephen’sprogress for a few seconds too long as Stephen continued downthe sidewalk. Stephen giggled as Mr. Walker sped away.Home at last. Stephen unbolted the latch and let himself in.Stephen’s mother was away for the weekend on a business tripwhich meant Stephen had the house to himself. Ever since fatherleft them, mother’s career had taken off. Every two weeksStephen’s mother went out of town on company business.Stephen enjoyed the solitude and was able to make good use ofthe time.Stephen’s first item on the weekend agenda was to go into townfor a few hours and shop for some new clothes. Before townthough, Steven wanted to relax for a few minutes around thehouse. He went to the laundry room, kicked off his shoes andpeeled off his outer clothes so he was clad only in his underwear.Then he went to the kitchen and put on a kettle of water to boil forsome tea. While the water was heating up Stephen went to hisbathroom and removed a bottle of pills from the medicine cabinet.Like a good boy, Stephen took his pills morning, afternoon andevening.Stephen took a short nap after drinking his tea. While a tv moviewas playing, Stephen sat down to take care of his nails. He wasmeticulous about them, especially on the weekends when hismother was out of town. Stephen first learned about the joys oflong nails several years ago on Halloween. That was the firstHalloween his mother let him go out of the house dressed as a girl.On that night Stephen’s mother taught him how to apply false nailson his fingernails. He also learned how to paint his fingernails andtoenails, and how to dry them quickly. After that Halloween,Stephen didn’t need his mother’s help with his nails anymore.Once his nails were done, Stephen went to the laundry room andstripped off his white undergarments. His nipples hardened asthey adjusted to the change in temperature. They didn’t stayexposed too long because Stephen went to the bedroom and puton a fresh pair of undergarments. He especially liked the briefs heput on because they were cut high, giving his legs a nice, long lookand not a trace of pubic hair showed through or on either side.Stephen’s pubic hair was fine and fair, so that was never really aproblem. Both undergarments he put on were black. Looking athimself in the mirror, Stephen coyly touched his penis through thefabric. As it responded Stephen reminded himself there was atime for everything. Being used to these outings, Stephen’s penisquieted down without fuss.Since he was going shopping Stephen wanted to wear clothes thatcould easily be taken on and off quickly. For this reason heslipped into a tight but not skin tight pair of blue jeans that fastenedhigh upon his thin waist, just below his navel. Stephen hadunusually wide hips for a boy and a fairly round buttocks. Most ofthe girls Stephen knew k**ded him that they wished they had hisphysique. Stephen looked very nice in these jeans. He securedthem with a shiny, silver, link belt. The thing Stephen liked mostabout these jeans is they were cuffed very high, hanging teninches above his ankles. They exposed the bottom part of hissexy, shaved calves..Stephen went to the bathroom and puffed some baby powderunder each arm and sprayed his neck and chest with scent. Backin the bedroom he pulled over a long sleeved, red, cotton top withshoulder pads and a low neckline. The top was shorter than waistlength and hung just above his belly button. Together, Stephen’stop and jeans didn’t quite cover all of his midriff so a little bit ofbare skin showed. He slipped on some white tennis socks andshoes. He decided to leave the diamond stud earrings on, sopopular with boys his age. Stephen looked at himself in the mirrorand could barely contain how excited he was. Stephen lookedravishing.Leaving the car at home for Stephen to use on the weekend was avery nice gesture by his mother. He was lucky. Ever since he’dturned sixteen Stephen was allowed to use the car on theweekends as long as he picked his mother up from the airport.Stephen liked the large, four door Cadillac because it was easy todrive, comfortable and could hold a lot of clothes…ChangesAmber hated working Friday nights. It was such a drag to be stuckbehind a register when she could be out having fun with herfriends. She loved clothes though and enjoyed helping out thecustomers. Besides, the ten percent discount on clothes Macy’sgave the employees was a benefit Amber took full advantage of.Tonight she had to work two departments, misses and lingerie.This shift was one of the most prized and usually went to Amberbecause she was so conscientious. The misses department wasfun because it was usually frequented by girls she knew or at leastclose to her age. This provided lots of opportunities to chat, giggleand help pick outfits Amber herself would want to wear. Amberliked working lingerie because it made her feel sexy. Sheespecially liked to wait on the male customers and tried to probethem for information on why they were buying lingerie. Also therewere a couple of “regulars” who bought lingerie every Friday night.Amber knew one of them was a transvestite because a few weeksback she asked him point blank, “Do you buy this lingerie foryourself or for your girlfriend?”When he fumbled out a response Amber followed up with, “Youcan try them on in the dressing room if you want. There’s also aback room over there no one uses if you don’t feel comfortablegoing into the dressing area.”He practically kissed her feet and said that yes, he bought them forhimself and he really appreciated her support. The guy wasactually very cute and only a few years older than her. Amberthought he would make a very convincing woman given the rightguidance so she escorted him to the back room. She proceeded tohelp “Peggy”, as he asked her to call him, for almost an hour andhe ended up buying several panty and bra sets, some short slips,and a couple of nightgowns.So there was a possibility for Amber to have some excitement onFriday nights. She was hoping her regulars would show up.Tonight she was planning to put the other guy on the spot too.She even thought about introducing them to each other if theyshowed up close to the same time. They were about the same ageand the one she hadn’t pinned down yet was even more femininelooking and acting than Peggy. Now that would be interesting.Before Amber could make further plans, her eyes caught sight ofsomething that took her breath away. She recognized the girlbecause she’d seen her in the store once or twice in the past.Amber couldn’t remember how long it had been since she’d lastseen her, at least a month. Most nights the store was busy andAmber never had a chance to wait on her. But tonight there wasno one in either of Amber’s departments.Amber couldn’t believe how beautiful and graceful the girl was.Amber’s eyes were fixated on that girl and all she could think washow wonderful it would be to be that perfect, that feminine. Givenmost standards, Amber was a pretty girl. Tall for her eighteenyears, she had wide, oval, brown eyes that were nicely accented bythin eyebrows. Her breasts were small, not quite a B cup but herwaist and hips were slender so she looked in proportion. To showoff her tan and shapely legs but maintain a professionalappearance at work, Amber usually wore high cut, open backdresses. Tonight was a slight exception as Amber was wearing adeep emerald, silk dress with embroidered stitching on the seams.The exception was this dress had a full back, zippered all the wayup to the neckline. She also wore a light shade of black pantyhoseand black pumps.Amber was so distracted, she didn’t notice some other customersentering the lingerie department.Still mesmerized, Amber watched as the girl stopped in the isle tocheck the price on a nightie that was being modeled on a bigbreasted dummy. Just then the girl glanced up and looked right atAmber and smiled. Amber’s mouth opened slightly then shequickly looked away and fidgeted for something to busy herselfbehind the counter. The girl continued looking for a few secondslonger then began to wind her way through the slip racks andtables with panties laid out.Amber was so embarrassed she dared not look up for fear thatshe’d lose her composure. She decided to go into the back roomfor a minute to catch her breath. When Amber got to the backroom door she turned the door handle and looked around to see ifthe girl was still aware of her. She saw the girl walk toward amirror holding up a lacy teddy across her torso imagining how itwould look on her. Amber saw how the girl swiveled her hips andthrew her hair back as she pressed the teddy against her body.Once again Amber was starting to get mesmerized but shesnapped out of it and opened the door to the back room and wentinside.The room was pitch black which was odd because Amber couldhave sworn she saw light cracking from under the door not morethan a few minutes ago. Then she heard a barely audible noisewhich was a hanger moving across a rail followed by a slight ruffle.Amber quickly flipped on the lights and spun around to see whatwas going on. There was no one there but on the floor was a pileof clothes including a black leather mini skirt, some kind of thongpanty, a lacy, camisole bra, pantyhose and a light blue, satinchemise. A ladies jacket was thrown over a purse, on top of achair. Amber walked over to the rack, which was two bars acrossthe back of the room, and looked at the crammed rows of hangingclothes. There was clearly enough space for a small woman orc***d to hide behind there.Amber got down on her hands and knees and sure enough therewas a black pair of 3″ pumps being used. Amber got back up andstraightened her dress. “Listen who-ever-you-are, don’t you knowwe have dressing rooms? This room is off limits bünyan escort for customers.”There was no response, no peep from anyone. “Look, there’s apile of clothes out here. I guess the clothes, purse and jacket willhave to go