Couples’ First Visit to a Pro-Domme


I’ve been married to Sarah for over fifteen years now, up until around three years ago we had a fairly vanilla sex life, perhaps making love, missionary style once or twice a week. Around three years ago I picked up our tablet computer and found she’d been looking at videos of submissive sex. This started a conversation where we both explored and discussed our sexuality and Sarah confided her wish and desire to be dominated.

At first Sarah was incredibly embarrassed that her secret had been found out but it allowed us to play and enjoy each other more often. I admitted to Sarah that I too had submissive tendencies, so we played together. We made some purchases from an adult toy store and tied each other up, played with collars, restraints, toys, dildos, blindfolds and some clamps.

Sarah would enjoy watching videos with me and we’d often lounge together in bed, flicking through erotica on our tablet, that’s when we both started to find out about the world of professional dominatrix. We joked and fantasised about visiting a dungeon, about going somewhere that we could both submit to a stranger.

It was always talk, fun, a joke, but as we chatted over the months it became more real until we both started searching for a woman who could fulfil our fantasy. This is a true life account of our first visit to a Dominant who for the purposes of this we’ll call Mistress Scarlett.

The day finally arrived, a Saturday, I woke up at about 6am and pulled on my clothes to walk our dog, Sarah curled up in the bed and as I left the bedroom I looked back to see her blue eyes staring at me, I smiled fleetingly but said nothing, going about my normal weekend routine.

Returning from my walk an hour later I found Sarah standing naked in-front of a mirror in our bedroom pulling a straightener through her blonde hair. She looked at me in the mirror, her eyes shining as she smiles, continuing her task. I looked at her freshly showered body, Sarah stands at 5’4″, she’s a little plump with a cute round ass and nice shaped belly without being what you would call overweight. Sarah’s best assets however may well be her breasts, huge natural saggy tits that feel just great to hold, her red nipples jump to attention like rocks in the palms of your hands.

I walked behind Sarah, running my hands around her body, pulling her backwards against me, I kissed her neck and looking into the mirror I asked, “You still happy with what’s planned”.

Sarah nodded, locking her eyes with mine once more, “Definitely, it’s what I’ve dreamed of since my teens. Now you, get in the shower, you’ve got more than me to impress today David”.

Mistress Scarlett had provided strict instructions on the hygiene ritual we were to understand on the morning of the meeting including using an anal douche to clean our asses, her email suggested we engage in that particular activity as a couple but I think this was perhaps a step too far for Sarah.

I walked back into the room, towelling myself dry and dressing quickly in jeans, a white shirt, underwear, socks and shoes. Sarah continued applying makeup, had me help her connect her bra strap, she dressed in blue jeans, a woollen top, brown boots and brand new underwear.

Finally we stood at the door, putting on our jackets in silence. She looked into my eyes and we paused, I realised at that moment what we’d go through together would change us, I just hoped it would be a good change. We got into the car and drove the hour to Mistress Scarlett’s address.

I could feel Sarah tremble slightly as I stood beside her at the big red front door, I knocked and after about 10 seconds we could both hear the click clack of heels marching down the tiled floor. The door opened slowly and there stood Mistress Scarlett wearing a light brown raincoat.

Scarlett was a reasonably tall, thin woman in her early fifties, she had short black hair, spiked, and I remember how red her lips looked. She smiled warmly, “You must be the delectable Sarah, and David, we’ve exchanged some titillating correspondents, do come in”.

Scarlett closed the door behind us and ushered us into a large and rather beautiful kitchen. She offered us coffee which we both accepted and made small talk making us both feel at ease. She took off her overcoat explaining it was just to wear when opening the door. She was dressed magnificently in a short leather skirt, fishnet stockings, tall red high heels and a leather bodice top, strapped and buckled tightly around her body.

She sat us both down at a breakfast bar and made us read what looked like a contract, it was very thorough and covered so many things, essentially giving her permission to use, abuse, whip, smack, slap, spit on, penetrate, pinch, our bodies. She asked us what our safe word was, we both giggled and looked at each other, “We don’t have one really”, Sarah giggled.

“Ok darling, we’ll pick the month, January, and if you are gagged blink five times quickly to stop anything”, Mistress Scarlett said. “Other words, no, stop, won’t work, it won’t stop the scene, so remember January. Pendik Ukraynalı Escort It’s your escape and if you said it, we stop completely, understood?”

We both nodded but suddenly her voice picked up a level and she barked “Understood”.

