This story is fiction and includes oral and anal sex. It includes rimming and fetish sex. If that’s not your thing, perhaps you should read something else.

His first blast of spunk hit the back of my throat. He quickly pulled his cock out and shot the next one across the bridge of my nose. The third one landed in my right eye. He roughly grabbed my hair and pulled me forward so he could wipe the rest of his cum in my shoulder-length dark hair. Still holding my hair, he shoved his cock back into my mouth to clean it. When I finished, he tilted my head back and spit. Some went on my cheek, but most went into my mouth. As I was expected to do, I swallowed.

He sneered down at me and then roughly pulled me to my feet using my hair. “Connie, you’re nothing but a worthless fucking piece of trash.” He spit on me again.

Without cleaning his spunk or spit from my face, I stood there trembling. My voice was weak as I said, “C-c-can I ha . . . C-can I have m-my . . . “

“This what you want, slut?” He asked as he pulled a vial from his pocket. My eyes were huge as I looked at the vial containing the magic liquid. He pulled a used needle from his other pocket and I could feel myself getting warm and excited. “Is this what you want, you piece of shit?”

I eagerly nodded my head as he laughed at me. Within seconds I had a new needle track on my arm, and I felt the magic coursing through my body. The small black man walked away laughing at me as I staggered down the nearest alley and collapsed in a pile of garbage bags. The last thing I remember before completely blacking out is feeling myself being lifted up. I looked over my shoulder and saw the toothless grin of old Benny, my 70-year-old homeless friend and sometime fuck-buddy. Although falling in to unconsciousness, I knew he and his five homeless friends would enjoy the next hour or so using my emaciated body however they wanted.

I wasn’t always a gaunt drug-addicted whore. I was born Constance Marie Barrington to an upper middle-class family that lived in a white neighborhood and belonged to all the right clubs. I was considered one of the prettiest girls in our school. I was a 5’4″ tall brunette, and weighed 110 pounds with a firm 35(B)-25-37 body. My friends were all pretty white WASP girls just like me. Well, except for the two Italian Catholic girls, but since they lived on my street, my parents thought they must be OK.

We had a tight click in high school, and only the hottest boys were acceptable for us to date. We were all considered ‘hot’ and were asked, and attended every school dance. Our little group made up the queens and princesses for every school dance. Although most of us had given up our virginity in high school, it could only happen with one of the handsome white jocks.

After graduating, I accepted a partial scholarship to an out-of-state university and planned to get a BS in nursing. I was on the dean’s list my first two years, and then I met Jack the first day of my junior year. Jack was hot! He was so hot that he was the first man to bed me on the first date. We fucked like rabbits for the first three weeks of school, and it was during that time, he introduced me to weed. And a few weeks later, I tried coke. A week after that, I found myself fucking Jack’s friend Tony as Jack sat watching us with s sneer on his face.

Well, the semester continued in that vein, and by the holidays, I had fucked a dozen of Jack’s friends, used drugs almost every day and found myself on academic probation. During spring semester, Jack had me dancing in an off-campus strip club and fucking customers for money. I never saw any of the money, but I knew Jack was selling me. By then, I was fucking anyone who visited the strip club. I experienced my first Hispanic and black cocks in February, and by the middle of March was doing gang bangs for anyone who had the money. Most of my paid sexual partners didn’t attend college. They worked in the nearby shops, plants and mines, and as a result, were all 10 to 20 years older than me. And most of them were rough.

Between the stripping, fucking, drugs and skipping classes, I flunked out of school that semester and lost my scholarship. My parents were mad, but they hit the roof when I told them I wasn’t coming home for the summer.

Somehow, all of my stripping, fucking around and earning money hadn’t affected Jack. Once he began whoring me out, he went back to focus on his schoolwork. Jack graduated, and unbeknownst to me, he sold me to a black pimp in town. DeShawn showed up at my apartment and informed me that I now belonged to him. As you might guess, we had quite an argument, which turned physical. He beat the shit out of me and made me agree to be one of his whores. Then he spent the night and had his cock in all of my holes.

