Company Picnic Ch. 01


Part 1 – Mike gives Janey a pearl necklace

It was at that company picnic in Australia that I met her. Not my company, you understand, but another one that had hired me as an imported consultant for a very specific and very confidential job. For some time, this company (which went by the acronym ACME INTERNATIONAL) had enjoyed a solid reputation throughout the region for reliable goods and high profitability, but something had gone wrong for the fiscal year, and profits had taken a big dip. I was called in to sniff around and see what I could find.

The work was tedious, the employees were dull and the reams of reports and financial statements I had reviewed had not turned up anything. Including weekends, I had worked three solid weeks in a row and my brain was getting burned out. When I first heard about the company picnic I said I couldn’t go – too busy – but late that Friday night I finally figured – what the hell, maybe a little time off would clear my cloudy brain. The picnic was scheduled in a very pretty national park near Brisbane – somewhere in the rainforest hinterland set back from the Sunshine Coast. It was supposed to be a pleasant place, but it was going to be same people I saw every day, the same old boring guys with ( I was sure) the same old boring wives, who lived the same old boring lives. Still, I thought, a little break in the routine might help.

ACME, by the way, was not a manufacturer of garden-variety widgets. The full name of the company was Adult Communications and Marital Enhancements, International. They made soft and hard core porn videos and CDs, sex toys, vibrators, paddles, whips, cuffs, masks, nipple clamps, and cock rings – the whole works. You name it, they made it, and people loved it.

The new CEO, Josh Brady, was a pretty decent guy. He had come in recently after the former CEO had keeled over and croaked right at his desk. The company had put out a memorandum about how the old guy was so devoted to the company that he had worked himself to death, but the word was he was getting a major hard-suck blow job from one of the porn babes while wrapping up a big deal and the excitement (literally and figuratively) was just too much for him. Still, not a bad way to go.

While Brady was still learning the ropes, the VP and corporate counsel, an obese empty suit named Jerry Jurcoff, was really running the place. The fat lawyer was so off the wall that I couldn’t help but wonder how such a lame brain could have been hired in the first place. Eventually, it came out that Jurcoff was married to the daughter of one of the original founders of ACME, a young lady who had inherited a sizable number of ACME shares. That explained it.

The picnic was out of town – inland and higher up in the hills. It turned out to be a sparkling sunny day, with a clean well-washed scent to the air, and I felt charged up with energy, in spite of my distaste for the whole affair. Once I made sure I chatted up everybody who mattered, I announced that I was going to take a hike, which was a great excuse to miss the rest of the afternoon’s happy horseshit.

I located a park official nearby and just as I was getting the lowdown on the location of a nice hike, I noticed a woman from another park picnic – some sort of amateur actors group – who had wandered over to listen to the directions I was being given. After I thanked the park ranger I turned toward the attractive lady, who sported a name tag over her left breast which proclaimed in large black letters: “Hi, I’m Janey”.

I put on a serious expression and asked her what the other one was called, pointing to her firm perky twin. At first, she was puzzled, but when she got my meaning, she blushed a little, but then couldn’t help herself as she showed off a lovely warm smile.

“Are you pulling my leg?”

“Umm, no, but now that I take a look, I wouldn’t mind at all.” I grinned.

Janey frowned. “Well, it seems you are about to take the same hike I’m interested in. You look in pretty good shape but – hmmm – well, if you can keep up with me on the trail, perhaps then we’ll see how much energy you have left to be so fresh and frisky.” With that, off she went.

We spoke very little for the first few miles, but continued to gain some altitude. Janey was wearing a pair of denim shorts with a few rips and tears in them, and from what I could see, she was totally naked underneath those shorts. Moreover, as I could tell from a peek here and there, Janey was also braless, her jutting breasts and hard nipples covered by no more that a thin cotton shirt that was quite revealing of her charms.

After hiking for about a half an hour, Janey and I decided to take a little rest at a spot we noticed some distance off the trail. It was a little grove of trees next to a bubbly stream that ran down to a pool, far enough away from the main trail and sufficiently well screened by the trees that other hikers would not be aware of us, unless we made a lot of noise. We slipped out of our back backs, grabbed our water bottles, and sat canlı bahis down to rest on an overturned tree trunk.

