Confinement with Mom


As the result of a seemingly harmless joke, Julia was left with two sprained wrists. It happened because her son had decided to give her a good scare in the house they lived in.

He popped out into the hallway with a scary mask, she freaked out, fell back and landed on her hands, causing the sprains. Nothing serious, but enough to require her hands to be wrapped for a few days. Sure, she could move her fingers, but she couldn’t do anything strenuous with her hands.

To be fair, Julia was the one who had started the short-lived prank wars.

It was Sam’s 23rd birthday, and he wanted to be a marine biologist and underwater explorer, just like his mother. His mother decided to scare him by putting a fake lizard on his shoulder the first time they went diving together. For a second, Sam was freaked out until he realized it was a joke. That was the moment their mini prank war started.

It was all fun and games, until now, when they drove home from the hospital and Julia had wraps around each wrist and a stern expression on her face. Sam had been apologizing profusely since the incident happened a few hours earlier.

“No, no, it was my fault,” she insisted, trying her best to remain cordial about the accident. “I was the one who started this whole thing. Besides, I’m way too old to be pulling pranks. I shouldn’t have started this.”

“Well, you’re not old at all,” Sam replied as he drove, trying to make his mother feel better in any way possible. “It was my fault for making things too scary, you know, jumping in the hall like that.”

She thought for a moment and joked, “Maybe you’re right. You do bear some responsibility for how far you took things.”

As they spoke in the car, Julia did her best to maintain a proper composure. Most of all, she needed to set an example by being a proper parent, and not freak out about the whole thing. So she did her best to keep calm.

“I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise, I’ll do your laundry for the rest of the month, the dishes, and all the house cleaning.”

“What about the diving expedition this weekend?” Julia asked, knowing that her son wouldn’t be able to answer.

Of course, Julia had referred to a diving expedition in which she and her colleagues were going to take a small boat out into the ocean for scuba diving. They had been working on new sonar equipment in the lab, and this was their chance to finally test it in the ocean.

The team was going to scuba dive and observe the effects of the new sonar on a school of dolphins. Particularly towards their mating habits. Sam would be coming along too as an assistant.

The car stopped at a red light and Sam looked deflated.

“God, I feel horrible.”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Julia stated, regretting her comment. “I don’t want you to feel bad. It was an accident.”

“What are you going to tell the others?”

“I’ll just tell them that I fell and that I won’t be able to dive with them.”

The light turned green and Sam drove. “I feel terrible about this. You’ve worked years on that thing. Is there any way to delay the trip?”

“No. The dolphins won’t be around these parts for much longer, but it’s not a total loss. I can always stay in the boat and operate the equipment. That’s a very important job. The divers will be depending on me.”

“Bummer. You’re the one who should be in the water. Not manning the boat equipment.”

Julia held up her wrapped wrists. “Maybe if I could use my hands, I’d be able to dive too.”

“Another guilt trip? Thanks.”

“I couldn’t resist,” she shrugged with a smile. “But seriously, I’ll let the others know that I’d like to switch positions and I’ll remain in the boat by myself. You and the others go diving.”

A sense of resolve came over Sam. “Well, if you’re staying on the boat, then so am I. I’ll help you operate all the equipment.”

“You don’t even know how to use the equipment.”

“You could teach me.”

“I suppose,” she conceded. “But you’re a great diver. You belong in the water with the rest of the team. Watching the effects on the dolphins is going to be an extraordinary scientific achievement.”

“I’ll watch on the boat with you. Come on, who needs to go diving when we can just sit down and relax?”

“There’s no quit in you, is there?”

For the first time since the prank accident, Sam looked happy. “I’m just as stubborn as you are, I guess.”

“Fine, when we get home, I’ll let the others know that we’ll be doing the boat manning duties.”

Suddenly, their bad day was looking a lot better, and it would lead them down a path that neither of them would have expected.


A few hours later. Julia had made the calls to her colleagues and they all agreed to the changes, after wishing her a speedy recovery.