So, at 22-years-old, I now belonged to a 31-year-old black man. DeShawn limited my drug consumption as much as he could. He realized that starting down that road would eventually lead bursa escort to prison or death. He kept me out of trouble and busy servicing men of all ages, sizes and colors for three years. I have no idea how many men I had serviced in that time, but it was enough that I no longer had time to strip at the club. Anyway, I stayed somewhat clean for three years until I discovered heroin. DeShawn tried to save me, but I was addicted, so he let me go.

I only lasted a year on my own, and I was surprised that I lasted that long. When I fell, I fell hard. By the end of my one year working for myself, I was down to 85 pounds. I had had over 100 gang bangs with groups of three to 15 men. Color, age, size and even their odor didn’t matter as long as they gave me money to fuel my habit. I even gave my dealers freebies for a shot or a few pills now and then.

Towards the end of that year is when I met old Benny. I had been evicted from my apartment and had spent the last few nights sleeping in a doorway down the block. I was desperate one night. I couldn’t find any paying customers, and my dealers weren’t in the mood to let me pay with my body. So, I found myself in an alley rummaging around for something to sell when I ran in to an old black toothless smelly bum.

“What chu want in dis alley, girlie? Don’t chu know it’s dangerous for a white bitch here?”

I mumbled and stuttered, “I . . . I’m l-l-l-ooking f-for . . . “

“Come on, girlie. Spit it out.”

“I . . I n-need som . . . .”

The old man glared at the filthy young white woman. “I think I know what you need. Why don’t you come wit me?”

I followed the old man back down the alley to his camp, where I counted five other men: two black and three white. They all grinned at their friend as he walked into camp with me following behind. He said, “I found dis bitch looking through the trash. Maybe we can give her some whiskey and she can thank us. What chu say, girlie?”

I wanted my H so badly, but maybe a little whiskey would help calm me down. “OK. Sure,” I said. The men all grinned and two of them high-fived each other. They let me sit and someone offered me a bottle and I immediately put it to my lips and swallowed. It burned all the way down. I passed the bottle on and each of the men took a pull before it made it back to me. Well, long story short, after a couple more pulls on the cheap whiskey, I found myself naked and getting slammed by six smelly old homeless men. Over the next couple months, I found myself back in that alley in the same position at least once-a-week.

Well, my life as a white trash prostitute ended when I fucked up one night. My dealer said he would give me a needle and two vials of heroine for later if I would try this new pill that he got, and then rim his ass. Apparently, none of his other customers were game. But in me, he found a willing Guinee pig. Having rimmed many asses over the last three years, I quickly buried my white face in his black ass and shoved my tongue into his bowels. When I finished, I took the pill, pocketed the vials and used needle and watched him walking away laughing at me, but I didn’t care.

The next thing I remember is waking up in jail. At my arraignment, the DA told the judge I was charged with armed robbery, solicitation and possession of illegal drugs and a few other minor things that I don’t remember. I was held without bond, and my court-appointed attorney explained what he thinks happened.

After taking my dealer’s ‘test pill,’ my brain went haywire. I hadn’t had any luck peddling my ass on the street so I apparently decided that I would hold up the 7-11 to earn a little cash for drugs when my two vials were gone. I had found a small dowel rod, put it in my pocket and used it to convince the store clerk that it was a gun. The clerk said I had a wild look in my eyes so he didn’t want to risk me shooting him. After walking out of the store with about $70 in marked bills, I walked two blocks and then propositioned an undercover cop. When I was searched, they found the marked money and the drugs.

Well, the ‘armed’ part of the robbery was removed after the court attorney argued that the store’s video showed the dowel rod in my hand. And since it was my first offense, I was sentenced to 12 months in prison and two years follow-up probation. When I entered prison, I weighed 88 pounds. My eyes were sunken and had black rings around them. My arms were bruised and scabbed and my, once silky hair, was stringy and greasy.

I won’t kid you. Prison was hard even though I got out after 10 1/2 months for good behavior. I spent the first month in prison rehab so I would stop seeing dragons run around my room and giant spiders trying to eat me. But during my remaining nine months in lockup, I was Betty’s bitch. Betty was a six-foot-tall black woman that must have weighed over 300 pounds, and she had convinced the guards to make me her roommate. Within an hour of me being put in the bursa escort bayan cell, I was stripped and laying on my back in the cell while she sat on my face. That was the first pussy I had ever eaten, but it wouldn’t be the last.

