This takes a while to get going…but please bear with it.


My second year of grad school, I fell into co-authoring a paper with one of my professors. She held dinners for her students where we drunkenly discussed issues, and one of her other students and I got into it over a side point in economic theory which somehow turned into my writing a paper with Professor ___.

She submitted it for publication, and with her reputation we were “quickly” accepted.

The next AEA Conference was going to be in San Francisco, just across the Bay, so I’d be able to attend on my grad student budget. No travel or lodging costs, and free admission as a speaker (even though Professor ___ was going to present on Saturday. She told me to wear a suit or blazer and she’d call me out in the audience).

I got to the convention center Friday morning, picked up my badge, and wandered aimlessly – I’d never been to one of these and had no idea what to do or where to go.

I wandered around, pensive, and grabbed a $3 coffee from the coffee bar. Looking around I saw a young woman who looked my age, and walked over to her. Another grad student, I assumed.

She was short, maybe 5’2″ and not skinny – buxom with curvy hips and a bit of a belly – but beautiful wavy black hair contrasting her fine pale skin and a pretty high-cheekboned face with eyes that just gave off intelligence and energy. I figured I’d have someone – another student – to hang out with. Honest, I was too anxious about the paper and being here and the whole grown-up scene to think about flirting.

I looked at her name badge and said “Hi Sarah! Where do you go?”, and she looked daggers at me and said “Where do I _teach_, you mean?”

I put up my hands in surrender. “Sorry – you don’t look like a professor.” She glared more, then looked at my badge and said “You don’t look like a speaker,” in a puzzled voice.

“I’m not really.” I explained my situation, and she laughed. I guess I was rueful enough about it that my misstep was forgotten.

I heard my name over the PA., and turned around, puzzled. Who would be paging me?

“Excuse me?” I said “I have no idea what this is about.”

“I’ll be here,” she said. “I’m waiting for some colleagues.”

I wandered off to the registration desk and found someone to talk to. She hustled me back to an office.

“Professor ____ has been in a car accident,” she told me. “She called from the hospital where she’s been admitted, and she won’t be here. She’d like to you present, if you think you can.”

“aaaaahhh…” was about all I could say. “I know the material…” And then trailed off.

I’m sure I looked more distressed.

She laughed and patted me on the shoulder. “You’ve got until tomorrow at 8am to decide. Stop by and let me know.”

I walked out, my head spinning. Speak? Here? I’d have to answer questions – maybe hostile questions. I’d look like an idiot. I walked back to the coffee stand, lost in thought.

By the time I got there I’d recovered some of my cockiness. And maybe I’ll impress Sarah, I thought.

I found her chatting with an older couple, drinking coffee.

“So what’s up?” she asked as I approached.

“Professor ____ crashed her car and is having surgery. She’ll be OK, they say. But if we are going to present our paper, I have to present it tomorrow.”

Sarah laughed and the older couple looked thoughtful. I took a moment and explained the situation. The woman frowned and nodded. “This is a great opportunity for you. It sounds like you did some good work and now chance is smiling at you.”

Her partner looked at me from under bushy grey eyebrows and asked how much of the work in the paper I’d done.

“In reality, almost all of it. She guided me, and did the final writeup from drafts I did.”

“Then, young man, you should present.”

They excused themselves and wandered off. Sarah looked at me quizzically. “Bit nervous, eh?”

“Oh yeah. You ever do anything like this?”

“Are you kidding? No, I haven’t had a chance to. Come one, I’ll prep you. Do you have the materials?”

We sat in a corner of the lobby for six hours as she grilled me up, down, sideways I finally begged off. We’d missed lunch bonus veren siteler and it was dinner time.

“I’ll buy you dinner,” I offered.

“OK,” she said. “We can keep going over dinner.”

“Jeez, no, I need a break…”

She smiled. “I’ve got an idea. Let’s eat room service. That way we can keep going and not disturb anyone.”

My attention was captured. I was suddenly kind of hopeful that the evening wouldn’t be all matrix math.

“OK,” and I followed her to the elevator.

Her room was small, and looked out into a ventilation airshaft.

She sat on the bed and ordered while I took the only chair. We got steaks, salads, a bottle of Cab, and two double bourbons.

We chatted as we waited for the food, and when it arrived, dug in.

She toasted my success with bourbon and downed hers like a serious drinker. It took me two gulps to down mine and she laughed at me.


“You have no idea.”

We finished out meal, and poured out the last two glasses of wine.

We looked at each other expectantly. I stood up, and walked over and kissed her, wondering how she’d react. She grabbed my head and crushed my lips to hers so hard our teeth banged into each other. She smiled and sat me down.

“Want to forget about being anxious?”

I smiled and nodded yes.

“Take off your shirt,” she commanded.

I’d taken my jacket off, so I undid my tie, and unbuttoned my dress shirt. Pulled it off, then pulled off the t-shirt underneath it.