“Yes Mistress Scarlett” Sarah and I said quickly in unison.

We signed the documents and suddenly Mistress Scarlett’s demeanour changed, she’d stepped up a gear.

“Go back out to the hall, remove all your clothes and stand shoulder to shoulder ready for inspection.” Scarlett instructed.

Sarah slithered down off the high stool and marched out the door of the Kitchen. Myself in hot pursuit, watching my wife’s ass move as she walked into the hallway. She shopped and spun around, looking at me, seeking direction, I shrugged my jacket off and pulled up my shirt, unbuttoning it. Sarah still frozen looking at me, I could feel the eyes of the Dominatrix watching us.

Suddenly Sarah started and wriggled out of her jacket, pulling her sweater over her head she hesitated, then unclasped her bra behind her back, letting those gorgeous full breasts fall out.

I had dragged off my shoes and pulled off my Jeans by this time, standing in just my underwear, I heard a crack sound and looked round to see Scarlett, cracking a riding crop into her hand “All OFF” she demanded, pointing the crop at my underwear. I blushed and pulled these down quickly, tossing them into a pile on the floor, my eyes back on my wife.

Sarah had pulled off her brown boots and taken off her socks, her bare feet slightly bunched on the cold tiles, she was working at her jeans belt her eyes down, then she looked up to me, eyes wide now, she pulled off her jeans, and tossed them on the tiles. She heard the crack again of the crop in the Domme’s hand and quickly realised she needed to remove her panties.

She took these off and I took up position beside my wife, ready for our inspection. Scarlett pointed to the piles of clothes on the floor and tutted, “Tidy up, you pair”. She said. Embarrassed we bend down and quickly gathered out clothes, folding them into two tidy little piles on the tiled floor.

Sarah straightened up and stood with her arms folded across her tits, I stood beside her and instinctively covered my manhood with cupped hands. This obviously brought displeasure to our Domme and she told us to stand with our hands by our sides, feet shoulder width apart.

I stood there and listened, almost hearing my heart beating and Sarah’s shallow breathing as she waited for Scarlett to approach her, naked, vulnerable, excited trembling body for the first time. I realised my cock had hardened to a full erection, I blushed red, looking at the wall in front of me, fully aware of Scarlett eyeing both of our bodies, taking it all in, her quarry, ready for her bidding.

Scarlett stepped forward and I instinctively followed her with my eyes, catching sight of her running her gloved hand over my wife’s shoulders before I was sharply told “Eyes forward”. I resumed looking at the wall as I hear the inspection continue.

Sarah tells me the Domme’s hands explored every inch of her body, she knelt down, rubbing calves, kneels, thighs, hips, up over her tummy before cupping both of those heavy breasts, kneading them squeezing and pushing them. One hand went back down and a finger inserted in Sarah’s pussy, the finger brought up and sniffed, “UN-huh”, Scarlett said. “Hairy though, we’ll have to get that sorted out won’t we dear?” I heard her utter.

Next it was my turn, she stood in-front over me, rubbing a gloved hand over my shoulders, then trailing down over my chest, I looked down into her eyes but was quickly corrected. I felt the soft hair of Sarah’s arm gently brush my own as we stood so close, naked, inspected, totally outside our normal world.

Scarlett took my cock in one hand, wanking roughly a couple of times, then folding her other hand around my balls and pushing in towards my ass. Both hands were sniffed as she then looked into my eyes.

Still cupping my balls and cock in her gloved hands Scarlett looked up at me, “ok boy, you stood shoulder to shoulder with this woman when you married, are you willing to stand beside her, not to watch and experience, to engage with me, to have YOUR WOMAN used, used by another, touched, caressed and punished?”.

“Yes Mistress, I am” I gulped.

“Ok then, both of you showered now.” she opened a side door to reveal quite a large bathroom with a walk in shower cubicle.

“But we did already today” my wife chipped in. A raised eyebrow was enough to deal with the little lady and we both padded across the while tiled bathroom, Scarlett behind us.

She pushed us both into the shower and turned the tap, ice cold water splashed over our bodies as we both yelped, the door pushed closed behind us.

Scarlett took up position sitting on the lid of the toilet, and thankfully the water did warm up. “Wash each other”, was the simple command.

I took soap and started rubbing my wife’s back, then Pendik Üniversiteli Escort over her chest and tummy.

“Her cunt too” she said, I knelt down lower and rubbed my wife’s pussy, raking my fingers through her hair. “Ok now him”.

