She showed up for our study group having come from tennis practice. She was wearing her tennis outfit, and her long, tan legs looked amazing against her short, white tennis skirt. We were all in class together, and had a huge exam coming up in a couple days. We had blocked out this afternoon to get together and quiz each other relentlessly until we all had it down pat and would ace the exam.

As the afternoon progressed, we all began to make real progress- we were “getting it” and we were all encouraged that the exam was going to go really well for all of us. After about three hours, we found that we all had the answers down and could relax in confidence.

One of the other guys suggested that we celebrate with a couple drinks and watch some old movie together. We decided that sounded pretty good, and so a couple of us made a run over to the liquor store and brought home some tequila and mix to make margaritas. I got out the blender and made the first pitcher. We all kicked back and enjoyed the cool drinks, and the camaraderie of having accomplished some hard work day.

Before we knew it, it was way after dinner, and all of us realized we were very drunk and very hungry. We thought it best to order a couple pizzas delivered instead of trying to go out anywhere, so we called and had a couple brought by. We were all buzzing along pretty good, and enjoyed the chow. The margaritas were flowing and we were all pretty far gone.

As the evening progressed, I suggested everyone just hang out and spend the night rather than trying to drive home, so that became the plan. After another hour or so, a couple of my friends passed out on the floor. We got a couple blankets and a couple pillows and tried to make them comfortable. One of the guys said he couldn’t sleep on the floor, so he asked if he could crash illegal bahis on my bed. I said that was cool, and so he headed into the bedroom. That left her and I. I had been stretched out on the sofa, and she had been sitting on the floor next to me most of the past couple hours. The other gal was asleep in the recliner across from us.

She got up, stretched like a cat, and said she needed to use my bathroom. After she returned, she came over to me and asked if she could sleep next to me on the sofa. I was dozing by then, and said that was fine. She layed down in front of me with her back against my chest. She smelled good, and I reached my arm over her shoulder and snuggled with her. The room was dark except for the TV and I was fading fast. It had been a good day.

But as I shifted slightly, she snuggled back against me, and I felt her tight ass press back against my cock. That felt good, and I immediately began to thicken and grow hard. This was going to be embarrassing, as we weren’t even dating. She was just this great looking blonde in my class that I had invited to come over and study with a few of my buddies. I shifted a bit back again, and she moved to press up against me again. This time I knew she knew I was hard, and her moving back was no accident. She slowly began to move against me, rubbing her butt against my cock. She definitely knew what she was doing. I was wide awake now, and wondering where this was going. She reached back with her right hand and began to stroke my cock through my shorts. I was throbbing. She began to feel for my zipper, and slowly opened my fly and reached in. She opened my boxers and pulled my dick free, stroking it slowly from tip to base, gently squeezing my balls and driving me crazy. Just as I was about to grab her, the gal in the chair woke casino siteleri up and asked to use the bathroom. We both pretended to be pretty much asleep, but I told her where it was. As she got up to go, my couch mate leaned back against me to cover my naked cock, and pretended to be sleeping. When the other gal returned, she once again snuggled into the recliner, and after a few minutes we heard her breathing grow steady. That’s when the hand returned to playing with my cock. I reached down and felt under the back of her tennis skirt, and discovered that her panties were not there. She had removed them earlier when she had used the bathroom. I began to slowly rub her ass and moved further down into her crack. I began to slowly stroke her pussy, back and forth, as she began to breathe raggedly. She was still reaching behind her and stroking me, matching my pace in her pussy. She was very wet, and hot, and as I lifted the rear hem of her skirt, she arched her back and rotated her pussy so it lined up just right with me. Then she grabbed my dick and pulled it into her pussy. Neither one of us said a word- we didn’t want to awaken anyone else. I was buried deep inside her, and we barely moved, just enjoying the sensations. She squeezed her pussy tightly around my cock, and I knew this was going to be one of the good ones. She slowly released me and then squeezed again, moving very sensually, gripping and milking me. I was a throbbing piece of steel inside her. I know that sounds like a typical porn cliché, but I really felt like a throbbing piece of steel- my cock was harder than I had ever felt before. She continued her pussy strokes, as I tried to match her, without cumming too soon.

We were both very turned on, and totally exposed if anyone else woke up. It would have been pretty obvious that poker siteleri we were having sex, as the sofa was creaking softly as we continued to move against each other. Suddenly, she clamped down hard and I felt her whole body shiver. She gasped, but didn’t say anything; just shivered for quite a while, then finally relaxed her body with a deep sigh.

She looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, and whispered, “That was really, really good. Really good. Now, just fuck me fast and hard. It’s your turn to cum!”

So, we did exactly that. She pushed back against me and squeezed hard, and I moved in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. She reached back and grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I was pinching her nipple and pumping into her like a machine. She began to moan softly, then clamped down again on my dick, and started to shake. She was cumming again and this time I joined her. My balls tightened up and the cum shot out of me into her hot pussy. I spurted over and over, and my dick just stayed hard. I kept pumping into her and she came again, this time with even more of a gasp. I thought I would never stop; I can’t remember coming like that, with spurt after spurt exploding out of me.

Finally, we both were done, and started to come down from that climax. My dick, although still pretty hard, remained inside her pussy, as her breathing began to slow down. We fell asleep that way, with me still inside her.

Quite a while later, I awoke to feel her squeezing me with her pussy. I quickly grew hard again. She moved against me and we fucked fast. It only took a couple minutes and we both were over the top again, me spurting into her, and she shaking and milking my cock with her pussy. When we were done, we got up, went into the bathroom together, took a quick shower together, and then went out for an early cup of coffee, leaving the others still asleep- or so we thought. When we returned to my apartment later that day, there was a note on the coffee table, that read: “Next time, I want the couch! The chair was uncomfortable, but the show was amazing.”

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