She tried to remain professional and mature about the whole thing. After all, what could she do? Bad luck can happen to anyone, and it happened to her at the worst possible time in her life.

The funny thing was, Sam, who mostly relied topkapı escort on his mother, was suddenly taking care of household chores like it was his solemn duty.

He had cooked dinner, prepared the dishes, and made sure everything was neat. Julia could hardly believe that this was her son, the same guy she had raised for the past 23 years.

“Where have you been all my life?” she joked as they sat down to eat.

“I’ve been around.”

“Not like this you haven’t.”

Julia took a bite of the food, then she winced.

“Any good?” he asked.

“Needs a little work, to be honest. I appreciate the effort though.”

“Yeah, figures. I know you’ve wanted me to stop mentioning the accident, but I’ll try to make it up to you. I’ll owe you as many favors as you want until your wrists heal.”

She playfully thought hard. “That might take a while. The doctor said no strenuous activities, even after the wrappings come off.”

“Then I guess I’ll still be working for you then.”

Julia instinctively thought of something naughty, which made her smile in an almost inappropriate way. She worked hard, day and night, on her scientific endeavors. Whatever stress she had, she released it through late night masturbation sessions, using a small dildo. But that required the use of her wrist.

Now that her wrists were sprained, she wondered how Sam would react if she asked him to perform those duties for her. The look on his face would be priceless. She wondered if he would say yes. Maybe he’d say no.

Of course, she’d never ask. It was only a funny thought. After all, what kind of mother would ask such favors from her son?


The sonar device was an advanced piece of equipment created by the six scientists, including Julia. During testing, they discovered that the sonar waves had a profound influence on the sex drives of female dolphins, and if tuned to the right frequency, human women too.

They were on to something big. Their main concern was to study the effect it may have on potentially increasing the number of mammals in the ocean. It was a prospect which made the scientists all so excited.

Julia watched as the small team of scientists prepared for the dive. They all wore their diving suits, along with diving helmets so they could speak to each other using radio communicators.

Meanwhile, Julia and Sam were dressed in simple tshirt and shorts. They were all on a small boat, which was cramped due to all the equipment they had to bring with them.

After smiles, hugs, and a few parting words, the scientists made their dive, taking the sonar device with them.

“Now we have to do our part,” Julia said to her son.

They headed to the lower deck of the small boat, which was tight quarters. There was hardly any room to move. It was the ‘control center’ of the diving mission. There was equipment everywhere and different video feeds on different screens. There was also computer equipment which was set up to help the divers and run the sonar.

Julia and Sam sat next to each other, mere inches apart with hardly any space to move, watching the video of the divers in action.

The group made light banter with Julia over the radio, which only made Julia feel sad that she couldn’t be in the water with them.

“Beautiful view, isn’t it?” she said to her son when the radio was off.

“Yeah, sorry we couldn’t go.”

“Please, don’t apologize anymore. We’re past that point already.”

They looked at each other, and they both knew that it wasn’t true. Deep down, they both knew that Julia was depressed that the incident had prevented her from diving that important morning.

The radio crackled with the sound of a voice and the lead diver asked for the sonar to be activated. That was when Julia pushed a few buttons and activated the underwater device. She was proud that she was apart of something so special, and it was her chance to make a small difference in the world.

Once the radio communication ended, she proudly explained all the functions to her son.

“The sonar will release three signals,” she explained. “It was initially made for purely sonar purposes, but we’ve found that it could help sea mammals with their mating habits, leading to an underwater population growth. Pretty cool, isn’t it?”

“No wonder I did so well in college. Good genes.”

She laughed, “Flattering me won’t help you. I fully expect all those favors you promised.”

“Hey, it was worth a shot.”

“True, but you still need to learn how to cook. But that’s a conversation for another time. Are you ready to start this thing?”

“You bet.”

Julia used the radio to inform the divers that the sonar was going to be activated in a few seconds. Then she instructed her son to put his finger on the switch, and Julia put her finger on top of his.

“Let’s push the button together,” she said. “3…2…1…”

Julia pushed, and both of their fingers pushed the button at the same time. They looked at each other knowing that they were fatih escort sharing an important scientific moment together.

