Covert Operation


She was startled awake by the dog barking when he pulled into her driveway. Her dog faithfully announced someone’s arrival and tore off to the front yard to see who it was. Erica just had time to slip back into her overly large shirt she used as a bathing suit cover, and tug it down to cover her body before he showed up at her back gate. She was relieved that she had moved as quickly as she had, being naked just thirty seconds before.

“Hi,” she greeted him, her face clearly questioning his presence there. What the fuck was he doing here? she thought.

Now feeling a bit awkward, he answered, “You told me to stop by if I ever needed eggs,” he explained. Slightly embarrassed, because he had hoped to find her sunbathing ever since she teased him about trying to erase her tan lines a few weeks before. It had taken him that long to work up the courage to just drop by her house unannounced. Now that he had nearly been successful in his covert mission of catching her, he felt a little ashamed of himself.

“Well, I guess I’m glad you dropped by today and not yesterday,” she stated.

“Oh yeah?” His adorably crooked smile, casually widening across his face when he saw she wasn’t angry. “Why is that?” he asked.

“Because my daughter just left this morning early to go back home after a week visit, and it wouldn’t have mattered what we told her the reason for you being here was, she would have believed we were having a torrid love affair,” she explained dramatically.

“I wish I was that lucky,” he said quickly but quietly, but since they were standing very close, she heard him.

The words took a few seconds to register, then the look on her face turned to complete shock and disbelief, “Wait; what?” She paused a second and said quietly, “Really?” She looked up at him, with her beautiful, almond shaped, gray eyes, searching his face, and when she saw he wasn’t lying a huge smile widened across her face, and it lit up his soul.

He leaned in and kissed her lips gently, pulling her slowly into his embrace.

She was astounded, even though they had been extremely intimate in texts, she had believed it to be more of a fantasy flirtation with some sexual fantasy role playing banter thrown into the mix, but she had never let herself believe that he really wanted her, and looking at him now she had no doubt that he did. She, on the other hand, had wanted Mike almost from bedava bahis the second they met. She had thought that he considered them to be just polite friends in reality, because he had always stuck to polite conversation in person, and she had come to accept that as fact. When her brain finally processed the facts, in about a millisecond, she responded to his kisses.

He felt when she responded, as though someone flipped a power breaker to the on position, and his whole body felt the power of it. Completely electrified by her, he responded back. The two felt the force of both their chemical and physical responses. She pressed herself to him. He felt the hardness of her nipples as her breasts pressed against his chest, her loins brushing up against his and felt the urgency of his physical response back. The heat of their lust mixed with the heat from the sun causing sweat to bead up on their bodies; the moisture causing her thin shirt to cling to her curves in a very enticing way. He wanted to see, and feel, every part of her: her skin-amber and glistening, her waist length hair- honey blonde caressed in places by the sun to a brilliant gold and it smelled of coconut, her lips-plumply full and slightly pink, which widened into a brilliant smile that lit up her whole face. He hadn’t seen her in a few months, but they had kept in touch via texts, and she was even more beautiful than he remembered.

Their lips locked for a very slow minute. He pulled away to move her hair away from her neck so he could nuzzle her there. He could smell her coconut oil that had created her beautiful tan, he could taste the salty essence of her skin when he nibbled the peak of her trapezius where it met her neck, he felt her physical response and heard her sigh. He picked her up intent on carrying her to her bedroom.

Once there he placed her feet back on the floor so his hands were free to undress her, but her intent took precedence when she knelt in front of him.

She unfastened his pants and tugged them down. She followed them with his boxer briefs adding to the pile around his ankles. His maleness was stiff and as impressive as she had expected. He was, after all, a very impressive example of the male form. Standing just over six feet tall and just under two feet wide at the shoulders; his structure was impressive. Then, add his muscles, which were just as impressive as his height, casino siteleri and the way he carried himself with calculated purpose and the finished result was so damn hot!

She slid the tip of his cock into her mouth sliding her tongue down then back up the length of his shaft. She then took as much of him as she could into her mouth, stimulating the gag reflex a couple of times enhancing his experience, but also to produce a more lubricative saliva making the whole experience better for both of them. She used her hand and her tongue to stimulate the ridge that ran the length of the underside of his penis. He groaned, she persisted, he groaned again and she felt his testes tighten. She pulled her mouth off his cock, and looked up at him, her lower lip rubbing back and forth under the head using caution to not over stimulate, because the region was likely to become very sensitive.

When she looked up at him, he almost came right then with his cock placed just at her mouth. It took all his control to hold it back. He placed his hand on the back of her neck and urged her to stand, pulling her mouth away from his cock, as he bent to aid her back up to standing. He had no intention for this to end so quickly; he had so much he wanted to do with her to finish now. He hadn’t even unclothed her yet! Wanting to finally see all of her, not that she was wearing much, but it was enough to make him wonder and he had already spent months wondering, and even though his body was urging him to rush, he took his time undressing the little she had on.

He started by kissing her again thoroughly letting his tongue probe her mouth and memorize her tongue. All the while, he was concentrating on keeping control of his climax.

He bared her shoulders one after the other the neckline of the shirt being large enough to peel the shirt off of her from top to bottom, his touch barely making contact with her skin but she was keenly aware of every caress, and her nipples that were pulled to points, aroused against the thin cotton fabric of her shirt as he pulled it down. His hand discovered one her erect nipples and he used his other hand to continue the job of pulling the bulk of her shirt over her hips as he bent slightly to kiss her again. Freeing her body fully from the shirt which slid down her long tan legs to lay in a pile at her feet. He took the opportunity to pry off his shoes one bahis siteleri by one using his toes, and then stepped out of his pants and underwear that were still around his ankles. He disengaged his lips from hers just long enough for her to help him pull off his t-shirt over his head. Both of them were naked now, there were finally no other obstacles between them. He kissed her again, slowly backing her toward the bed. When he had her backed against it, he turned her around so she was facing the bed, his hands quickly reaching around to hold her breasts as she arched her back applying pressure against his pelvis, while also thrusting her breasts further into his grasp. He nuzzled her neck from behind. No tattoos, he noted.

“Mmmm,” she moaned reaching up to stretch against him. Turning her head just enough to lock lips again.

He then bent her forward over the bed as it was hip height and reached down to rub his hand against her, hot, wet, core. Wanting to taste her, he urged her to turn and had her sit on the very edge of the bed and lifted her right knee up to mattress height to open her treasure chest, he knelt, his fingertips and tongue working to entice her to orgasm.

She moaned louder, “Oooooh,” Her hips rocking side to side slightly against the side of the bed, her back arching further.

When she was on the brink of orgasm and her arousal stimulated his penis to throb slightly, he stood again. He knew his penis was ready, and felt that she wanted him inside her too. He entered her very slowly, just the tip at first. She squirmed wanting more of him but knowing also that savoring this would be much better for them both, prolonging the climax that could be just seconds away, but would be much better if she could hold off, so she let him to control the pace and she swayed her hips slightly following his lead.

Each time he entered her a little further, until he fully penetrated her core and her heat fully engulfed him.

She moaned and he groaned.

His pace stayed slow when his penis was fully engaged inside her. He rocked his hips back and forth and she maneuvered her hips in half circular movements to help him bury his maleness deeply into her. His pace slowly increased until they were both on the brink of climax, then he buried his maleness deeply inside her and he climaxed immediately triggering her orgasm as well.

She felt his orgasm and the extra bit of pressure inside her made her climax too.

They stayed fused together for a minute, both pulsating so hard that any movement to disengage would cause discomfort for both due to overstimulation, so they rode it out to completion in this intimate love lock.

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