to the lost and found…”She turned and walked toward the chair and made a big productionout of it. Then a slight crevice appeared in the clothes and aperson made their way out from behind the rack. Amber turned tolook and there was Peggy, wearing only a translucent ivory, extrashort nightie that plunged to reveal a lot of cleavage. Not knowinghow to feel, Amber took a step back and just stared. Peggy’smedium length red hair was pulled back and tied in a bow. A fewwayward strands framed his face which was made up in completedetail. His whole body was hairless smooth and creamy white.Attached to his chest and looking very real, were a pair of siliconeprosthetic breasts. Amber guessed they were B cup sized. Shewouldn’t have known they were falsies if she hadn’t been toldabout them by a few of her customers who had had mastectomies.Peggy’s wide, green eyes held the expression of a c***d caughtwith his hand in the cookie jar. Despite his high heels, he was stillan inch or two shorter than Amber. Amber noticed the bulge at hiscrotch which was barely covered by the length of the negligee.All in all, Amber was very impressed. She had thought he mightbe convincing as a woman but he was actually very attractive. “Ohmy god, Peggy, I can’t believe how good you look.”Peggy’s fearful look transformed into surprise and he said in hislilty, high voice, “You mean you’re not mad at me for being backhere without your supervision?””Of course I’m mad at you. You should have asked first but really,you don’t need to use the back room. You are very pretty.” Animage ran through Amber’s mind of Peggy on his hands andknees, back arched taking Amber’s surreal penis into his surrealpussy. Amber sliding it in and out, her own breasts along withPeggy’s, moving with the rythm of her thrusts… She shook it off.Being mostly attracted to women but occasionally going out withandrogynous looking, cute men, Amber was very turned on byPeggy.Before Peggy could say anything Amber walked over to him, puther hands on Peggy’s shoulders and looked down into his hazel,green eyes, “I want you to put your clothes back on, come out ofthis room and use the dressing area like any pretty woman should.If you had the confidence to dress up and come here like you did,and look as good as you do, you belong in the world of women.Ok?”Peggy stammered his thanks and Amber gave him a nice, longhug. Peggy moaned slightly and Amber kissed him on the cheek,careful not to leave a lipstick mark. Then she broke away, turnedand left the back room.Changed, feeling like a different and more confident person,Amber was also now hornier than she ever had been. Her heartwas beating faster and the only thing on her mind was sex. Ambershut the back room door behind her and looked around for herblonde angel…ChivalryOn the way to the mall, Stephen noticed the digital fuel gaugeindicated there was only two gallons left in the tank. He decided tomake a quick stop at the gas station. After flicking his credit cardin and out of the slot, Stephen began to wrestle with the fuel hose.The man on the other side of the pump asked if he could be ofassistance. Stephen smiled at him and said no thank you andmanaged to insert the nozzle into the opening behind the fuel door.The man continued to pay close attention to him as Stephenproceeded to clean the windshield with the squeegee. Not only wasthe man very handsome he was also persistent.”I think your front, driver side tire is a little low. Here, let me putsome air in it for you.” Before Stephen even had a chance to lookdown at the tire, the man was around the pump and pulling the airhose from its chamber. As the man began to fill the tire, hesquatted down very close next to Stephen. When he stood up, theman was standing behind and looking down at Stephen.He said, “The tag is sticking out of your shirt.” He put his handson either side of Stephen’s waist and said, “Just hold still, I’ll put itback in place.” Then with one hand the man cupped the base ofStephen’s head and lifted his hair out of the way and with the otheradjusted the tag back into position. Then he put his hands onStephen’s arms and while still behind him, moved his face nearStephen’s and said, “There, now you look flawless.”Stephen could smell the man’s cologne which he recognized asPolo. Also the beer on his breath was unmistakable, but notheavy. To Stephen, neither smell was unpleasant. He leanedback slightly against the man and said, “Thank you for your help, itlooks like my tank is full.”Without another word the man removed the fuel nozzle from theopening, replaced the cap and set the hose back on its rest. “Mypleasure. May a gentleman know what your name is?”By the time the man asked his question Stephen was alreadypositioned in the car and closing the door. Not wanting to be rude,Stephen replied, “Steph-…,” but the car door slammed interruptingthe last part of Stephen’s name. Happy with the name he heard,the man smiled and waved as Stephen drove away.A few minutes later Stephen arrived at the mall and parked the car.Stephen checked his look in the rear view mirror to primp himself.Stephen decided the first store should be Macy’s. It was sprinklinglightly and since Stephen forgot his umbrella he decided to enterthrough the mall entrance because it was a shorter walk than theMacy’s entrance. When he got to the door a man opened it forhim along with a very pretty red head. Stephen commented to herthat its always nice when people open doors for each other. Shesmiled and nodded at him and they walked side by side intoMacy’s…KissRecalibrating herself, Amber spotted the girl and set a course tointercept her. The girl was now fishing her hands through a pile ofnylon panties set on a table. The panties were a rainbow of colorsand styles. “Hi… Can I help you find a particular panty?”The girl looked up, smiled and said in the sweetest sounding voiceAmber had ever heard, “Yes. I’m trying to match a panty to thisbra. Its such a pretty pattern but I can’t seem to find anything thatis just right.” She was holding a thinly cut, green floral print, satinbra with small breast pads.Because Amber was taller than the girl, she looked down on herand the girl had to look up at Amber. Their eyes met. Amberwanted to reach over and put her hands on the girl’s cheek andplant a tender kiss upon her lips. The girl was even more beautifulup close. She had blue-gray eyes that shone like stainless steelbut were tempered by a liquid softness. Her eyebrows were thinand a shade darker than her blonde mane. The girl’s eyelashesseemed naturally long and were enhanced further by a light coat ofmascara. Her eyes invited Amber closer, to a more intimate place.Her nose was small and straight with an almost imperceptibleroundness at the tip. Her lips were full and moist and painted alight, ruby color. Amber could imagine her lips caressing the girlslips in a kiss that would be so soft and delicate. The girl’s face wassoft and even and her chin was narrow and firm. Her complexionwas perfect, the kind of skin that didn’t need any makeup at all. Itwas clear the girl used very little. Her coloring was pearl white andslightly tanned.Amber felt like she was in a trance when she looked at the girl forjust a few moments. “I love this bra too. What’s amazing is thatit’s the same one I’m wearing now…,” Amber began.”Oh wow, that’s so incredible!” the girl half giggled.”There’s a matching panty that comes with it which I also have on.I like the way the bra looks under everything especially silk and thepadding gives me that little extra boost I need,” finished Amber andshe began to blush.”I think you have a great body and I’m sure you don’t need asmuch a boost as I do.” The girl was right on that point. As perfectas she was, her breasts were clearly underdeveloped for someoneher age. What made Amber just look at her was the non-chalancethe girl seemed to have over having small breasts. Most teen agegirls practically live and die over the importance of their breast size.Amber herself was extremely self-conscience and had alreadyconsulted a plastic surgeon just to learn more about the procedure.The fact that she was still exuding confidence in herself despiteher small breasts made Amber worship the girl even more.The girl continued, “I would love to see that bra and panty together.Do you think we could go in the dressing room for a second andyou can show me how they look? I hope I’m not asking for toomuch…” She obviously didn’t want to get Amber in trouble andshe was sincere.For Amber, the possibility of stripping down in front of this beautywas foremost on her mind so she merely smiled and said, “Comeon,” and walked toward the dressing area. Amber struggled withwhether to reach back and offer her hand to the girl. She wasaching to touch her and be close to her but she didn’t want to puther off.As they were walking into the dressing area, Peggy arrived at thesame time. Over each of Peggy’s arms was d****d variousnegligees, teddies, nighties and body suites. When the girl saw hershe said, “No doors to hold open in here but can I help you withthose?”Peggy gave her a comprehending smile and said, “No thank you.”Then Amber piped in and said, “Do you know each other?” Whenthe girl and Peggy shook their heads, Amber seized the opportunityand turning to the girl while motioning back at Peggy she said,”This is Peggy.” Then turning to Peggy she said, “and Peggy thisis…” Dumbly, Amber looked at the girl as if to say, I can’tintroduce you without knowing your name, how stupid of me.At that, the girl offered, “I’m Stephanie but please call me Steph,everyone does.””Nice to meet you Steph. Well, I’m off to try these on,” informedPeggy and she headed down the isle of dressing rooms and chosethe last one on the right.Next Amber said, “Steph, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’mAmber,” and she mockingly, formally bowed like an eighteenthcentury gentleman.”Oh, and I was going to