Collette and Simon Talk


Simon took me to a butterfly garden in Coconut Creek for the afternoon. It was magical; we walked through an aviary-type of enclosure and were surrounded by fluttering depictions of my orgasms. They were all beautiful and different; even though the species were the same, each individual soared and dipped according to their own desires. Hummingbirds flew in the enclosures, too, but they were harder to track.

His muscled body never failed to entice me; even though he was almost twice my age, his 42-year-old body was more impressive than most guys my age. Simon’s Latino good looks were made more handsome by the look on his face as I disrobed before we bedded down. He spooned me, with his right arm under my pillow, and his left hand absentmindedly stroked my upper arm. “I got some good pictures of you with that butterfly that landed on your hand. I hope you don’t mind, but I sent them to Gino and Jeremy.”

“Um, thank you?”

“I knew they’d want them. The way your green eyes caught the light as you smiled at it…you looked like a nymph in the forest.”

I smiled, “I really don’t know what to say to that.”

His voice jumped an octave to tell me, “Thank you, Simon, how could I possibly repay you for doing something so thoughtful?”

I giggled, and my pussy throbbed at the thought. “And then you’d say…?”

He deepened it past his normal register to say, “You’re welcome, Pretty Girl, and you

know how to show gratitude.”

“I do?” I bit my lip.

“I have seen you show vigorous amounts of gratitude.”

“Would my gratitude feel anything like this?” I grinded back into him.

“I have always found the sincerest expression of gratitude to be with one’s mouth.”

“Simon, are you trying to casually ask me for a blow job?”

“I have gone out of my way to not ask for it, and let you pick up on the hints, like a lady.”

I giggled again, “Since when am I a lady?” I scooted down in the sheets and turned to face his pelvis. My copper hair trailed down his body, and my hands were so much whiter on his tan skin.

“Oh, you are always a lady. A dirty-minded lady.” He searched for a condom.

“Simon,” I said, while I gently touched him. “What’s the deal with guys and their cum?”

“Excuse me?” he was slightly breathless.

I used my fingertips like feathers and his hips twitched. “Well, I understand that some guys like it if you swallow, others like to cum on you or in you, what’s the deal?”

“Personally, bursa suriyeli escort escort I’m a fan of it all, so you’re asking the wrong guy.”

“I’ve never swallowed before. No guy has ever cum in my mouth or anywhere else in me without a condom. I just wonder if I’m missing out.” The skin on his cock was smooth and warm, and he turned darker as we spoke.

“I’m afraid we have strict rules about that sort of thing, but, fuck, I want to break every one of them with you right now,” he groaned. I smiled at the power I had over him. I loved it, and the more I tormented him, the wetter I became. I nibbled at the skin between his sack and his shaft, and he begged, “Jesus Christ, Pretty Girl, don’t make me.”

I gradually licked his bare shaft, almost to the head. I ached to have him inside me and I didn’t care where. I couldn’t explain why I said what I said next, other than I needed to challenge him. I growled, “No one makes Master do anything he doesn’t want to do.”

“True,” he grabbed a fist of my hair and pulled me back up the bed. I screamed, and he said, “Scream all you like, Pet. No one will hear you but me, and I want you to scream.” He threw me onto my back, got a condom on, and shoved his cock into me. I shouted sounds, as he fucked me roughly. “Wanna play games with me? Oh, we’ll play games,” he growled. He pulled out, and I realized I may have teased him too far, when he got off the bed, went to his nightstand, and retrieved a paddle. Fuck. “On your hands and knees, Pet.”

“You’re not the boss of me.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

His eyes bulged, “The fuck I’m not!” Simon tossed the paddle onto the bed and chased me across it. He hunted me down, and we ended up in his bedroom doorway before he wrapped his arms around me from behind. I squealed when he caught me. He kept his left arm around my waist, so I was bent over it, then he fingered me from behind with his right hand. I struggled against his invasion, then I worked myself against his fingers. “I am always the boss of you, Pet.”

“Prove it,” I challenged.

His left hand slid up to my throat, squeezed, and he growled, “Do you really want me to prove that to you? Mark you as mine and cum in this pretty throat of yours?”

My heart pounded in my ears, and I said as loudly as I could with his hand still locked on my throat, “Yes.”

“Get on your knees, Pet.” He released my throat and bursa ucuz escort my pussy, and I turned around and knelt. I launched my face at his cock, but he took a step back. “No.”

