Connie’s Dilemma Ch. 02


The funeral for my Mum and Dad was barely over when I took to my heels and ran, driven by total and utter despair. Soon I was completely lost in a town I hardly knew. My mind was in turmoil. I had no purse or money with me. Finally I found refuge on a park bench in a remote part of the town. I buried my head into my hands, distraught in my thinking, stranded in desolation.

‘Are you alright, Miss?’

‘Go away! Leave me alone!’

‘Sorry! I was only trying to help you! You don’t have to be rude.’

‘I have just buried my Mum and Dad! Now will you please leave me alone!’

It was dark and raining before the policeman found me wondering around the park. They questioned me and I could not tell them where I lived. Finally Aunt Thelma came and rescued me. The police ran us back to my house. My council house. I was put to bed and given a sedative. I awoke sometime in the night to find myself naked in my Mum and Dads bed with an equally naked Aunt Thelma. I snuggled into her and went back to sleep. I was conscious of people disturbing me and me shouting at them to go away, strange people and a woman in a nurses uniform fussing over me.

Until one morning I woke up to find the bedroom windows open and the sun lighting up the room and birds singing in the garden trees. I needed a pee and got out of bed with one of my Mums flimsy nightdresses on which barely covered my modesty and dashed into the loo. There was a naked man in the bath! He turned and grinned at me and I recognised him as Tom my Aunt’s boyfriend.

‘Sorry! Need to go to the loo. Look away!’

I pulled up the nightdress and squatted just in time. It gushed out of me like a fountain gone mad. I looked up and he was ogling me which brought back my memories of his uncouthness. His huge pole of a penis was sticking up out of the water.

‘I love shaved pussies. You will soon be meeting Big Ben here. You will just love him sliding in and out of that virgin pussy of yours.’

‘Why don’t you use that scrubbing brush on your mind, Tom?’ I wiped my pussy with a tissue and stood up, deliberately holding my skirt up before letting it fall and getting out of the bathroom. He tried to grab me as I went past him, but I eluded him and scampered back to my room and sanctuary. I dived back into bed and lay there as though winded. I was aroused, fully aroused. My fingers found my moistness. Why didn’t I let him catch me? All the hot desires I had for him before the funeral were now back, erecting my nipples and clitoris and causing a constant tingling of want in my secreting vagina. A vagina I was now fingering furiously. I was thinking, foolishly of going back into the bathroom minus my nightdress, when the door of the bedroom and he was there naked and rampant. He grabbed the quilt and ripped it off me to reveal my slimy fingers embedded deep inside my hot juicy pussy. In seconds he had hold of my ankles forcing them open and back and so bringing my exposed genitals up off the bed.

‘Use your hand,-guide my cock into your cunt, Connie you Slut! Thelma’s told me you told her you want me to fuck you! Today is your lucky day Sweetheart!’

I grabbed it and placed his knob to the entrance of my womanhood and closed my eyes. It was like a battering ram as it ripped into my tight cunt. I screamed out aloud at the agonising pain as his groin slapped hard against my own and his ball sac hit my bum. His weight was upon me just for a second or two then he was raising himself off me and the suction of his withdrawing member made me gasp in pain again. I truly must have been a virgin, how could Mummy have been so wrong? She had examined me and told me I had lost my virginity. Did I have two? Maybe the first nişantaşı escort guy wasn’t big enough! I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him in relief. He had truly made me a woman. I withstood his plunging onslaught as he fucked me if he did not have one single minute to spare. I fucked him back! The pain dissipated into all my erogenous zones, causing my whole body to react to his pistoning prick.

‘Oh! God! Yes, Tom! Yes, fuck me! Shoot your goo into me! Fill up my hole! It feels so wonderful! I am yours, Tom. All of me belongs to you!’

‘Your beautiful asshole as well, little one?’

‘ Oh! Yes! Oh, yes my beautiful asshole as well, Big One! Even if you have to rape me.’

‘Thelma will be pleased you are back with us. She so wants to drink from your fountain of youth. We can all go home now. I have made up a room for you at home. I have called it the Fuck-Room. You are going to love it. You are some fuck, Connie!’

‘You are not so bad, yourself Tom! I love your big prick!’

‘Don’t tease me, I will have your bum if you do.’

‘Can you wait until we get home? I feel I have to get out of here. I didn’t want to fuck in this house, but I am glad now we did.’