I stood up in the shower and my wife rubbed quickly over my chest, tummy, legs, “Wash the cock dearie”, Scarlett instructed as Sarah took the flaccid cock and rubbed it with the soap. “Asshole too”.

My wife blushed more and rubbed the soap around my ass, she’d never touched me there but I guess this was a time for new experiences.

“Ok Good, turn it off now”, Scarlett said. We both stood together dripping as the door opened, we padded out to be welcomed by some nice thick white towels. “Quickly”, was the command.

We towelled our bodies down and stood up to attention again, Sarah’s hair still dripping as we were marched back to the hall to stand on the cold tiles.

“Put these on her”, Scarlett pushed some strips of leather into my hands, I looked down, realising they were four leather cuffs and a collar, plain black leather with buckles and a single D Ring. I knelt down and buckled a cuff to each of my wife’s ankles, then stood up and took her arms, buckling them firmly but with a little bit of room around her wrists, all the time observed by the Domme.

Next Scarlett ran her hands through Sarah’s hair, lifting it and indicating for me to buckle the collar around my wife’s throat. Our eyes met as I buckled the strap, and stepping back I looked down at her naked body with the restraints in place.

I stood again, arms by my sides beside Sarah, she was given similar restraints and got to work buckling them around my ankles and wrists. As she did this Scarlett pulled a collar around my throat, buckling it before running a nail down my spine. I shivered.

Then Scarlett produced another leather implement and explained it was a cock harness. I groaned a little, not really knowing what this particular device was. This time Scarlett knelt beside Sarah and grabbing my cock, which was already getting erect again. She pulls the harness around the shaft and buckled leather straps under my balls. A D-Ring now lay along the shaft of my cock.

I watched as Scarlett put her arm around my wife, then started slowly wanking me, “It’s my cock now dearie.” She whispered into Sarah’s ear. Sarah blinked and looked up at me, then at the Mistress, then dropped her eyes.

Both women were again on their feet when Scarlett walked around behind me, clipping both of my cuffs together behind my back. My cock stiffened more as I twisted slightly against the bondage. Sarah stood there watching, silent. Next Scarlett grabbed Sarah’s wrists and did the same to her. My wife gasped and wriggled but the Domme held her wrists tight and licked my girls face.

Next Scarlett produced a long chain, one end had metal clips on it, and she wasted no time demonstrating what they were for, she pulled at Sarah’s nipples, making them hard before pushing the clip onto the soft flesh behind the erect nipple. My wife gasped and winced as Scarlett pushed the second clip into place. The chain dangled between her large breasts and down to the floor.

Scarlett walked behind Sarah now and pulled the chain between her legs, then I worked out what the D Ring on my cock harness was for. She grabbed my cock and clipped the chain onto the ring, then let the chain fall, dangling between my wife’s erect nipples and my hard cock, both of us yelped.

The chain allowed me to stand about two feet behind Sarah, nothing more before it pulled, gripping the clasps on her nipples and tugging my cock.

It was obvious now though we were ready to be transported, two slaves, bound, locked and ready to make the journey to the Dungeon. Luckily for us it wasn’t too far, down a corridor in the house we walked, Scarlett in-front with a finger cocked through my wife’s collar ring, marching us along to a large door. The women suddenly stopped making me walk my cock against my wife’s back.

Scarlett unlocked the playroom.

Our little chain gang was led into the dark room, Scarlett flicked a switch and low lighting faded in on the walls, the walls of the large room were painted black or blood red but through the gloom I could just about make out the large assortment of various pieces of S&M furniture.

The connecting chain was removed and Scarlett’s hand encircled my cock, pulling me towards a standing St Andrews cross against a corner. Stunned I backed against the cross and perhaps before I could protest the wrist cuffs were attached to the highest ends of the cross, I watched Scarlett bend down and do the same to my ankles.

Now Velcro straps were pulled around my calves, thighs, one around my waist, another thick strap around my chest, I could move my head, look around but do nothing else. Still my cock stayed perfectly erect, defiant, one last shred of my masculine dominance.

Scarlett stepped back from me, holding a finger to her lips “Not a word boy or you get Pendik Vip Escort gagged, you can watch the delights I have instore for your wife though” she smirked deliciously.

Next she turned to a dump-struck Sarah and walked up to her, suddenly she grabbed my wife’s long blonde hair in a fist, slightly pulling her head back. At was at this point I realised just how vulnerable we both were in the hands of a stranger, I was completely restrained, naked, and defenceless, Sarah had her hands cuffed behind her back.