call you Debbie,” Steph giggled as sheever so lightly tapped the nameplate hanging just above Amber’sleft breast.Flushed and more than a little embarrassed Amber stammered,”Er, I must have grabbed the wrong nameplate…” As she said thisSteph continued the eighteenth century joke and elegantlyextended her arm with her wrist limp towards Amber. Practicallydelirious with ecstasy, Amber took Steph’s hand with her own.Then she pulled it toward her lips and gently kissed Steph’s handand said, “Pleased to make your acquaintance, my lady.” They bothgiggled and Amber led Steph into the first dressing room on theleft.Once inside the dressing room Amber took the bra Steph washolding and slung it over a hook on the wall. Then she turned herback toward Steph and asked Steph to please unzip her dress.Obligingly Steph took hold of the zipper with her fingertips, carefulnot to snag her long nails on the silk fabric, and slowly startedlowering the zipper. The zipper was being difficult. Steph said, “Ithink the zipper’s stuck.””Sometimes it works better if you move in closer, that way youhave more leverage.” Amber closed her eyes.With that Steph moved very close to Amber, so close that Ambercould feel Steph’s breathing. Amber was very hot now and wastrembling. Steph managed to lower the zipper which ran all theway down to Amber’s bottom. Next she unfastened the twobuttons which held together the neck. Then Steph placed herhands on Amber’s back and swept apart the dress to allow Amberto get out of it easier. Still from behind she held the left sleeve,then the right sleeve as Amber pulled her arms out. “You’retrembling…””I just caught a chill from the temperature change is all,” coveredAmber. She felt Steph’s hands run over her arms trying to quietdown her goose pimples. Steph stepped back to give Amber roomto shake off the dress. Once the dress was off Amber said, “Ohbut you can’t see the panties well enough with these pantyhosecovering them, let me get these off.”As Steph looked on Amber pulled down the panty hose, kicked offher heels then completely removed the hose. Once off there stoodAmber in nothing but her panties and bra. Her body was nice.She was a little more toned than Steph and more muscular but stillwonderfully feminine. Her complexion was darker and the green,satin bra seemed to mesh with her skin creating a very exoticeffect. “Do you like these panties?”Steph said, “I think they’re beautiful but I don’t think the set willlook as good on me as it does on you.””There’s only one way to see how good it looks on you…,” Amberreplied.”Ok,” agreed Steph and now it was her turn to be undressed. Sheturned around so Amber could pull the shirt over her head. Stilltrembling and at this point barely containing herself from jumpingall over Steph, Amber took hold of the bottom of Steph’s shirt andpulled it up over her head. Steph definitely had smaller breaststhan Amber but Amber thought she looked like a goddess in herblack, lacy bra. Amber undid the bra fasteners and helped Stephremove her bra. Amber was not able to take her eyes off Steph’sreflection in the mirror. Steph was looking back at her and with ateasing pout on her face, slowly said, “Can you help me with theother bra?”Her heart racing, Amber tore her eyes away from the mirror andreached for the green, satin bra on the hook. Being a frontclasping bra, Amber held the straps out so all Steph had to do wasslip her arms through. Next Amber reached both arms around andwhile generously brushing Steph’s breasts and nipples with herhands, fastened the hooks together. She let her hands drop toSteph’s hips and kept them there, around the front of Steph.Amber huskily whispered, “You look beautiful.”Steph simply looked in the mirror at herself, as if she weredaydreaming. As if she were living a dream. Without asking ortalking Amber closed the final few inches between them andwrapped her arms around Steph’s bare waist. Steph responded,leaning back into Amber’s embrace and tilting her head to the side.Amber placed her nose and mouth on Steph’s neck and breathedin her scent, causing Steph to shudder. Steph sighed and rotatedin Amber’s arms so the two girls were now facing each other. Shelooked up into Amber’s eyes, stood on her toes and kissed her…WomenFeeling better about himself now than he ever had in his entire life,Peggy looked at himself in the dressing room mirror. There hestood completely naked. From the neck up he looked like a verypretty red head and he felt so proud that his appearance wasendorsed by such a sexy lady like Amber. It was a c***dhoodfantasy to be here, trying on lingerie with the other women in theMacy’s dressing room. This precious moment would be with himforever.Peggy had only one nightie left to try on from the many lingerieitems he had brought back with him. He picked up the pink, nylonsleep shirt and raising his arms, guided it down over his body. Thesheer fabric tingled his shaved skin as he relished the cool,satisfying feeling. In euphoria he spun around in front of themirror pretending to model the nightie to his imaginary lover.Peggy loved the way he looked under the sleep shirt. He hadworked hard to slim down to a size six dress and the results wereobvious. With the exception of his secret, Peggy’s frame was anenviable canvas to show off women’s clothes. Most women wouldlove to have his petite figure. For Peggy, good was still not goodenough. He wanted the smooth, round curves that his newacquaintance Steph had developed naturally. Peggy knew thathormones and breast enhancement surgery were in his future, itwas only a matter of saving up the money now.Having decided which articles to purchase, Peggy removed thenightshirt and began to dress in his street clothes. Since his peniswas at half mast, he decided to wait on the panties for a moment.First he put on the camisole bra, which was ivory and scallopedand generously padded in the breasts. Next he slipped over thefeathery light, blue, satin chemise. Then Peggy closed his eyes,cleared his mind and counted to twenty. When he opened hiseyes, his penis had retreated to a manageable size so he slippedon his ivory thong panties. He inserted his penis into the tuckaway compartment and, looking in the mirror for guidance,manipulated himself until there was barely a sign of masculinity.Putting on the pantyhose tightened things up even more andPeggy wiggled his way around for a minute until everything wasproperly positioned. Next he stepped into the black, leathermini-skirt and pulled it into place. He slipped on his black pumps,grabbed the lingerie he intended to buy and suddenly rememberedhe’d left his purse in the back room.Peggy stepped out of the dressing room and walked down the isleof rooms heading for the main department. As he passed the lastroom on the right he thought he heard people kissing and moaninginside. Peggy lingered for a moment with his ear close to thedressing room door. Just then a short, pregnant woman strolledpast him with an armful of maternity negligees moving toward adressing room. Peggy was obviously startled but smiled pleasantlyat the lady who returned his smile. Peggy made his way back tothe main department and laid his items on top of the counter.Not seeing Amber anywhere in the vicinity, Peggy decided to fetchhis purse from the back room unescorted. As he walked over tothe back room, Peggy couldn’t help but notice a short,androgynous looking, young man. He had long, black hair past hisshoulders and was staring right at Peggy. If you had seen the manfrom the neck up with no makeup on it would be impossible to tellif he was a man or a woman. Since he was dressed in a sharp,double breasted, pin stripe, navy suit, Peggy assumed he was aman. He would almost need more makeup to appear as a manthan a woman. Although, Peggy reminded himself k**dingly, itcould be a woman dressed as a man, wearing a tight spandex,sports bra underneath to flatten her boobs. The man looked awayand continued leafing through a rack of slips looking for the rightsize. Peggy sighed slightly, not really knowing how to feel andproceeded to retrieve his purse from the back room.When Peggy got back to the counter, Amber and Steph were justleaving the dressing area. Amber walked behind the counter,pulled out a bag and dropped in a matching, green, satin bra andpanty set. Saying nothing, Peggy watched as Amber gave the bagto Steph and escorted her to the main isle. There the two youngwomen exchanged a few words, then hugged as girls do andpecked each other on the cheek. Steph walked towards the centerof the store and disappeared from Peggy’s vantage point. Amber’seyes followed Steph’s movements for a few moments then shewalked back towards the lingerie counter. “Peggy, there are a fewcustomers over at the misses desk who look like they’ve beenwaiting there too long, would you mind if I rang them up then cameback?””Of course, I’m more than happy to continue looking. In fact Ithink I’ll walk over to misses with you and look at some blouses.””Great!” Amber said. As she made her way to the missesdepartment with Peggy right behind her, Amber noticed her other”regular” just visible behind a rack of bras. She knew this was thebig night for pulling him out of the closet. With everything goingher way it was also time for him to get acquainted with Peggy…PlansAs he was entering, she was leaving. Jake walked past her withhis tongue dragging on the ground. She looked right at him andseemed to pause and gave him a devilishly coy smile. Jake said,”Hi,” and continued walking into Macy’s. He barely managed tokeep his composure. He stopped right in the middle of theperfume section, turned and watched her walk away. It wasabsolutely, definitely the same girl he watched get dressed in theboy’s locker room at St. Peter’s only a few hours ago. She wasdressed differently now but her hair, gait and presence wasunmistakable. What really made Jake gasp was her sweet,angelic face