The scene was peaceful, serene, and stunning to behold. I thought it would make a great photo and I was glad that I had packed my camera. As I reached down into my backpack for my Canon, I lost my balance and instinctively reached out to Janey. She grabbed my arm but, too late, we both went over backwards, scattering water bottles, leaves, twigs and all semblance of dignity.

When I looked up, Janey’s top had rolled up so that her luscious boobs were completely exposed and resting right in front of my open, astounded mouth. In a flash, her pretty pink nipples were in my mouth and she began to moan. I love sucking, biting, and twisting hard nipples, especially when they are as pretty and perfect as Janey’s. I twisted her nipples hard, pinched them, and squeezed her tits hard – and she loved it. It made my cock hard as a rock, and in no time flat, I stripped her and spread her legs wide.

“Now, I have you where I want you,” I whispered, and far from being startled or frightened, sweet Janey bit her lip and smiled lasciviously.

In the quiet of the forest, I tickled Janey’s pretty nipples with my tongue, alternately going from one to the other, making each one hard and damp, then biting each one, then blowing on it before lapping it again. I licked between and underneath them, then covered her belly with kisses until I found the top of her engorged pussy lips. I dove down and lapped at her pretty pussy, tasting her warm liquid while she groaned with pleasure.

I began to concentrate on her swollen clit, sucking that little fun button so hard that she bucked her hips into my face and screamed with delight…so much that I thought she would wake up the dead. I nervously looked around, imagined for a moment that I heard the nearby sounds of laughter, then saw the birds in the trees and relaxed.

By that point, if there had been a whole troop of boy scouts watching (and cheering us on), I really could not have cared less. I was just enjoying the moment. Then, when it seemed that Janey was lost to all but the sense of her clitoral delight, simply floating in a pussy-drenched dream world, when it seemed as if she might never speak again, my pretty friend suddenly sat up, took a deep breath and said, very simply,

“Now I need you to fuck me and fill me. I want to feel your giant cock fucking my tits, my pussy, and creaming all over every part of me.”

I had the distinct impression that she was unused to saying words like that, but my eyebrows shot up in surprise and delight. This, I thought, is the woman I had been looking for my whole life. Janey’s actions, however, were much more direct than her words – she was obviously no stranger to the performing arts.

Janey started by teasing my big monster, sliding just the tip of my cock in and out of her mouth, sucking on it and licking the cream off, showing me she loved to give my cock attention just as much as I liked tongue-fucking her tasty pussy. As she began her sweet succulent torture of my throbbing manhood, I lay on my back, eyes closed, luxuriating in the sense of her delicate touch.

Janey’s tongue was smooth, silky, warm and wonderful. This woman enjoyed giving pleasure this way, no doubt about it. She lovingly licked around the head of my hard prick, holding me tight in her fist. Then she went down and licked my balls, sucking the loose skin into her mouth playfully. She licked her way up and down my shaft several times, using her tongue firmly on the underside, then sucking hard on the swollen head of my seven and a half inch super thick throbbing dick.

Her pretty head bobbed up and down as pre-cum spilled from my head making my cock and her face slick with sperm. Janey loved sucking cock and she did not shy away from cum gushing over her lips and face; to the contrary, this sexy lady moaned softly, clearly appreciating the taste of my quivering cock. She looked so hot and happy as she rose up and down on my cock, licking, sucking and stroking, with pre-cum leaking from her mouth, that my heart began thumping in my chest.

She looked up and smiled teasingly. “Do you like it so far?”

Although I wondered what ancient lamp I might have rubbed to make this magical lady appear, I said nothing, but bent down to her face, purposely kissing her full on the mouth, with my tongue in her, to let her know that I wanted to taste my own juice in her mouth. Our tongues entwined and our breathing got heavier.

Janey reached down to my throbbing cock and squeezed some more pre-cum out so she could smear her firm tits with cum and see them glisten in the sunlight. Then she reached over to her back-pack, and in a flash had it open, and removed a large, 9 inch pink vibrator, of all things. I was amazed. A mysterious woman who carried a vibrator on a hike?

She smiled at me. “I love nature, and even when I am alone in the woods I want to feel good. Right now I know I’m kaçak iddaa not alone – but with this – the two of us can have even more fun.”