Sarah let out a little gasp and flinched a little but I could see my girl was excited, next Scarlett leaned close to her and kissed her straight on the lips. I’m not aware my wife ever kissed another woman and her eyes popped wide, then her lips parted providing easy access to the Domme’s tongue, next she closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss.

The two women stood like this for what seemed an age, but was probably thirty seconds, suddenly the Domme stepped back, Sarah’s mouth still open, she opened her eyes, searching Scarlett’s face in the gloom, but Scarlett turned and walked back to the light switches. Suddenly spotlights illuminated one of the pieces of furniture, which to my shock looked like a gynaecological examination chair.

“Alright Mrs” she said, her heels clicking back to where Sarah was standing. She walked behind my naked wife and unlocked her cuffs from behind her back. Sarah’s arms dropped submissively to her side, she obviously wasn’t going to put up a fight.

“Onto the table please girl”, Scarlett purred.

Sarah complied astonishingly meekly, backing against the chair, then jumping up into position, wiggling her full arse back on the smooth fabric of the seat cushion.

The chair had a semi reclined position, so Sarah could sit up, look around her a little, two arms with padded rests pointed away from the table, these both had light brown leather buckle restrains on them. Two leg supports at the base of the chair allowed her legs to be lifted, these also had restraint straps.

“Legs up”, Scarlett said. Sarah lifted her legs quickly, laying them in the supports, her feet bare sticking out slightly beyond the supports.

Scarlett walked behind her, Sarah tried to turn but couldn’t see in the gloom what Scarlett was doing. Sarah’s arms were folded across her big tits, but Scarlett pulled one arm without resistance and laid it along the arm rest, Sarah’s wrist cuff was connected to a metal loop at the end of the rest, Scarlett did the same with the other wrist cuff, then walked around and restrained Sarah’s ankles to similar attachments.

Next Scarlett came up to the first arm again, one of the leather straps was buckled around Sarah’s lower arm, another around her bicep, she couldn’t move the arm at all, Scarlett had her flex her fingers, and wiggle her hand around, she tickled Sarah’s palm playfully. Scarlett walked behind the chair again and buckled the other arm in the same way.

Next she walked to Sarah’s side and leaned across her body, grabbing another thicker restraint belt, this she pulled across my wife’s body above her tits. Leaning across again she took another belt, pulling it across Sarah’s tummy, below her tits before fixing another one across her waist.

Sarah kept her head back against the headrest the whole time but her eyes followed Scarlett. She looked curious, excited, perhaps a little less nervous than before but still apprehensive.

Scarlett then walked to Sarah’s legs, pulling another belt around her thigh and buckling that, then another around my girl’s calf muscles. Scarlett did the same to the other leg, then playfully with a smile on her face she ran a nail along Sarah’s sole. Her feet curled, she tried to wriggle, to get away but she could, both women were giggling but this ended when Scarlett walked away, out of sight in the gloom.

Scarlett reappeared under the spotlights with a metal trolley you’d expect to see in a doctor’s treatment room, I couldn’t make out the various implements on it from my position. Next she pulled a stool over and sat between my wife’s legs.

Sarah whimpered as Scarlett ran a latex gloved hand over her mound, running her fingers through my wife’s curly pubic hair, then she ran her hands up over her tummy, then back down again. “Ok, I said we’d do something about this”, Scarlett had grabbed Sarah’s pubes in a clump now with another hand she grabbed scissors.

Sarah’s head came forward suddenly, “No, no, don’t not that, I’ve always had that… I, I never shaved it…” she pleaded to Scarlett.

Scarlett simply ignored my wife’s pleas, Sarah’s body wriggled a little but couldn’t move and soon Scarlett had cut clumps of the hair away from my wife’s pussy. I could see Sarah’s eyes searching for me in the gloom but I stayed quiet, enjoying the show and the prospect of that shaven cunt.

Next Scarlett picked up a rechargeable electric razor, Sarah flicked her head from side to side and groaned, but Scarlett started cutting away the stray hairs, her fingers all over my wife’s pussy, pulling her labia to the site, shaving up over her mound, up her tummy. Once finished Scarlett smiled, holding the vibrating shaft of the shaver against my wife’s clitoral hood. Scarlett then picked up a can of shaving foam, rubbing it on her hands she lathered it up and spread it all around Sarah’s groin.

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