which he saw now for the first time. Somehowfamiliar.About twenty yards away now, she glanced back at Jake and gavehim a sly, sexy smirk. All he could do was stare, unbelieving. Shewriggled her ass and fluffed her hair as she strode confidentlyaway. Jake didn’t know what to do. If he followed after her, itwould be obvious and she’d probably blow him off. If he didn’tfollow her, who knows if he’d ever see her again? Somehow hisleft brain convinced the right that his luck was changing and he’dsee her again. After all, he’d already seen her twice in a matter ofhours!Once she was out of sight, Jake turned around and headed to themisses department where his sister was working. In her first yearat the university his sister managed to convince her parents sheshould have her own apartment. They consented as long as shepaid half the rent. Since she was practically never there, work wasthe best place to find her.Jake liked the fact that he now had the house to himself, besideshis parents of course. They were usually traveling though or awayon one of dad’s conventions so it felt like his own house. Thisweekend they were leaving for a two week trip to Hawaii so he wasplanning The Big Party. It was customary for Jake to throw a bashwhenever his parents were away on a long trip. It was alsocustomary for his sister Amber to bring her girlfriends to partywith…Amber spotted Jake fifty yards down the main isle and knew whatwas coming. Though he was her dopey, k** brother, Amber had togive Jake credit for one thing: he knew how to party. Jake’s BigParty’s as they were called, were some of the wildest affairs forteenager’s. Almost everyone from high school and several collegestudents dropped by at some point in the evening to pay theirrespects. Going to a Big Party almost guaranteed you’d get laid,get drunk, get stoned, get fed and not worry about getting arrested.Amber didn’t know how he did it but none of Jake’s party’s hadever been broken up by the police. Their house was somewhatisolated on a hill but he must have had a connection because shewas sure the music carried into the valley.Like any good organizer, Jake also knew how to work his keycontacts. That’s why he visited his main recruiters in person. Asshe was wondering what kind of pleas he’d make of her and herfriends this time, Amber’s own plan snapped into place…”Hi s*s’,” Jake greeted Amber warmly, “What’s cookin’?””Listen jail bait, I know why you’re here. If you think me or myfriends has time to party with your pre-pubescent, hormoids, you’rewacked,” Amber had to play it cool otherwise Jake might getsuspicious.”Whoa, what’s up with these negative vibes, babe? I’m just cruisin’the mall circuit and stopped in to say hi to my lovely sister,” Jakehad to smooth this down quickly otherwise he’d have a tough timegetting Amber to cooperate.”Cut the crap, k**-do. Are you here to do business or what?Here’s my only offer, so listen up. I’ll supply the pizza and bringsome co-ed friends for half of the total proceeds. Also we do zerocleanup detail,” asking for half was outrageous and Amber knew it.The organizing, music, and alcohol acquisition alone was worth70% at least and cleanup detail was another 20%.Jake’s face turned a deep, purplish hue and he promptly forgothis Mr. Slick Act, “50% for doing nothing!?! Are you nuts?!?” Hethen stammered out a few in-audibles and regained a little sanity,”and I thought we were family. You’re officially un-invited. Later.””Wait.” Damn, he had her now. “I can be reasonable. Make it40% and I’ll supply a keg.”Mr. Slick was swiftly back and totally in charge, “Ok, I see you’vecome to your senses. You supply two kegs of Sammy Adamsquality, spread the word and bring the babes. For 35%. And nodogs this time, we want the finest the university has to offer.”Amber agreed, “Don’t worry k**-do, I can think of three foxy friendswho are dying to meet young, inexperienced, hormone gushers likeyou and your buds.” Amber neglected to tell Jake that one of thethree she had in mind was the target of her own lust. What heand her family didn’t know of her bi-sexuality didn’t hurt them. “Infact here comes one now. Peggy I’d like you to meet my brotherJake.”Jake’s heart skipped a beat for the second time in just a fewminutes. He took her extended hand and shook it gently. She wasa petite, redheaded knockout and looked as sultry and hot as Jakefelt.”Nice to meet you Jake, you have your sister’s eyes…”SiestaThe following morning Stephen was shaken out of sleep by thetelephone ringing. Drowsily he picked up the receiver and spokean unintelligible, “hello”. The cobwebs quickly cleared as Stephenrecognized the sexy voice of the girl he’d met while shopping atMacy’s. She was saying she couldn’t stop thinking about theirconnection last night and was hoping they could get togethertonight. She said her parents were out of town and her youngerbrother was having a raging party at their home in the hills. Theycontinued talking for several minutes. When they hung up,Stephen was greedily anticipating seeing her again. Realizing itwas already 11:30 and since he had nothing else to do today,Stephen began making plans to prepare himself for the party.Stephen got up and ran some hot water in the tub. He added agenerous amount of scented bath oil to help soften and conditionhis skin. While the tub was filling, Stephen stripped off his silknight-shirt and underpants, and went to the kitchen to nibble on abagel. After eating, he went back to the bathroom, lowered himselfinto the tub and lounged in the water for half an hour.The sky had cleared of clouds and the sun was shining down onwhat was to be a warm, autumn day. Stephen toweled his skin dryand wrapped the towel around his hair into a bun. Having decidedto lay out in the midday sunlight, Stephen went to the bedroom andput on a bathing suit. Stephen wiggled his way into the magenta,one piece. He looked at the mirror and admired his shape. Thebathing suit tightly hugged Stephen’s curves and was cut high soquite a bit of his upper thighs showed.Stephen slipped on a pair of tall, ankle sandals and removed thetowel from his hair. When he did that, his wet mane dousedacross his back and a few beads of water dripped down his back.Stephen walked to the front door and went down the front walktoward the sidewalk where the morning newspaper lay. Heretrieved it and headed back up the walkway. As he was steppingup to the porch, Mr. Walker from down the street slowly drove by.From Mr. Walker’s vantage point, he saw a beautiful set of bunsencased in a revealing bathing suit moving sexily from side to side.That combined with the wet, blonde hair d****d down past the slimshoulders got Mr. Walker’s motor really worked up. He sped awaywith lustful thoughts.Back in the house, Stephen made arrangements for his sun bath.He stepped into the backyard and spread a flowered towel over thelounge chair. The backyard was deep and the fences were linedwith bushy trees. He could hear the k**s from the house in backof his playing in their yard. Stephen sat down and squirted someoil into this hands. He then ran his hands over his smooth legs,arms, neck and as much of his back as he could reach. Satisfiedwith the coverage, he lay down on the lounger on his stomach andbunched up another towel into a pillow. A little sleepy from thebath and the effects of the sun, Stephen drifted in and out ofsleep…NeighborsGary was visiting his aunt and uncle this weekend. Having justturned sixteen, he was starting to pay close attention to theopposite sex. Usually they paid attention to him too. Gary wasdeveloping into a handsome, young man. He was average heightwith soft, blue eyes, light, short brown hair and a firm build. Histwo cousins were not ten yet so they were much smaller than hewas. They were rambunctious and good athletes though, so Garyenjoyed throwing passes to them in their backyard on thissurprising indian summer day. Gary asked them if there were anygirls in the neighborhood that they played with. They said no andlooked at each other with a mischievous glimmer in their eyes.They said there was one girl who lived behind them. Sometimesshe laid out in the summer in her backyard and since it was warm,maybe she was there today. Gary asked them to show him heryard. They said the best view was from up in the trees whichbordered their fences.Following the two, young lemurs into the tree was easy for theagile teenager. When they reached a comfortable spot where thebranches formed a ledge, the cousins pointed toward theirneighbor’s yard. Through the trees in the other yard, Gary couldsee the lovely vision. The boys giggled watching their cousin stareat the heavenly figure, mouth agape. When Gary announced, “I’mgoing to go introduce myself,” that only brought more riotouslaughter. Just then, Gary’s aunt called for lunchtime and hishungry cousins immediately slid down the tree. They looked upand asked Gary if he was coming. He said, “Tell your mom I tooka walk around the block and I’ll be in for lunch later. I’m going tosay hello to that girl.” Still giggling, they shrugged their shouldersand scampered off to lunch.Nimbly, Gary made his way into the neighbor’s trees and droppedinto their yard. He surveyed the scene. Really, all he had eyes forwas the girl. She was stunning. She was laying face down on thelounger, apparently asleep. She was clad in a magenta, one piecebathing suit. Trembling, Gary walked over to her and looked ather. Her blonde hair was slightly damp and her legs wereglistening with a thin sheen of oil. Careful not to frighten her, Garymoved around to her head and said, “hello…?”DreamStephen stirred and craned his neck to look up at the handsomeboy. Wet strands of hair dangled in his face and Stephen couldsee that the boy was about the same age he was. Stephennoticed how the boy was admiring him. Stephen extended hishand out and introduced himself as Steph-something-or-another.The boy said, “My name’s