Cosplay Girls


I love GenCon. It doesn’t have the glitz and glamor of ComicCon out in San Diego or the infamy of DragonCon in Atlanta. It’s just the right size and in a great city, Indianapolis. Not a flashy town like New York, or a busy metropolis like Chicago. Indianapolis is one those cities that is just the right size for a weekend visit. I’d been attending the convention for years but this was my first year as an exhibitor. I’d lost my office job earlier in the year, but found new employment in my friend’s gaming company. Instead of making his own games he organizes tournaments for existing games. We had spent the last three days running thousands of people through hundreds of events. It was a great time but exhausting.

It was late on Saturday and I was wondering the street trying to find some good time to wrap up our last full day. It was tough going with gaming going on for four days, twenty-four hours a day. We worked it in shifts to cover all that time, but it meant that you were usually on your own when you weren’t working. I was used to this being something more like four days of gaming followed by four nights of partying at sci-fi themed parties and bars decked out like inns from fantasy novels. All of that was still going on around me, but without a bunch of friends around it was a bit much for just me, as tired as I was. I settled for just wandering the city letting the warm breeze of the summer night relax me.

It turned out be a great night for people watching. It was one of my favorite parts of GenCon. Watching all the cosplay and nerd folk walking around between business men and state government workers. All of them struggling for bar space and restaurant tables. At Harry and Izzy’s, one of my favorite late night spots, I saw a lawyer hitting on a girl half his age dressed as Misty from Pokémon. He kept trying to get a finger under her suspenders as they chatted. On the other side of the bar two female Stormtroopers were drinking shots with red shirts from Star Trek. The bartender argued the merits of Firefly with a woman in a three piece suit and a young man whose profession was likely comic shop guy.

The whole thing just made me feel warm inside. Good vibes all around. Might have been all the Jameson as well. Around midnight I left the bar, a fuzzy head on my shoulders and a bit of a shuffle to my walk. I walked trying to remember what hotel I was in when someone pulled on my shirt. I looked behind me and saw a little girl. She was young, maybe ten or eleven. Tears streaked her Asian features as her hands crushed a sponge bob backpack to her chest.

“Mister. I can’t find my parents can you help me?” She was the picture of innocence. I’d had no choice really. I mean I probably should have been suspicious, a little girl out at midnight in the middle of a city asking a stranger who wasn’t a cop for help, but I was drunk. Even sober I had no defense against crying children.

“Oh, no tears little lady. I’ll get you sorted out. Now where did you last see them?”

“Over here mister. C’mon I’ll show you.” And we were off. She ran down the nearest alley and I followed after without ore thought then some kind of macho hero ideas bouncing around in my head. I should have realized after several minutes of not getting back to a major street that I was in trouble. It was starting to dawn on me that parents weren’t likely to take their kids into the back alleys of a major city, when a fist came out of the dark and knocked me clear on my ass. As I shook the stun from the impact out of my head I saw a group of five men talking to the little girl. She handed one of them my wallet, probably taken off me before I even saw her, and skipped away into the further dark of the alley. The man with my wallet walked over to where I had fallen into some garbage.

“Here’s how this is going to work, nerd. My friend here is going to search you for anything valuable. Then you and I are going to sit here while he gets as much cash out of your plastic as he can. All nice and quiet.” He made it seemed quite reasonable, but his eyes were full of malice. I was about to try and get to my feet to make a drunken break for it, when a new voice entered the conversation.

“Why don’t you let the guy up and walk away with what you have? Maybe then nobody needs to get hurt.”

Standing in the mouth of the alley that led back to the street were three women. They were all wearing trench coats that covered them foot to neck. As they stepped closer it was also clear that each was wearing cat ears. Their hair was each a shocking shade of neon. The center girl had blue hair with Asian features and white cat ears. On the blue haired woman’s right stood a white haired cat girl with pale skin and red cat ears, and to her left a blonde haired woman stood with tan skin and black cat ears. The men turned smiling faces to newcomers.

“Ladies. This is none of your business, but of course we can’t let you go now that you’ve arrived. Not without paying a little fine that is.”