She smiled, “Isn’t science cool?”

Sam agreed as the sonar device was fully activated. On the screen, the diagnostics showed that the device was working exactly as planned, and the signals were going to be released. The sonar was underwater, but there was also a beacon coming from the device on the boat, right in their control room.


Julia suddenly felt a rush coming over her. As she sat in the small room looking at the different monitors, she knew something was wrong.


She felt something warm inside herself. It went down her spine and around her legs. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.


Her toes clenched and so did her fingers. Her legs instinctively clasped together. There was a tingly feeling between her legs.

Damn it, not now. Oh god. Of all possible times, why now? Sure, she was fully aware that their lab testings showed possible effects on human women, the same way it did for sea mammals.

But that hadn’t been confirmed, and it hadn’t been further explored. As the only female researcher on the team, Julia was angry at herself for not following up on that. She should have known that this was a real possibility during the boat ride. She should have done her due diligence on the matter, but she had simply been too busy and overworked.

Now here she was, confined in a tiny room in a small boat, sitting next to her son, while feeling horny as hell.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked. “You look kind of, I don’t know, like you’re getting sea sick or something.”

Julia’s body was stiff. “I’m fine sweetheart. Just a little overwhelmed, that’s all.”

“Oh, okay,” he replied, looking at her skeptically.

Their eyes then remained observant on the screen. The sonar device appeared to be a success and the swimming patterns of the dolphins began to change. The divers in the water used their radios to relay information that it was working. There was more banter over the radio as the team began early celebration.

Julia was less than enthusiastic, even though she didn’t let it show. The sonar device would be sending more waves soon enough, and as the only female on the team, no one else knew what Julia was dealing with.

With the next set of sonar waves coming at any moment, Julia quickly thought of the worst possible scenarios. If the unintended reactions from her body remained the same, maybe she could deal with it and try her best to ignore it. If it became worse, well, she didn’t have a plan for that.

All she knew was that the sonar device would need further tweaks in the lab.

The one option that Julia didn’t have was that she couldn’t leave the confined control room in the boat. The divers were relying on her information at any given moment. She couldn’t leave her post, especially to go masturbate in the bathroom, because knowing herself, she would need a good 20 minutes before she could completely satisfy herself.

She especially couldn’t masturbate properly with both of her wrists injured. All she’d have was the tips of her fingers, and that would take forever to induce an orgasm. Doctor’s orders also forbade her from any strenuous activities on her wrists.

But there was another option. An option so extreme that it made her gasp. She could always call upon her son for a ‘favor’ that he owes her. It would help with the situation, but the result of having her son touching her would be irreversible and far too bizarre.

“Did you really mean what you said about those favors?” Julia asked. “That you’d do anything for me while my wrists are still injured.”

He looked puzzled. “Yeah, why?”

“Nothing. I was just wondering.”

“Do you need anything right now? Water, juice?”

At that moment, Julia had a different interpretation of the word ‘juice.’ She was thinking of the juice between her legs, and she’d certainly be needing help with that if things didn’t subside.

“No, I’m fine.”

“You’re acting strange,” he pointed out. “Are you sure everything’s alright?”

Before Julia could answer, the radio came to life. It was one of the divers expressing his excitement and the group delivered light banter over the radio. Julia did her best to act natural and join in with the banter. All of the scientists were excited that their invention appeared to be working.

“The next round of signals is coming in approximately 30 seconds,” Julia said over the radio.

When the 30 seconds passed, a new round of frequencies were unleashed by the sonar device.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Julia had thought she could control whatever was happening to her. She thought that she could maintain her composure and get the job done, while hiding her true feelings.

Reality sunk in and she realized that she couldn’t.

The effects of the device were simply too powerful and it had become overwhelming to the point where she could barely focus. God, her pussy eyüp escort was screaming. Her tits felt stiff, and her nipples were completely hard. All she could think about was sex and her critical need for a powerful orgasm. It had become so overwhelming that she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“Mom? Are you okay?”