Gary and I’m staying with my cousins inthe house behind yours…,” he couldn’t keep his eyes off Stephen’sbuttocks and legs. Stephen saw that the boy was getting turnedon. Gary explained that since he hadn’t brought a bathing suit oreven shorts on his visit, and his cousin’s and uncle’s didn’t fit, hehad agreed to wear his aunt’s bikini briefs. They fit similar to aspeedo but Stephen noticed they weren’t designed to hide astiffening penis. The boy tried to cover it by letting his long shirthang over the bikini. Watching his reactions, Stephen realized thiscould be an exciting deception…Gary couldn’t believe it when he heard the girl say, “Could youplease rub some oil onto my legs?” Without answering, Garyreached for the oil and squirted some into his palms. As he squatdown next to her to apply the lotion, the girl instructed, “Juststraddle my lower back, that way you can reach the insides a littleeasier.” Gary almost feinted.He threw one leg over her back and gently lowered himself ontoher back, facing toward her feet. Gary was careful not to let hisfull weight pressure her back. For a moment he just stared downat her soft butt cheeks and saw how her bathing suit only halfcovered them. He decided to start at her feet which meant he hadto reach down the length of her legs. This forced Gary to bendforward, pressing himself onto her buttocks. The girl let out an,”ohhhh… mmm,” and Gary felt her hips push out a little to invitethe pressure of his sex into her buttocks.Feeling light headed, Gary tried to concentrate on applying the oil.He grabbed her ankles and worked his hands down and aroundthe bottom of her feet. She moaned slightly and said she was onlya little ticklish and it felt good. He squeaked his fingertipsbetween her toes and spread the oil evenly. Gary felt a bump athis leg and looked down to see the girl was offering the bottle of oilto him. He took it and squirted some more into his hands, restingthe bottle on her bottom.Gary continued to run his hands over her soft, smooth legs. Firstaround her calves, then up to her thighs. After a few minutes,Gary was almost to her buttocks. Gary was thinking what to dowhen the girl said, “I’m going to lay on my back later. Would youmind putting some oil on my front side?” Before he could answer,the girl reached around and Gary watched as her slender fingerswith the long painted nails untied the straps at her neck whichsupported the bathing suit.Not really knowing how to react or what to do, Gary got up. Hewatched as the girl maneuvered into position. She was sitting atthe edge of the lounger with her back to Gary, pulling the top partof her bathing suit down to her lap. She asked Gary to sit behindher so she could sit in his lap to give him the best angle.Gary was a virgin and had only kissed one girl before. He didn’thave a clue what to do about this situation but instinct for sex wasdriving him. He sat behind her, straddling her. He was only a littlebigger than she was so he had to stretch a bit. His cock head waspushing out from the top of his bikini bottom’s but Gary didn’t careany more. When he was in place, the girl scooted back and up,resting her buttocks against Gary’s lap. Again she moaned andput the bottle of tanning oil into Gary’s hand.A half naked girl was practically sitting on his cock asking him toput oil on her tits. Gary couldn’t think, he was in her power. Hesquirted oil into his palms and reached around and placed hishands on her stomach. The girl put her hands over Gary’s andguided them over her tummy and up around her breasts. She wassomewhat flat chested, her breasts were only mounds. To Gary,they were perfect. A few minutes went by and then the girl saidthat it was her turn now. “Lay down on your back and close youreyes. I’m going to give you a full body massage.”They both got up. Gary laid down as ordered and closed his eyes.The girl removed his shirt. She complemented his body and saidshe liked his briefs. Gary’s penis was at full attention but modestyhad given way to passion. The girl removed Gary’s bikini bottoms.Gary momentarily opened his eyes to see the girl lick her lips andwatch Gary’s manhood sway proudly in the warm air.Starting at Gary’s feet the girl worked her way up Gary’s body.She rubbed and kneaded oil into his muscles. When she got to hiscrotch she switched gears and worked from his neck down. Afterfive agonizing, wonderful minutes Gary was worked into a frenzy.The girl hadn’t even touched his penis and he began to wonder ifshe would. As he was thinking this, Gary felt droplets of oil fallonto his cock. He opened his eyes and saw the girl was hoveringover him, staring at his penis, reaching for it with her hands. Heclosed his eyes again…FriendThe “hello…?” pulled Stephen out of his reverie and in deja-vu, helooked up to see a handsome boy standing over him. The boyintroduced himself and Stephen reciprocated. They talked forseveral minutes but Stephen didn’t have any more time than that.He thanked his new friend, Gary, for waking him saying he couldhave got sun burned if he’d laid out any longer. Then he walkedGary to the gait and watched him leave.Stephen kept thinking about his dream. He could only rememberbits and pieces of it but the one clear thing was Gary was in thedream. Before Gary reached the sidewalk, Stephen had an ideaand called him back. He told Gary about the party that eveningand gave him directions to the house. Gary said he looked forwardto it and hoped to meet up with Stephen there.Stephen collected his things and went inside. He stripped off hisbathing suit and tucked his hair into a shower cap. Stephen thentook a quick shower to rinse off the sun tanning oil. After drying,he put on pink, cotton undergarments and tended his face. Thenhe pulled up a tight pair of pink shorts and shimmied into a powderblue half tee shirt. Back in the kitchen Stephen looked in theyellow pages, found the numbers he was looking for and placedtwo phone calls. It took just a minute to make the appointments.He re-checked his look, which was hot, slipped on his high sandalsand dashed out the door. The car was in the driveway and his bagwas already inside…ConnectionBeing half Japanese, Terry Sinclair had inherited his mother’sdiminutive figure. He was five foot four inches tall and had a nice,curvaceous figure. His appearance was mostly caucasian butthere were very subtle signs of Japanese ancestory. His eyeswere jet black and his complexion was a pale, golden white. Hisraven black hair was straight and hung almost to the middle of hisback. He usually wore it in a single pony tail at work so not toomany eyebrows were raised.Tonight Terry was doing one of his favorite things, shopping forlingerie at Macy’s. He wanted to buy a short, half slip andcamisole to wear under the new blazer and skirt that arrived fromVictoria’s Secret last night. He couldn’t wait to get all dressed upin his new outfit and cruise the bars where he knew a couple of hiscute colleagues hung out. Flirting with them made up as a womanwas an incredible turn on!After looking for nearly fifteen minutes, Terry happened upon awhite, lacy slip and matching camisole. He made his way to thecounter but there was no salesperson there. He looked aroundand caught the eye of the girl in misses, just across the way. Shegestured she’d be over in a minute. Terry knew the girl’s namewas Amber because he had gone to this Macy’s for the pastseveral weeks to buy lingerie. They had established a little bit of arapport and he wondered if she suspected his buying motives. Hewas dying to tell her the lingerie was for him. Terry had a fantasywhere he went in the dressing area as a man and came out as awoman. He hoped Amber could help him live that fantasy out oneday.A customer Terry had seen earlier walked up to the counter. Shewas a pretty red head dressed in a very sexy mini skirt and highheels. “Hi,” Terry said. Terry had a soft, gentle voice.”Hi. I think the salesperson is finishing up with some customersover in misses,” offered the girl. She stood close to Terry, hesmelled her perfume. She was about an inch taller than he was.Although he preferred dressing as a woman and being with a man,Terry was still attracted to women. However this was the first ladyTerry noticed in quite a while. He wondered what it would be liketo have a woman make love to him again now that his body hadundergone some fairly dramatic changes.Before Terry could start a conversation, Amber strolled behind thecounter. “Hi Terry, nice to see you today. Have you met Peggy?”They exchanged greetings and Amber continued, “That’s a lovelyslip and camisole set, would you like to try it on?”Embarrassed, dumbfounded, excited, delighted, Terry blushed. Helooked over at Peggy then back at Amber and said, “Yes, if its notagainst the rules…””Of course not, besides, I think they’ll look great on you. Excuseme for a second Peggy while I show Terry the dressing rooms. I’llring you up when I get back.” said Amber. Peggy just looked atthe two of them in disbelieving wonder.Amber took Terry’s hand and led him to the dressing area. Shewhispered quietly to Terry, “I’m sure Peggy would like you to modelyour slip and chemise for her. You two have a lot in common.Would you like me to ask her to stick around while you getchanged?””Oh, that would be like a dream come true,” Terry couldn’t believehow events had unfolded here tonight. Amber’s comment about alot in common did not register. “If I could borrow some makeup, Icould really impress you both.””Terry I know how pretty you are and I’ve suspected all along thatyou’re a cross dresser. You have too much of a femininedemeanor not to be.” Amber’s plans were coming togetherperfectly! She stopped and opened a storage cupboard and pulledout a shoebox and handed it to Terry. “This box is filled withcosmetics, brushes, combs and perfumes. Everything a girlneeds. Its basically a lost and found, collected from shoppers whoaccidentally