She went into her suitcase and pulled out some panty hose. I must have looked puzzled because she smiled, and said “Just a sec.”

She pulled the legs apart, then got a Swiss Army knife from her purse and cut the crotch, and then cut them in half.

She took one leg and tied it to the frame of the bed. She took my hand a caressed my palm.

“Trust me.”

She pushed me down on the bad and tied my hand. Then she took the other piece and tied my other hand.

I tested them and she’d spread my arms enough that I could barely move them.

I must have looked concerned, because she smiled reassuringly as she unbuckled my pants. She stopped, remembering, and took off my shoes and socks – neatly balling the socks and putting them in the shoes and the shoes in the closet.

Then she slowly stripped my pants and boxers down my hips and legs and off my feet. My cock sprung up, partially erect, as it was released, and I lifted my hips, hoping she’d play with it. But she carefully avoided it as she pulled the pants off. Then she hung them in the closet.

She hadn’t said a word. She just reached in her bag, took out another pair of pantyhose, and cut them in half.

She took my ankle and gently caressed it, then tied the pantyhose leg around it, and pulled my leg out toward the corner of the bed. I tried to keep my knee bent, but she gently tapped on my kneecap, making her intentions clear, until I relaxed the leg and she pulled it straight and tied the ankle down. She followed with the other leg.

At this point, I’d put myself completely at her mercy. I had visions of her slicing my neck with her Swiss Army knife and quickly put them away. This was somehow not scary, it was sexy – I was as hard as I get and my cock was straining upward, waiting for her touch.

She leaned over me and kissed my lips softly.

Then she walked over to the closet and pulled off her boots, then reached up and pulled off her pantyhose. She looked at me and smiled and reached under her skirt and pulled off her underwear, and tossed it into the closet.

She undid her necklace, took off her earrings and watch and rings, and then pulled her sweater over her head. Her large round breasts filled her thin red bra, and I saw big dark nipples poking out, a strong contract to her pale skin. She smiled at me as she unhooked her bra and peeled it off. Her breasts were really large but still firm and sagged just enough to crease deeply at the bottom.

Her skin was pale, and I could see a tracery of veins in the flesh of her breasts, but her areoles were dark brown and she had nipples the size of a fingertip jutting out from them. I stared at them and imagined running bahis my tongue around one of the nipples, tasting the slight musk of her sweat.

Then she unzipped her skirt and let it drop and stepped off. I got a whiff of musk and I knew that she was as excited as I was. She stepped toward the bed and I lifted my head to look at her. She had wide shoulders and large breasts. A rounded belly, but a narrow waist over full hips and thighs. Black curly pubic hair that extended between her legs.

“You like what you see?” she asked me.

“Oh. My. God. Yes!!” I replied. “Do you?”

She looked at me with a critical eye. “Yeah, you’ll do. Nice body, great cock. You’ll do.”

She smiled and got onto the bed. I was ready for her to lower herself onto me and to feel the warm wet sheath of her pussy. I imagined it slowly stretching over me until the root of my cock was pushing against her opening.

Instead she turned and put her ass and pussy over my face. I reached up with my tongue, but couldn’t reach. Instead, she reached one hand between her legs and ran her fingers over her slit, opening it and showing me the wet pink mouth of her pussy. I smelled her arousal, and watched as she slid her fingers back and forth over the opening, spreading the wetness, and then circling the pink nub of her clit. I jerked my hips up, hoping for some contact, some touch on my cock, which was so sensitive I imagined I could feel her breath.

I bit my tongue as I watched her busy fingers spread her lips and rub back and forth between them. The edge of her lips was shiny and red, and the inside bright pink and glistening and wet.

Her breathing got deeper and deeper as she played with herself, and strings of her juices started running down her leg. She circled her inner lips one way, then another, then drove three fingers deep into herself and flicked her clit with her thumb.

She began to moan and I looked down to see her breasts wobbling as her torso shook with strain. She frigged her pussy hard with her fingers, and suddenly gasped and drove them deeply into herself. I watched as her pussy lips contracted around her hand and realized she was coming as a stream of her juice dripped down onto my chest.

Her gasps slowed down and she breathed deeply. She took her fingers out and pulled them up. I heard her slurping as she licked them clean. Then she made a happy moaning sound.

“Babe,” I said, “please…I’m going to die here, please. Suck me?”

“No.” was all she said. “Not yet.”

She turned around and sat on my chest facing me. She positioned herself perfectly so I couldn’t reach her ass with my cock, and I couldn’t reach her pussy with my tongue.

I felt her wetness on my skin, and strained to reach her with my tongue. All I got was a little belly and the top of her pubic hair.

She laughed and waited for me tire myself out. She reached up and played with her breasts, cupping them and tweaking her nipples as she got more and more excited. I felt a trickle of juice run down the gap between her thigh and one side of my chest to the comforter.