During my time in prison, I was passed from cell-to-cell and used by almost 30 different women. The black and Hispanic woman especially liked to have their gash and their asses eaten out by a thin white woman. I didn’t fight it and went with the flow. Being Betty’s slut meant the others didn’t pick on me.

When I was released from prison, I was back up to 102 pounds and my, once nice, shape was returning. I had nowhere to go so I found myself back on the streets fucking for money. And it wasn’t long before I was back into the drug scene. Three months after getting out, I found myself in a cabin in the woods for a weekend. The 18-year-old Hispanic boys that had come to spend a weekend fucking the white slut were celebrating graduating from high school. There were 15 of them, and I have to say; for 18-year-olds, these boys knew how to fuck! They rode this old whore like she hadn’t been ridden in a long time. They also gave this old whore as many drugs as she wanted. Nearing the end of the second day, I found myself filled with cum and coke and anything else the boys gave me. I was on my knees with two cocks in my ass hole and one in mouth when I passed out. The boys were in a panic so they called an ambulance and I was hauled off to the hospital where I was admitted with a drug overdose.

This time, I was sent to a government run facility to dry out. I wasn’t just addicted, I was under nourished, dehydrated and who knows what they were giving me the penicillin and other drugs to cure. I admit that I wasn’t thinking clearly for almost a week. But one day, as I lay there thinking about where I would go when I was eventually released, I heard, “Hey Connie. Is that you?”

I turned and looked at the average-looking young black man standing next to my bed holding a clipboard. “Yeah,” I muttered. “Who are you? Do I know you?”

He smiled a nice smile and said, “No. You don’t know me. You went to school with my older brother Lester.”

I didn’t know anyone named Lester. As I was trying to recall the name, it hit me that I wouldn’t have known him because he didn’t fit into my close-knit circle of accepted friends. All of my friends in high school and college were white until Jack started whoring me out to anyone who had the money for my white pussy.

I asked, “How is Lester?”

He grinning knowingly at me. “You didn’t know Lester, Connie. He wasn’t in the upper social group like you. But he’s doing well. He’s a CPA in Baltimore now. He just came back home for his 27th birthday last month. So, I guess, that makes you about the same age, huh?”

I hadn’t celebrated a birthday in years and the last time I had looked in a mirror, I knew I didn’t look 27. I looked closer to 47. “Yeah,” I replied. “I guess I’m 27 too. So, what’s your name?”

“I’m Leland. People just call me Lee.”

“What do you do in this place, Lee?”

“Well, I started on my LPN when I was in high school and I got it earlier this year, and now I’m working on my RN while helping addicts in here.”

I was humiliated as I looked at the floor. “I . . I g-guess that’s me, huh?”

He smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, but we’ll get you past that and back on your feet.”

After a month of counseling three times a day, healthy food and hard exercise, I felt great. I was back up to 106 pounds and my face had filled out. The luster had returned to my hair. Lee spent a little time each day with me, and even came in on weekends to visit. He was my rock through the entire recovery period.

A couple weeks before I was to be released, the clinic found me a job waiting tables in a small restaurant. There once was a time that I would have scoffed at that job, but I had been completely humbled and humiliated by my own behavior. And as they kept telling me, ‘I’m an addict. I always will be an addict, but I need to focus on one day at a time.’

I worked hard. The owners of the restaurant were a nice older couple and I didn’t want to let them down since they had given me a chance. Lee continued to spend time with me and I found myself experiencing feelings that I hadn’t had in years. Before I was released, they set me up with a very small apartment near the restaurant and gave me several outfits of clothing.

It was a semisweet day when I was released from the clinic. It felt good to be outside on my own again, but I missed the security of people taking care of me. And I knew I would definitely miss Lee. When Lee stopped to say ‘good bye,’ I asked him if he would let me take him to dinner to thank him for all he has done for me. At first, he turned me down, by I pestered him until he agreed.