left them behind.””Thank you Amber, for all you’re doing. Give me ten minutes.”Amber returned to the counter and told Peggy that Terry was goingto model for them. Amber wanted Terry to leave the store dressedas a woman so she asked Peggy to go back over to misses andpick out a cute dress for him. “I would love to,” replied Peggy, “andI know just the one that would look great on him, er, her.”Ten minutes later Amber and Peggy had reconvened at the lingeriecounter. Amber was telling Peggy about tomorrow night’s partyand was saying how great it would be for Amber, Peggy and Terryto go together. Amber also told Peggy she was going to invite theirnew friend Stephanie. Peggy eschewed the idea at first but whenAmber told her they’d be the four hottest girls at the party, Peggyagreed to go. They were discussing how to invite Terry when theywere struck by an unbelievable sight.Terry walked out of the dressing rooms clad in his short half slipand camisole. Quite simply, Terry looked like a woman. Astunning woman. Under the slip he was wearing a white, spandexpanty that completely hid his gender. What was most amazingabout his appearance, and what Amber and Peggy couldn’t taketheir eyes off of, was his bosom. Terry had full A cup breasts,pushing B cup. He could have modeled what he was wearing at afashion show and no one would have even thought they werelooking at a man. He had no body hair and a smooth, richcomplexion. His waist was very tiny, maybe 22 inches around.With his well defined bosom and flared hips, Terry had an idealfigure.”Terry, is that really you?” asked Amber. “I don’t believe it. Yourboobs are bigger than mine, how can you get away with living as aman? I’m not sure you are a man…”Peggy just walked over and asked Terry, “Are your breasts real?”He said yes. Terry felt Peggy cupping his right breast with her lefthand and felt her thumb finger his nipple. “Do you mind?” Terryshook his head no. They were definitely real. Peggy wasenvious, “I’ve got to get a boob job.”Terry addressed Amber, “I”ve been taking estrogen hormones foralmost two years now.” Then to Peggy, “Peggy, there’s nothingwrong with your boobs, I think they’re perfect. You’re very pretty.”Without saying a word Peggy took hold of Terry’s hand and placedit against the crotch of his black, leather, mini-skirt. After a fewmoments, Terry looked at Peggy, astonished. That was thebeginning of a beautiful friendship. Amber was pleased…FittingMs. Edna Hoover was known to be one of the best seamstressesin the area. Eddy, as she was nicknamed, was considered amaster at altering clothes to bring out the best and hide the littleembarrassments. Eddy had picked up her talents over the yearsbecause she had always fitted her own clothes. Young for herthirty years, Eddy related well to the teenage set and many of herpatrons were mother / daughter combinations. Eddy had met Mrs.Neilsen a few years back and had been doing alterations for hersince then. She knew Mrs. Neilsen had a c***d, though she wasn’tsure if it was a son or daughter. Mrs. Neilsen had told her thec***d attended St. Peter’s, which was an all boys school, so sheassumed it was a boy. However from time to time, Mrs. Neilsenbrought in dresses and blouses for her to work on, and said theywere for her c***d.When the girl called, identifying herself as Mrs. Neilsen’s c***d,asking for an appointment, Eddy became even more confused.Over the phone, Eddy thought the c***d said her name wasStephen but she found it hard to believe that she was talking to ayoung man. Maybe the girl said Stephanie… In any case, thec***d said she wanted Eddy to make a couple of alterations to anoutfit she had purchased the night before. Usually Eddy wasclosed on Saturday afternoons but since Mrs. Neilsen was such avalued customer, she made the exception.Fifteen minutes later there was a knock and Eddy opened thedoor. She set her eyes on one of the most beautiful girls she’dever seen. Many of Eddy’s patrons were wealthy wives whosehusbands had more interest in their careers. While fitting them inslinky cocktail dresses or negligees, some had confessed theirsexual longings. At times the passion had grown to torrid levelsand Eddy had developed a reputation in the inner circle for beingvery sympathetic to their sexual frustrations. When she saw thegirl standing before her, Eddy was breathless.The girl was dressed in a tight, revealing pair of pink shorts andskimpy, tank tee shirt. Eddy could see she was wearing a pink brabecause the straps weren’t fully covered by the shirt’s straps. Shewas wearing cute, high heeled sandals which propped up her butt.Her pretty face was lightly made up and her blonde hair was fallingcasually about her shoulders. Eddy invited her in, “Come in love,you’re dressed right for the warm weather today.””Thanks,” the girl stepped in and gave Eddy a warm smile. Eddy’sbusiness was based out of her house which was a duplex. Shehad converted the attached studio apartment into her work area.The wood paneled room was spacious but crowded with shelves,spools, wraps of fabric, sewing machines, and several manikinsclad in work in progress. “I’m glad you could see me on such shortnotice Ms. Hoover, I know you’re closed on most Saturday’s.””That’s ok, dear. Call me Eddy. I understand you want to lookpretty for your party tonight. Your mother has talked about you butshe never told me you were so lovely. Now lets see what you wantEddy to fit for you.” The girl handed Eddy the clothes bag andEddy hung it on a hook and unzipped it. On the hanger was ashort, black nylon and spandex dress with a wrapped, v-neckbodice. “Oh this is very nice. Very sexy.”Blushing now the girl said, “Thank you. The problem is theneckline, I’m afraid my boobs aren’t big enough to create the righteffect.””Love, your breasts have the right shape for this dress. Shape ismore important than size when you have a skilled seamstress onyour team. Come, lets see it on you.” Eddy was in control nowand she couldn’t wait to see this girl with no clothes on. The girltook the dress and slinked over to the d****d dressing area but leftthe curtain open. With her back toward Eddy the girl peeled offher top and unfastened her bra. Eddy saw her magnificent body,so young and fresh. The girl removed her shorts and Eddy noticedshe was wearing thong style panties. Most of her resistancespent, Eddy walked over to help her put on the dress.”Put your arms up dear and I’ll slide the dress over you,” Eddy wasright in front of her now and she maneuvered the dress over thegirl’s shoulders and breasts. Since the dress was so tight fitting,gravity was no help in pulling the dress down. Eddy caressed it toits full length, two inches above the girl’s knees. “Turn arounddear, lets have a look at you.” Eddy backed into the room and thegirl glided around, somewhat confined because the dress didn’thave a lot of room to spare. “Honey, will the boys have eyes foryou! Lets get you into a proper pair of pumps. Size 6?””Yes.”Eddy reached around a manikin, pulled out a shoebox and liftedout a pair of black pumps with 3” heels. She handed them to thegirl. “Here love, put these on.” The girl slipped into the shoes andwalked over to a full length mirror.”Eddy what I’d like done if possible, is to add a little paddingunderneath the support cups to push up my boobs and createmore cleavage. Can that be done without making it look tooobvious?”Eddy replied, “Dear your waist, legs, shoulders and pretty face willbe getting so much attention, I don’t think anyone would notice ifyou wore a push-up bra on the outside of this dress, upside downand backwards. However I understand a girl your age needs toshow off some cleavage. So yes, we can definitely add somesubtle padding to show off your breasts. Take it from me thoughhoney, you look beautiful in that dress all on your own.””Oh thank you Eddy!” The girl was so excited she hugged Eddy,and Eddy reciprocated.”Now just hold still for a minute while I take a look at a few things.Drop your arms to your sides. I’m going to push up your breastswith my hands. Let me know when its to your liking.””You mean the look of my cleavage?” asked the girl.”Yes love, that’s what I meant.” With that Eddy scooted aroundthe girl and, reaching around, gently cupped the girl’s breaststhrough the soft fabric of the dress. Slowly she moved the younglady’s breasts up and inwards creating the effect of more and morecleavage. Eddy was surprised how generous the girl’s breastswere now that she was holding them. Eddy was breathing on thegirl’s neck, “You’re lucky to have such nicely shaped breasts. Yousee how easily they can be manipulated into appearing bigger?”Eddy’s complements were beginning to intoxicate the girl and Eddycould feel her heart was beginning to beat rapidly. The girl stoodfrozen looking into the mirror and said, “Yes I like that.” Togetherthey stood there, hearts beating, breathing heavily, silent for aminute.Before things got too heavy or too far along, Eddy broke away andsaid, “Ok then, its settled. Lets have that off now and I’ll get towork. In one swoosh, Eddy expertly had the girl’s dress off and forthe first time got a good glimpse of her panties. They were a pink,cotton thong but Eddy had seen the like of them before. She hadworn panties like this many years ago, almost a forgottenmemory…SalonStephen was so glad Ms. Hoover could help him with his outfit.Now that the right look had been arranged for his clothes all hehad to worry about was his hair. Fortunately he’d called inadvance so he wouldn’t have to wait too long. He pulled the car infront of Locke’s Salon, hopped out and entered.He was greeted by the cashier, who recognized him, and told himBrad would be done with his customer in a few minutes. Stephenalways had his hair styled by Brad Majors, who was a rising youngstar on the hair stylists circuit. Stephen took a seat in the lobby.Locke’s was very busy today and there were several men