Community Strip Poker Ch. 01


If you are in the world of strip poker you know the site, but it isn’t the site for everyone. This site is hard core challenge strip poker. So if you are thinking ‘I love strip poker, played last summer with another couple over way too much wine, we all got naked and, well you can imagine’ then this is not the site for you.

Think of Match or some other dating site for starters. Costs you money to join, and an annual fee. For that you get a profile, and no guarantees. I am one of the web site monitors, a role that mostly involves policing member behavior and settling minor disputes, but also gives me an inside look at this world, and an occasional chance to play the game.

The profiles are very structured; you fill out the required information and only get one small box to add other information. The required information starts with the basics…gender, location, age, height and body type, hair and eyes…you know the drill. There is a body shot, fully clothed, no faces. Every member indicates if they accept challenges from men, women, or both.

It’s from there it gets interesting. Every player is assigned an index, a numerical value, and the index drives all activities involved in challenging others to a match and how the match is played. But more on that later. Every player also has their strip poker match record on their profile (e.g.- 5 wins, 3 losses) and if you click on the match record you can see a list of opponents, date of the match, and result. There is also a feedback rating from each opponent, think eBay, where your opponent rates you as a positive experience, neutral, or negative, with available comments that are moderated by the board operator. That would be me the other monitors. Members are encouraged to use the feedback tool only to rate whether a member represents themselves accurately on board and generally there is very little abuse of the ratings system. Most members have sterling feedback scores. Finally there is a the internal messaging system for member to member communication. You can either click the ‘challenge’ topic box, or ‘message’ if you just want to communicate.

Matches are played by a standard set of rules…straight 5 card stud poker, the winner of each hand can either choose to retrieve an article of clothing they have already lost or can choose to have the loser remove an article of clothing. The game ends when one player loses their last article of clothing and is naked, and the loser is required to remain naked for a minimum of one hour. The winner is permitted to assign the loser some menial tasks like fetching drinks, light housework, dancing or posing. The winner is forbidden to request any body contact. An unwritten rule is that it is understood that a winner may masturbate while looking at the naked loser, those this is strictly an informal but well understood rule. Most winners enjoy some light humiliation of their defeated challenger, and then settle in for swapping stories from previous matches.

But, back to the index, the key to all activity in the community. The index is a single digit number that appears on your profile with no explanation. Other than the fact that it appears in a fairly large, bold font in the upper left of every profile, there is nothing to indicate it’s all consuming importance. In fact, you have to click on the word ‘INDEX’ to even get an explanation to the details of the index calculation. Directly under the large INDEX number is a small empty text box.

The index is a numerical value assigned to every member. It is a function of bra cup size for women, and erect penis length for men from a table that appears when you click the word INDEX on every profile, bringing up the following scale:

MEN(inches) INDEX WOMEN(cup)

Less than 4 0

4-4.5 1 AA

4.5-5 2 A

5-6 3 B

6-7 4 C

7-7.5 5 D

7.5-8 6 DD

8+ 7 DDD+

The index is set on a ‘verified honor system’, meaning men submit photos following a strict measuring protocol and women submit bra sizes, the administrator inputs your index. The fastest route to a bad feedback score is to misrepresent yourself for purposes of getting a better index. Newbies are an occasional source of problems on accurate index assignments, but are found out pretty quickly and lose their membership status and fees.

There is some chatter in the community about how to make the index more fair, but it is generally considered to be about right. Most of the chatter tends to come from women with indexes in the 1-2 range, we get the occasional email that says something like ‘my A cup breasts are really nice, it doesn’t seem fair that I have the same index as a guy with 4.5″‘. I have to agree, but as you Bayan Eskort will see, the membership has found was to adjust for those who the index doesn’t fit very well. But back to how the game is played.

This is where the process gets complicated.

But let’s start with how challenges happen. Any member is free to contact another member through the site and offer a challenge. To reduce spam there is a $5 fee for offering a challenge, it costs nothing to accept or decline a challenge. So most frequently a man sends a challenge to a woman, nearly 70% of challenges are man to woman, and about half the time he gets a challenge acceptance. Details like location and time have to be worked out, so only about two thirds of accepted challenges actually happen.

So on a given day and time, two people meet in a private place for a game of strip poker with their modesty and pride on the line. And now we get to the index.

The game assumes both competitors will wear 8 articles of clothing, a clothing count is always done to head off any mis-understandings about whether a belt is clothing or not, or is one sock an article, or do both come off at once? (authors note- yes, a belt usually counts, each sock is one article…and players can agree to a clothes count of 7 or 12 or whatever, that part is flexible.) This is when the index first comes in to play.