I merter escort was stunned by what was playing out, so I sat motionless as the men advanced on the three women. The women stood motionless as the men got with in arms reach. The brigands smiling faces turned to leers as the leader reached out and opened the coat of the middle woman. She smiled at him as he pulled loose the ties of her coat and looked inside. He let out a whistle while the woman smiled deeper and let the coat fall to the ground. The men and I could do nothing but stare at the beauty revealed by the falling coat. Our shock was multiplied as the other two dropped their coats and stepped closer to some of the other standing brutes.

All three were dressed as Felicia from Darkstalkers but each had a different color scheme that matched their cat ears. Each wore fur gloves that ended in shining claws. Fur boots reached up past their knees but left their thighs exposed except for a thin elastic band. A thin strip of fur framed tight stomachs that showed hints of defined muscles. A furry pair of hot pants hid only the most private of parts and was attached to thick tails that wobbled between their strong legs. Thin strips of material stretched from their backs and sought to contain the impressive breasts of each woman. The cloth stopped at the nipple and exposed soft flesh between. They were stunning. Visions stepping right out of a nerds wet dream.

The Felicia in the center tossed blue locks over her shoulder and laughed as the leader of the men made a grab for her breast. She stepped back quickly from his reach and wagged a finger in his face.

“Play nice mister or this is going to get ugly.” Her voice was musical as she stepped gracefully on her heeled boots. Her breasts moved fluidly under the material of her costume and bounced as she moved her weight from foot to foot. Her movements were grace personified. I could tell she could fight. I could also tell her opponent didn’t give to shits about her capabilities. He stepped closer defiantly and nearly spit his response.

“Lady, this got ugly the second you stuck a furry foot down my alley. Now you’re gonna have the worst night of your life. Take ’em b—.” His words cut off as the blue Felicia stabbed his throat with a flash of her hand. He fell to his knees clutching his collapsed throat as the other men looked on in shock.

“Well boys? Shall we continue or would you like to walk away from this with some of your ego intact?”

“Fuck you bitch” screamed one of the men and rushed for the blue haired vixen. He got within a pace of her before his direction was immediately reversed by a furious kick from the blonde. He collapsed next to his friend, with hands wrapped around his gut. The others hesitated but the fight was on. The Felicia’s launched themselves into them, a flurry of punches, kicks, and knees that soon had the lot of them clutching at wounded limbs and joints. They were furious and ruthless. The thin material of their costumes strained to cover them as the power of their blows rippled through their flesh. Finally the fight was finished and all three of the Felicias stood facing away from me. Their tails, swinging between the toned cheeks of their asses, seemed to twitch as they each found a man to put a foot into. The pink haired Felicia bent lower over her victim, her foot pressed into his neck.

“Now listen asshole. We’re only here for one more day, so after that you can do what you want. But I swear to god, we see you anywhere downtown and you’ll get more of the same. You get me, slime?” The man under her boot nodded with his whole body but his eyes weren’t looking on his attacker but back at the entrance to the alley where the fight started. There the leader, still massaging his throat was getting to his feet. The women all had their backs to him and me so they didn’t see as he stood and pulled a gun from under his shirt.

Without thinking, I got off my ass and threw myself at the man. I struggled with him trying to get the gun away from him. I heard the shot and then felt pain flare on my left arm. I’d been shot. Holy fuck I’d been shot. The idea set off an anger in me like I’d never known. I looked down at the smiling face of the man, who obviously thought he’d won, and buried my fist in it. I hit him over and over until hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me off the now unconscious man.

“I think you got him buddy.” I looked over to see it was the Felicias that were pulling me off him. The blue Felicia was holding my wounded arm and I winced as she closed her hand over my bullet wound. She pulled her white gloved hand away and found it soaked in blood. I looked at her bloody hand and swallowed hard.

“Oh shit. I think I got shot.”

“No shit buddy.” Said the pink Felicia. “We gotta get you to a hospital.”

“No hospitals. No insurance.” My speech was still slurred from my night of drinking, and I might not have been thinking clearly either. mutlukent escort The white Felicia looked closer at my wound.

“I think I can patch this up back in the room. Looks like it’s just a graze. Here this will hold for a while.” She put her leg up on a garbage can and undid the thin strip of white material which was the only covering on her thigh. As she wrapped my arm my eyes roamed the bodies of rescuers. I got a little dizzy as the remaining blood of my body rushed for my cock. The alcohol certainly didn’t help my discretion. I suppose its bad form to ogle your saviors.