readingmagazines waiting for their wives or girlfriends to have their hairstyled. As Stephen moved through their ranks, all eyes weretargeted. Stephen took a seat next to a Swedish looking guy whowas very cute.Just as he sat down though, Brad came racing around into thelobby and squealed, “Baby, don’t you look marvelous today!” andgrabbed Stephen’s hand, “we are going to do wonders with yourbeautiful, blonde self.” Brad was an overtly gay man and prancedabout in a pronounced effeminate manner. “All these hungry mencan’t take their eyes off you but you’re mine for the next hour. Sityourself down.”Brad directed Stephen into the chair and for the next few minutesno words were exchanged between them. This was the period forthe artist to examine his clay and everyone knew Brad should notbe disturbed when he was forming creative thoughts.”Yes, yes, yes… I’ve got it, baby. Oh this is going to be soheavenly…””Don’t you want to know what I’ll be wearing or where I’m going?”asked Stephen, almost too incredulously. Most patrons whoquestioned Brad Majors rarely did twice because its likely hewouldn’t wait on them again. However since Stephen was a prizedclient, he was given small allowances.”Absolutely baby, tell me everything,” very difficult for Brad to saybut he managed a smile, “its very important I know all the details.”Really it didn’t matter at all. The style Brad had conceived wasgoing to work with every outfit, every occasion but he knew hisclient was too young to fully appreciate Brad’s genius.Stephen proceeded to describe the outfit in great detail includingall the accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc. that he planned to adorn.Brad had already begun the styling process but he gave continual,verbal acknowledgment that he was listening, even though hereally wasn’t. When Stephen was done, Brad said, “Oh that’sperfect baby, this is going to work so beautifully for you…”PreparationsStephen finished dressing and went to the bathroom to do hisface. He was very careful to make everything look just rightbecause he wanted tonight to be special. His eyebrows, eyelids,eyelashes, lips and cheeks were perfect. Brad had done awonderful job with his hair. Stephen’s outfit, face and haircombined to create an electrifying look…Amber slunk into a red, silk slipdress with spaghetti straps. Thedress’ length was above her knees but was long enough to coverthe lacy, elastic tops of her jet black thigh highs. She put on hernight life makeup and styled her long hair to hang over her leftshoulder. She slipped her feet into delicate sandals, the heelswere almost 4″…Peggy stepped out of the shower and toweled himself down. Hewiped the mist from the full length mirror and admired his nakedshape. He ran his hands all over his smooth body, loving the feelof his skin. The silicone glue Peggy used to apply his prostheticbreasts was waterproof and his breasts still looked remarkably real,even to Peggy. Slipping into a pair of white, nylon panties, Peggydecided the first step should be to style his hair. He toweled mostof the water out then started blowing it dry. After a few minutes,he achieved the style he was looking for so he turned his attentionto his makeup. Peggy applied foundation, then mascara androuge. Noisily, the doorbell to his apartment rang and Peggystopped, dead in his tracks. He slipped on a floral kimono and tiptoed over to the door and peered through the peep hole.Peggy didn’t recognize the boy, who was apparently deliveringflowers in a long box. Peggy undid the lock and opened the door.The boy’s eyes lit up and he stammered, “Er, good evening ma’am.I’m delivering these flowers to Peggy. Is that you, ma’am?””How nice, yes I’m Peggy. Can you please put them on that tableover there?” The ultimate thrill for Peggy was passing as a womanand he was feeling more comfortable all the time that he could beaccepted as such. “Excuse me for just a moment, please.” Peggywent to the kitchen and took out two dollars from his purse to tipthe boy. For fun, he untied the sash that held the kimono together.The kimono hung from his breasts, revealing his soft, bare torso.Peggy re-emerged into the living room and the boy stared at hiscovered breasts and midriff. Peggy could barely contain his delightas he handed the boy the two dollars and reached up and peckedhim on the cheek.”Thank you, come by with flowers anytime.” With that the boymumbled his thanks and backed out the front door, unable to takehis eyes off Peggy. Facing the boy and standing just inside of thedoorway, Peggy shut the door with his left foot while at the sametime shaking off the kimono. Peggy caught sight of the boy’s eyesbulging out before the door completely closed. He walked over tothe table and lifted off the top of the flower box. Inside were fourwhite, long stem roses. The note said, “Tonight you become awoman. -Amber”…Terry managed to zip up the tank styled, silk sheath dress withouttoo much fuss. The grey dress was short, falling to the middle ofTerry’s thighs. Since the plunging neckline was designed not towear a bra, underneath all Terry wore was a white, satin panty.Since the panties were just a whisp of material which didn’tcompletely conceal his secrets, Terry wore a sheer, beigepantyhose that tightened things up. He slipped on a pair of greypumps and was ready to tear up the night…PartyAn hour into the party Jake was still greeting people at the door.When Gary got to the front door, he introduced himself to Jake.Jake welcomed everyone and usually gave strangers no notice butsomething compelled him to ask Gary how he’d heard about theparty. Gary described the person who had invited him and Jakesensed that Gary was somehow connected to his mysteriousblonde angel. Needless to say, Jake and Gary hit it offimmediately. Jake showed Gary around the house and always hadanother question about the girl. For the next hour, they talkedabout girls, football, beer and other serious matters.As the two new buddies were whooping it up, a large Cadillac madeits way down the street and settled into a spot apparently reservedon the driveway. The doors opened and out poured four sexy,young ladies, dressed to kill. The few people mingling in the frontyard stopped their conversations to stare in wonder at these giftsfrom heaven. The girls were giggling and chattering and clearlythe party belonged to them now. When they got to the front door,the lead girl greeted the doorman who was one of the biggerfootball players at St. Peter’s and told him about the two kegs ofbeer in the trunk.When they stepped into the entry hall of the house, it was likeentering another world. A powerful rock and roll beat wasthumping from a live band set up in the back yard. All over theplace were teenage k**s, drinking, dancing and partying. As theymade their way through the crowd, they were greeted by hungryeyes and jealous eyes, male and female. Everyone was having agood time but these four beauties stirred lust all around them.The girls tried to stick together but they were quickly and expertlyseparated by guys who were intent to make themselves known.The first two girls got pulled aside by three high school lettermennamed Joey, Lou and Ed. The girls introduced themselves asAmber and Steph.”You must be Amber Nichols, Jake’s sister,” deduced Ed. “He’sbeen telling all the guys that you’d be coming with a bunch of yourfriends, and let me say that you and your friends are looking verynice tonight.” The sugar coating commenced.The other two girls also got targeted this time by Jake and Gary.”Peggy!” called Jake and when he got their attention he and Garystrolled over. “I’m really glad you could make it, this is my friendGary. Gary, this is Peggy and, what’s your friend’s name?””This is Terry,” introduced Peggy and the four of them started totalk.Without knowing how it happened, Amber, Steph, Peggy and Terryalways seemed to have a drink in their hand. When they finisheda beer, along came another guy with two, offering one to start aconversation. Guys of all shapes and sizes vied for their attention,some were incredibly forward and others were completegentlemen. The aggressive ones had heavy beer scents aboutthem and they got really close to the girl’s faces. Arms d****dover the girl’s shoulders, hanging on them. Some went as far asto kiss them and grab their butts and pull the girls into their laps.Peggy and Terry gravitated toward these guys more than Amberand Steph. They became completely immersed in desire andpassion and flaunted their bodies to be sexy and provocative. Theyenjoyed all of the attention the horny young men provided them.On the other hand, Amber and Steph shied away from the overtlysexual types and withdrew into each other’s company…OdysseyWhen Terry woke up, his brain was a fog but he was able to gethis bearings. He had passed out and was lying down on a bed in aguest bedroom. Peggy was sitting at the edge of the bed primpinghis face through the teeny mirror of a powder compact. He wasclothed only in bra and panties, his dress was slung over a chairparked in front of a desk. Terry also noticed that two guys werecompletely dozed on the floor, at the foot and to the side of thebed. When Terry stirred, Peggy looked around.”Honey I can’t believe you passed out and left me all alone withthose two studs.” Peggy pointed at the guys and Terry recognizedthem as Lou and Ed, high school seniors they’d met only a fewhours ago.Peggy saw that Terry was pretty clueless about what hadhappened. “Oh I’m sorry you missed all the fun but after all dear,you were the one who got things rolling. Don’t you remember?”Peggy repositioned himself on the bed, sitting next to Terry. Hegently stroked Terry’s hair and said, “Maybe I can refresh yourmemory…”QuartersStephen couldn’t believe that the two girls he’d met only recentlywere playing drinking games by themselves with a handful of guys.The party had become pretty wild and word quickly spread