At the time of a challenge both parties can see each other’s full profile including their index, and will decide whether to accept based on many factors. You might think that a guy might extend or accept a challenge to or from a woman who has an index of 5 because he knows that she has D cup breasts, and he thinks that the chance to see nice large breasts is appealing. However, let’s assume this guy has an index of 2. When the two of them meet, and count up their clothes and clear up what counts as clothing (does my bracelet count?) and what doesn’t, the INDEX HANDICAP comes in to play. A guy with an index of 2 playing a woman wearing a D cup bra has an INDEX HANDICAP of 3, and immediately forfeits 3 articles of clothing before the game starts. This index handicap tends to move players to only extend challenges to other players who are within 1 point of their index, 2 points at the most so they have some kind of realistic chance of winning. In fact, website statistics show that nearly 90% of accepted challenges are within 2 point index spreads, 75% are within 1 point. So in the example above, if the two players are starting with the assumed 8 articles of clothing, the guy would start with 5.

The game has another bias toward the higher index player. In the midst of the game the player winning a hand can decide whether they are retrieving an article of clothing previously lost, or to demand the loser remove something. BUT, the higher index player decides what article of clothing is either returned or is removed. If players have the same index they make their own decisions about what article of clothing to remove or retrieve. This rule, like the INDEX HANDICAP, is designed to encourage players to play with other players at a similar level. In the early days of the website higher index players generally didn’t take much advantage of this rule. There was a certain politeness, a spirit of fair play, that made it a common practice to allow the clothes to come off in a predictable and logical order which usually had players in similar states of undress playing a fun and competitive game. However, as the original community of easy going players became a smaller and smaller portion of the membership a new dynamic emerged, a dynamic known in the community as index elitism.

Index elitism sounds judgmental, but it really isn’t. It has become the norm for how the game is played. In practice, it means the higher index player will protect their own modesty until the very end, ensuring the lower index player doesn’t get even a peek of the larger breasts or penis that gave them their index, unless the lower index wins the game. In contrast, lower index players know that their shoes and socks or stockings will be the last articles of clothing they forfeit, generally spending much of the game playing nearly naked as the higher index player demands clothes that exposes as much as possible as soon as possible. The lower index players usually don’t even try putting their shoes and socks back on after being forced to forfeit pants or underwear, just leaving them in a neat pile next to them for later in the game when they come in to play.

At this point I know what you are thinking. Cock size and breast size aren’t everything; there are lots of B cup women who are much hotter than some D cup women. And that is where I direct your attention to the small text box below the INDEX on each person’s profile. In the early days of the website the text box did not exist, and even when it was first added the initial vision was that it would be a status box…meaning it could accommodate messages like ‘out of town’, or ‘not playing in August’.

What has evolved is something quite different. It is now referred to as the ‘Offer Box’. The Offer Box is empty about 60-70% of the time, but when it is populated it usually has a cryptic message in it like ‘+1’ or ‘+2’. To the strip poker community ‘+2’ means ‘I play at an index that is my site index +2’. So a woman (and 90% of the ‘+’ messages are women) who wears a B cup bra and is a 3 index who puts ‘+2’ in her Offer Box has announced that she only plays with people who let her play at a 5 index, or the peer of a woman with a D cup bra or a guy with 7-7.5″. What this woman is saying is she is hotter than just a 3 index would indicate. Rarely, but occasionally, you will see an Offer Box that will read ‘-1’, usually from men who are overweight and have very little luck getting accepted offers without trading down one index point. Usually this desperation move is followed by this person exiting the site soon after as they cannot get matches.

My name is Skip, known as Skip72 on my profile. One of the dirty secrets of the site is that there is a small community of web-site monitors who don’t play by the same rules as everyone else, me included. In our jobs we are tasked with policing the site, or maintaining the ‘integrity of the game’ that our site so proudly boasts. And we take that task very seriously, at least when it comes to other people, particularly other guys.

Every day we field requests from guys to move them to a higher index, that they are ‘close enough’ to 7″ to get a 5 index. The 5 index and above is much coveted, and it makes a huge difference in who approaches you or the rate of accepted challenges. Guys and gals with a 5 index know that their certified 7″ or D cup gives them an elite status, and gives them at least a shot with the true elite, the 6 and 7 indexes. If guys knew how much entertainment their request for index review generates they would never send it in. There is no such thing as ‘close enough’. If your hard dick measures 6 31/32″ you are a 4 index, and yes I know the site doesn’t distinguish between a 4 that is exactly 6″ and you who is basically a full inch bigger. And yes I know your buddy who is indistinguishably longer than you gets a 5 index, and gets much more/better action than you. Too bad, make your dick grow.

And yes we know the game isn’t quite fair between the sexes. We hear the stories all the time of the women who shop and shop for the smallest C cup bra they can find, and just barely fill enough of it so you can’t call their bluff. In fact, it’s worse than you think…the women on the board have a conspiracy of sorts where many of them hand around a list of bra manufacturers who have ‘ego boosting cup sizes’ as one manufacturer claims. We know, we see the every message on the internal message system. We see the grateful messages back to the one who shared the list saying ‘Wow, I am a B cup but can make a D cup work with brand X. It’s a lousy bra, but I got my 5 index.’ Some of the guys have begun to catch on, and we hear some murmuring of a need for more standards for cup sizes, but for now it is what it is.