I strained my hips up and lifted her off the bed.

She tightened her thighs on my torso and held herself on me as she rubbed her breasts and moaned with closed eyes in pleasure.

She stood up and squatted over me, holding the headboard with one hand as she began to masturbate again.

She started slowly, just tracing her fingers over her red pussy lips and matted pubic hair. I could feel her concentration as her fingers moved back and forth and she kept herself perfectly still.

Soon she started rocking her hips back and forth over her fingers and rapidly worked her fingers back and forth over her clit until she gasped again, drove her fingers deep into her pussy, and juice streamed out as she came again. I managed to catch some in my mouth and savor it. She tasted mild, but with musk and a tart saltiness. I licked her taste off my lips and swallowed, groaning.

“Please,” I whined. “Please touch me.”

In response she reached down with one hand and pushed my head down, cupping my forehead in her sweat-damp palm. Then she kneeled above my face, one knee on either shoulder and began touching herself deneme bonusu again.

I strained up, but couldn’t lift my head against the strength of her arm. I lay back on the pillow and watched as she gently rubbed her clit with her forefinger. I noticed for the first time the slick dark red nail polish neatly coating her nail as she circled the hood of her clit with her finger and then pulled it away, a string of her lubricant connecting her finger to her pussy.

She pulled it away and slowly brought her glistening finger toward my mouth. I hungrily opened it and sucked her finger in, swirling my tongue around it, licking all the musky slickness off it, and closing my eyes in the intensity of it all.

My cock throbbed. I felt my balls churning slowly as I became so excited I started getting ready to come untouched into the cool air.

She changed from slowly circling her clit, displaying the hood and the pearly clit underneath it, to rapidly stroking back and forth over the clit, then widening the strokes until they ran back and forth over her entire opening, sliding past the engorged lips, slippery with her own slime, until she suddenly grunted as though she’d been hit and began to wail “oooo-OOOO-OOOO-ooooooooooooo…” and collapsed forward onto the headboard, then moved herself down to me, kissing me, and then sliding further downward, her slippery thighs sliding past my cock as I felt the pressure climb up my shaft and threw my head back, ready to come. Suddenly she knelt down and took just my tip in her lips as I jetted stream after stream of come into her mouth. For the first five or six, I thrashed against my restraints on the bed. Then my entire body locked in one spasm as I felt two giant pulses of come that seemed to flow directly from my balls to the tip of my cock like water through a hose. Sarah choked for a moment then swallowed, still keeping just an inch of my tip in her mouth. I started having small pulses as the orgasm wore down and then finally lay almost completely spent on the bed.

Almost, because Sarah’s gentle sucking on the tip of my cock had kept me hard as a baton. She lifted her head smiled at me, licking her lips. “Wasn’t that worth it?”

“Oh. Fuck. Just. Oh. Fuck.”

“Soon,” she replied.

She leaned down and took my whole cock in her mouth, her warm tongue circling my shaft.

Then she moved herself and positioned herself over me and slowly … agonizingly slowly … lowered herself down onto me.

I felt the liquid warmth of her and the softness of her swollen pussy get pushed down over my cock, which got harder as she slid down onto it, until, just as I’d imagined, I felt her soft opening wrap the root of my cock, and felt my tip stretch the back of her pussy.

She shifted herself, sitting up, and suddenly her smooth hard cervix was rubbing over my tip and we both groaned.

I rocked my hips up as far as I could, and pressed myself deeper into her. She rocked her hips and that made her pussy slide back and forth on my cock, making smacking liquid sounds.

I thrust up and pulled back as she slid back and forth and suddenly we were pounding into each other, our breath catching and rising and the familiar tension built in my groin and I felt a slow column of heat rise from the base of my cock and suddenly I thrust up into her and felt my cock spasm and my come shooting into her. She was so wet already that I didn’t feel the added slipperiness, just come pouring out into her again and again as I tried to jam myself into her as deeply as I possibly could. Then suddenly she pushed herself down onto me, bit her lip and groaned as I felt the clenching of her pussy as she came and milked the last drops of come out of me.

She fell forward onto me and for the first time, I felt her breasts pressed against me. She was covered in sweat; she smelled like a woman’s locker room, and I loved it. I buried my face in her neck and kissed her.

We lay that way for a while, me half hard inside her. Then I asked her to untie me.

“Why?” she replied. “Are you done?”

In response I wiggled my hips up and down and slid my cock in and out of her just a bit. I felt my pulse in my cock as it hardened just a bit.

She smiled and kissed me.

“Let’s leave you here for a little while. You don’t seem uncomfortable.”

With that she made a face as she tightened her pussy around me and gave me a wave of pleasure.

She looked down at me and smiled. “So tell me something about yourself.”

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