While all of this was going on the blonde Felicia had been searching some of the unconscious thugs. She had produced a smile pile of wallets for her troubles. She looked up at the others and asked, “What should we do with these?”

The pink and blue haired Felicias each took and arm and helped me over to the blonde and her pile. I indicated with my foot at the pile.

“That one’s mine. The one that says ‘Bad Mother Fucker.'” All three of the women giggled at that. She took my wallet and walked around behind me pushing it into my back pocket. Her hand lingered in pocket for a moment and then, to my great surprise, took a helping hand of my ass.

“Mmmm this one’s got some jiggle to him. Are we going to play with him to? My blood is up from fucking up these fools.”

The blue Felicia frowned at her friend. “Nina the man’s been shot. Let’s deal with that first. Grab the rest of these wallets. We’ll leave them at the front desk of the hotel.”

“You ruin all our fun Sarah. I guess this means we’re going to miss the party.”

“Yes Nina. We’re going to help the man that saved our lives instead of going to a party. Grab our coats and let’s get moving.”

As we walked I could see more than a few men watching the girls carry me toward their hotel. The blonde, Nina, was bouncing around in front of the rest of us. Her body jiggled, in all of my favorite places, much to the appreciation of every hetero man in sight of her. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her twitching tail as it swung back and forth between the globes of her tight ass. The white haired Felicia elbowed me in the ribs. She smirked as she said, “Eyes front soldier. That’s my girl you’re ogling.”

“Oh sorry. You guys are together? All of you?”

I could almost feel the white haired Felicia roll her eyes as she said, “No. Idiot. Just me and Nina. I’m Angela by the way. Sarah there is fancy free.”

My inebriated mind started me chuckling, which led to an elbow to the ribs from the blue Felicia, Sarah. “What’s to laugh at jerk? I am single.”

“Heh. You’re very fancy. Perhaps we’ll have a feast. A fancy feast for three fine kitties.”

After a few moments of silence from my heroines, that I ignored entirely, the pretty cat girls joined me in my guffaws. We walked into the hotel lobby still laughing at my stupid cat joke. I got more of my strength back and stopped leaning on the two cosplay girls. Looking over to the bar as we walked to the elevators I hoped for a drink but the girls seemed to think alcohol wasn’t good for someone who’d lost an unknown amount of blood. I shrugged and followed them up to their room.

When we reached the room I have to say I was a little shocked. I was had it in my mind that girls were tidy and ordered compared to the guys I traveled around with for the convention. This room, however, was like a cyclone of pop culture. Toys and games were strewn everywhere. The beds and most of the furniture were covered with different costumes. A Psylocke one-piece was tossed over an office chair. A white queen corset was laid on a small ironing board setup on one of the bes. Three complete sets of differently colored Sakura outfits from Naruto, all with pink wigs, were handing out of one of many suitcases. The girls all walked into the room and started clearing off space on the bed. Sarah, the blue haired Felicia, bent over one of the chairs in the room, showing off that fabulously toned ass and shaking tail again, to get a sewing case. She pulled me, as I still gaped around the room, over to a cleaned off portion of the nearest bed.

As she started pulling off my shirt I stuttered, “I have to say that this is a first for me. I mean you girls are so…”

“Nerdy?” Angela said from behind me.

“Sexy?” Nina said as she peeled the perimeter of fur from around her belly button while bouncing on her heels, causing the most fascinating amount of jiggling.

I stared at Nina’s chest until Sarah swatted my unwounded arm. I found my voice again after being lost in the vision of Nina’s chest. “Yes to both, but I was going to say legit.”

Sarah paused for a moment then went back to threading a needle with some thick black plastic thread. Angela spoke from behind me. As she did I turned around to see that she had pulled a bottle of vodka from somewhere and was mixing drinks. “Explain.”

“I mean I’ve otele gelen escort heard about cosplay people before but I’ve never seen anything like this. I mean the costumes are one thing, but you’ve got a game of the Firefly board game half-finished over there. You figured out how to get a 360 running on these hotel TVs, even I couldn’t figure that one out. There’s a mint gundam wing master grade model kit sticking out from under that leather bound copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You girls are fucking legit.”

