Comin to Terms: A Beginning


“You bastard. You know I hate it when you mention her name!” she yelled.

“What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Why are you acting like this?” he replied trying to be calm but actually he was a little nervous. “I have never seen you like this”.

She reached across the car seat and slapped him across the face.

“Dammit you little bitch. You’ve done it now, “ he replied angrily. “I have had enough of your shit. I am taking you home and let your parents have you. You could cause a wreck with your stupid shit.”

She crossed her arms and pouted. He drove on trying to get her to her house as quickly as possible. He was tired of her outbursts her temper. He never knew from one minute to the next when something would set her off. He had planned on taking her back to the apartment and spending a lazy Sunday afternoon making love to her at his place. He had missed her all week and he really wanted to be with her. She might be a little temperamental but she was great in bed and never refused his sexual advances. Besides she loved to give him head and liked him to cum in her mouth. He had been thinking about sex with her all week.

“Please don’t take me home. You know my parents don’t like you and if they find out that we are fighting I know they won’t let me see you anymore,” she pleaded.

He thought that this is what he gets for dating a much younger woman. She was twenty and lived at home, but she looked like she could be younger. She had young features. But, It was her ass that caught his eye. It was perfect, round firm and heart shaped. Her narrow waist and flat belly just made it look better. She had a pretty face too, green eyes, naturally blond, full lips. Her tits were small but firm and stuck straight out. She was immature though, spoiled and irresponsible. He had courted her on the phone for six weeks before she would go out with him. He had almost lost interest, but one night she showed up on his doorstep after she got off work. She pretended to be shy but before she left she had sucked him off. He came in her mouth. He was hooked. They had sex ever time they were together since then.

He was thirty three and had recently come out of a bad divorce. He had tried to be the sensitive type. That is what his ex said she wanted. His ex turned out to be a lesbian. After ten years of begging for sex from a closet dyke he gave up had an affair and got caught. The divorce was a relief but, he had a strong sex drive and ten years of frustration to work out.

He still wanted to spend the afternoon making love, even after her outburst…. but then he thought, no, he really just wanted to fuck her. After what she had just done he wasn’t feeling too loving, just horny.

“Okay, but don’t pull anymore of that shit. That’s dangerous you know” he said calmly.

“I won’t,” she said softly.

They pulled into the drive and got out of the car. He led the way to the front door, entered and walked in ahead of her. As soon as she walked in and shut the door she started in on him again.

“You know I hate it Kadıköy Fetiş Escort when you mention the name of that bitch you used to be married to. I can’t stand to think about you and her being together. It makes me think you might still want her.” Her voice was hateful, and angry.

“Dammit, Gail, you said you were going to behave,” he said. His voice was quivering he was so mad. He couldn’t allow this. He had given her a second chance. Hell, he even let her get away with slapping him while he was driving the car. He stared at her across the room. She just stood there looking back, her jaws clenched and lips in a pout. “I should whip your ass for the what you did today,” he snapped.

She didn’t say a word, just stood there, only now she was looking at the floor. Her arms were crossed across her chest.

He couldn’t think straight. He was angry and yet she looked so damn good all he could think of was that he wanted to have her. He didn’t know what his next move would be….then he did. He had given her a chance to go home and she didn’t. He had given her a second chance and she blew it. Well…. now he would take advantage of the situation she had created for herself. He reached for his belt buckle and unfastened it pulling it from his trousers. He made a loop by putting one end of it through the buckle and slipped the loop over his wrist.

“What are you doing? Are you some kind of pervert. What are you going to do?” she exclaimed.

Wordlessly, he walked over to her and took her by the wrist and slipped the loop from his own arm to her arm and pulled it tight with his other hand. Before she could react, he spun her around and took her other wrist and tied them together behind her back with the free end.

She didn’t move or say a word. She only stood there her head bowed.

He liked the way she looked, helpless and vulnerable. The fight seemed to be gone from her. He took her by her shoulders and turned her to him. Now he would get what he wanted and he would be able to deal with her behavior as well. He felt quite satisfied and in control. She could fight all she wanted to but he was going to get what he wanted and give her what she deserved. He stuck his thumbs in the waist of her stretch capri pants and pulled them down to her ankles taking her panties down as well. As he stood up he took her sweater and raised it above her breast and then unsnapped her bra letting her perky little tits spring free. Her nipples were erect and dark red, like the eraser of a no.2 pencil.

“What are you doing?” she whined.

“Whatever I feel like, “ he smiled. He moved her over to the coffee table. She could only hobble with her pants around her ankles. He liked the way it made her ass jiggle. Maybe he would make her do that some more he thought. “Get on your knees…now!”

“I can’t bend down, I’ll fall” she whined.

He pushed her down holding her shoulders and bending her over the coffee table. She looked good to him. Her tits were mashed against the tabletop and that wonderful ass was sticking Kadıköy Gecelik Escort up in the air. God he loved her ass. But now, on her knees her hands tied behind her back, he had never seen anything that he wanted so bad. He kneeled beside her and let his hand run down from the small of her back , over her ass, down her crack and over her pussy. It was wet! Hell, it was practically dripping. She was enjoying all of this! Damn her, he thought. She was hot as she could be. Half angry, because he felt like he had been made a fool of and half excited because of the situation, he decided it was time to assert his control and he smacked her hard on the ass. She yelped.