With that, Janey turned on the motor and began to spread her pussy lips apart with the tip of the vibe. She moved it around expertly, sliding it up and down her crack, setting the buzzing tip on the top of her slit, making her clit quiver, all the while looking up at me, realizing that I was enjoying this show more than anything I have ever witnessed.

After shoving the big buzzing cock up her cunt, in and out, several times, and cupping her breasts with her other hand so that she was driving me crazy with her masturbatory technique, she abruptly stopped and took the vibe out. Then she smiled, and moved her cum-soaked hand down to her soapy slit. She brought her fingers up, slick and wet with her own love juice, and smeared it all over my face and beard, causing me to simmer with lust and passion. Diving down to my cock, she licked me and sucked me, again and again, taking my swollen member out after every up stroke to smear more pre-cum on her sweet face, chin, throat and breasts.

Finally, lifting her face up to me, she smiled, and let me take in the cock-hardening sight of her mouth, chin, cheeks, and tits all glowing with smeared pre-cum, the sight and scent of which had a very visible effect on me.

“I hope,” she said with a sweet smile, “you won’t have to punish me for a poor performance.”

Punish? “Ah, well, perhaps you will be spanked,” I said, catching on, “but we will wait and see what else you have to offer.”

Of course, I had no idea how to pretend I was not delighted with her little act, especially since my cock was now so engorged and wagging with delight that she must have known that her technique had been perfect.

As she plunged her fingers once more deep into her own pussy, I found out that her masturbation had an extra added attraction. Once her hand became slick and gooey from all her own cunt cream, Janey grabbed my cock and began sliding her hand up and down, using her juices to make it feel like a very tight cunt. I was on the point of erupting when Janey stopped and brought her face close to mine.

“Now, I have you where I want you, lover,” Janey whispered in a soft, faintly husky voice, “and where I want you is in me.” That said, she swung one lithesome thigh over my erection and slid it in up to the hilt like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco, back in the saddle again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” I gasped, as I felt myself about to explode. Janey posted up and down on my fuck pole like she was riding a merry-go-round pony. Her hot cunt began to clench my thrusting cock, then release, then clench again until I was almost wild with pleasure. Shaking her head like a sex-crazed nymph, her eyes flashing, Janey gave a squeal of delight followed by a low moan of pleasure. I lifted my head and leaned over to bite her hard-as-nails nipples, pink and succulent. Finally, I could hold it in no longer. My cock jerked involuntarily, hard, I shuddered, and shot out thick, hot gushers of cum into her steaming cunt.

Janey’s hips convulsed while her cunt seemed to be sucking the cum right out of me. Feeling my thick, hot liquid swirling around inside her I arched my hips up hard, as if my whole body could combine with hers. Janey pressed her naked body down on me, kissing me passionately while still squeezing my rock hard cock with her cum-filled pussy. I flexed back and felt her shudder once, twice, and then one more time. Then she collapsed on me and we both fell back, exhausted, finally dozing off in the hot Australian sun, my thick throbbing cock still inside her.

After some time had passed, my sated cock slithered out of her soft, slippery slit as I rolled over to my right. My lover sighed as our mixed cum oozed out of her pussy to trickle down onto her inner thigh. I ran my hands over her cute ass, gently fingered her swollen clit, and kissed her face.

Suddenly Janey rose up on one elbow, leaned over, and whispered in my ear. “You made me cum so hard, and with such exquisite pleasure, I have never felt that before. Do you know how I feel when I cum like that? I don’t know how to tell you, except to do the same for you. So, I will.”

Without another word, Janey got up on her knees and reached down to squeeze a little more cum from my cock, then slowly licked the slippery head, still covered in our combined cream. As my cock became enlarged once more, she rubbed my pre-cum all over her nipples, making them glisten with sperm. She moved my cock back and forth, from one breast to the other, each time pressing it more firmly against her hardening nipples, which had the effect of making her writhe and moan as she felt the charge of electricity move from her tits to her slit.

She looked up at me. “I’m going to suck you until you shoot a load of jizz in my mouth and all over my face and chin.”

My cock turned into iron once more, and I moved my hardness to her pretty pouting lips.

