College life 31 (the final chapter of the first se


College life 31 (the final chapter of the first seTo start my Sunday here in December, I headed down to do some laundry andhave it done before finals began here on Thursday with Wednesday being`dead day’. I was nice and threw in Kris’s towels along with mine eventhough he still had a lot of laundry left. While doing laundry, I didcarry my laptop down and studied for some tests. I got a call from Dadwanting us to meet at his house for an early Christmas. I told him Tuesdaynight would be best for me. He agreed and gave me directions. Basically,all I needed was an address and my phone would take care of the rest.For a Sunday, it was relatively quiet and relaxed around the dorm otherthan retelling stories from our night out. There were some really funnymoments with us mocking each other’s dance moves. After Corey got offwork, he and I headed to grab something to eat together. It was nice justthe two of us and made eating that much faster. He did come back to theroom for a little while but didn’t stay that long.Monday’s first two classes were basic preparations for the upcoming finals.I ate lunch as usual with Kris and Jess before heading off to my artappreciation class. I entered the class looking for Hayden but didn’t seehim. Instead, I sat next to Reilly.”Tell me about Scott. Damn, he’s really hot,” Reilly stated before classstarted.”Well… he was Hayden’s boyfriend until Friday,” I stated.”Is Hayden stupid or what?””I don’t know. I was hoping to talk to him in here. Scott’s a really goodguy all in all. He’s like everyone else and has his bad points…””One damn sure wouldn’t be that body of his,” Reilly said. “I love thatswimmer’s body he possesses.””He does like to swim and swam in high school,” I said and saw Hayden comein the door. He sat on the opposite side of the room from us.”You think maybe I could get his number from ya?” Reilly asked.”Well… I give him yours since I still have it. He may not be ready to beinvolved again this quickly,” I replied. I didn’t like giving out myfriends numbers. I didn’t want Scott to get pissed if Reilly called him.”Hey, you know me, Matt,” Reilly laughed.I smiled with the professor starting his review and returning out gradesfor our papers. I held my breath and did score well with a nice handwritten compliment at the top.After class ended, I bolted from my chair with intentions of catchingHayden. I got him going out of the building and about leveled a girltrying to catch him.”Are you running from me?” I asked.”No Matt, I’m not. I don’t have much to say,” Hayden replied.”Scott was heartbroken, Hayden,” I said while we walked.”I’m sorry he is but I need to move on in my life,” Hayden stated.”Why?””You know why, Matt.””Is it because you were afraid he’d break up with you first?” I asked.”A little of it plus I didn’t want to hold him back on your ski trip,”Hayden said. “Matt, I was actually bored of him.””Alright then,” I said. “I don’t get the bored thing though.””Dude, I want to see what else is out there and not be tied down to oneguy. It was fun while it lasted. Matt, thanks for everything you’ve done.I really had a great time with all the guys but…” Hayden stopped andstarted to cry. “I guess… that’s over with… now.”We found a bench and took a seat with Reilly passing us by. “Hayden, isthere another reason?”Hayden wiped his eyes and looked at me. “Matt, my parents don’t know I’mgay.””What?””I’ve been making shit up, basically lying to everyone that they knew.They would die if they knew I was gay.””I think I’m beginning to see the reason now. You’re afraid you’ll slip upand tell them about Scott.””I’ve told them about Scott but that he is just a good friend,” Haydensaid.”You know Scott’s not going to be very happy since you were the reason hetold his parents.””Matt, please don’t tell him. I really do like Scott a lot. Maybe overthe Christmas break I’ll man up and confess. My parents are very religiouswith my Dad a deacon in the church. It will kill them but it is somethingI should do one day but I don’t when that day will be just yet.””Now I see the picture, Hayden. I’m sorry but that’s not much help. Maybeyou should confess your troubles to Scott and see what he says other thanjust running away from them.””I might when the new semester begins. Please don’t tell Scott.””Okay,” I said. “I won’t tell him. Besides, it’s not my place to tell him.”Walking back to the dorm, I did feel for Hayden. I knew I was very luckyto have Mom accept and love me after I told her. I can’t imagine being inHayden’s