“That hurts” she cried.

“Damn straight you little bitch”

And he smacked her hard again.

“Don’t you like it?….you little bitch”

“Don’t call me that”

“Bitch….my bitch.” and he smacked her again.


“Oh come on, don’t you like it?….bitch.”

She struggled against the leather belt around her wrists, her ass squirming. “No, it hurts”

“Let’s see if you like it….my little bitch.” He felt between her legs again. Her juices were running down the inside of her thighs. Her pussy lips were swollen, pink and slick. He could see her clit sticking out, stiff and shiny. “Oh my, my little bitch is such a slut. See how wet her little cunt is.

“Stop it!”

“Stop it? You don’t want me to do that do you? I could run my fist up your pussy it is so wet.

“Why are you talking to me like that?” she sobbed

“I am tired of coddling your ass, your moods and your temper. Dammit, I am fed up with your childish shit. I think it is time I put a stop to it. Let’s be honest here. You pretended to be so shy, but you sucked my dick until I came in your mouth the first time we were alone together. Let’s face dear, you love to be treated like a slut and that is why I am talking to you like you are one.”

He let his hand run up the inside of her thigh and began to finger her stiff clit. She was practically dripping. She arched her back and stuck out that magnificent ass of hers. He stuck two fingers into her pussy and fucked her with them roughly. She was moaning now. Then he removed them and held them up to her lips. She turned her head away, but her took her by her hair and held her head pushing his fingers between her lips. Obediently, she began to suck. He could feel her tongue swirl around them as she sucked hungrily and seductively.

“Besides,” he smiled, “you can be a slut as long as you are my slut. Understand?”

She only nodded still sucking his fingers.

He stood up, pulling his fingers from her mouth and began to undress.

She looked up at him. She like to see him undressed. He was broad shouldered, with a deep powerful chest, muscular arms and a narrow waist. Her boss at work told her about him. She loved to look at his butt when he came in the store wearing those Levis. She thought about how much more manly he looked than the boys she was used to dating. Kadıköy Genç Escort He fucked her like a man, not like some inexperienced, anxious kid. He took his time, he enjoyed using her body and she loved to make him excited. He was the first man that had ever made her excited enough to come while he was inside her. The other lovers she had only left her frustrated, cumming quickly and wanting to leave. She usually ended up having to masturbate herself. He was different though. He always made sure he got what he wanted, but he made sure she got what she needed too, whether with his cock, his tongue, or his fingers, sometimes three or four times in one night. She knew about his first wife and she vowed that he would never have to beg for sex from her. She loved being tied like this. She wondered how he would use her and she hoped he would understand why she needed this.

Undressed now, he moved around behind her and began to tease her clit with his fingers. Her ass squirmed uncontrollably. She begged him to fuck her but he just wanted to enjoy watching her squirm. He liked the control, the power, knowing he could do whatever he wanted. He thought it best not to listen to her pleas and just do things his way.

“Please fuck me, please,” she pleaded.

She was beginning to tremble. He knew the signs. She was ready to cum. He just kept on flicking her clit with his middle finger.

“Ooooooooh Gooood,” she moaned.

He kept flicking her clit.

“Please stop, I can’t stand anymore,” she panted

He pinched her clit with his thumb and forefinger and worked it back and forth between them.

“Oh God, I can’t stop cumming, I can’t stand it,” she moaned, her body jerking in orgasmic spasms.

She excited him with the way she jerked and wiggled. This was a new experience for him and he liked it. He felt a cool detachment. A sense of control. He knew now that she belonged to him and she was his to with as it pleased him. He wondered for a moment how she would react when he finally released her.

He finally stopped. It was time to take care of his own needs.

“Okay baby, now I’m going to fuck you… in the mouth.”

He moved around to her head and taking her chin in one hand turned her face up to him and guided his dick between her lips with the other. He could feel her tongue around the tip of his cock. Her mouth was warm, wet and inviting. He held her head still while he slowly fucked her, watching as his dick went in and out between those puffy red lips. It didn’t take long. Soon he was quivering himself and he could feel the orgasm building in his loins.

“Dammmmmn, baby,” he said, his hips jerking as he spurted his cum into her mouth. He could feel her swallowing and sucking hard trying to get every drop from him. “That feels good.”

He felt weak. He hadn’t cum that hard since he didn’t know when. He felt a certain satisfaction that he had never known. He stood up and untied her. He helped her to her feet. She was a little wobbly. She stepped out of her shoes and then out of her pants that were still around her ankles. It was still light outside but soon would be dark.

“Come on darling let’s take a nap,” he said.

Wordlessly, she walked ahead of him into the bedroom. Naked from the waist down he admired her from behind and followed her to his bed.

End of Part One

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