Slowly kaçak bahis and gently, I began to rock my hips, thrusting just the tip of my swollen member in and out of her pretty mouth, careful not to insert too much too fast, lest she choke or feel suffocated. I watched her reactions carefully to make sure she was getting enough cock, but not too much. Janey, in turn, let me know how much she wanted by moving her head up and down on my cock-head and taking in just as much as felt comfortable. She took the head out now and then, breathing heavily, and smearing pre-cum on her face, then dove back for more.

I was getting very close, as she lightly raked her teeth against my sensitive cock, applying friction and pressure enough to make me start to shudder in readiness. Just as I felt my sperm beginning to build to the boiling point, Janey’s hands pressed grabbed my ass, holding me firm against her mouth. I gasped, and just when she felt it coming, Janey pulled my cock out so I could see the shot that was about to come. With a shudder, I sent a long stream of thick sperm into her open mouth. To my amazement and delight, Janey left her mouth wide open for me to see all the cum on her tongue and over her teeth. Again, I groaned. I shot one, then another and another and another load, covering her pretty face and lovely hair in gobs of cum. I didn’t know I had it in me.

After Janey was satisfied that I was sufficiently shocked and excited by the sight of my cum hot and sticky all over her pretty pink tongue, she closed her mouth, and gulped ostentatiously, while I just kept spurting. I was sure I’d shot gallons of sperm all over her face, hair, chin, neck and tits. I had given her a lovely pearl necklace, and it was quite becoming. Janey, however, was not finished. Like a cat licking the cream from a plate, she made me shudder with delight by licking the remainder of my cum off my cock and balls. When she was done, she put her head down on my stomach, letting my happy cock rest against her angelic, so-innocent face.

“Let it go soft, Babe. Don’t move,” she whispered.

I didn’t move. I lay there, limp as a wet towel, playing with her ass while my cock softened and slid against her cheek. As I shrank, a little more cum dribbled down her cheek and onto her lips. Janey licked her lips and smiled up at me.

“I don’t usually care much for the taste of cum, but you taste good, Babe”, she said softly, as she snuggled her head against me. A little pillow-talk followed; a good thing, since we had fucked like bunnies and had not yet learned much about each other. Somehow, I was not surprised, and I even liked the fact that she was married. It meant she was stable, down to earth, and just as anxious as I, to keep everything quiet.

I felt a gentle zephyr passed over our naked bodies, cooling our lusts, now and then making Janey’s pink nipples harden. As the clouds tumbled in the sky like balls of fluffy cotton, I thought that I could have lain there next to this lovely, sexy lady forever. As a breeze stirred the trees, however, a thought jarred my reverie, and Janey looked up, as if she had read my mind. We realized it was getting late, and we had been gone for some time. Would we arouse suspicion with the others in her picnic group, I wondered, when we returned together, so late? But Janey was ahead of me.

“Not to worry,” Janey said softly, stroking my beard, and kissing me gently. “I know another way down, and when we show up for dinner we’ll pretend we’ve been back for a long time, playing horseshoes, and just waiting for the steaks to be done.”

“Such a clever girl you are,” I whispered, as I played with her pretty nipples, and watched them harden once again. She gave a quick glance downward at my solitary soldier beginning to stand at attention and uttered a short exclamation.

“Oh, you devil, you!” Janey jumped up, and before I could say another word she had fresh pink panties and her shorts and top on, and was brushing her hair, wiping off the bits of my cum that had shot out and got her there – as well as almost everywhere.

“Don’t be sad,” she said, as she noticed my forlorn expression. “I brought my camping gear and that tent of mine is big enough for us to throw a party,” she laughed. “After you say your goodbyes and everyone thinks you have gone back to the hotel, you can sneak back and find me, and ….. It’s the blue and silver one if you’re looking for it…..” Her voice trailed off, and her eyebrows shot up, in a wicked expression that needed no translation.

My face brightened, and within minutes, we were on our way down the trail slipping through the bushes to come out near the clanging sound of pitching horseshoes.

The final feasting was fun, with the sole exception of Jurcoff, who was as surly as ever. The workers and other managers at ACME, however, were very nice to me as we gathered around the campfire, watching the final rays of the setting sun as it slowly sank behind the hills, bidding a final farewell for another day. As darkness gathered, I said my goodbyes, and headed back to the far lot where my rental car was parked. After checking around carefully, I changed direction, and headed for a clearing where a particular tent was occupied by a lovely lady, patiently awaiting my arrival.

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