position bahçelievler escort and having to weave lie after lie to hide the truth. Itbroke my heart for Hayden and could tell he was tormented by it.Privately, he must have really struggled but he was able to be true tohimself with and around us.Back at the room, Kris was waiting on me to go to the Rec Center. Ichanged in a hurry even though I really didn’t feel up to it. We headedout and gathered Scott, Juan, Colt and Jess with Alex to meet us there.Entering the Rec Center, I didn’t see Corey and continued to stow away mybag in a locker as did the others.”Hey Matt, did you talk to Hayden today?” Scott asked me coming out of thelocker room.”Yes, I did after class.””What did he say?””Other than he was bored and ready to move on that was about it,” I repliedwith a half truth.”Bored my ass,” Scott stated. “I don’t get him at all. Never once did hecomplain he was bored with me.”I shrugged, “That’s what he said.”We continued on and did our scheduled work out for the day. Kris, Alex,Jess and Colt did something called maxing out on the bench. I watched fora minute before Scott and I headed off to do our thing. Scott continued toask me what else was said. I held my ground and said it was short andsweet.We showered in the locker room before heading back to the room. I stayedin the room to study while Kris headed to see Liz. Alone there, I debatedon whether to give Scott Reilly’s number or wait to see how things pannedout with Hayden. It sucked being stuck in the middle and knowing all thefacts of the situation.That Monday night, I did get to spend a little time with Corey since Iwasn’t sure how much of my time Dad would take up the following night. Wedidn’t do much other than watch TV with Michael. I left about eleven andheaded back to my room.Kris, Colt and Alex were kicked back and watching a movie Alex had broughtover. I played on my computer since I wasn’t able to concentrate onstudying. The two left about midnight. I stripped down and headed off tobed with Kris doing the same for our nightly chat.”Matt, do you know the real reason why Hayden broke up with Scott?” Krisasked to begin.”Yes, I do but promised I’d keep quiet,” I replied.”So he was fucking around on Scott,” Kris said. “That sorry…””No, he wasn’t, Kris,” I stated.”Well then tell me what it was.”After a short mind debate, I spoke up, “Promise this stays here.””I do,” Kris said and crossed his heart.”Hayden… has been lieing to us about his parents knowing he was gay. Thereal kicker here is they are religious.””That sucks… well I mean that he isn’t out but he could still be Scott’sboyfriend.””I think he did it so he wouldn’t open his mouth and out himself,” I said.”Matt, is coming out that hard?””Kris, for some, it is extremely hard. I imagine if Hayden were to getback with Scott it would still be hard and painful for everyone when hecomes out.””I’m glad I’m straight and don’t have to deal with that,” Kris stated.”I’m glad I’m out and don’t have to deal with it either now but it wasn’teasy for me though.””I remember how hard it was for you to tell me. You just knew ourfriendship would be over…””You’re right there but I had to do it,” I said.”Let me give you a small word of advice here with Corey. Stop telling himnot to spend money on you for Christmas…””Why? I know he doesn’t have much.””Matt, he wants to do it. You’re taking all the joy out of giving when youtell him not to give you much or nothing at all. Let him be the judge.Just admit you’d be very disappointed if he didn’t get you anything.””Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks for telling me. I’ll keep my mouthshut from now on. I don’t even think about ruining his joy.”We continued to talk for a little while longer until Kris was snoring inhis bed.Tuesday, the last day of regular class, I was up before the alarm for somestupid reason. I was ready early and ate the last of our snacks beforeKris woke. Classes were as boring as ever with the professors going overwhat we could expect on our finals. Thankfully, out of my five finals, onewas just a final test over what we had covered recently instead of theregular finals.Corey, Kris, Alex and I were back at the Rec Center. Once there, Iwondered why I even went but I knew why, Corey. I didn’t do much otherthan watch them try to outdo each other. With each passing day, I grew tolike Alex as a friend and looked forward to him being on our floor nextsemester. He fit right in with us and now was balgat escort a big part of our group.Once we were done, Corey headed off to study. By the way he told it, a fewof his