throughthe high school boys crowd that female flesh was getting exposedin the kitchen. His companion, the nice boy he’d met earlier, Gary,had lead him by the hand into the kitchen to watch the spectacle.Amber and her brother Jake were standing behind them, both ofthem leaning all over Stephen to apparently get a better view of thetable. The kitchen was packed with people and the center of theuniverse was a round breakfast table with eight people seatedaround it.Peggy and Terry were sitting down next to each other. Guys werehovering around them like a flock of male drones trying to get thequeen bee’s attention.The game was a mixture of strip poker and quarters. The rules ofthe game were the winner got to choose who among the loserswould have to take a shot. The loser then had the option of takingthe shot or trying to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. If theychose the latter and succeeded they didn’t have to take a shot. Ifthey failed, they had to remove an article of clothing. The guyswere not only winning all of the hands, but of course they werepicking Terry and Peggy as the “shooters” each time. At first theguys were choosing Terry and Peggy on an equal basis. Howeveras the game progressed it was evident that Peggy had developed arare talent for bouncing the quarter into the shot glass, therebyducking out of the punishment each time. So Terry became thevictim. Thinking what was the lesser of two evils, Terry chose totake the shot of liquor each time rather than risk a missed quarter.From his vantage point Stephen could see that Terry was startingto really warm up to the guys who were hanging all over her. Hehad just met them earlier, Joey, Lou and Ed. They were very niceyoung men and cute too. Unfortunately the drink had gotten thebest of them and their minds were clearly focused on getting intoTerry and Peggy’s panties…MomentsAmber was in heaven. Here she was in her parents bedroom,making out with the beautiful blonde girl named Steph. She’d beendreaming about this since their interlude the night before at Macy’sand now it was becoming reality.Just fifteen minutes ago she managed to sneak out of the kitchenwith Steph without her brother noticing. They grabbed a bottle ofwine and two glasses, and giggling all the way up the stairs theycrept unobserved into the master bedroom. There, Steph satdown on the edge of the bed while Amber dimmed the lights andturned on the stereo in the closet. The jazz CD Amber hadinserted earlier that day was playing softly, not nearly enough tocover the thumping of the band in back. Together they created amelodic, electric rhythm.Amber poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Steph. Fora few minutes they just sat on the edge of the bed next to eachother sipping wine. Then Amber stroked Steph’s hair and lightlypetted her arms. As the music and wine drew them closer theylooked into each other’s eyes, their faces were only inches away.Together they drank in all the details of eyes, lips and makeup.They were breathing heavily now, drinking out of one wine glass.Steph took a drink and handed Amber the glass. Amber wrappedher lips around the lipstick mark Steph had just imprinted on therim and pretended to plant a kiss.Steph leaned in but Amber drew away and gracefully got up fromthe bed. Wordlessly she turned around and began to perform aprivate strip dance for her girlfriend. Amber was really feeling theaffects of all the beers and wine now and her only thoughts wereto entice and please her beautiful blonde princess. Slowly shewove her hands across her own body. She shimmied off thestraps of the red dress and after only a few more gyratingmovements the dress slinked to the floor.All she was wearing underneath was a black, lacy panty and blackthigh highs. Amber stopped her dance, kicked off her heels andwalked over to Steph. Steph leaned back onto the bed andaccepted Amber into her embrace…WowRealizing that Steph was gone Jake made a quick inspection of thecrowd to see where she had drifted. He walked from room to roomasking people if they’d seen her. Finally three girls who were thesame age as him said they had seen her leave with two otherguys. Little did Jake know all three girls were interested in him.They were playing a game hoping Jake would forget about who hewas looking for and concentrate on them. Jake had other thoughtsthough and headed back toward the kitchen…At the table Terry was not faring well. He was so drunk he hadcompletely forgotten his identity and for all intents and purposes,for the next few minutes he was a girl. On the table were a pair ofgrey pumps, earrings, bracelet, necklace, and two hairpins. AsTerry bounced yet another quarter way off target the roomsuddenly fell silent. All eyes looked over at Terry in wide wonder,uncertain what she was going to do next. With glazed eyes Terryreached back and unzipped the grey dress. Staying seated, sheslinked it down to her waist. For a split second everyone caughttheir breath, staring at Terry’s beautiful breasts. Then the roomerupted into chaos.At that precise moment Jake squirted through the dense crowd tothe table and put his arms around Peggy and Terry. All in onemotion he guided them up and into the ranting, horny crowd. Withher dress falling down but clung about her waist, Terry bouncedthrough all the boys smiling and flaunting her boobs. Lou and Edfollowed directly behind Jake and the five of them worked their wayto the stairway and up to the door of Jake’s parents bedroom…DiscoveryEntwined in passion with her lover, Amber had made her way toSteph’s tummy. She was slowly pulling off the black, spandexdress, inch by inch kissing her way down as she went. Steph wasmoaning softly, completely caught up in the passionate moment.Just then the door burst open and Jake, Peggy, Terry, Lou and Edpoured into the room all at once.”Oh my gaW’d…!””Get the hell out of here, Jake!” Amber screamed. Steph hadenough sense to quickly cover herself up. She was whimpering,almost crying though.Not really knowing what was going on Lou and Ed gathered upPeggy and Terry and moved out of the bedroom down the hall.Somehow Lou managed to grab the bottle of wine and a glass.All Jake could do was stand there. Amber walked over to him andwhen it looked like she was about to slug him she dropped to herknees and burst into tears. Jake was looking at Steph and sheheld his gaze. Jake was torn between the two girls. He croucheddown next to his sister and put his arms around her in support.She clung tightly to him, crying into his shoulder.As their emotional roles reversed, Jake’s beautiful, blonde angelwalked over to him and put her hands through his hair. What hehad just done in showing his love and compassion for his sistermade Steph feel very close to him…MorningSeveral hours into the morning light Stephen woke up with a gentlenudge. He was a little groggy and looked around to see who wokehim. Fortunately he wasn’t hung over from the affects of theprevious evening. He was laying in a waterbed in what wasobviously a young man’s room. Next to him was Jake. Thewaterbed had gravitated the two together in the middle of the bedand they were in each other’s arms. Jake was wearing only boxershorts, Stephen was fully dressed. There was no one else in theroom and Jake was sound asleep. The nudge must have beenJake moving in his sleep.Quietly Stephen rose from the bed and smiled down at Jake as theremainder of the evening came into focus. He slipped on hisshoes and crept downstairs.Amber and Gary were sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffeeand quietly talking. They both rose and offered greetings whenStephen came into the room. Each gave him a hug. Stephen gothis first look at a clock which read 10:00. “OH NO! I’m supposedto pick up my mother at the airport in ten minutes!””You’d better be off then,” said Gary, and nicely added, “Is your carhere? I can drive you to the airport…””Thanks Gary, I drove last night,” then to Amber, “Call me later?”Amber grinned, “Absolutely.” With that Stephen gave Amber apeck on the cheek and dashed out the door…AirportStephen raced to the airport in twenty minutes. He saw his motherstanding in front of the terminal, arms across her chest. Hestopped the car and got out.”I’m not going to wag a finger at you Stephy, because I know youdrive that car like a truck. That is, just because you’re late you stilldrive at a safe speed, right?” Her tone was playful.”Yes mother, of course.” Stephen gave his mother a hug. “Howwas your trip?””I’ll tell you all about it dear. Not to change the subject but aren’tyou a little over dressed to pick up your mother at the airport?That’s one sexy outfit. The way you’re bulging out of it has Eddy’swork written all over it.” Stephen’s mother was very observant…Stephen was just about to answer when he caught the gaze of thedriver in the car in front of theirs. The driver was looking at himthrough the rear view mirror…DepartureAmber and Gary watched the blonde, beautiful girl dash out thefront door. Amber sighed and Gary said, “Good thing Steph wokeup when she did or her mother would have been stranded at theairport too.””I made sure to wake her with plenty of time to spare,” repliedAmber.MirrorStephen put his mother’s luggage in the trunk and they climbedinto the car. As he pulled away from the curb he looked into therear view mirror. What he saw there was difficult to believe. Sincethey were stuck behind a few taxis, he stopped the car andsurveyed the scene through the mirror.A Cadillac pulled up behind them and stopped. A pretty, blonde girlstepped out of the car and greeted her mother who was waiting infront of the terminal. The girl was wearing a tight, black spandex,evening dress. The girl exchanged a few words with her motherand as she was turning to grab her mother’s suitcase she caughtStephen’s gaze. It was like looking into a mirror.

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