‘There is a removal van booked for tomorrow morning, Connie. We will take you home tonight. Tonight you sleep with Thelma and I.’

‘Are you going to tell Thelma that you fucked me?’

‘Of course! Why not? She knew I would do it.’

‘You are a lot younger than she is. What if I want to run away with you and that lovely dick of yours?’

‘You won’t need to, you will both get all the cock you need. We have male and female friends we call on now and again to make things interesting. That will not happen until you are ready to take on extra cocks and cunts. We still belong to the same club your Mum and Dad were in. You will probably get fucked by the same people who fucked them, Connie.’

‘There are coloured men in that club, I saw the pictures. Mum was sucking a black cock while two white guys were fucking her ass and pussy all at the same time.’

‘That’s going to happen to you too. You can take bets on it. I will be the guy up your asshole.’

‘You will be gentle with me, Tom? I have never had anyone touch me there before.’

‘Thelma will be there when you lose your anal cherry, she will make sure that I treat you good. I would anyway. I am not that heartless. I know I come across that way, but that is for show in front of Thelma. She loves me to treat her rough.’

‘I told Thelma that I would like her to tie me down when you fuck me in my ass. I fear you will have to overcome my cowardice. I will struggle and I will holla!’

‘Don’t worry, Sweetheart, by the time I get this cock of mine into your ass, you will be begging me to do it at the top of your sweet voice. Have another sleep, I have things to do before Thelma gets back. There is lots of packing to do.’

‘I’m beginning to like you, Tom.’

‘Get off to sleep before I slap your arse instead of fucking it. When you wake up, it’s to be hoped you will get a decent meal into your belly.’

He kissed my forehead and left me, shutting the bedroom door quietly behind him. I dropped off to sleep feeling fucked, but a lot happier.

It was pitch black in the room when I opened my eyes. I could here Thelma talking in the next room, then my bedroom door opened issuing light from the landing.

‘Are you awake, Connie? Shield your eyes I’m gong to put the light on.’

When she did I saw she was naked. Her pussy was neatly shaved and her nipples were erect and jutting. Tom came in too and he was also naked. His dick hanging loose, but not completely soft. He kağıthane escort too was shaved. He may have been shaved when he fucked me, but it all happened to quick for me to notice.

‘Come on lazy bones time to get up out of that pit. We have a lovely meal waiting for you and afterwards there is a whole lot of fucking to do.’

They pulled the quilt off and wrestled me out of bed. Somehow or other there was fingers in various of my orifices and I had my share of their private parts which was good fun. We sat round the table in front of a coal fire all stark naked and still turned on. Tucking into a scrumptious meal. I cleaned my plate I was that hungry.

While we were eating they asked me if I wanted a fuck fest with both of them or just either Thelma or Tom. I chose both. I was ready for some real horrification. I told them to give it to me anyway they wanted, no holes barred.

They dragged me back up the stairs and threw me onto the bed and they started to kiss me and lick me all over. While I was sucking Tom’s cock with my bum cocked in the air, Thelma started in on rimming my ass. That was a first! I had heard about guys doing it to each other, but not a female doing it to another female. It made me so hot feeling her tongue worming its way into my rectum and her fingers strumming my juicy pussy. It made me attack Toms cock most energetically, too energetically because he forced me to swallow it into my throat. That caused me to have a panic attack. He pulled it out soothed me and slipped it back into my throat and told me to suck it or get punished. When I had my first cum I was really fucking the cock with my throat and going all out to drain Tom of his spunk. By this time, Thelma was lapping my cunt and finger fucking my asshole. She must have been lubricating my asshole because I heard her say, ‘She is ready Tom, you can fuck her ass now, Babe.’

They rolled me onto my belly, prone on the bed and I watched Thelma coating Tom’s cock with KY Jelly. She fingered my ass some more and he came over me and I felt his thick mushroom of a knob forcing open my sphincter ring. I tried to contract my anus but too late he was in me. I moaned and then Thelma sidled under me and pressed my head in between her wide open thighs.