grades depended on his final exam. I did offer my help if he neededit but he refused and went back to study on his own.About five, I headed out to Dad’s house with the hope I could find it. Hesaid it would take thirty minutes but it ended up taking closer to fortyfive. I pulled in his driveway a little late to his rented house thatdidn’t look like much in the middle of nowhere. Dad and Gloria werewaiting for me when I knocked on the door with his gift in my hand.”Matt, I’m not much of a cook, so I hope chili will suffice,” Gloriastated.”It’ll be just fine,” I said.Dad and I sat to talk with Dad having a beer in his hand. He offered meone but I refused saying I didn’t care for beer that much. We sat andchatted about college before Gloria announced the chili was ready. We satat the dining room table with cheese and crackers to compliment the chili.The first taste told me it was spicy yet very tasty. I did remember how myDad enjoyed his food spicy whereas Mom didn’t. Gloria told me about herfamily, two girls and a boy with two grandk**s already.Finished with the meal that left my mouth burning a little, we headed tothe small cluttered living room. Dad handed me a good size box while Ihanded over my gift bag. He insisted I open my gift first. I tore intothe paper and opened the box to find a nice jacket.”Matthew, I hope you can use that on your trip,” Dad stated.”You bet I can,” I said with excitement. “Thanks Dad I really do like.” Itried it on and found the fit a little big but not so big I couldn’t wearit.Dad reached over in the pocket. “Here’s a little something extra, say foryour birthday that is coming up too.” My birthday is in a week and halfwhile we are on the trip. He pulled out two one hundred bills.”I really appreciate that,” I said and gave him a big hug.He opened his gift and took a quick smell of the cologne. “I guess it willbe better than Old Spice,” Dad laughed.”Thanks Matthew. He needed that,” Gloria laughed.”Matthew, where’s Corey at or did you come to your senses?” Dad asked.”He’s studying,” I said. “Dad, you saw how nice he is.””Oh he was nice but I meant was did you come to your senses about this gaything,” Dad stated. “I’m really disappointed about that, Matthew.””Dad, nothing can change that fact…””Oh I bet if I’d been around you wouldn’t have turned out that way. Yourmom babied you way too much and made you gay,” Dad said. “I knew that couldhappen.””If that is true Dad then there should be way more gay guys than there istoday with all the single moms raising their sons,” I stated.”Larry, he does have a good point there,” Gloria said to Dad.”He’s justifying his lifestyle,” Dad commented. “Nobody really wants to bequeer.””True Dad but I am,” I stated. “We can argue about it all night if you wantbut it won’t help matters. I’m gay and have a great boyfriend who I loveto death and who treats me so well.””Larry at least he’s not like Jeremy and has two k**s by two differentgirls before he’s twenty years old,” Gloria said about her 20 year oldson. “You should be proud of Matthew. He said he makes very good grades.He will have a great job someday if he continues.”You know I was starting to like Gloria more and more. Maybe she was goodfor my dad.”I am proud he makes good grades. Even when he was young, he was verysmart,” Dad stated. “I just wish he wasn’t gay, that’s all. Is it hard onyou, Matthew?””Dad, so far I’ve been very fortunate. My roommate is so accepting as isMom. I know there are some out there that aren’t so lucky.””Damn right there, Matthew. I guess I’m trying to be the father I neverreally have been and show a little concern for your welfare in life. It’sa very cruel and nasty world we live in,” Dad said.”Thanks, but I’m making it so far,” I said.I stayed as well as I could before I said I needed to head back. Gloriahanded me a Ziploc bag full of Christmas cookies she had made to take backwith me. I told her they would be eaten by all my friends at the dorm. Ithanked them and hugged both before heading back to the campus.After returning from Dad’s, my room had only Liz and Kris in it. They werewatching a movie together with Kris holding Liz close to him. Kris saidthey had just started and insisted I invite Corey down. He said we couldcall it couples night. I called Corey and invited him down. Quietly thefour batıkent escort of us enjoyed the movie Kris had. The strangest part of the nightcame when Kris suggested Corey sleep with me while he slept with Liz. Ididn’t mind at all. Corey and Liz got a nice insight of our nightly chat.Instead of it just being