As I finished my speech Angela walked over to where Nina was pulling loose different pieces of her skimpy outfit removing her pink wig as she went. When she reached Nina their arms wrapped around each other and they kissed like they hadn’t seen each other in decades.

“Sexy as well. Legit and sexy. Definitely. Ouch!” Sarah jabbed my arm and started weaving my flesh back together. “Nice bed side manner Nurse.” Nina and Angela shared another laugh as their lips broke apart. Angela went back to her drinks and distributed them to the girls. For me she had two halves of pills of some kind and a glass of clear liquid. One of the half pills was light red and the other blue.

“For the pain.” Angela said as she handed me the pills and the glass.

“Thanks.” I squelched another “Ouch” as Sarah’s needle worked its way into my arm again. I downed the pills and tossed back the bit of liquid in one go. It was bit of a shock when the bite of vodka hit my tongue. I coughed and felt the pill try to crawl out of my throat, but I forced it down with one solid gulp.

Sarah looked over at Angela, who was smiling for the first time that I’d seen. “What did you give him?” Admonishment heavy in her tone.

“Just a little something for the pain like I said.”

“With a vodka chaser? Oh no, Angela. You didn’t.”

“I might have. He’ll thank me after suffering through your awful cross stitch. Besides it was just a half dose.”

Sarah frowned down into my bleeding arm but continued her work without further comment. I was fine with feeling the warmth of the alcohol spreading out from my stomach. I’m sure I missed something but I was feeling pretty good. I smiled down at Sarah who spared me only a glance then refocused on my arm. I felt a little put out, but really what could I expect? These girls were so far out of my league. I wasn’t fat, but you couldn’t really call me fit either. I mean I worked an office job and then a game company. It wasn’t exactly mountain climbing. I had shaggy black hair at the time and it went fine with the tan skin I’d inherited from some Spanish ancestry a few generations back. I thought of myself as something akin to the most average man alive. What was I doing in this room with three gorgeous nerd vixens? I looked down and slap the skin of my stomach. I felt suddenly giggly at the little bit of jiggle from my fleshy gut. I felt a sudden pull from my arm and saw Sarah biting at the line and securing the thread.

From my vantage point I could really appreciate how beautiful she was. The blue hair of her wig was thick and luxurious. I wondered if it was real human hair dyed blue and turned into the wig. Her face was stern with concentration as she looked over my wound, but there was compassion there as well. The skin of her chest was like a pale gold. Her Asian heritage shown through a filter of slight tanning. The flesh of her breasts pushed against the restraining material of her costume as she breathed. The white material strained against the impressive globes that obscured the rest of her body as she kneeled next to me by the bed. I suddenly felt warm and tingly all over my body. Like little sparks of electricity were running around my bones. I couldn’t help but smile and breathe deeper at the feeling. The pain in my arm melted away. Sarah looked up at me in that moment and I could have sworn her face literally lit up. Like there was light shooting out of her skin. I felt time slow down and I think I might have looked at her face forever except that I heard my own voice snap me out of my musings.

“You are so pretty. Can I touch your face?”

After a moment of shocked silence, Nina and Angela fell apart. Their laughing was like music and I couldn’t help but join them. After a few seconds of looking at the three of us like we were total lunatics Sarah joined us as well. Finally she stood up, still chuckling, and walked back to where Nina had been making drinks.

“I need another drink. Who’s up for another round?” Cheers came from the three of us. Nina and Angel moved to the other bed and laid out next to each other. Nina leaned over the far side of the bed and turned on some music from somewhere. A nice bit of chip tune music that hummed in my fuzzy head. Sarah walked over to the other girls and handed them drinks. They shared a few words then Sarah came back over to my bed and knocked on my forehead like a door. The sudden shock made me realize I had been staring at the lot of them with my mouth open since Sarah had walked over.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“Oh yes. I’m Vince. Hello.”

“Heh, yes. Hello. Listen you’re going to stay here tonight alright? It’s like one in the morning now. You got shot protecting us so there’s nothing for it, you’re bunking with us tonight. Get comfortable and drink up.”

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