‘Lick my cunt, you Bitch! Taste my nasty stinky smelly juices. Lap me like a pussy-licking-cat. I screamed into her cunt when Tom pushed his prick hard up my asshole. It was agony. She gripped my wrists and screamed out, ‘Fuck her! Bugger her asshole, Tom! Give her shit-box a good hard fucking. Its what she wants you to do. She told me so herself. She likes pain. Give her pain! Can you feel, my Tom’s prick in your asshole? Whore? From now on this is to be your way of life to be fucked up your asshole as many times a day as Tom wants to do it to you! You are our fuck slave! Take it Bitch! You have still to take my strap-on prick up your tight asshole yet! We are going to take you to the Club at the week-end where all those pictures were taken. You are going to be gang-banged by the same guys who gang-banged your Mum. We are going to take pictures of you being multi shagged! Now lick my asshole get your tongue into it!’

My whole body was out of control now, meeting Tom’s thrusts into my ass with counter thrusts of my own, looking for every inch of his length hammering into my colon. The taste and smell of Thelma’s asshole wasn’t putting me off, just the opposite I was sniffing hard to get the aroma into my nostrils and the taste was okay, wasn’t what I thought. I found it difficult to get my tongue through into her anal ring-piece although I tried desperately hard. I had to satisfy them. I felt I had my Mums reputation to protect. osmanbey escort I wanted to be as equally good a whore, or better than her.

I can’t wait until the week-end.

The next two days were pretty hectic. It was a closing of yet another chapter in my life. The nostalgia of closing the front door onto an empty house. Most of the furniture went to a sale room.

I moved my bedroom into the one which Tom had prepared for me. It was a lot larger than I visualised. Tom had added a few special pieces built lovingly by him from his horny mind. There were straps and manacles sticking out all over the place to give you an idea what they were for. Just looking at them made my juices run in a trickle down my legs. Both Tom and Thelma were tapping me up every time they caught me bending over and that was often as I was deliberately flaunting myself to provoke them. Tom and I had some quickies, every chance he got. The juices that leaked out of me were usually his. One word to Thelma and she was on her bended knee cleansing my thighs and vulva with a tongue which seemed to grow longer each time she used it.

I awoke Saturday morning listening to a wall clock chime eleven bells. I was being caressed. I was in bed with Tom. I heard the shower running so I guessed where Thelma was. I moved into Toms arms and started to snog him. His mouth tasted of toothpaste which masked my foul mouth. He didn’t seem to mind because his spearing tongue, matching his cock for size was trying to lick my tonsils. My pussy was responding to his fingers as they delved my crevices. I lifted my leg up and over him to give him access. I felt his heavy meat shaft laying on my thigh. I moved my pussy towards it and I sighed when he used his hand to lodge it into the gate of my hot, wet pussy. He rolled me onto my back and entered me. It snaked into me and up me and I thrust my hips forward to get it all into me. I shouted, ‘Aaaaagh!’ and snuggled my swollen tits against his bare chest. This is the way a girl should be woken up in the morning. I moaned again as he pinched my right nipple. I had the sudden urge to show him that it took two to tango and I wrestled him onto his back and sat up on top of him and started to ride my pet pony.

I looked down at him and said, ‘You are some fuck, Baby!’ he grinned at me and pinched both my nipples and I slapped his right tit hard. He lay back with his eyes closed in complete surrender. I was still riding him when Thelma came out of the bathroom, with a ,’Whoopeee!’ she straddled his face feeding him her pussy. I drew her into my arms and played tongue-tussle. Both of us bobbing up and down on Tom’s appendages.

After lunch Thelma threw a parcel at me. I opened it to find a white silk bell-tent like cloak and a Klu-klux-klan like white silk hood with no eye holes.

‘Tonight you will wear this to the Club, naked as you are now under it.’ Once there, you do not know Tom and I until it is all over. We will rescue you and bring you home. What ever you do, do not refuse the advances of either the males or the females. You will be severely dealt with if you do. When I was initiated I was fucked twenty-eight times by both males and females wearing strap-on cocks. Your Mum was fucked thirty-four times. Tom was fucked nineteen times, again by males and females. You will be allowed to scream and cry, but not to refuse. We will leave here at nine pm to get there by ten. It’s going to be an ordeal for you, but Tom and I will prepare you well for it. There is no way you can fail initiation. Once you start, it will finish when the last man or woman is sated with you. Then the final ceremony is you choosing a male or female to pee into a glass for you to drink. When you have drained the glass and smashed it onto the floor you are initiated. As a member you can volunteer to take part in as many initiations as you want. Tom and I are not allowed to take part in yours.


Chapter 3 to follow.

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