And yes, we know that means there are guys who could easily be considered a 5 index who have to play at a 4 competing with women who should be a 3 index playing as a 5. And we laugh our asses off. We even keep an informal Hall of Fame of women who beat the system. Faye12 is my personal favorite. 29 year old red head, about 5’8″ and very attractive. I see her messages, really enjoys beating men in just about everything. I also see her profile saying she is a 4 index, with a certified C cup when I know she is an A cup. But then you look at her message box and it says ‘+2’, so she plays at a 6 index and gets challenges all day from men and women. I love it, she plays with an index like she is a DD with her A cup boobs.

Doesn’t she get killed on the feedback ratings is what I know you are thinking. The real answer is that she should. Especially since I know she is one who we say ‘plays mean’. If you lose the first hand someone who ‘plays mean’ says ‘Hand over the briefs’. So they make you strip from the inside out, lose one hand and you have to show everything. She also carefully picks her spots; her match record reads an odds defying ’18 wins, 1 loss’. She never plays an equal index to her inflated index, and is said to demand +3 when you contact her despite what her profile says. Guys start the game down 3-4 articles of clothing, and it’s believed that she has had to show her bra just once, during her one loss. It is only rumor, but word is that the one time she lost she traded favors for a positive feedback. I believe it.

So how do members decide who or how to challenge? Everyone has their own approach, no different than the world of dating sites, and we can’t understand what is in the heads of everyone, but the monitors have a set of labels for people who fall in to certain behavior patterns in their challenges-

IMPULSE- This person gets labeled because they have no pattern. I think mostly they just enjoy the game, their opponent isn’t important. They want to have a good time, and check feedback scores carefully, and don’t really care if they win or lose. They always get great feedbacks from other members. They tend to play right at their index, liking the fairness of both players having the same index.

DREAMERS- This is the population that knows what they want in an opponent, usually lower index men who only send challenges to high index women. This isn’t complicated, these are guys who want to see big boobs. This group has, by far, the highest rate of declined challenges and is a great source of revenue for the site. This group also has, by far, the worst won/loss match records. We laugh all the time when we see the challenges from a guy who has a 2 index to a woman who is a 7 index. They never get accepted, but what were you thinking? The dreamers are also the number one source of INDEX review requests.

BULLIES- These people like to win. They tend to have high indexes, or are women who can get away with demanding +1 or +2. So like a carefully managed boxer, they pick their opponents and don’t play unless they are getting at least 2 Index Handicap points. This group has very few declined challenges, and the best won/loss records. Generally this group is women, though in the smaller group in the site that only plays same sex this is very common with guys with a high index.

NUDISTS- This group likes to lose, they can’t wait to show their stuff to whoever will play them. Even when they win they usually strip down and use their hour of nudity with their challenger to just enjoy having naked company. They accept any and all challenges, and only challenge people who will very likely accept their challenge.

There are more categories but these are the biggest ones.

I did allude to there being a same sex game population, this is almost exclusively guys and the playing norms are even more extreme. The index elitism is much more extreme, the high index guys are more arrogant and are treated like royalty, the low index guys are more stigmatized. The stakes are higher, it is understood that the losers are going to have to do more than just be naked for an hour. It is pretty standard that guys are playing for a blowjob. Higher index guys generally write their own terms, we see the messages. The guys who are 7 indexes generally demand what we call no lose deals, they get off win or lose.

And finally, in a trend the site monitors don’t like, increasingly there is money becoming involved. It isn’t common, but it is out there. Generally it is the higher index women, though a few of the 7 index men have been doing it, will refuse to accept a challenge unless their challenger ‘sweetens’. Usually this is a situation where a guy with a 3 index sends a challenge to a woman who is a 6. She will neither accept nor decline, but send a message back offering to accept if he sweetens. There is no going rate established, but generally this means that the guy is going to have to offer to pay her at least $50 if he loses to get an acceptance. The monitors haven’t put a stop to this because it is in the spirit of gambling, the money only changes hands if a person wins, but we are concerned about money becoming a larger part of the site dynamic. We have shut down the couple of people who would only play for pay, if you wanted them to accept a challenge you had to pay a fee. Get real, at that point you are a strip poker hooker.

There are lots of stories out there, I know quite a few people who are members, and have some hilarious customer service stories from my time in the war room as we call it. And there is my profile, and my personal experiences. Not many, but a few. Like I said before, the rules don’t apply to those of us on the inside. Go look up Skip72 on the site, that 5 index you see, don’t believe it. If the rules applied to me I would be one of the seven guys on the site with a 0 index. Bad feedbacks trashing my profile are not a worry, not when you can edit any feedback file.

Now that you understand the site and the community, future chapters will be the war stories. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you.

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