I whined and stayed on my knees. “Why?”

He smirked, “Because you are not the boss of me.”

I grunted, jumped up, and shoved him onto the bed. He landed on his back with his knees bent over the edge. Then, I leapt onto his body and straddled his chest. “The fuck I’m not!” I shouted. I slid up his torso, straddled his face, and grinded onto him. Simon wrapped his arms around my thighs, licked into me, and moaned. My hands were on the bed, and I found a condom under the pillows. I turned around on his face, then slid the condom on him with my mouth. I tilted my body forward, so I had a better angle on his cock, but then he lost the right angle on me. When I slid up his dick, he had the better angle on my pussy. Back and forth, we licked and sucked on each other, like an oral argument gone horribly right.

In the midst of our 69, Simon spanked my ass hard enough that my concentration broke. I jumped, and he got his hands under me to roll me off him. I landed on my back with my head dangled over the foot of the bed. He got up, and I tried to, but he put his foot on my chest, and said, “Stay. You’re going to answer a question: if you wanted me to cum in your throat, why did you put a condom on me before you sucked my cock?” He moved his foot, but I stayed put.

“I didn’t want to upset you.”

He smirked. “Were you serious about experiencing an unsafe blow job?”


“Do you want that now?”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly.

He stared in my eyes while he pulled off his condom, “What about unsafe sex?”

The thought made me almost pant with desire. “Yes.”

Simon came to the bed, picked me up in his arms, and laid me gently back onto the bed, this time with my head on the pillows. He got on top of me, with his hardness pressed against my right thigh. He kissed me passionately, and I felt him move between my legs. He did something with his hands down there and thrust into me. He held up the empty condom wrapper for me to see it, then tossed it aside while he fucked me.

I was mad, but really, how mad could I be? I thrust my hips up at him. He grunted as he thrust, “I am the boss of you, and I fuck you with a condom, the way you need to be fucked.” He put his right hand over my mouth bursa üniversiteli escort and nose and remained propped on his left hand. “Hard, soft, rough, gentle, it doesn’t matter, because you love it all. And when I take your breath,” he moved his hand just enough for me to inhale, then put it back, “You like that, too. But I will not fuck you bareback, I will not let you blow me that way, either. Do you know why?”

All I could do was blink my answer of no.

“Because, Pretty Girl,” he let me breathe again, then replaced his hand, “Your pussy, your body is on loan to me. The men you date should have first crack at that, and I won’t take that away from them. Breathe,” he let me again and covered. “And as much as I hold them in high esteem, it is very tempting. I suppose they’d never have to know…” He let me breathe, and I sucked in as much air as I could, while he banged away at me. “Would you keep that from Jeremy and your boyfriend, Pretty Girl? Would that be our little secret?” He covered my mouth and nose again, and I couldn’t answer. “You would let me cum inside your perfect pussy, shoot down your throat, and you would say nothing to them?”

The thought nearly made me cum, but I shook my head no.

He released me. “No?”

I gasped, and said, “I would tell them.”

“Good Girl,” he pulled out, flipped me over, and fucked me from behind. Simon spanked my ass and shouted, “Oh fuck!” My whole body shook under him while my orgasm took over. My legs cramped tight around his legs, and my hands gripped the pillows. I tried so hard to stay still so he could finish, but my back wouldn’t have it. It bucked upward, and I was nearly vertical. Simon had to push me back down to keep from sliding out of me. Which made me cum again; and this time, my pussy clamped on him. If my legs weren’t already locked on his, she would have pushed him out. The blood thundered in my ears, but I heard him roar, “FUCK!” He pulled out and came up my back. Simon waited for my legs to unclench from around him, before he moved, which I thought was nice of him.

As my muscles unlocked, and I could breathe again, “What the fuck, Simon?”


“Keeping it secret from them, about doing me bareback, what was that?”

“I wanted to know that you would tell them, and I wanted to know if that was something you really wanted.”

“So, why didn’t you?”

“I won’t do that. Your first bareback experience should be something you save for Jeremy or Gino. Or, at another time when there was some planning involved, not a horny, last second decision. And I know that’s condescending of me, and I don’t care. I couldn’t take that away from either of them.”

I was quiet for a minute. “We are one weird-ass circle of friends, aren’t we?”

He snorted, wrapped me in his arms, and we napped before the party.

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