The first few days on the outside went pretty well. I went to work and then exercised and read escort bursa books. On the fourth day, I began to think about getting high. It used to feel so wonderful. It seemed to make all my problems go away. And now I had a little money, so I could afford to buy just a little to help me through the day. And I still remembered where to go to fill my needs.

I was so close to finding a dealer, until I remembered that I was taking Lee to dinner that evening and he would be furious if I showed up stoned. So instead, I spent the afternoon looking for something to wear in the second-hand store. I found a nice mid-thigh skirt that would hug my ass and a matching sleeveless button up top. The top was tight and I left the top three buttons unfastened. I smiled as I watched the look on Lee’s face when I answered my door. He looked at me much like other men have ogled me for my whole life.

“Maybe I’ll end up back here in the sack with this young black man,” I thought to myself.

Well, it didn’t turn out that way. We had a good dinner and great conversation. I really was fond of Lee and thanked him over and over for all he had done. When he finally changed the subject, he told me that he was fast-tracking his nursing degree by taking bigger loads and going year-round. Sadly, I told him that I too, had planned to be a nurse, but got derailed midway through my junior year at college.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “It sounds like we’re both in about the same place. When I finish this semester, I’ll have three more semesters to go before getting my degree.”

I looked at him and asked, “How old are you, Lee?”

He grinned and said, “I’m 19. I started on some of my entry-level courses while in high school so I should be finished in about 12 months from now.”

I said, “Your life is more together at 19 than mine is at 27. I really made a mess of my life, Lee.”

“Well, it ain’t too late. Why don’t you finish?”

“I . . I c-could n-never afford t-to do that n-now, Lee.”

“No, Connie. Not at that high-falutin college you were attending. The community college where I’m going is a lot cheaper and they got the approval to offer nursing degrees just like you were going to get.”

I have to admit that the kid at least convinced me to think about it. The rest of the evening was perfect and, even though the kid was eight years younger, I decided that I was going to fuck him when we got back to my place. Unfortunately, the kid had different plans. He politely declined when I invited him in for a drink or ‘whatever.’

As I sat alone in my apartment, my thoughts briefly reverted back to my high school days when I thought, “How dare that average looking black kid turn “ME” down. ME. Nobody would turn me down. I’m Connie Barrington. But wait! Why am I even thinking of a black guy? I only date the popular white boys.” But I knew that that was no longer true. I had fucked anyone – any age, any color, any weight. And I fucked men no matter what they looked like – handsome, average or ugly. And most were ugly. I would fuck anyone as long as they had the money or the drugs. So, I sat and pouted at being rebuffed by Lee.

Well, I was rejected two more times for dates when I called and asked him out. I figured I would try one more thing before giving up and drowning my sorrows with a little powder or needle.

“Hey Lee. I was thinking about what you said about the community college, and was wondering if you could help me get in.”

“Sure Connie. I’d be happy to help. Let’s get together this Saturday. That will give me time to download an application and find out what all you’ll need to get in.”

We spent all day Saturday together, and Lee helped me prepare my application and transfer documents. He helped me fill out student scholarship, grant and loan requests, and then he loaned me the $100 application fee. I called out for a pizza, and afterwards, I made my move on him.

Sadly, all I got was a couple of kisses, but they made my whole-body tingle. I have to admit that that had never happened before. At least I don’t think it did. He successfully held the old white broad at bay until escaping out the door of my apartment.

Lee continued dodging me for the next two months, and then his luck ran out. I was accepted into the nursing program at the community college, and as luck would have it, the new semester was beginning. And I found myself in three classes with Lee.

I attended classes during the day and then worked the afternoon and evening shift at the restaurant, so I didn’t have a lot of time to spare. Fortunately, since my brain wasn’t messed up with drugs, I quickly fell back into the groove of school, but I managed to conceal that fact from Lee. After a couple weeks, I convinced him to help me with an assignment over the weekend.

Although I felt guilty for wasting a few hours of Lee’s time tutoring me, since my assignment was already done, I used the opportunity to hit on him again. This time, I blocked the doorway with my body, which had returned to its former weight and measurements. I knew he snuck glances at my breasts and legs, but he always behaved like the perfect gentleman. As I put a lip-lock on him, I thought, “Gentleman versus Whore. Game on.”

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