Kris and I, it was the four of us. I told aboutmy night at Dad’s house before we talked at random about anything that cameup.When the last words were spoken, we turned out the light between the twobeds. I waited and expected to hear Kris’s bed rattling and Liz moaning.Instead all I heard were lips smacking before both were sleep. Corey and Idid get in some lip time as well before we dosed off to sleep.Waking the next morning was odd since we didn’t have class. I think I wokeCorey up when I began moving around a little. He grabbed and held on to meuntil I finally headed out to use the bathroom. When I returned, Kris andLiz were awake as was Corey. They were laughing about something.”Matt, Liz was fucking amazed at your boner,” Kris said laughing. “Shesaid you really tented out those boxers.””Oh well, it’s part of life,” I stated and did my best to play it of butwas embarrassed.”Matt, it was impressive to say the least,” Liz stated. “I might drop Krishere for one night to be with you.””I’d let you so Matt could experience a girl. You know I think Liz mightenjoy that big dick of yours,” Kris said.”Then she’d never want you, Kris,” I laughed. “Right, Corey?””You never know,” Corey laughed.Our `dead day’ was pretty much that around the dorm. Everyone seemedrather quiet and actually studying for exams. I felt a little pressure butknew my grades would be high unless I completely bombed them. We tried tokeep our routines like going working out and eating but other than Colt,Alex and Corey there weren’t many around for a change.With finals, Corey’s schedule was very odd at the Rec Center. He couldwork as much as he wanted or as little depending on his studying demands.By Saturday night, most of us were mentally drained and needed a break.Our ski buddies all gathered up with Kendall going over the plans. It wasa nice diversion from the tests. A better one was that night when I didget to hook up with Corey in my room with Kris gone out with Liz.By Tuesday afternoon, I was officially complete with my exams. It feltgreat having them behind me. It gave me a full day to prepare my thingsfor the trip. Packing, I quickly realized I may freeze to death on theslopes since I really didn’t have that many winter things. I did make aquick trip to buy what I thought were some needed things for the trip.Wednesday afternoon, we were all finished with our exams. I stood in theparking lot and reflected on the great fortune I had encountered during myfirst semester. I now vaguely remembered pulling into the lot and thenerves and apprehension accompanied with starting college.First there was Alex. He came along the latest but had blended in so wellwith all of us.Then there was Colt. Colt had become Kris’s good friend despite a littletussle the two had. He was the country athletic boy of our group.Next was Jess. Jess was great and had been so much fun to hang around withover the semester. I blamed my short illness on him but it could have beenanyone on campus.Scott was standing next to Jess. Scott and I had our thing one time andproved he liked guys more than he originally led us to believe. So far, hehad handled his break up with Hayden fairly well. I continued to hold myground and knew the reason. Scott had grown into one of my best friends.Honestly, if I hadn’t known Scott as well as I did at the time he wantedme, we may have been together.Corey was there with me. I loved Corey like I had never loved a guybefore. Sure it was rough but I’m glad I retreated. Now, I couldn’t beany happier in my life. We both leaned on each for support and cherishedevery minute we were together. I could really see myself with him for therest of my life.Finally there was Kris. I knew it was a risk agreeing to room with himeven though we were best friends in high school. You hear the horrorstories like Colt and his roommate that come to school as friends yetbecome enemies by the end. I owe everything to Kris. He made me get outand be sociable when I would have been just as content sitting in the room.Now, we were closer than I ever could imagine. I doubt there were anysecrets between us due to our nightly chats. I do love Kris to death butas the brother I never had. He was our glue and leader.Kendall and Noel were there as well and the reason we could have this greatexperience as friends. I do look forward to them moving up to our floorsince both are really great guys.”You ready to go, Matt?” Kris asked as excited as ever.I smiled, “You bet I am!”THE END OF THE FIRST SEMESTER!!

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