She gulped, “I think I’ll need a favor from you. A big favor.”

“Sure, anything.”

God, Julia hated this part. She hated this more than anything, but there was simply no choice. The radio could come on at any moment. The crew might need vital information. There could be a problem with the sonar device which would need immediate attention. There was no way Julia could leave her spot.

She was confined, as far as she was concerned.

“As you know, there are often unintended consequences in science,” she explained, trying to maintain composure. “When these situations occur, they have to be handled in a responsible way.”

“Mom, what are you saying?”

She gulped. “We had an idea that this sonar device could affect humans too, women, but we weren’t entirely sure. This is humiliating, but that theory has turned out to be true. We made last minute adjustments on the frequency and it’s done something to me.”

“Like what?” he asked with concern.

“Same thing as the dolphins.”

“You’re telling me that the device has affected your mental state?”

She nodded. “Yes, and I desperately need your help. I can’t leave this post because I’m in charge of everything on this boat now. So I’ll need you to provide me with relief.”


“I need your hands. You’ll know what to do. Just do it. I promise I won’t ever be mad at you for this. It’s a medical emergency. I need the relief.”

God, asking her son for sexual favors was even worse than she could have ever imagined. It was the most humiliating and degrading moment of her life. Worst of all, she could never unsay those words. She could never undo this. It was something that they’d always remember.

A smile grew on Sam’s face. “Very funny. You had me going for a second. Wow, I never knew you had a sense of humor like this.”

“You don’t believe me?”

He chuckled. “I’m not an idiot. I really thought our prank wars were over, but wow, that was a good one. A few more seconds and I would have been grabbing your breasts or something. Then that would have really been awkward.”

“I can assure you that I’ve never made a sex joke in my life,” she insisted. “And I can also assure you that I would never make jokes during a scientific experiment this important.”

“Yeah, but there’s no way that…”

Despite the injury to her wrists, Julia mustered her strength and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling it to her breast, which was only covered by a thin bra and small tshirt.

The look on Sam’s face said it all. He was shocked that he was touching his mother’s soft breasts. He was even more shocked that his own mother had put his hand there.

Julia had a much different reaction. She needed this. It was her necessity. It was for the sake of carrying out the scientific experiment and doing her job. This was also a medical emergency with the utmost importance, and if she was truly honest with herself, feeling Sam’s hand on her breast felt good.

His hand gave a light squeeze on her breast. Julia’s nipple was rock hard, and Sam knew it, giving it a subtle rub with his palm for confirmation.

“You’re actually serious about this,” Sam noted, becoming convinced that his mother was telling the truth.

“People can tell lies, but body reactions can’t. Feel that.”

Julia used her forearm to press Sam’s hand harder against her breast. She moved it around so that Sam could feel her tit even more, noting the hardness of her nipple.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” she replied. “Just rub. You’ve obviously done this before with other women.”

She knew that Sam had plenty of girlfriends before. Girls that were pretty and around his age, but this was far different. She knew the taboo they were facing, and the burden that Sam now had. She was expecting her own son to caress her breast, and sure enough, it was happening.

A gasp escaped Julia’s lips as her son rubbed and caressed her sensitive breasts. Although small, her breasts had always been a powerful erogenous zone for her. She usually rubbed her breasts and nipples while she masturbated, and to great effect. That always helped her reach an orgasm.

“Put your hand inside my tshirt,” she said, leaning in towards his ear. “Underneath my bra too.”

Sam looked stunned. “Are you sure?”

“Please, just do it.”

So he did. Julia felt a strong sense of regret as Sam took the plunge and put his hand up her tshirt, and underneath her bra. Her small breast was being caressed by her son. It felt amazing. It felt even better when Sam had gently pinched her stiff nipple.

It was the relief Julia had so desperately needed. It made her gasp and moan with pleasure.

The trance was broken when the radio communication was used. The other scientists were elated and wanted to share their feelings with Julia.

She responded over the radio, even while Sam’s hand was still rubbing her bare breast.

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